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The Andean Collection

“The most important thing about atesanías is that we should not forget the culture and heritage from our ancestors.  It symbolizes collaboration and the remembering of traditional customs.” – Ney Galo

I received some beautiful pieces from the Andean Collection recently and had to share their work with you all.  Their Amazonia line is a fair trade line that supports the most vulnerable regions of Latin America.  It offers a way for their artisan partners to earn a living from the revival of their ancestral jewelry making technique.  Even the string and beads used in the jewelry are grown in local gardens, and then handmade by the same gardeners who sow the seeds.

The Andean Collection

The beauty of this kind of craft is that it creates a demand for sustainably harvested plant fibers and seeds, which then encourages forest growth in an area where deforestation is destroying much of the beautiful rainforest.

Here are some of my favorite pieces.

The Andean Collection

The Andean Collection


Be sure to check out the line’s lookbook HERE and you can purchase pieces at too!


  • Cristina Herrera Sánchez

    yo no uso collares

  • Jenna Rose

    The link for the andean collection does not work. Is there another way to buy the collection. Thanks!

  • Julia Pinter

    Hi Ladies, you can snag your favorite piece at!

  • Sarah Parry

    great company with a great mission– recently rebranded to “Faire Collection”. Amazing!