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February 12th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

This year for Valentine’s Week, VAUTE wanted to celebrate love for all the animals of the world and the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to them!
From Feb. 7 – Feb. 18, they’re giving 35% off EVERYTHING – women’s & men’s –  and are supporting amazing animal groups, from Mercy for Animals to the HSUS. It’s time to grab a totally vegan, warm, eco-conscious winter dress coat at a deal and give back at the same time. Everything is a limited run, so you can check if your favorite isn’t soldout yet in your size or color on and keep an eye on what nonprofit is featured each day.
Vaute Couture Sale
Everything VAUTE makes is made fairly (mostly in NYC’s garment district!), eco-conscious, and using lots of high tech fabrics, so supporting their work means supporting these practices and people working for a better future in fashion!
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