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Eco-friendly Laptop Cases

The last computer case I bought was from Etsy and was made from all recycled materials. I got so many compliments on it and it lasted for five years. Recently I was on the hunt for a new eco-friendly laptop cover and was pleased to find a lot of great options, all upcycled from various materials. Some of those materials included tire tubes, wetsuits and motorcycle jackets. Pretty cool!

So I thought I’d share a couple of my finds, including the one I picked for myself.


Reincarnations Biker Jacket Mac Book Air Case

It’s made from an upcycled biker jacket and repurposed khaki pants.


Looptworks Hoptu Laptop Case

Made from 100% recycyled neoprene, leftover wetsuit material.


FritzandFraulein Cement Sack and Leather Case

Made from a vintage Portland cement bag.  The leather piece is made from a repurposed saddle.


Uncommon Goods Recycled Bike Tube Case

Made from recycled bicycle tire tubes, sourced from local bike shops. And, it’s water resistant!


TheHub305 Green-E Case

This is the one I went with, though it was a tough choice.  The exterior is made of 100% recycled rubber and they even use recycled packaging.


Do you have any favorite eco-friendly cases?




  • Scott

    These cases all look so cool! I also have not needed to purchase any cases for a while. Speaking of re-purposed materials though, I recently learned that the Smart car brand makes its outer panels (which cover high-density protective steel) out of recycled milk cartons. Thanks for sharing, Alicia!

  • veganamericanprincess

    Alicia, you made the right choice! The one you picked looks like it will provide your laptop with the best protection of the bunch.

  • Christina Pippin

    i’m a big fan of della, a socially responsible company that provides jobs, education and skills training to women and men of Hohoe:

  • Stylish gal

    I love all these choices. I love to shop at Foranima for these types of things because they’re really working hard to make a difference: