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From My Closet Giveaway: Funky and Eco Items

Congratulations Julie Messier Brigante, you are the winner of this week’s From My Closet giveaway!

We’ve emailed you with detailed instructions on how to claim your prize, so keep your eyes peeled. And thanks to everyone who entered!

I loved reading all of your stories about your favorite recycled items.


This week I am giving away two funky and eco items.

From My Closet Giveaway

These groovy shoes were gifted to me a while ago. I never wore them but I really admire their edge and style! Melissa Shoes are made from plastic so they are totally recyclable. The company even recycles 99.9% of its factory water and waste. One of the coolest things about this pair is that you can turn them into a piece of art by customizing them. You can cut into them and get super creative.  Get more inspiration here. Yet, even more playful, they smell like candy! Yummy!

This fun bracelet by SariBlue is eco-friendly recycled glass. The “evil eye” symbols are meant to keep evil spirits away by protecting you from harm and bringing good luck. This ancient bead originates from the Middle East and Mediterranean. I hope you enjoy it and have good luck as well!

To get this pair of Melissa Shoes and SariBlue bracelet, please tell me about one of your favorite “recycled” piece of clothing from your wardrobe in comments below.

We will select and announce the winner on Friday, April 4, so please stay tuned!







  • Kay Rivera

    My t-shirts that were destined for the trash had found their calling and new life…as homemade lavender peppermint kitchen wipes!

    *If nothing else, everyone can use old cotton clothing as clean up cloths around the house. That alone reduces so much waste!*

  • Shanya Gilliam

    MY favorite item of clothing is from She makes some of the coolest funky sweaters all from upcycling sweaters from thrift stores. I love how she comes up with the most interesting collections based on story books, music, plays, movies you name it. She’s been doing this for a long long time and I am lucky to have owned one of her amazing creations as each one is a one of a kind and can’t really be duplicated !!

  • steven_gill

    My easy recycled clothes are cut off shorts (the legs have been used as cloths to cushion stuffing…)
    My favourite item is a sweater I found at the beach, soaking wet and covered in sand and seaweed I picked it up from the beach ready to throw in the bin when I passed one, as I was walking to the bin I had a look and thought it’s not that bad… a good wash later and it’s my go to sweater for summer evenings on the beach or in the garden, it’s just too cosy to throw out (I would thank the person who left it in the first place… after telling them there are plenty of bins on the shore front)

  • Cara Ahern

    My favorite article of recycled clothing is a faux leather jacket I found at Goodwill. It’s a vintage 1980’s cropped motorcycle jacket. I love wearing it with girlie dresses!

  • Cynderma

    My favorite dress is made by Blue Cactus. It is recycled. Plus I have recycled shoes

  • Victoria P

    Our old boots & shoes…perfect for planting & growing small succulents & cacti! Makes any patio interesting 😉

  • Amanda Mack

    I’ve been thrift store shopping and upcycling since I was a girl. (my parents thought I was nuts to consistently choose The Salvation Army over Macy’s lol) But my favorite piece is a sheer, paisley purple kimono I hand-sewed from a maxi dress I wore to my wedding rehearsal. It’s very versatile and unique. Everytime I wear it I’m reminded of that fun and exciting day on the beach, surrounded by loved ones. It’s also proven a great conversation piece with others who were unfamiliar with “recycled” clothing.

  • mona

    When my tshirts get old or ripped from yoga or life …I turn them into bags. I have classics like RATM or Souxie andtB..and the edges make perfect infinity scarves!.I’m so into saving our pretty planet :))

  • Alicia Dunable

    I made my soon to be born baby boy some bibs from my old cotton shirts!

  • Melanie Davis

    I have several Pendletons that have been handed down from my father-in-law to my husband to me. They’re so sturdy, I can wear them doing yard work in the Autumn and Spring, and still dress them up with skinny jeans and boots. 40-ish years later, and they’re in impeccable shape. Yay to recycling!

  • Gene Vizachero

    My dog is constantly after my shoes, he might just get scared of these shoes. I mean this in a good sense, they are really a neat looking shoe . My wife would love them.i ha d at one time Aligator shoes. Way before I became a Vagan that is.

  • Tina Conley

    I took my kids recieving blankets & made both of them quilts out of the material. Saving the planet & recycling their baby blankets into something they can keep forever! :)

  • Judy VandeVord

    I recycle old t-shirts, they make good car washing rags or cleaning rags for around the house. Much better for the earth too!

