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From My Closet Giveaway: Yala Nightshirt & Necklace

Congratulations Teri Schotanus-Rhodes! You are the winner of this giveaway!

Huge thanks to all of you who participated! It was so fun reading about all your dreams!


This is a SUPER comfy nightshirt. It is made by Yala Designs out of organic bamboo. It is also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning there are no harmful chemicals in the fabric. The color is a very fun coral, perfect for spring and summer. It is a size S.

From My Closet Giveaway, Nightshirt

This necklace is created by the family jewelry company Zoe and Piper. It’s made from sterling silver and has a very cute flower blossom printed on it. Zoe and Piper also donates a portion of their proceeds to to select animal sanctuaries and advocacy groups.

To win this super comfy nightshirt and cute necklace, leave me a comment below telling me about a favorite dream you’ve had recently and why it stuck out to you. 

I will announce the winner on Monday June 2nd So stay tuned!

With Love,





  • MommyLisa

    I had a dream recently that I was pregnant again! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have a family :) It truly is a gift.

  • Leigh Colby

    I had a dream last night that my neighbors got a big black dog. It was pretty funny since they are cat people. We have the dog! (albeit, a small black one)

  • Ronja Holm


  • Dawnielle Christine

    About a week ago, I had a dream that I was renovating my house into a super eco friendly house, and the Property Brothers were installing solar panels while I was bbq cauliflower steaks…fell asleep to hgtv again, lol.

  • Laura

    I had a dream a few weeks ago that my 8 year old son was running around on the beach with me and talking up a storm! This stuck out to me because me son has never walked or talked due to epilepsy. I woke up feeling happy and sad! Hopefully with some new medicine this will be a reality soon so I took it as a good sign! It really was a fantastic dream!

  • Lisa Rice

    My husband & I recently had a small ant problem. Not a big deal we sprayed the house and perimeter and set out corn meal since they take it back to the queen and kills the colony. Anyways, That nite all I kept dreaming of was the ants swarming things in my house including my pillow! Ants are gone but the dream keeps coming back! Yikes!! Help!!

  • Sanna Stenman

    I had a dream that I lived in the sky where there were pink clouds and I used to sleep on one. It reminded me of moomins.

  • Amanda Wegner

    I recently had a dream that my daughter got a sparkly unicorn for her birthday in June and they rode across a rainbow. LOL! It stuck with me because my daughter would LOVE that and she got a kick out of me telling her I deampt about it.

  • April Godden

    Dreaming of having a baby it’s so beautiful….can’t wait

  • Sandra Morris

    I had a dream I saw my Mother again-she passed away March 7 of this year.I told her she wasn’t supposed to be here;she was gone…she said she knew that but wanted me to know she was always with me.I cried and we hugged.It was sad and good at the same time.<3

  • Christina Kaetzel

    I’ve been single for 13+years. I’ve been so discouraged. After going vegan it was harder to find my soul mate in an area full of meat eaters. Guys thought It would be too hard to mix meat eaters and vegan in a relationship. Just as I was going to give up hope I had a dream that my soul mate was from my past. Less than a week I ran into an old flame from my past. He’s been a dream and loves my food choices and has been so supportive. Best dream ever!

  • Rachel Stine

    My favorite dream I had recently was about my brother, Ethan, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2010. I’ve had a few dreams about him since he past but this one has really stuck with me. In the dream, my husband told me to look out the window because Ethan was coming up the stairs. I looked outside and there he was walking up the stairs to the house with a big smile on his face, jeans, a tshirt, a fedora type hat, and a guitar case in hand. He seemed to have this bright light illuminating his entire being. I ran to the door and opened it and let him in and gave him the biggest hug. I asked him if he was here to stay and he just shook his head no. I then woke up. I took this as a huge sign that he’s o.k., happy, and out there traveling the world.

  • Heidi

    I recently dreamt that I was swimming in the ocean, it was beautiful and tranquil to be underwater with all the beautiful sea creatures and still be able to breathe! It reminded me of the beauty in nature that surrounds us and to take the time to enjoy it!

  • Sara

    I had a dream that I found my “dream” job and was overjoyed. I recently quit my job of almost 20 years to pursue a new and challenging career. Hopefully it will lead me to my “dream” job.

  • Sarah

    35 weeks pregnant here and the fun dreams abound :) I am big into baby wearing and had an elaborate dream that my husband bought four Ellevil brand linen blend Zara wraps and had them all rainbow grad dyed and was auctioning them off on Ebay to raise money for our Vet bills, lol. And I really wanted one and was bidding!!!! So funny.

  • Kari Powell

    I had a dream where my whole family, both mine and my husband’s, we’re all together. We laughed talked together and listened to the older ones telling stories of times past. It was such a special dream as last Sunday we nearly lost my 88 year old father in law.

