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From My Closet Giveaway: A Dressed Up Eco Look

We have a winner!

Congratulations colson2 (Cara)!

We’ve emailed you regarding the next steps for collecting your prize, so please be sure to respond as soon as you are able.

And thanks again to everyone who entered. This was a fun giveaway and I plan to do a couple more very soon, so stay tuned!


I found this gorgeous, fitted, 3/4 sleeve boat-neck ecoSkin dress that was gifted to me in my closet the other day. It’s part of their contemporary collection, combining eco-friendly luxe fabrics with hip, contemporary and sophisticated design.

While I’ve never had the chance to wear it, I thought that I would give one of you the chance to own it now!

Eco dress and jewelry giveaway

I also thought that I would include a piece of ecelctic, eco jewelry along with it and picked out this YasuJutaro roman glass necklace in brass. The color of the sea, this glass is drowning in history. Found in the ruins of Europe, these shards are from remnants of vases, bottles and other useful vessels from the Roman times. Their natural patina adds beautiful detail to each shard, no two alike! Each piece is wire wrapped onto a natural brass ring. There is a nice contrast between the dark brass with the translucency of the glass.

To win this dress and necklace combo from my closet, all you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know your favorite eco fashion brands.

I will select and announce the winner on Monday, October 21, so be sure to check back!

Good luck!


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  • Byrdy1999

    I love Kik &Boo for the boys and for myself Hearts, also supports Fair Trade

  • Rita

    Paper People Clothing! They recycle textiles to reduce waste. Plus, everything is super cute! The Maude sweater/blazer is adorable.

  • Cynthia Murrell Randall

    Hi, Alicia – I’ve been loving my Coconuts vegan western boots and my Big Buddha faux croc tote. I really like your dress and necklace. Thanks for all you do! :)

  • SerenityintheStorm

    My top favorite eco brand probably has to be Vaute Couture. I love their coats and now their expanding line of ready-to-wear clothing, too. Love the company and what they stand for!

  • Tracy Thatcher

    I’m a fan of Synergy, Herban Devi ( & Susan Nicole (for purses). Also, I love sea glass and that dress is simple yet perfect for the holidays.

  • Staci Martin

    I love this duo:
    They are local (for me), use sustainable materials, made in the USA, and are vegan! PLUS for every garment you buy the donate meals too!!! I cannot express just how much I love them! Sharing!!! <3!

  • Karina Murthwaite

    I love Frugi clothes for children,thy do beautiful organic clothes and nursing dresses for the mamas :)

  • Jody LaRoque

    I love this – what a great idea!! I am a working mom in Montana, so I need easy, comfy clothes that are great for layering! I really like Free People, Threads for Thought, Nixxi, Loomstate and Patagonia (Yes!). Thanks, Alicia!

  • Nikki Federico Brew

    I love Edun’s looks! :)

  • Regina Ambrose Holcombe

    The ecoSkin dress is simple and gorgeous. Goes great with the necklace. Awesome.

  • Jenny Dowling Forward

    my favorite is SYNERGY. I love their dresses :-)

  • Nicole Zink

    Aorta Apparel, a local to me business that also sells on etsy. She recycles vintage clothing to give it a fun, edgy modern look.

  • Imbie T.

    Eileen Fisher! It’s one of the greenest chains around. Their commitment to eco-friendly materials, recycling programs, and philanthropic initiatives is head of the class. Looking at the dress, now I’m loving ecoSkin brand too! :)

  • April Schigner

    Love Beyond Skin!! :)

  • Ead Marji

    I know so little about ecofashion dress, my reason that i would like to have that dress it would be an amazing gift to give my Girlfriend specially that i am abig fan of yours and the dress is from you. thank you Alicia

  • Belinda Oakley

    My favorite eco fashion brand would have to be Stella McCartney. She is such an inspiration not only because of her stance on creating animal free products and accessories but also her honesty in addressing short falls in working conditions for her employees and subsequently joining the Ethical Trading
    Initiative. It is a beautiful thing to watch designers create stunning pieces while still being kind to Mother Earth!

  • Barbie Collins


  • Melissa Atkin

    Hi Alicia! Thanks for this opportunity—very cool idea!

    My husband and I are huge Vermont supporters. We have been buying clothing from for over five years now. The store is located in Burlington, VT.

    Best wishes,

  • Brenda

    I like c.marchuska the best for their chic styles and affordable prices

  • Dariann

    Freedom for Animals is making some really beautiful handbags from sustainable materials. They’re chic and amazing!