  • Kaeti Maguire

    I buy as many items from Goodwill as I can for a funky eclectic decorating style and unique items for my toddlers room. We’ve turned 60 ‘s bed covers and beach towels into tablecloths, filled old frames with vintage fabrics, and created a woodland wonderland complete with re-purposed vintage cuckoo clocks and Burwood animals and butterflies for my daughter’s room. I love the history and richness it creates in our home!

  • Mary Ellen

    My running shirts get recycled into paint smocks for the kiddos. They love chatting about running and the races. They are just so interested in us! I love their true joy and curiosity about everything. Sometimes, my daughter will say, “Mommy, will this shirt make me a healthier painter.”

  • Unal Cevak

    We separate our leftovers from the kitchen. Some of them go directly to our chickens in the backyard and return back to the kitchen as free range eggs. Remaining leftovers go into the composter then go to our backyard vegetable garden. And return back to the kitchen as fresh herbs and vegetables. And these cycles continue back and forth.

  • Cathy Belval Stech

    My favorite “recycled” item is a very soft sweater that was my mom’s. Mom passed away 8 years ago at only 64 and I cherish this sweater. I have fond memories and photo’s of her wearing it, and now myself also.

  • Carolyn Evans

    recycled tshirts for cleaning windows. No smudge marks that way

  • Michelle Howe

    I love going to goodwill and giving items a new home. Old clothes are great for crafts too and then you don’t have to buy fabric. It only takes a few minutes to find the perfect fabric or colorful decor for my next project.

  • camy

    All my friends and family know to sendcthere unwantables to my house. What I dont use for myself or my family I donate. But my favorite piece is one of my mothers old dresses that i’ve made into a chandaleir type lampshade. Shes since passed on and now whenever we usec the light its like shes there to brighten our night!

  • Kathleen Messer

    Is this an April fools joke???? Not my style lol My favorite recycled piece of clothing is a baggy lace blue shirt with lots of holes in it. I wear it over a tank top with jeans! Got it at Plato’s Closet. I wish I could sew (on my to do list) as I want to make baby clothes for my soon to be baby!

  • ElisabethMorgan-Rees

    Hi Alicia! My favourite “recycled” item of clothing is my wedding dress, which I bought from a lovely ballerina who had worn it on her special day last year. I found it on the website ‘Bride2bride’, and I thought it was such a fabulous concept: the dress was divine, had only been worn once, and definitely deserved to be worn again. I am from London, but am getting married at the Ventana Inn, Big Sur, on 14 April, wearing this gorgeous, second-hand dress. And I plan to sell it on afterwards so that another bride can enjoy it. Thank you so much for holding this competition, Alicia. I love your website, and found your NYC vegan restaurant tips super helpful. Hangawi and Candle 79 are now firm favourites. Very best wishes, Elisabeth

  • Nicole

    I love sewing up old cardigans into little pillow cases! They’re so quirky and the buttons are already there meaning that I don’t have to fuss with zips.

  • Fazel King

    I have recycled my lil girls baby clothes and turned them into a patchwork handbag :) I’ve also made curtains and blankets in the same way

  • Monica Mansfield

    Love the eco shoes! This winter I took some old sweaters and sewed them into mittens. I made a few pairs for me and friends. They turned out looking really neat and they do keep your hands warm!

  • Jessica Nihan

    My current favorite piece of “recycled” clothing actually belongs to my husband. We buy regular clothes at goodwill and also pick up any oddities that seemed to have been personal to whoever donated it. Recently we bought Mike (my husband) a tshirt that says “Michael…” on the front, bold and simple, and “DON’T!” on the back. We found it so weird and hilarious…he had to have it. It must have been some sort of inside joke to whoever owned it first. And of course it only cost a couple bucks. I just washed it so looking forward to him sporting this gem :)

  • disqus_89cMi2tePB

    My favorite is a pair of mittens. In the brutal Chicago winter this year, I found that mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves. All of the mittens I found in stores were either girly and not so warm, or huge, bulky and made for men. I could have ordered some online, but instead I found a pair of boys black mittens (made for outdoor activities!) at a thrift store that fit my hands perfectly. $3 mittens, a run through the washer, and I’m good to go!

  • Jessa Lytle

    I loved wearing my old t-shirts so much, that I couldn’t bear to get rid of them (despite the holey armpits!) I sewed a few of them together and made a striped maxi skirt. It’s part of my favorite art festival/farmers market/picnic day outfit!