  • Anita Stewart

    Had a dream/vision that I made everyone blissful with my new bread baking business (cottage industry and still working out the final details before I launch…) and and

  • Pame Carrillo

    I dreamed about seeing again after 5 years a boy that I really liked. It was my summer love <3 and i still remember him once in a while. I hope I can see him again for real.

  • Alex Andrei Stefan

    I dreamed of a world where everyone of any age, sex, and color, was born free.

  • Carol Ⓥ

    Honestly I don’t remember my dreams :/ sigh. Can I still enter?

  • Teri Schotanus-Rhodes

    The other night I was dreaming about oatmeal …. I was going place to place to find the toppings I wanted… Almond milk, brown sugar, cranberries ….I think because six months ago I finally stopped flirting and whole heartedly became vegan. This really stuck w/ me because I have been sober for a number of years and I used to have relapse dreams, so searching for oatmeal & toppings made me so very grateful for where I am today and my dreams!! :)

  • Cara Little

    I had a dream that my chihuahua was the size of a horse, and it was awesome because I could ride around on him like the royalty in Alladin rode elephants.

  • Shoshana richman

    Breast feeding my soon to be born daughter, while my boyfriend rubs her back. All the while the dog and cat snuggle at our feet!

  • María Aparicio

    I had a dream. I felt grounded, centered, in perfect harmony with myself and life, I know because I had a smile on my face as I prepared a meal of baked sweet potato and a big summer salad. The radio sad in the background, the sun was shinning outside.. Everything felt calm and in perfect order. Bliss

  • Tina Cannell

    i keep having dreams i’m nursing a kitten, and then my milk shoots out everywhere! hopefully this means my little one will arrive soon.. due in 2 weeks!!

  • Teri Schotanus-Rhodes

    The other night I had a dream I was searching for toppings for my oatmeal…Almond milk, brown sugar, cranberries. I think this is because six months ago I went from a Flirt to a full vegan lifestyle ( luv it)..This dream stuck with me because I have been sober for some years now and dreaming of oatmeal w making sure to find vegan topping as compared to relapse nightmares make me so very grateful for where I am today!! I am blessed :)

  • Sarah Metcalf

    I recently dreamt that I was swimming beside a surfer in the ocean along Hawaii and the view was breathtaking. I usually have horrible nightmares, so this beautiful dream had a significant effect on me. It made me feel strong, incredibly joyful, and optimistic about the future. :)

  • Tina

    I dreamed that I made coffee and put oats and raisins in it. Had the whole thing for breakfast and enjoyed it. Love food dreams!

  • Christina Walls

    I had a dream that I had a crush on my husband. When I woke up, I was so excited that I was married to him, haha! :)

  • Trina McKee

    I dreamt about living in a castle – just did a Game of Thrones marathon before going to bed.

  • briana

    Last night I had a dream that my father (who is exceptionally conservative) went to his doctor and his doctor dyed just the roots of my Dad’s white hair neon blue as part of his treatment. It was so silly.

  • Lacy

    I dreamt that my mom was alive and here and happy. That the chemo worked and she was going to be fine. Unfortunately when I woke up I had to remember that wasn’t the case. I’ve never really looked forward to having good dreams or even dreaming at all until I got a chance to see her again.

  • Aimee Dars Ellis

    Beautiful and generous! Recently, I had a dream where I was talking with my grandpa, who died in 2004. When I woke up, I had a feeling of comfort. I still miss him every day.

  • Michelle Mangum Pownall

    I had a dream that I was a spy. This was memorable for a few reasons. 1. I rarely remember my dreams because I’m up every 3 hrs with baby and 2. It was very vivid with random people from all aspects of my life.

  • Joy Pardo

    I dreamed that after boarding a plane, we all had our own rooms to rest in like a cruise ship. We are getting ready to take a trip soon and I only wish we could travel like that since we are bringing our six month old!

  • Anna Marie

    I keep having a dream that I a stuck in the middle of no where and trying to get somewhere with someone chasing me! Lol

  • Aurora Parlin

    I had a dream the other night that an old friend and I had a chance to reconnect. Sure enough, a few days after that she called!

  • Stephanie

    My dream is very simple. I dreamed I was with my boyfriend in our bed with Skweedgy (our 6 years old cat). I felt so great!!! My boyfriend is in Canadian military forces and he is in Romania for 6 months for Ukraine. That’s why simple things make me feel alive. And I can say that I am a happy woman even if it is not always easy. (Sorry for my poor English because I speak French) :) xoxo

  • Cat Jones

    I dreamed I was back in South Africa teaching my 5th and 4th grade students at Mkhanyiseli Primary School :) I studied abroad last semester in Cape Town, where I taught 2 days a week in a township school and went to the University 3 days a week. Teaching my students was the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life, as I learned the meaning of friendship and love. I am so grateful to my parents for giving me the experience!!

