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spotlight on abc kitchen

abc kitchen is an NYC restaurant that serves local, organic fare in an eco-friendly atmosphere. It’s a collaboration between the owner of the restaurant Jean-Georges and abc carpet & home, an environmentally conscious home décor company.

abc kitchen NYC | The Kind Life

The restaurant space features sustainable, local, artisan indigenous, salvaged, reclaimed, and recycled materials. They also get some of their ingredients from a rooftop garden where they grow herbs and micro-greens. While it isn’t a vegan restaurant, abc kitchen will make vegan dishes if you ask and I wanted to highlight them because of their efforts to make their restaurant sustainable and organic – from growing food in their own garden to decorating with reclaimed materials and organic soy candles – even though they could use way more vegan options on their menu.

Is there a restaurant near you that is making some responsible choices in their decor, design and menu?



  • suzi

    I must share the fact that yes, in our fine city, there is one restaurant where you will find this same sense of ethical commitment. If you ever get to Kansas CIty, check out Eden Alley on the Country Club Plaza. They are always finding little changes that make a big impact on local community and the ripple effect goes out to you and beyond! Let me know when you plan to visit, I will meet you there! Oh and the food (lots of delicious vegan/vegetarian choices) and the staff> worth an honorable mention as well.

  • Erika Christina Evans

    There’s a vegan restaurant in Victoria, BC called “Be Love” and the food tastes like it fell from heaven.

  • AldenWicker

    Definitely my favorite restaurant and store in the city! I’m waiting for them to open up a hotel so I can live inside their world completely.