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Let’s Meet Up, Atlanta

Hey Kind Lifers,

I really appreciated all of the great advice you shared for where to go, what to do and where to eat in Atlanta. We’ve been having a great time venturing out to try your suggestions on days off  (I’ll do a full recap post when I’m back in LA!) and I’d love to meet some of you wonderful locals in the area.

If you’re interested in meeting up with me, my family and some fellow Kind Lifers, leave a comment below sharing how you live a kind life in Atlanta and your favorite place to meet up with friends and family. *Be sure to connect your Disqus account to your current email address so we can reach out with more details.

We’re looking to meet either Monday or Tuesday, Oct. 28 or 29 (time and place to be decided once we’ve got a small group together).

Can’t wait to meet you all!





  • GreenCityListings

    Hi Alicia,

    Also take a look at There are tons of recipes, diy’s, articles, and best of all, over 12,000 directory listings world-wide for all things green, natural, holistic and just plain ole’ earthy-crunchy.

    I absolutely love the Dough Bakery in Inman Park on 100 Hurt Street. They also have a vegan deli on sight. Another great place is the Sunflower Cafe, and there are 2 locations for them.

    Let me know how you like our site!
    ~ Stay Green!

    • Nikki Kranz Collins

      Hi Alicia!

      My husband and I have been living The Kind Life for awhile- I’ve been vegan for over 20 of my 35 years, and he’s just a few years behind me. I’ve been reading all the baby advice you give on your site as we are expecting our first in March and want to see what other vegan families like yours did/are doing! Depending on kids or not… Cafe Sunflower is our fancy veg spot in town as has been repeated, but Dough might be a little more kid friendly. They’re a great group of people and I am sure they’d love to accommodate a group like this! Dulce is also wonderful but has limited hours. But they are also awesome folks (did our wedding cake) and might want to stay open/do something for you if asked. Otherwise Wrecking Bar does have veg Tuesdays and plenty of room for a rather large group.

      I hope this helps and hope to meet up!

  • Scotty R.

    Shame I’m not closer. If you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area I know a bunch of folk who’d love to meet up.

  • Devlin

    I love going to Daiquiri Factory to hang out with friends. They have awesome specials.

  • Talia Moffitt

    Hi Alicia,
    Welcome to Atlanta! We’ve been living a kind life since June 2012 and are expecting our first baby this spring! We can’t wait to bring our little pumpkin into the world.
    We do a lot of cooking at home and love hosting dinner parties featuring the Kind Diet recipes. It’s a great way to open up our friends to vegan food.
    Atlanta has some great parks, restaurants and shopping. Piedmont and Stone Mountain Park are great on sunny days. R. Thomas and Sunflower Cafe are excellent for meals. We hope to meet up with you next week!

  • JaneFondabitches

    I am in a suburb of Atlanta and feel sort of isolated out here with my Kind Life philosophies. I’m excited about a meetup – please keep me posted!

  • Holly

    Hi Alicia,

    I would love to be one of those amongst this little date! I am a local Atlanta Vegan Foodie Blogger- I highly recommend Dough Bakery! They are an amazing vegan bakery located in Inman Park and also have an in-store Deli Meat shop, Gutenfleischers! Both amazing! I will add that they are closed on Monday, so hopefully Tuesday may look better for you? I would love for you to experience this awesome Vegan bakery who are fast becoming an “Atlanta Vegan Landmark”. You won’t regret it! I will leave you with my email [email protected] and feel free to get in touch with me for more info and places to see and eat!

    I can’t wait!

  • Jennifer Valentini

    Yay! I was hoping this would happen. I literally became vegan because of your book (I was already vegetarian, but convinced me to make the plunge). It’s been 3 1/2 years now and I’m so happy. I’m even in school to become a health coach and hopefully inspire others of the benefits of a whole food, plant centered diet. While I’m consistently jealous of the vegan food scene in other cities like New York, LA and Portland, Atlanta is definitely coming around. The Wrecking Bar Brew Pub in Little 5/Inman Park does vegetarian/vegan nights every Tuesday and the people there are awesome. (I hope you’ve already gone there on a Tuesday). Dulce Vegan Bakery in Kirkwood is probably my favorite coffee shop and place to stop by and get a treat. I love supporting this entirely vegan establishment… Or Dough Bakery, which is a vegan bakery and deli. Or Kale Me Crazy Juice bar also in Inman Park.
    The Wrecking Bar might make a special menu for Monday night also, if you called them ahead of time… they’re great!