  • Susan Lockridge Bran

    I love MooShoes…for shoes of course :) And I love Susan Nicole for handbags and wallets. For clothes my fav is Threads for Thought. My go-to makeup is Too Faced. LOVE THEM!

  • Holly Rodgers

    Stella McCartney is always great. She was very fashion forward when it came to ecofashion long before it became a sustainable trend!

  • Jonua Besnard

    How absolutely stunning! It’s too bad you never had the chance to wear it, but so happy you are gifting it to someone lucky!!!

  • Jenna Harper

    I am working very hard on being eco conscious and to lead a “kind life”. It is difficult when all my friends think I am crazy. I love to show them fashionable, items that are eco friendly and to introduce them to new delicious vegan foods.

  • Alecia Johnson

    As a budget conscious student studying Animal Science in a new big city and a new university I look for brands with chic and affordable staple pieces I can pair with other things.
    I love brands like Nomads Hemp Wear, Amour Vert, Flora and Fauna, and Blue Canoe! From one Alecia to another Alicia I would be totally stoked to wear this outfit confidently out and about and be proud of its eco-conscious origins!
    Thank you, and namaste!

  • Jessica Duong

    I love Matt and Nat and I love that dress necklace combo!

  • Katie

    I was gifted a cool sweater from People Tree. Not sure where to find it here though but that is my new favorite!

  • Penny May

    The White Company, London!

  • Julie Swartz-Maynard


  • Maranda DiSanto

    I’m a fan of Synergy! It’s great that eco-friendly can still mean beautiful when it comes to fashion.

  • Rebecca

    My favorite eco fashion brand has to be Threads 4 Thought. Stylish, comfy, and best of all…affordable!

  • Sian Carter-Jones

    I absolutely love Maheya clothing meaning ‘of the Earth’. Their clothing is fresh, feminine and wonderfully dreamy ! They use all natural dyes and techniques. Ecoluxe is also an exciting venture; a not-for-profit organisation promoting and supporting ecological and sustainable luxury fashion. And….of course…I greatly admire Stella McCartney for bringing the eco friendly ideology into high fashion world. :) X

  • V Hardy

    Patagonia- you can recycle your worn out underwear!

  • Katie

    I like econscious brand. And I love that dress & necklace!

  • AdrianaFZ

    People tree! Their clothes are so pretty!

  • Rebecca Thompson

    Gorgeous outfit. My favourite eco fashion brand is Edun – stunning catwalk styles in chic monochrome and bright orange – and all sustainably made and managed

  • Rosie

    Herbivore Clothing! I love that they use organic hemp and cotton. The style is very relaxed, everyday wear, and they even make socks!

  • Kelsey O’Brien

    I love Vaute Couture and Susan Nichole bags! :) I’m now loving ecoSkin :)

  • Jess

    Matt & Nat – I love my bag sooo much, I’m going to cry one day when it falls apart (if it ever does… it’s ridiculously durable!)
    Jambu – I have some of the most comfortable shoes ever from them.
    Threads for Thought – I love their super comfy hoodies.
    Earth Shoes – The Kalso vegan shoes are amazing, albeit some are not very attractive looking.
    Vaute Couture – Most of their stuff is out of my price range, but I was able to afford a coat in their pre-sale a couple of years ago and I heart it.

  • Prissy

    I love Cariloha! Love their clothes made out of bamboo, they’re so comfy!

  • Lindsey Planovsky

    Matt and Nat!

  • Jolanda Van Iersel

    JUX is my favorite eco-fashion-brand:

    This is the Quote from the 2 Dutch designers from the town I live in: Utrecht.
    One of them is living in Nepal where the brand manufactures the Eco-clothing.

    I’m the owner of a lovely cardigan made from lamb wool.
    And the other piece is a short and through the number on the label I can see it’s made by the tailor in Nepal:

    “Because they deserve respect and honour for their precious work”

    All this makes me love the brand and respect the piece so much more. And I wear it very proudly!

    Groetjes Jolanda van Iersel
    The Netherlands, Utrecht

  • Vegan VA

    Hetty Rose shoes…they’re so creative!!

  • Alex

    I love Matt and Nat! It’s all so cute.

  • colson2

    Herbivore is one of my favorite. I love Stella McCartney’s shoes, but since I”m a teacher I’m still saving up to get my first pair!

    • TheKindLife

      Congratulations, Cara! You are the winner of the From My Closet Giveaway! We’ve sent you an email regarding the next steps to receive your prize, so please look out for that.

      Thanks again for entering!

  • Kathryn

    VAUTE COUTURE! I adore my warm and stylish vegan coat plus Leanne may just be the nicest person on the planet. I try and support her efforts whenever I can.

  • heather

    I love what brave gentleman is doing for vegan mens clothes (too long neglected!)

  • Linda Ledet

    I have some of her earrings and to be lucky enough to win the necklace would be marvelous!!! Linda

  • Laurie

    I like Gaim yoga products.

  • Sarah moser

    Ruche! The dresses are so cute! Kinda vintage 50’s inspired. Modest, flattering and Eco fabrics! What’s not to love! Thx Alicia!

  • Mary

    People Tree! :)

  • Rithika Ramesh

    Matt and Nat! Their stuff is awesome!

  • Jess Vaughan

    I love that you are gifting from your closet, very consistent with everything you stand for! :) I absolutely love Fair Indigo! Not only is the brand eco-friendly but they support and believe in fair-trade working conditions, which is just awesome! On top of that they will repurpose materials, like sweater material to make something new and in-line with the current fashion trend. If that isn’t enough, they donate 5% of their profits to help with education costs in impoverished areas. How awesome is that?! I can’t say enough good things about this company!

  • Donna F.

    I absolutely adore Alternative Apparel! Affordable basics that are super soft and stylish! I’m also a fan of Stella McCartney. It’s quite a bit out of my budget but her pieces are stunning!

  • Adele

    I love Matt & Nat handbags. They are perfect for carrying around my essentials in a way that considers the environment.

  • Amanda

    I like the Hempest and Nomads!

  • Kristy

    One of my favorite eco brands is Threads for Thought :-)

  • Trina McCoy

    Love Threads 4 Thought! perfect , comfy wear for this mama! I also love Synergy clothing for special occasions

  • Rebecca Hall

    I know it isn’t a brand, but I LOVE Moo Shoes – makes it so easy to find professional vegan shoes! Matt & Nat is a new find for me and I think their pieces are fantastic!

  • Deannda L Neufer While I could never afford their clothes, I love the work they do to help empower women! :) And the clothes are amazing! :)

  • I love Roozt for everything, especially yoga stuff!

  • Judith

    What a nice dress and gorgeous necklace!! YasuJutaro’s jewellery looks absolutely stunning.
    An easy way to buy eco friendly clothing is Hess Natur; they are quite well-known here in Germany and have a website for the US, I think. They offer a variety of different clothing, I love their basic pieces; they often have sales, too (or free postage etc) :)

  • Erica Lake

    In my neck of the woods, Patagonia is a “fashion” brand. They are green, sustainable, and ethical, plus they just make the best stuff.

  • StacyAnn

    I love the brand EcoTools. I have the makeup brush set in the cloth storage bag. I have had the brushes for 2 years and they are still in great shape. I love that they are made with natural materials.

  • Emily Radzyminski

    I love Stella McCartney. Great shoes!

  • Lori Beveridge

    I really love the clothes on soul flower. They are Made in the USA organic clothing, I already have my wish list. I am happy that some of the bigger retailers are carrying some organic items as well. They have cute baby stuff at babies r us and I have have found some trendy finds even at Whole Foods. Your dress is absolutely adorable:) Such style, fashion and kind to our earth, that’s what its all about!

  • Aness Webster

    I love Stella McCartney and Vaute Couture even if I can’t afford them!

    • Hailey

      Oh I love both of these! I’d wear them both all of the time. I love threads for thought. They have simple things, which is what I like to wear. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  • Caroline Hawath

    I love People Tree! Their stuff is comfy and fun! :)

  • Norm

    Matt & Nat – amazing bags & from the best city in the world: Montreal !

  • Crystal Allen

    i dont really have a favorite, to be honest this is my first time hearing of it. But I would love a chance to win this, it is a very gorgeous dress.

  • Julie Gallegos

    Fair Indigo hands down, their a great company giving back not only to our environment but also investing in our current and future generations. Great job guys!! Thank you for showing how much you care:)

    • Julie Fitzpatrick

      They are a favorite of mine, also.

  • Lori

    I’ve been stalking the Matt & Nat website for years…

  • Jessica

    Threads 4 Thought! Thank you!

  • Grace S

    Elena Garcia, Komodo, Choolips, FAIR+true, The Reformation, Ethica, Maiyet, Eileen Fisher’s ampersand label, Free People, People Tree, Hovey Lee (jewelry), Braintree Clothing, Valentino (topped the Greenpeace fashion ranking), and of course Stella McCartney.


    I love Free People! Their clothes are so chic and comfy.

