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My Valentine’s Day Plans

Happy Valentine’s Day Kind Lifers!

Today, after I do some work, Bear, Christopher and take a little nap together and  then bake some Crispy Peanut Butter Treats from The Kind Diet with raisins and almond butter instead of chocolate and peanut butter for a little healthier, more toddler friendly version. I think Bear will have LOVE making them. Then we’ll all go on a nice long walk and then have a simple dinner at home.

We’ll spend some time playing with Bear and take a bath before bedtime. And once Bear falls asleep, Christopher and I plan to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.

Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day.

What are your plans or non-plans for this Valentine’s Day?




  • gris-noir chic

    enjoy it, sounds indeed perfect.

  • Mandy Dugas

    Hey Alicia!

    I love your book. I actually borrowed it from my mother in law and am head over heals inlove with your beautiful outlook on life. You are so radiant and lovely. For this Valentine’s day I will make making roasted cinnamon cauliflower with steamed maple carrots with a simple garden salad. Then for dessert I will bake my sweet husband my famous Chocolate Chill Cake. We will probably watch a movie on the couch, just like you, while we drink Kombucha. I hope you and your wonderful family of three have an amazing Vday!

    On a side note, I can’t wait to read your new book. I was as healthy as I could be during my pregnancy and had a great water birth at home. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl and am now so proud of myself for eating so healthy during my pregnancy, which can be hard with all those cravings! She is one in two weeks. Time goes by fast! Thanks for being an inspiration to us all.

    -Mandy Dugas

  • zLindsz

    Sounds wonderful! My husband and I started a tradition a few years ago of staying home and making a vegan deep dish pizza from scratch and watching a movie. This year for dessert, I made Gene Bauer’s Sanctuary Tracks Cookie Bars (peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars with strawberry jam in the middle, found the recipe in the Skinny Bitch Bakery cookbook). Definitely an indulgent day!