  • luminousvegans

    This is so cool! It’s easy for me to live a kind vegan life in Atlanta because there are so many options for vegans and a great vegan community. I mentioned in another blog post, but a favorite place to meet up with friends is Dough Bakery in Inman Park. They have something for everyone from side salads, to soups, hearty sandwiches and breakfasts and oh, the desserts! They have everything from cupcakes to whoopie pies! They are also really family friendly and right on the MARTA public transportation route.


  • Liz

    Hey there! I’m an Atlanta native and would love an opportunity to meet you and other Kind-Lifers. I’ve had a very hard time staying on the wagon lately and would love some advice and moral support. I live in the ‘burbs so my favorite places aren’t too trendy. We tend to go to the Whole Foods bars. We used to love, love, love the World Peace Café which recently closed but has been replaced by the Loving Hut. Doc Chey’s in Virginia Highlands has a great selection of vegetarian/vegan noodle or rice dishes. Mellow Mushroom also has great pizza with veggie cheese, tofu, and tempeh options. Their Tempeh sub is awesome. I’m free Tuesday and hope to see y’all!

  • Valerie Quinn

    SO excited you are planning a meet up!! The Dekalb Farmer’s out in Decatur is a must. Amazing, affordable produce from all over the place.

  • Dionne Porter

    Cafe Sunflower is the best bet – vegetarian restaurant that can make anything on the menu vegan. It is probably not the most kid friendly, if kids are involved? My mini kind lifer 1 year old twins might trash the place. But for a collection of adults only it’s a lovely place for lunch or dinner. I live in Buckhead, but either location is great. If kids are involved it is tougher. Atlanta does not have the best vegan kid friendly options, although Mellow Mushroom does offer vegan pizza…Interested to see if anyone else has any ideas since I have been pretty home bound the past year with the boys and my favorite vegan restaurant, Veggieland, closed… :( Me and mine are in if there is a get together, wherever it is!

  • Dionne Porter

    I live in Buckhead with my husband and 13 month old twin boys and would love to go to a meet up (with or without kids!) I mainly cook and eat at home, especially since the boys were born, so I am not the best person for info on vegan meet ups in Atlanta. Cafe Sunflower is probably the most obvious choice, but would not be very kid friendly if little ones are included. Flying Biscuits (lots of locations) have vegan options, but are small. Mellow Mushroom (lots of locations) does offer vegan pizza. Me and mine would love to meet up anywhere – I am interested to hear other KL’ers suggestions!

  • Robyn

    Woohoo! If you’re up for a little drive Serenbe is beautiful! It’s about 30 minutes south of Atlanta. It’s a green community with a gorgeous farm to wonder. We get our weekly CSA pick up from there. The farmers are super friendly. A lot of their produce is provided to local restaurants that support farm to table. The local neighborhood parks in Atlanta are beautiful. I live in Grant Park. We have a neighborhood farmers market every Sunday. The beltline on the east side of town is another fun family adventure and a beautiful walk – gives you a unique perspective of the city. They’re having a costume parade on Sunday

  • Robyn

    Also! Sorry for the long comment – if you’re looking for places to eat: home grown is a no frills brunch spot, stone soup kitchen, soul vegetarian, sun in my belly and radial offer yummy vegan dishes. If you’re looking for a yoga studio I teach in candler park at tough love yoga. I teach a deep stretch class on Sunday evenings. I’d love to meet up. I run my own meet up group called natural mamas to connect Intown mamas who have a natural approach. We love to go on walks – actually walking the beltline on Monday morning. My son turns one on Tuesday!

  • fiorella vidal

    I would like to meet you Alicia and other kindlifers, I hope it is Friday or Saturday so I can be back by Monday. Jesus, it sounds crazy, but I wanted to go to the other Meet and Greet and I couldn’t manage to do it. I hope I can do it now.

  • Dionne Porter

    My family and I are in Buckhead and would love to meet up!

  • Dionne Porter

    BTW Cafe Sunflower is a good option per other comments but a little small and probably not very kid friendly so it will depend on the crowd for the best location. I have twin 1 year old boys who would probably wreak havoc on Cafe Sunflowers floor!

  • uvaprep

    Hi Alicia-

    I’m an architect and LEED AP right here in midtown Atlanta (both the office I work at and my condo, which means an easy walk to work). When you are back home (not that we want you to leave) I worked on the Herman Miller showroom in Culver City, which was the first LEED Platinum building in LA. Our firm does a lot of sustainable / green design / USGBC work domestically and internationally. I also lucked out having William McDonough as a professor while I was in grad school at UVA, not long before he wrote “Cradle to Cradle”, etc…
    Have fun filming and exploring with the family, and keep an eye out for Jeff Daniels, the “Mockingjay” crew, and all the other casts and crews that are in the city this month- it probably seems like you are still back in California!