  • Jessica H

    Big Buddha! Super stylish, comfy and eco-friendly! I have a pair of low boots that have a rugged biker look to them – I get that style without the use of harmful leather or suede. :)

  • Alison

    I’d have to give a shout out to Canadian designers Lavishy for their supercute vegan wallets and purses! (Also – while I would love to win the prize, I am certain that the dress would not fit me – I am six feet tall! I’d love to win the necklace and then share the with another Kind Lifer who could better enjoy the dress?)

  • Jessica H

    Big Buddha! Super stylish, comfy and eco-friendly! I have a pair of Big Buddha boots that have a rugged biker look to them – I can wear that style without the use of harmful leather or suede. :)

  • Tammy

    Bungalow 360 the “earth happy” company! :)

  • Kate Anderson

    Threads for Thought, they have stylish and oh so comfortable organic cotton clothing. They also care about sustainability and give back to charities.

  • Elisabeth

    I’m all about Threads for Thought! :)

  • Laina27

    Fair Indigo all the way. Thanks for all you do :)

  • Linda

    I love Mountains of the Moon! Their clothes are affordable and fun with this modern/vintage vibe that truly never goes out of style! AND, I love the 100% sweatshop-free facilities! PS – A great SALE section too!

  • Shannon Waite

    I love Maheya by Free People. Very boho-chic which I adore and their clothes are very colorful, made with natural dyes :)

  • LPM

    I have to go with Patagonia as well, i really like them. Now I will have to check out some of the others mentioned!

  • Alison Cebulla

    Liz Alig is my favorite Eco fashion brand! Also PACT Apparel.

  • Jessica

    Shiraleah purses :)

  • AdvoKat Yoga

    Apple and Bee are a beautiful eco company! My absolute favourite!

  • Dana Gamache

    ecoSKIN IS my fave brand!

  • Catherine Killion

    I love Carrie Parry!

  • Gilbert O

    Mountains of the Moon by Melissa Baswell. Everything is made sweatshop-free in the USA. What sets Mountains of the Moon apart from other traditional eco-fashion companies is their striving “to represent the blending of fine art, style, ethics, and environmental and social responsibility and awareness.”
    Check them out, I think you’ll love it!

  • Andrea Kaufmann Lopez

    Herbivore clothing

  • Kathleen May

    For super stylish and kids too … it’s Stella McCartney when I need to be spoiled!

  • Tiffany

    I like Thread 4 Thoughts. Thanks!

  • Minette Parmentier-Castell

    I love Threads for Thought – Super comfortable & easy to find at Whole Foods. I think what you are doing (gifting from your closet) is a fantastic idea!!!!

  • Sammi cure

    Urban renewal by urban outfitters because I love their dresses ^_^

  • Taylor-Marie Young

    Check out twigg&hottie, the home of a Vancouver-based collaborative effort between three creative and eco-minded women–We3 designs. We3 source from the local design community and from sustainable and ethical product options, carrying sustainable or Canadian goods exclusively! (

    I’m also a fan of a singular, but very talented, Canadian girl, whose collection Young Oak features edited and re-designed vintage apparel. Everything made locally, YO’s designs are fresh and sophisticated, with a touch of whimsy — a great feat for all eco-design, right?! (

    Both of these designers are affordable too — nothing beats eco-design that’s kind to your wallet!

  • ez1e

    prana, brave gentleman, novacas, and simple!

  • Jolia

    I heart Alternative Apparel!

  • Bi Ne

    As I live in Austria, I like this austrian one a lot:
    Sending much love!

  • Fiona Maher

    I really like Stella McCartney & Earth Couture.

  • Meghan

    I really like Matt and Nat handbags :) A great Canadian brand!

  • tudannguyen

    Love both Alternative Apparel and Nau’s sustainable mission – their comfy clothes can also be transformed from day to night: &

  • Susan Iskowich

    I echo Threads for Thought. Their clothes are comfortable and not outlandish pricewise.

  • Karen Jakob

    I adore Free People!!

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I love Ethical Ocean

  • Alice Anne

    I’m new to seeking out about eco-friendly clothing brands. I’m still learning! But I’ve heard good things about Beyond Skin’s shoes. :)

  • Bonnie

    What a stunningly beautiful dress and so simple and elegant. Kudos to the designers of both the dress and the necklace.

  • Brook Bolen

    sadly, i’ve never been able to afford People Tree, but i love both the look of their clothes and the fact that they design environmentally friendly, fairly traded fashion that supports the craftspeople who create it.

  • Mary

    I love Stella McCartney!!!

  • Sarah Gatewood

    I am really new to shopping eco friendly so I do not have any favorites although open to suggestions.

