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February 14th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

Ayinde Howell is a life-long vegan and vegan chef. He got his start in the Seattle and NYC vegan scene. After he catered my last photoshoot, I learned what all the hype was about. His Mac & Yease! It had me coming back for seconds, and maybe, thirds. The great part is that it’s guilt free, so good and gluten free for those of you concerned.

He made two of his signature flavors, Classic and Balsamic Truffle. It was creamy,with crunchy bits, flavorful, and everything you want in comfort food. Super yum!

After spending last year on the road chefing for India Arie, Ayinde has landed in LA, and is now trying to launch a food truck concept around this family’s recipes. His Kickstarter campaign has a couple days left and is in need of some love. So please go and pledge right now!

The menu will be all vegan and gluten free. As a chef, Ayinde only uses organic ingredients and calls his delicious fare “activism on a plate”. For updates on the campaign, follow him on his blog, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

“If you distract people with great food, the animals are left alone.”


photo: Buzzoid

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