    Best, Brian

  • Johnny

    Hello, Ms. Silverstone:

    The Sunflower Cafe is a fabulous eating establishment.

    They have two locations:

    2140 Peachtree Road
    Atlanta (that is in Buckhead)
    (404) 352-8859

    5975 Roswell Road
    (404) 256-1675

    They have everything under the sun (and Sunflower).

    Trying to live the kind life on a daily basis. I am relatively new to this lifestyle, but I am getting the hang of it.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone.


  • Kris Kourtis

    I would Love to come Alicia, But I’m on my Green Tour 2013.
    It would have been great to chat. I’m thinking of getting another pet,
    a pug maybe. I have beyond amazing Vegan Pizza Recipes that id love to give to
    you.. Take care, oh by the way they put ( Blast From the Past ) on TV last week.
    I love that movie.
    Kris Kourtis

  • Brett

    Hey there! Glad you’ve been enjoying Atlanta’s vegan offerings. For the past couple years I’ve been running ATL Vegan Drinks, a monthly meetup group. I’m also one of the organizers of Atlanta Veg Fest, which is happening on November 9 this year: In terms of favorite spots, the other suggestions so far have been good. Dough Bakery, Dulce Vegan, Cafe Sunflower. Also Wrecking Bar in Little 5 Points puts together a great vegan specials menu every Tuesday (give them a heads up if you plan on taking a big group). There are plenty of places to go!

  • Evan Volgas

    Sunflower Cafe really is the best. There is also good vegan friendly Ethiopian restaurant near Emory. It’s called Desta. Not vegan/vegetarian only, but they do accommodate both. Also, in terms of where to go, if you’re a dog lover, check out the dog park in Piedmont. It’s several acres and very cool. There’s also a place just southeast of the O4W called Park Place. Coffee shop/cafe with a dog park in the background. Really nice spot to hang out, but again only if you’re into dogs. Other than that… Videodrome on North Ave is a staple of film fans in the area (especially foreign/indie) and Manuel’s Tavern across the street was correctly referred to as “Atlanta’s quintessential neighborhood bar” by the NYT. Have fun on your trip. And please stop wrecking cars outside my house :-)

  • Gabrielle

    Hi Alicia, this would be a lot of fun to get together! Atlanta’s vegan community is really growing, and we have some great places to get vegan food these days. I agree with others that Dough Bakery is a good spot for a group to meet up, and the Gutenfleischer’s Deli inside has some great savories, with excellent sweeties at the bakery counter! I have been living a compassionate, kind life free of all animal products (to the best of my knowledge and ability!) since 2008, after going vegetarian in 2006. It’s easy in the Atlanta area, with Whole Foods in every neighborhood and all these great places to eat out. We’re excited you’re here – hope to meet soon! ~ Gabrielle

  • Gabrielle

    Oh, just a little P.S., Dough Bakery is closed on Mondays, if you wanted to meet Monday the 28th. I second Cafe Sunflower – we had a holiday meetup there last year and they made us an incredible menu! On short notice, not sure what they could whip up, but we have other choices as well. Holly, down below in comments, is a good bet for organization locally. :)

  • Mandi Line

    HI Alicia!! My name is Mandi Line and Im a costume Designer from La ( i used to dress your husband when he was in “stunned”) ha ha small world! anyways Im in Atlanta and im dying living in a hotel with one small fridge and no kitchen or utensils…Im shooting a pilot out here and need some vegan life…i feel yucky and bloated!! I went vegan because of your book at Mcafe…and “forks over knives” I would love to be able to meet and of course as u know PREP our hours suck!! And u are also working with my friend costume designer “julia scholar” so hello we are meant to meet.

  • Johnny

    Also, I am not sure if I did the Disqus connection correctly, so my e-mail is:

    [email protected]

    It would be an honor to meet everyone.


  • Liza Dayle

    Hi Alicia!

    So excited to hear you’re working a project here in Atl! We have some really great vegan resources here. The Dekalb farmers market is fantastic. My favorite place to go is Dough Bakery (they have great sandwiches, brunch on Sundays, vegan soft serve, and lots of baked goods) and Cafe Sunflower. For southern style cooking, Soul Vegetarian is great. R. Thomas is 24 hours, has vegan and macro options, and a veg sloppy joe to die for (although, fair warning, they keep birds outside for some inexplicable reason). Village Pizza makes a very good vegan pizza, as well.

