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Kind News: LA Bans Plastic Bags

I had heard the buzz about an LA ban on plastic bags sometime last year, and to my delight, LA has now become the largest city to ban the use of plastic bags and joins 90 other cities and counties in the state to get rid of the practice. So exciting! Yay Los Angeles!

According to the Huffington Post, “the new law applies not only to grocery stores, but big-box stores, like Target and Wal-Mart, that carry groceries and at locations larger than 10,000 square feet or with annual sales of more than $2 million. Stores that don’t comply can be fined up to $100-$500, depending on the number of citations. By July 1, 2014 the ban will extend to smaller stores such as minimarts.”

It’s about time more and more cities get on board with the ban and help reduce the unnecessary impact these bags have on our environment and resources. And there are so many great options when it comes to reusable and recycled bags too.  Here are a few :

Reusable bags | The Kind Life

For more information, check out

Have you found a great recycled or reusable bag that you use? Let us know in the comments.


  • wrappedinnewspaper

    This is great news! I hope it is a success and encourages more cities to ban them as well!

  • Cristina Herrera Sánchez

    en chilito causan estagos en el mar

  • Debi Cole

    I’ve made some bags out of old t shits that were really special to me that I could no longer wear!! Super easy to make! You can look on Pinterest for directions!!!!

    • Karen Woodward

      great idea

  • Rebecca Johnston

    I hope Idaho gets on board with this great practice.

  • Angel

    I love this. But what has everyone been using to throw away their cat litter?

    • LiveHeart

      Paper lunch bags work well for that.

  • Anna McClain

    I am vegan and this is great news! However, I hope one day the unborn of our own species will be as protected as turtle eggs.


    Fantastic news!!

  • Diane

    I’m all for ending the production of plastic bags but would like to know what people use instead. I recycle everything that is recyclable and can’t have composting due to condo regulations, so I rely on my grocery store’s plastic bags for garbage.

  • Clinton Blake Squitieri

    Great post! Glad to hear it Alicia. I have many reusable bags and always use them.

    Question: I’ve been watching football lately more than usual. I’m not usually a sports fan but I wanted to know if you and Christopher root for the 49rs. I would think so but I also wanted to know if you root for San Diego?

  • Karen Woodward

    im not quite understanding why we dont wanna use the plastic bags?i use them to put into my small trash friend uses them to make mats for the homeless.

  • Kelly Anderson

    Why does my comment keep getting deleted. If Anna McClain can express her right-wing opinion (re the “unborn”), then I should be able to express my opinion in saying to keep political (and the unborn is very political) right-wing views out of this website! Unless of course Alicia is a Republican, then that would explain the censorship.,

  • Mary Prive

    Yay! Chicago is starting to do it, too!