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Permaculture Design Course in LA

As I’ve mentioned before on The Kind Life, I love the principals and possibilities that Permaculture offers for healing our land. For those of you who have never heard of it, Permaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies. So if you love to garden, you’ll love permaculture!

If you’re interested in learning more about it, please check this out – the Permaculture Institute will be hosting their Permaculture Design Course in LA on the weekend of Oct 5th and 6th.

The course will offer insight from architects, developers, social workers, city planners, teachers, students, gardeners, landscapers, homeowners, business owners and others in the field and will cover topics in…

  • Elegant, Ecological Home & Garden Design
  • Natural Building & Property Development
  • Community Place Making
  • Green Business Models

If you’re at all curious, I recommend you visit the Permaculture Institute website  and if you know about other similar classes or workshops out there, please share in the comments.


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  • Jean-Michel Bergeron

    This remind me of the Bio-dome in Montreal who opened in the early 90s; they recreated perfectly three independant ecosystems including a polar one… I’ve been there one time, it’s worth at least one visit with the botanical garden which is always something during summer for peoples who likes flowers…

  • Jean-Michel Bergeron

    I wouldn’T want to put too much off-topic comments here, but since the thread is empty and there’s no other space to put that kind of thing anymore… There are a biographical movie made about me where I live and a TV Serie, I highly recommend that peoples like Alicia for example would see that to get a very good glimpse of me… That’s me, especially the TV Serie!!!

    Elvis Gratton, le King des king
    Bob Gratton, Ma Vie/My Life

  • Jean-Michel Bergeron

    For the fans – A great collection of the best Alicia’s pictures, hundreds of them:

  • hausofsages

    thank you!! I repost on my facebook page later today. I have a lot of friends who are taking permaculture courses. #hausofsages

  • permies permaculture

    This course of Permaculture is very renowned and I am also thinking to apply for this course. Hope I will gather all the respective knowledge I want.