  • katelylove

    Threads for thought! :)

  • Jessica Stahlsmith

    I’m not much of a brand snob and I don’t know much about eco brands as I don’t have the fortune of living in an area with eco boutiques. I usually just buy things that I fall in love with without paying attention to who made them. I do love second hand stores like Plato’s Closet. You can find gently used designer brands at awesome discount prices and give new life to clothes that would otherwise end up in a landfill. :)

  • Steele

    Okabashi uses recycled rubber for their shoes. You can send back old shoes for them to recycle again

  • Christine

    Threads 4 Thought!

  • Gwendolyn T

    My favorite is Threads for Thought

  • April

    Threads for Thought..looking for more too! Adore this outfit!!! <3

  • Holly Lindsey

    Happy Solez! Thank you!

  • Tansy Woods

    Michael Antonio shoes, rivals Sam Edelman and all are vegan, fashion forward and fun! Shoes are a hard item to fun stylish non leather options!

  • Nicole Reuss

    Soul Flower :)

  • LoriRobin

    Honest by Jessica Alba makes it very clear for me which toxic and damaging chemicals have been left out of the shampoos and body products, saving all those chemicals from going down my shower drain!

  • Molly

    Good Will!!

  • Julie Fitzpatrick

    I like Change, a fair trade fashion boutique in Madison, Wisconsin. They feature local artists who create one-of-a-kind artifacts that can be worn.

  • Pri

    I love Vaute Couture!

  • Christine

    Threads 4 Thought! Definitely !!

  • Shannon S. Corbeil

    I’ve been loving second-hand shops. Good ol’ fashioned popping tags to reuse materials. People dispose of some really fantastic pieces!

  • AndreaPokorny

    Carrie Parry, very feminine! But, mostly second hand clothes seem to be my most frequent choice for Eco-friendly.

  • Mary Springfield

    Honestly, I don’t have anything new to add. I browsed the comments and started looking up companies and designers. The only new clothes I’ve bought in the past 4 years are a pair of vegan doc martens, vegan sacounys, a bridesmaid dress and some socks. I would absolutely love the dress!

  • Janet Byrd Newton

    Beyond Skin and People Tree

  • Jaimye Coleman

    People Tree – Thx so much for this opportunity!!

  • Kristy Choate

    Just started this journey on really taking care of my body and the environment so I really don’t have a favorite brand

  • Sarah Rose

    Fair Indigo is “In-deed-a-go” for me :) Simple but cute.

  • Julie Huck

    My favorite form of “eco fashion” is recycling clothes-through consignment, garage sales, clothes swap parties…getting maximum wear out of the old instead of buying new!

  • Krystel Seier

    Fair Indigo has some great tees and I am IN LOVE with their new hand knitted wrap for fall! :) Love all you have inspired me to accomplish in my daily life, Aicia! Thank you!

  • Delle Sherer

    I don’t know any or have any yet, I’m still brand new and learning!

  • Martine

    I <3 Big Buddha

  • DeDe Lucas

    Of course Stella McCartney, and you. From clothes to animal rescue,you both lead the way,and again,your mom! Thank you all out there,we are making progress.

  • Jamie Boone Nemetz

    Love threads of thought!!!

  • kaleaid

    I like Patagonia. They are comfortable and well-made.

  • Wendy Stein

    Vaute Couture is my fav! Cute dresses, coats and accessories :)

  • Wendy Stein

    Vaute Couture!! Cute dresses, coats, and accessories :)

  • WhiteBrickWall

    I love Vaute Couture! I actually discovered them through Birch Fabrics (the organic fabric manufacturer that I order all of my organic fabrics from). I love the flattering, animal friendly, fashion foward style of VauteCouture!

  • Stephanie R.

    Stella McCartney. So out of my price range, but wonderful designs!

  • Ramona Kennon

    I love Big Buddha, Eco Enstyle, and Threads for Thought good comfy and fashionable clothes with a conscience. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes so when I make a purchase I want it to count.

  • Meena R

    Re-Fashioned is a great boutique! She makes custom made dresses that are so gorgeous, but also so environmentally friendly. Plus, since all of her dresses are made specially for you, they are unique and one of a kind!

  • Rosanne Martine-Braslow

    ekologic in Troy, NY… great hats!

  • ruthie

    nicora johns! (heard of through your site :))

  • Deborah Lopez

    I like Stella McCarthy. Not in my price range but love her look.

  • Emily ann

    Alternative Outfitters make attractive, stylish clothing and more! I received some for my birthday and have been delighted with their selections and quality!
    Love & Happiness,

  • Tanya Matthews

    Big Buddha

  • Grace McCarter

    I’d have to say Matt & natt is my favorite. I don’t buy much new, however, so it seems a little more eco to just buy used.

