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February 18th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

Angels in Stardust

A while back, I filmed a movie called Angels in Stardust. It’s a story about A teenage girl named Vallie Sue (played by the AJ Michalka) living in a small town whose imaginary friend, The Cowboy (played by Billy Burke), helps her realize her potential and place in her trailer park community.

I love coming of age stories and I think that this film has a very unique take on it. I was drawn to the idea of playing Tammy, the single mother searching for Mr. Right. She has a hard time with motherhood and her search for love, and she often messes up when trying to find a balance between the two. She is a complex character and I loved the challenge of playing a role I had never done before.

I also like that Vallie Sue is dreaming of a better life for herself. It’s a complicated relationship, but one filled with love nonetheless.

Angels in Stardust

Angels in Stardust

Angels in Stardust

Check out the trailer below:

You can also find some behind the scenes interview from the set right here!

And be sure to check the screening schedule to see when it will be coming to a theater near you or on VOD!

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