  • Dena Rose

    I have my grandmothers christianing dress that was modified and updated from generation to generation. So, it went from my grandmother, my mom, me, my sister, and now my daugher. Its recycled, revamped and a keepsake to every generation in my family.

  • Denise O.

    My favorite recycled piece of clothing would have to be my scarf. It was made from an old t-shirt! It’s a men’s t-shirt that I cut fringe into and now its a pretty scarf. I have used old (but nice) men’s shirts for a bathing suit cover up as well. Cut it out and it is now a racerback and cute cover up! Upcycling is the best! I also used old t-shirts for hankies :)

  • veganchic8

    My favorite recycled item is a handbag my daughter made for me from her fabric scraps. It’s special and they didn’t end up in the garbage. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Martine

    I kept the puffed vest my mom used to wear after she passed away. Now when I wear it, it feels like she’s giving me a hug.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I purchased a denim jacket from a second hand store in Reno called Junkee. I love it. I wore it for 2 years before adding faux fir trim and then wearing it to Burning Man. It’s a piece that is funky that would go great with either the shoes or bracelet.

  • Cheryl Capoocia

    I recently cleaned out my closet and passed some of my clothing items that I had saved from the 80’s and 90’s to my teenage daughters. Some of the items they thought I was crazy for wearing but others they really liked. One of my favorites was a paisley print denim button down shirt. It feels good to know that my favorite items from years past are getting another chance to be worn!

  • Julie Messier Brigante

    I have kept all my son’s soccer T-shirts and jerseys that have his number 9 on them. When he graduates from college I will give him the quilt and he will be surrounded by his soccer past and remember all the hard work, fun and love that he put into his soccer career.

    • TheKindLife

      Congratulations Julie! You are the winner of our From My Closet giveaway! We’ve sent you a separate email with details on how to collect your prize. Thanks for entering!

  • Sveta

    I love the idea of repurposing old sweaters. This year my favorite piece of clothing is my beanie hat which I knitted from old yarn. I picked up knitting needles just last fall, and since then I made myself a hat, then another one for my daughter, and another one for my son, and another one for my husband, and then another one, and one more. Yes, I was warned knitting is contagious. Happy recycling, everyone!

  • AKM

    My favorite “recycled” items of clothing are a red cardigan sweatshirt and a plaid flannel shirt that belonged to my grandmother. I feel like she’s hugging me when I wear them.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    Almost everything I own is from a thrift store, garage sale or has been given to me. It’s hard to pick a favorite – as there are too many. However, I once found a shirt that says “No one knows I sell hardware” that I thought was one of the funniest shirts ever. I was once working security for a Rob Zombie and Korn concert and was told I needed to wear a white t-shirt. This was the only white t-shirt I had at that time. I was the most bizarre and confusing security for that concert.

  • Megan

    My favorite recycled item is using my mom’s old yarn and knitting scarves for my nieces and nephews with the yarn. I made my young niece a recycled scarf and she is old enough now to start wearing it and wont take it off! When she’s older she will learn that the yarn was from her grandma when grandma was young!

  • Sarah Spoto

    I take old XXL men’s T-shirts, resew them into oversized tanks, and screenprint them. They turn out surprisingly chic! -Sarah

  • Candi

    All the amazing stuff I find at Goodwill/Savers/eBay/resale shops/yard sales. I love upcycling anything I can and Mother Nature appreciates it too!

  • Janet Muscatello

    Hello, I hope you are having a great day. I was just thinking as I was driving my daughter today That I have been a vegetarian for over 31 years and probably could not tolerate meat if I had to. I wonder about the great effects to the earth if more people would try it. Thank-you for the great example.

  • Kristina Ward

    My favourite piece of recycled clothing are some funky legwarmers made from the sleeves of a second-hand jumper :-)

  • Maggi Crawmer

    I have a lot of “recycled” clothing, but my favorites are ones that I have done myself by taking my old/boring items of clothing and cutting them, painting them, etc. Or, taking an old/ratty t-shirt and making it into a really neat scarf. And I love the galaxy trend right now! This way I can keep wearing an item of clothing that I have gotten tired of or has seen better days and get some more use out of it!

  • Raine Dawson

    I had a vintage Springsteen tee from my dad that I loved but it was really stained in some places so I cut out the image on the front and I sewed it onto one of my favorite plain tees, it came out really cool so I’ve done it a couple of other times.

  • Phyllis Ida Concordia

    I love recycling… when my Mom passed away I kept a few favorite sweaters and made throw pillows for me and my siblings and the grandchildren too – we hug them as needed! As for me, I often make long gloves with thumb holes and yoga-style leg warmers out of sleeves. I make skirts out of the body of shirts.