  • Kelli W

    H&M conscious collection. They have nice pieces everyone can afford.

  • Mary Syrenne

    My favorite is Stella McCartney. If only I could afford it…..

  • KVV

    Namaste handbags

  • Sara Mortensen

    I am huge on thrift stores it which I consider to be eco friendly. For my 5 kids I think Inhabitots has greats cloths and a great purpose.

  • Tammie Hechler

    My Jambu shoes would look great with this outfit!

  • Dreena Burton

    Gosh that dress is absolutely stunning – simple and stunning! I love a company called “Squeezed Yoga”, they make beautiful, comfy bamboo yoga wear (and also casual clothes). Just love their lines!

  • Darcey

    My favorite Eco friendly styles are from Stella McCartney! She’s an exquisite designer, with such thoughtful & kind practices. I’m going to own one of those magnificent pieces one day, and I’ll reuse it a lot!! Hehe. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m overjoyed that you hand selected such unique pieces for the prize!

  • Jenay Hallickson

    I’m new to this whole vegan/eco thing, so I have no favorites…yet. Maybe you can help me find one? :)

  • Shelly Smith

    People Tree!

  • Becky Tucker

    KEEP brand shoes are the best. 100% vegan, so hip and so many selections. Followed by that I adore almost every bag and wallet from Urban Expressions!

  • Karen

    Susan Nichole…super fun handbags!!

  • Vicky Van Hentenryck

    Jessica H, I was gonna say Big One of the things I miss the most about being vegan are bags and shoes. I love the Big Buddha brand and Deux Lux.

  • Bethany

    One of my favorite eco brands is Noonday. I really like their fair trade focus, and their scarves are beautiful!

  • Christine Peace

    I work in the medical field and go to school with a 6 year old who needs someone with her due to her diagnosis. Her family surprised me with a vegan handbag from Susan Nichole!!! It was an amazing gift. I will cherish it forever. I would recommend her handbags, wallets and more to anyone. Love, Love, Love it <3

  • Andrea&Elle

    I like for an entire notebook of eco markets.

  • Rachel Putman

    I love Stella McCartney

  • Jenny

    Threads for Thought, Matt & Nat, Free People..

  • Hillary Marcinko

    Tom’s shoes (and their One for One charity that gives same quality shoes and eyewear to those in need) are so comfy. You have to specify vegan ones, though.

  • lyn

    Keep shoes based in Los Angeles. All vegan and super cute styles!

  • Jennifer Constance

    Free People, although I can’t afford much, I love that there are more Eco-friendly designers than ever! Love your give away ideas and LOVE all of Kind Life- thank you for what you do!

    Lots of Love and light!

    [email protected]

  • AKM

    I love Susan Nichole’s vegan handbags! They are truly works of art. Everywhere I go, someone wants to know where I got my eggplant LOVE bag.

  • amber

    Stella McCartney. She designs clothes with good intentions towards animals and the environment… you gotta love that! :)

  • Lyra82

    My favorite is People Tree based out of London. They have adorable clothing that are fair trade and organic. They do alot for their community and for womens groups in India where their clothing is made. Here is their website

  • Fareeba

    Herbivore Clothing! Or American Apparel’s organic cotton tees.

  • Lyra82

    I love People Tree clothing line. This company is Fair Trade and organic. People Tree is based out of the UK and does amazing things for women in India. They have adorable clothes and astounding ethics. Here is a link to their website

  • Lyra82

    I love “People Tree” A fair Trade and Organic clothing line based out of
    the UK. They do amazing things to help women in India who also make their
    clothes. People Trees clothing line is absolutely adorable and timeless. Here is a link to their website

  • Paajii Abraham

    that is very nice and thoughtful of you alicia for your fans out in the world. i think cotton clothing is very comfortable and we women have to look nice and sexy everyday, work or no work. thanks

  • Ruth

    Cri de Coeur for their amazing shoes…I always get complimented when wearing them and love telling everyone they are vegan! Also, People Tree in the UK for their ethical stance and fair trade ethics.

  • maria

    I like my own eco clothing. Made in the USA and recycled and upcycled from the 1950’s to date. I re-use EVERYTHING. I sell at yard sales and farmers/craft markets as well. Sometimes on ebay or craigslist. I give most away to Teen Challenge in Ventura or Bakersfield. My favorite charity right now.

  • Tracie Mackey

    The fashions from Denise are amazing. Just been introduced to them at Eco Fashion Week in New Zealand. Sustainable, upcycled clothing. I love it.

