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Kind Life Jobs: Looking for an Assistant & Babysitter

Hey Kind Lifers,

We are looking to find some extra help. Specifically, we are looking for a part-time family assistant to help with everyday tasks and a part-time babysitter for our Bear.

We’d love to find fellow Kind Lifers who have some experience working with children, are local to the LA area (close to Studio City or Hollywood), have their own car to get around with and are able to work flexible, but part-time hours.

If interested in one of these positions, or feel like you may be a great candidate for both, please email us at [email protected] with your name, email, number, picture of yourself and credentials. We’ll get back to those candidates we’d like to follow up with an interview.

Thanks for your interest!


Bear, Christopher and Alicia


We will only reach out to those we are interested in interviewing further. 


  • Brittanie Roderick-Cusker

    Wish I was closer!!!!! I have 4 kiddos of my own and they would have a blast together!!!! =D

  • Brittanie Roderick-Cusker

    Do you cloth diaper Bear?? If not have you thought about it?? I have a page you should check out! :)

  • Jean-Michel Bergeron

    I know “The Kind Life” users are kind souls, but aren’T there specialized agencies who specialize in providing verified and screened peoples? If I were you I’m not sure I would hire a stranger for such a personal job… In any case have a nice day! XOXOXOX

  • Mackenzie

    I applied and am really hoping to hear back about this! I am a kind-life liver, live in hollywood, and love kids :)