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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Despite all the commercialization around this holiday, there are so many ways to make your Easter compassionate, conscious, and earth friendly. I like it because it makes another great occasion to celebrate and be present with spring.

Here are some easy, creative, and eco ideas for your celebration!

  • Try making dip-dyed vegan marshmallows as a fun alternative to eggs. If you really want to get into this project, you can dye your marshmallows with fresh foods (such as beets for red, lemon peels and carrots for yellow and orange).
  • Design a creative scavenger hunt for your kids to enjoy, or reverse roles and have the kids get imaginative and the adults do the hunt.
  • Save money and get thrifty by re-using old Easter baskets: check out thrifts stores or craigslist.
  • Have fun growing your own grass for your family’s Easter baskets or making it by coloring and cutting scrap paper into small blades.
  • Support a compassionate Easter basket with healthy items like dried fruit or creative gifts such as a gardening kit, saplings, organic cotton/soy stuffed bunnies or baby farm animals, animal-based picture books, or vintage paper mache eggs.  If you want to include treats, look for vegan ones such as these listed on Vegan EssentialsSome more vegan Easter chocolate can be found at:  Divine Treasures, Sweet and SaraPremium Chocolatiers, Mama Ganache, No Whey! Chocolates, and Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates
  • Hold out on purchasing a bunny or chick even though it may seem fun and appropriate as an Easter gift. Animal welfare agencies throughout the U.S. get swamped with thousands of pet Easter gifts once they are no longer wanted. If you have seriously considered getting a pet, try to adopt from rescue organizations first, and gift your child a how-to book on caring for that pet.
  • Try to avoid sugary and unhealthy foods if you can. It’s helpful to feed him or her healthy and filling foods prior to the candy based activities or bring along healthier alternatives.
  • When decorating with flowers, try picking them right from your  backyard. If not possible, look for cut flowers that are both Organic and Fair Trade certified.
  • If you have family and friends who will be hosting with egg based foods and activities, encourage them to support organic, human certified, vegetarian fed, and cage free eggs. If you want to go a step further, promote using the egg waste by composting or in other recipes.

Overall, embrace the time you have to spend with loved ones as well as the opportunity to slow down and cook delicious and healthy foods. To see more thoughts on a Kind Easter, check out my tips from last year and my original Kind Classic Easter post.

What about you? What will you be doing this Easter? What are your ideas on fun and eco ways to celebrate it?


Photo Source: The Bunny Retreat


  • Sarah Marshall

    My husband and I will start the day off by going to church with his family and then head to my folks for a gigantic meal. We will help hide plastic easter eggs for my youngest brother and sister and just enjoy time with the family. Then we will head to his parents for supper with all of his family. It will be a busy day but it is filled with two of my favorite things…food and family…so it will be wonderful!

  • Kelly

    Love these fun Easter ideas! I just wanted to remind everyone that marshmallows are often made with collagen (the protein ingredient that gives marshmallows, jell-os, jelly beans, etc. the “gelatin” quality) and collagen is sometimes made from cow or pig skin, tissues, and bones. So if you decide to dip dye marshmallows, be sure to check out the ingredients in your marshmallows before you purchase! Hope everyone is having a happy spring holiday!

    • TheKindLife

      Thanks Kelly & Jennifer!

  • Jennifer

    Great ideas, but please make sure you clarify to your readers to buy Vegan Marshmallows. A lot of new vegans might not realize that regular marshmallows aren’t vegan. They contain gelatin (an animal byproduct made from bones and skins of pigs and other animals). Unless it clearly states of the packaging of the marshmallows that it is Vegan, it is probably 100% not. You can buy vegan marshmallows from Sweet & Sara though, some other brands at Whole Foods and local health food store, or online.

    Another great alternative to dyeing and painting eggs is ceramic eggs like these:

    • Claudia Rose-Jones

      Thanks Jennifer! I was going to point out the marshmallows as well :)

  • karla

    Alicia it was so nice to meet you tonight at B&N, wish I could’ve spoke with you more after the signing (my little girl was hungry and cranky) I am still nursing her just as comfort when she needs it and wanted to ask you if/when you plan on weaning Bear or is it self led? If you don’t mind emailing me at [email protected] I would love to hear what you think.. Karla

  • Claudia Rose-Jones

    Thanks Alicia for always bringing up great tips.
    My family & in-laws are coming and we’re taking the twins to Descanso Gardens in Montrose, CA. Is nice to take them around and watch them discover nature. Especially since they’re walking now :)
    We took them last year as well, when they were only 5 months old, so I guess is becoming a new family tradition :)

  • Shelly Brown

    I’m making vegan quiche Lorraine, vegan cherry pie and hiding a boombox for my honey Bunny instead of a basket at all. Since I’m on Maui and we go to the beach often, it will be nice to have some tunes. No bunnies, chicks, chickens harmed in the making of this Easter plan!! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!

  • Chantale Desjardins

    Our Easter dinner: carrots glazed with maple sirop( from the kind mama), quinoa, rice, black bean croquettes and mushroom gravy…. Yummy