  • Marta

    It’s so difficult to find eco fashion where I live! I’ve never owned anything by ecoskin, but I’ve always admired their designs!

  • Ella de Roeck

    Organic (oh-so-soft) natural fibres, traceable from seed to product! & made in an ethical, wind powered factory. They also have an A-G ecolabelling for each item telling how it is made / how eco it is (like the EU energy rating label)!

    I love the dress and necklace – perfect outfit!

  • Anastacia Norris

    I like to buy local (Traverse City MI) and haveartists here who recycle clothes to make fabulous skirts and hats and scarves. Then there is a group who makes pins from recycled metal.

  • Ginger Zahn

    I love Horny Toad. I’m able to buy it locally at many eco-friendly stores in Victoria, BC.

  • Linda of Zosimos Botanicals

    I’m Organic and HTnaturals from the Natural Clothing Co. Supporting a member of Green America dedicated to sustainability is as important to me as choosing the fit and style.

    Honestly, most of my clothes come from the thrift store, so they are reused rather than chosen by brand name. Others are from the DC Green Festival, handmade by fledgling companies.

    Wearing your dress would be so special!!

  • Lena

    Big Buddha!!! awesome, fun, comfy with a conscience!!!

  • Wendi

    Marc ECCO handbags – made from recycled plastics but tres chic! Really looks like leather. Also, Susan Nicole handbags which is a fantastic brand. One more; Heather Fortin is a high school friend who is now making beautiful one-of-a-kind handbags from recycled plastic bags. HRF Designs is her company.

  • Leslie

    Fair Indigo – beautiful, humble clothes that are sustainable and support fair trade commitments.

  • Rana S.

    I’d have to say Braintree clothing. Practical, ethical, and of course, eco-friendly. Simply beautiful.

  • Debi Cole

    Oh I love Textures…a brand made in Bellingham Washington!! they use alot of hemp and other yummy fabrics! Have fun in Atlanta!!!xxoo

  • Jaimye Coleman

    People Tree – Thx so much for the opportunity!!

  • Sarah Holewinski

    My favorite eco-brand is actually Secondi — a local consignment store here in Washington, DC. Shoppers bring in their high-end used clothing and get credit at the store. My whole professional cadre of 30-somethings recycles our clothing every season; it’s a great way to save money AND limit our footprint. And lots of Eileen Fisher on tap… a brand that is becoming more and more sustainable.

  • Megan Fargason

    Threads for thought <3

  • L Boylan

    WoW! I love this style. Great for a fall outing with my new husband.

  • Jessica Stahlsmith

    I don’t know much about eco brands but I do enjoy second hand stores. You can get designer brands at huge discounts and give new life to clothes that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

  • Emily Hionides-Horner

    I buy alot from The Animal Rescue Site which gives a percentage to animal shelters, as well as promotes fair trade items, eco-friendly/recycled items, as well as organic items. Thank you Alicia for all you do.

  • Brittany Wonnell

    I love Matt & Nat, their vegan leather purses are to die for! They also use eco friendly and upcycled material as well. They also have are modestly priced for the most part, which is great for a mom of five like me!

  • laalicia

    I love El Naturalista shoes. They use sustainable practices and use scraps in the natural rubber soles — looks cool and lessens waste. I have a pair of their clogs that go with everything. :)

  • Kathie Brown

    PurePod Australia. Ethical and sustainable clothing that is brilliantly comfy!

  • Nina Vought

    Vaute Couture! Here’s a dress that would look amazing on you!
    You should model for them!

  • Stephanie

    That is a beautiful dress and necklace! I would love a chance to win it.

  • Kim OGorman

    I am just learning about ecobrand fashion.

  • Shelley Dalrymple Domville

    Hi…I’m IN LOVE with the JEEP Trailers shoes. They are ultra thin and amazingly comfy. The mesh across the top of the shoe is surprisingly lightweight and soft, even down to the velcro straps. The sole is a flexible material that feels like air, yet the entire shoe is vegan/eco friendly. Not what I’d expect from a company known for rugged vehicles to withstand puddles of mud and rugged terrain. The JEEP Trailers come in many different colors to match any style, be it casual and fun, casual workday, and/or on the way to the gym or yoga studio.

    You cannot go wrong with the quality of this shoe.

    Shelley 😉

  • Eileen Smith Anglin

    It’s been hard to find affordable vegan footwear but I found a pair of clogs I use for working around the garden and in the house that I love. They are from ZOE & ZAC and got them at Payless! :)

  • Denise Arias

    I adore Vaute Couture, Compassion Couture, Mat & Nat, Ekoskin and Threads For Thought!