    Hope you enjoy it here, and would love to meet you!

  • vlowe1

    Welcome to Atlanta Alicia. I would love to meet up. I actually don’t know any other vegans in Atlanta so it would be so great for me to meet some of the vegan community here. I haven’t gotten out to many vegan restaurants since I mostly cook at home, but I do love Cafe Sunflower and Soul Vegetarian. I have a 3.5 year old little boy if its a kid friendly affair and it’s in the evening, but he can stay with my hubbie at home if need be.

  • LightBrigade

    This is such a great idea! I’d love to meet everyone.

    Dulce Vegan is a fabulous place.

  • Cassandra Gonzalez

    I love Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe as well as Dough Bakery but they are both closed on Mondays if that’s the preferred day! Stone Soup Kitchen also has some great vegan options & is definitely my favorite brunch spot in the city!

  • Katie Roll

    Alicia, I would be thrilled to meet you and your family while in Atlanta. You’ve been such an inspiration to me and my partner to take our vegetarianism to the next level about 3 years ago with a completely vegan diet. I recently resigned from my corporate job and am devoting the year to some amazing organizations here in Atlanta: Canine Cell Mates and Atlanta Pet Rescue. Wish you could visit the pet rescue as it’s one of a kind! (You’d take home another pup for sure haha)… I love Dulce Vegan Bakery in Kirkwood for brunch, desserts and fun food. It’s closed Mondays but would be great for Tuesday. Sunflower Cafe is veggie/vegan if you like fancy diner experience. Really hoping I am not too late to be joined in the group with you. Take care and have fun while here!

  • Guest

    Hi Alicia! I would absolutely love to meet you and your family while in Atlanta. You’ve been such an inspiration to me and my partner to take our vegetarianism to the next level – we celebrate 4 years vegan in January! I love your down-to-earth approach and focus on living lighter… everything you’ve shared is so true and rewarding. I love Dulce Vegan in Kirkwood for brunch, desserts and fun food. It is closed Mondays, so Sunflower Cafe is another option, especially if you prefer a fancier dinner environment. I hope you get a chance to check out Atlanta Pet Rescue as it’s really one of a kind! here’s hoping I’m not too late to join the group… :) It would be a dream come true. Take care and enjoy Atlanta!

  • Susanne

    I would love to meet you, your family and Kind Lifers. I hope you have a great visit in Atlanta. I enjoy all the farmers markets we have throughout the city and they are on various days as well. I love going to the Loving Hut in Sandy Springs. Their menu is different from the Norcross location and they use a lot of organics. It’s healthy and affordable. I believe their hours are Mon-Fri 11:30~3 and 5~9 & Sat 11:30~9. Dulce Vegan has great scones and muffins.

  • leiyavari

    Hi Alicia, I would love to meet up with you whilst you’re in Atlanta. I’m a senior at The Atlanta International School and The Kind Life has really inspired me to try and implement a healthier and kinder lifestyle to the rest of my family but also my friends at school. They say that youth can move the world and I believe that The Kind Life is such a great way to change the way we treat our food in the future. I love Cafe Sunflower as well as Dulce Vegan Bakery! It would be such a treat to meet everyone.

  • love

    Lovin It Live has the best living raw foods in Atlanta! You are one of my favorite actresses and I am so glad you have graced us with your beautiful presence and person here in our residence! I hope you are enjoying your stay..this is your It Live is excellent for beautifying, detoxifying and cleansing foods prepared fresh when ordered by the best vegan chef in the city! Filling you with love and light and all the right vibes.
    2796 East Point Street
    East Point Ga 30344

  • Zania

    Hi Alicia I would love to meet you, your family and fellow Kind Lifers. One of my favorite spots is Dulce Vegan and The Dekalb Farmers Market is a great. Mama Bakes Safe has amazing vegan deserts. I have been living a kind life for a few years, your book has been so encouraging and a great motivation :)

  • Laura

    So sorry I missed you! I was looking forward to seeing you all again! I never get posts to my email anymore so I didn’t see this until today. If you are going to do anything else please let me know! I would love to go to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary!

  • Laura

    Hi Alicia. I am so sorry I missed you you all again. I was really looking forward to getting together again like in New Orleans. I don’t get posts to my email anymore like I used to so I just saw this post. If you do anything else please let me know. I would love to go eat or go to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary! Hope you had a great trip!