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Action Alert: Horses Need our Help

Dear Fellow Horse Lovers,

I want to share some stunning information with you regarding these breathtakingly beautiful and smart animals: some irresponsible horse owners put their horses up at auction to get slaughtered once they find their horse injured, invaluable, or too costly to maintain. Like me, you might be wondering why there is even a market for slaughtering horses? This inhumanity is driven by the demand for horse meat in Europe and Asia. Since 1987, more than 4 million horses have been killed due to this foreign horse meat market.

On top of facing potential slaughter, many horses are victims of abuse. From getting drugged for races, to being tripped at horse rodeos such as “La Charreada” (a Mexican Rodeo that also takes place in the U.S.), and supplying drugs like Premarin (a hormone replacement therapy taken by millions of women each day), horses face disgusting cruelty.

During a Charreada, a cowboy ropes a galloping horse with the intention of bringing the he or she to the ground. This terrifies horses and often leaves them with serious injuries. This horrific sport is still prevalent in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

The drug Premarin (along with Prempro and Premphase), comes from the Pregnant Mare’s Urine Industry. In order to extract the pregnant mare’s urine, the horses stand for up to six months in a “pee line” with collection cups hooked tightly to their urethra. Not surprisingly, the conditions they face are horrendous: repeatedly impregnated, cramped in tiny stalls, and denied water.

I know all this is shocking and terrifying but you and your friends can make a difference. Here what you can do right NOW to help end equine suffering:

  • Contacting your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators to urge them to support the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (H.R. 1094/S. 541). If passed, this legislation will prevent the inhumane slaughter of America’s horses on U.S. land in addition to their export for slaughter abroad. Sign the petition here.
  • Support humane organizations and rescue sanctuaries by volunteering your time or spreading the word about their mission. There are so many amazing organizations working to put an end to this cruelty, find one near you from this comprehensive list.
  • Contact your elected officials to prohibit abusive drugging AND if you live in a state where horse tripping is still legal, urge them to act on a ban.
  • Write a letter to your doctor and encourage he/she to support Premarin alternatives such as phytoestrogen, which is planet based.
  • Encourage your friends to avoid attending horse races.
  • Educate fellow horse riders and stable staffers about these issues to help raise awareness. See if there is anyway your stable can help take action from handing out information packets to helping with a rescue mission.

Some helpful resources:

The Horse Fund Organization: Fact Sheets

The Humane Society: FAQ & How to Fight Horse Slaughter


Horses need your voice! I hope you will join me in taking action.

With Love,



Photo Sources: Wild Horse Preservation League


  • Wild Spirit Rescue

    We love that you’ve taken up the fight on behalf of the wild and domestic horses that are being abused and slaughtered all in the name of money and entertainment. It is an issue that needs more attention! Please feel free to contact us so we can give you more information as to our and our sister ranch/rescue, Hoofprints to Freedom’s herds and equine programs. Perhaps you and little Bear would like to meet our herds; we would love to host a visit! You can see our herd at and our sister ranch’s herd at

  • Heather

    Youprobably wont actually read this but if u are ever in Texas, near Houston, my sister works for this group
    They take in donkeys, mules, horses, and of course whatever else they cant turn away. They often have baby donkeys to. they arent easy to find but are welcoming to visitors ,even young children