  • Kelly Lina

    Old jeans turned purse!

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    I have some beautiful recycled jewelry!

  • rileytea

    I have a few vintage t-shirts and pull-overs that were my father’s in the 70s, which I love for how the pure cotton has become so soft. However, I have to say, I really appreciate the scarf my sister knit for me with yarn she found at a church basement sale. It was given to her for free. It’s itchy and wooly, but I love it and have been wearing it over my jacket during this particularly long cold winter! Loving that SariBlue and loving this blog.

  • Vegan Odyssey

    Hello there,
    I had a collection of old pins from an elderly babysitter who passed away. Since I am not much into pins, I detached all the needles and latches. I use them as pendant necklaces by stringing them onto long chains now! They are so beautiful and unique. It feels good to wear something that has a story behind it. Instead of spending money on new necklaces I have more than enough for a long time!

  • Kristy

    I have a pair of earrings that my friend made that is crafted out of beer bottle caps. Too cool!

  • Lauren Silva

    Back in the late 70’s early 80’s my mom had a red miniskirt she would wear on nights out. It was a gift from a family member and cost a pretty penny. She cherished it like no other. Years later I fished it out of her closet and tried it on. Once she realized how excited I was about the skirt, she said I could have it. Although she still threatens that she plans on wearing it again someday I think she’s content that I’m getting some use out of it!

  • Jean Skamra

    i LOVE my oka B shoes. they are made here in the USA from recyled plastic. Plus they come in amazing colors and I always get compliments when wearing them. I feel great when I have them on too!

  • katelylove

    As someone who has been in a ton of plays/musicals, I have tons of t-shirts that I like to recycle into pillowcases and more fitted tanks to wear when I work out.

  • Dominique

    As a mom on budget I am not new when comes to recycling. In my world recycling is not only the right thing to do but, sometimes it is the only thing to do. I’m a magician. I turn old pajamas into pillows, refinish found furniture with old tapestries ( ala decoupage) , and take maxi dresses that have seen better days and reinvent them into table clothes. For the pieces that have given me all they have, it’s into the kitchen for cleaning duty. I have the best dish rags in town!

  • Genevieve

    While I was pregnant and couldn’t spend too much on maternity clothes, my mom gave me one of her old, extensible knitted sweaters. I remembered it vividly : she wore it quite often for many years when I was growing up. She “pimped” it before giving it to me, sewing all kinds of cute little things on it. This re-decorated, pre-loved sweater still really means a lot to me :-)

  • Penny C

    Hi Alicia, My recycled favorites are swishy long dresses from thrift stores; I’ve imagined their previous owners were flamboyant flamenco dancers! I like to pack
    up half my closet and ‘wish them well’ with new owners and donate it all to a
    local women’s DV shelter.

  • Toni

    I love cutting up old t-shirts and turning them into something new. Then I take the old pieces I cut off and use them as rags around the house!

  • Jennifer Contessa

    I bought the cutest tank top with green embroidery from our town’s little second hand store. It’s adorable and I wore it on St Patty’s Day because it’s green and white. I only paid $12. For it and I got compliments all day!!:-)

  • Diane

    My old T-shirts have turned into cool eco fruit and veggie totes! I found the idea on Pinterest. I get soooo many compliments and people asking how to make them or where to buy them.

  • Georgia Argiris

    Hi Kind Lifers❤️! My favorite recycled piece of clothing an an accessory. It’s my Yiayia’s ring. It was given to her by the great love of her life. From the moment he put it on her finger, she never took it off, not even before her open heart surgery. When she passed, I was the only live soul in the room and put that ring on my same finger as she asked me to do so upon her passing when she first became ill, It’s been there ever since. When I look down at it reminds me of how she taught mr to live and love my life out loud through grace, compassion, and the understand that I exist within our beautiful universe to offer kindness and peace to all beings through love and education of how they too can live a compassionate lifestyle in Ahimsa (non-violence). A vegan lifestyle is not just how I live, it the demonstration of compassion and love through all that I do. Namaste.

  • Zoe B

    I love recycling clothes and some hand me downs I have are my favourite pieces.

  • Cathi rosengren

    My sister was 15 years older than I am (well she died a few years ago so she would be). One of her shirts from my memories was a wonderful plaid shirt that she wore in high school. It never really fit me but I wore used it to cover a gorgeous ungrounded suit that hung in my closet. Every time I look in the I closet I think of her.