  • Pamela Gillie

    Alicia, Thank you so much for this write-up! I am the designer at YasuJutaro and love the pairing of this necklace with this super cool ecoSkin dress. If anyone inquires about where to buy this necklace if they don’t win, here is the link to my store on OpenSky. Good luck to everyone!

  • Heidi Reimer-Epp

    I love MJ Anne Couture; lots of bamboo, made in Canada.

  • Natural Health Cafe

    Most of my shopping is thrift stores, Goodwill and consignment. That being said I look for organic whenever I can find it and I like the brand Free People, as I like the fun styles. I prefer to shop this way not only for cost but knowing that it makes a difference to recycle items is really important to me. It seems ridiculous to shop at the mall and buy more stuff that doesn’t get used that much. I am amazed what ends up at the second hand stores.

    I personally think it is a great idea to give away items from your closet Alicia. I love giving friends things I am not using. They love it and another item is recycled.

  • Sandra G

    I am new to your website and I have just purchased your cook book. The kind life. I love the way you explained how eating healthy would help with your over all well being. Great Book and I feel like the book will make a difference in my life. Thank you Greatly!

  • veganamericanprincess

    I love Olsen Haus and Cri de Couer! The footwear is stylish and very comfy!

  • Corujinha Artesanato

    I like Alexandre Herchcovitch, he is coordinating an initiative that changes old used clothes into brand new ones.

  • Kiersten Lednik

    Big Buddha is so amazing! They have super cute handbags with affordable price tags! They have the look of high-end leather without the price or the animal cruelty!

  • Anne

    Matt & Nat bags! They are Eco friendly and vegan :) :)

  • Cassandra Mckie-Wenger

    I have always had a love of fashion, but as a new vegetarian my priorities have shifted. I recently discovered Vaute Couture for their high fashion contribution to cruelty-free clothing. Check them out for warm & stylish winter coats!

  • april

    I just love Vaute Couture..What a great (and generous) idea to post this contest…I’m not familiar with too many really nice cruelty free clothing, shoe & jewelry stores & don’t have many vegan friends, so I’m happy to see all of your followers favorites listed in their comments, I plan to find out more about them all…thanks

  • veganurse

    It just so happens that I love ecoskin :) thanks for the giveaway.

  • Colleen Crawford

    I just hooked up to your newsletter last night. After reading your amazing book “The Kind Diet” for the second time. I am a thrift store shopper hands down. I don’t go for the big box store purchases as there are plenty of awesome clothes needing recycling in our thrift stores everywhere. I love that you are doing the same, right from your very own personal closet. KUDOS to you Alicia!

    If I had to choose an organic clothing company I would have to say People Tree, a fair trade organic clothing lined based in the UK. They do great things to support women in India.

    Blessings and health to you…….

  • Jessica Young

    I love Matt and Nat. Such great designs and so many pockets in their bags!

  • Danylle

    Stella McCartney, for sure. She’s been consistently eco-friendly, and her designs are beautiful.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    Anything from Natural Clothing

  • Alaina Driscoll

    I’m a fan of Big Buddah shoes! And Melissa shoes too. And Moo Shoes in NYC to find them all. I just love shopping at consignment stores! It is my simple, eco-friendly go-to choice for sustainable fashion! And when I’m at the stores, I definitely steer clear of wool and other animal products and opt for biodegradable fabrics like cotton. I just wore a cute French Connection dress that I got at an upscale consignment shop for $1 on a cruise last week! Bargain prices + sustainable fashion = happiness!

  • Lauryn Linley

    I love my Big Buddha handbags…fashionable without costing me an entire weeks pay! They also come in tons of colors, which I love!

  • Keleigh Friedrich

    I’m a big fan of alternative apparel! love their fabrics and sales. :)

  • Meghan


  • Amy Jirsa

    I think my favorite eco brand is Purusha–a handmade yoga clothing company out of California.

  • Lisa Borden

    I love Po-Zu’s vegan collection, incredible coconut soles and hemp and cork uppers paired with incredibly versatile organic, made-in-Canada clothing line FIG.

  • Cristina Herrera Sánchez

    no se si las cosas natuales me refiero a telas sean tan durables

  • Joseph Anthony Vautour

    Brave Gentleman comes with the best designs for mens clothing.

  • John DDuncan

    I spy some Vera linens in the bottom photo…you lucky duck! What a super haul at that sale!

  • Alicia E. Cumming

    I feel like my mother now, in that I ask, “WHY DID YOU GIVE THAT AWAAAAAAY?” I feel yah, Mom. Just a little bit.