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January 27th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

With wool, fur or faux fur, and down being pretty standard materials for winter clothing, it can be a challenge to find kind clothes for the cooler months. Since we’re well into winter, I wanted to check in with you all and see what you’re wearing to stay warm. Here’s how I shop for the wintermonths on both the west and east coast:
When I shop, I look for second-hand clothes first. Some great second hand shops in LA are Wasteland, Crossroads Trading Company, and Buffalo Exchange. They offer a range of items from fancy pants style vintage and designer labels to gently used items from your more mainstream stores. Second hand shops like Blue Bird on Larchmont in LA are a great place to look for kids’ clothes too. Next to Washington Square Park in NYC there is a great used kid’s store – we got Bear a snow suit last year to keep him warm while we were there through the winter . Kids grow so fast; they tend not to wear clothes that long, so there’s a ton of gently used apparel for them if you know where to look.
Vegan Winter Wardrobe
If I can’t find what I need in second-hand stores, I buy new, but stick to eco-friendly, vegan brands. Vaute Couture makes awesome 100% vegan coats and accessories. I have a Vaute Couture coat that I live in during the colder months. It’s so comfy and warm; it got me through my visit to NYC last year and it’s so cute! I like having the warmth of a blanket but not looking like I’m wearing one around town. Companies like Loomstate, and shoe company Olsen Haus are striving to make apparel that’s eco, animal-friendly, and chic…so all you kind fashionistas can still get your style fix!
Where do you get your winter clothes? 
Share your shopping tips in the comments below.
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