  • Rachel

    I am getting married in 4 weeks and I had a dream the other night that My fiance and I woke up the morning of, realizing we had not done anything we needed to get ready for the wedding! It was pandamonium until I woke up…stressed out much?!

  • Princessofpowder

    I dreamed my grandparents were still alive. It stood out because I lost them over 6 years ago…

  • ≈ CARMEN ≈

    I had a semi-lucid dream I could fly. It felt amazing, & it felt real. :] // ☼

  • Anne Perry

    The other night I had a dream that the flying. It is symbolic to me because I need to be more carefree and stop hanging on.

  • Amanda

    I had a dream recently that I can’t even explain except to say that nothing seemed to “go” together and none of it made sense! I guess it stuck out just because of that. It was just soooo strange! 😉

  • Isabelle

    I recently dreamed that my father was still alive. I felt the warmth of his skin against mine, holding his hand. That moment felt like it could last forever, yet it was only felt in the spam of a breath. I miss him yet I know he’s still here. :)

  • S Fay

    I dreamed that I was at my wedding! I am recently married and very excited about it. It was fun to relive my wedding with some dream detail differences! :)

  • Tami

    I dreamed about high-school! I graduated in 1979! My daughter will heading to high-school soon…maybe that prompted my dream.

  • Laurie

    I dreamt about my children being married and having kids of their own.

  • Jasanna

    I have the oddest dreams! One I was with people from past and present at a nice party and we all were going on slip n’ slides. I tell ya…strange dreams!

  • Kristen

    Favorite dream: My closest friends and I just hung out and had a really fun day. Seems boring, but it stuck out because it wasn’t weird, wasn’t scary, wasn’t indecipherable. I woke up feeling peaceful and happy.

  • Céline

    Favorite dream (last night’s!): me and a group of friends were building a children’s hospital :)

  • Jamie D

    I always dream that I’m laying in a bed full of puppies and kittens it helps me sleep.

  • Dana C

    Definitely when I dreamed I was a bird, flying over the ocean above some dolphins with no land in sight…

  • king01

    Several years ago I dreamt that my sister-in-law who had been killed in a car accident came back and sat on my bed. She told me she was OK and was in a better place, She also told me that I would need her 3 more times in my lifetime and she would come back when I needed to hear from her. I felt such peace that is was indescribable.

  • Isabelle

    I dreamed I was flying over a pine forest, it was breathtaking, there was a fresh sea breeze in the air. Whenever I’m stressed I just take myself back to that place and breathe in the sea air… Namaste

  • Amanda Hopsecker

    I remember nearly ALL my dreams! Of course, I don’t remember any super exciting ones from real recent. I can also lucid dream, but not always.

    I had a dream a while ago that my husband and I got caught in the middle of a war zone. So, we were hiding on a rooftop, while the bullets flew overhead. Anyway, I was really scared for our safety, so I decided that in order to be safe, I needed to wake myself up out of the dream. But then I thought my husband would still be stuck in the dream and unsafe unless he woke up also. So, I decided in my dream that after I woke up, I would need to wake up my husband so we could both escape the dream. (Yeah… I know)
    So I woke myself up, and after awake I was trying to make sense of it, and as logic started to return, I was mostly sure I still didn’t need to wake up my husband to be free from my dream, but I wasn’t completely sure. So, just to be sure, I woke him up quick in the middle of the night, and then told him nothing was wrong… To go back to sleep.

    He thinks I’m a little crazy…

  • Katheryne

    I dreamt last night but I forgot what it was about lolololol

  • AmritSadhana Khalsa Boyd

    On the blood moon a few months ago, I dreamt of a very dear person to both my husband and I. She passed away a few months ago of cancer. In the dream we were at her home and she was cooking for us (which she often did). We were just in her nurturing presence and she was hugging us and telling us she loved us. It was a very sweet dream and so lovely to be able to see her again.

  • Julie S

    Favorite Dream: My husband and I were on a tropical vacation- ALONE!!!! It stood out because we have 4 kids, and haven’t been on a vacation in 15 years… Wishful thinking, huh?

  • Animal Lover NYC

    I dreamt I was being awakened by the warm and excited breathing of my dog and the the thumping of her tail against the bed. I heard the coos of her sister which turned into a happy bark and the sound of their paws on the floor. I woke up and realized they weren’t here but in heaven. The smells, the sounds, and touch were so real. It was a great gift.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    I recently had a dream in which we lived in a world where it was just signed into legislation that monkeys could be the employers of humans. All species were given a number that they were referred to by. This species of monkey was titled “0358” and humans had to sign a permission form if they were going to work for “0358”. A year or so passed and the inevitable happened – humans started having affairs with… their monkey bosses – because, of course, the monkey was in a position of power and money.

    One husband caught his wife on a lunch date with her monkey boss. The monkey boss was well dressed and she was dressed to impress. The husband, in a jealous rage, bellowed “YOU???? And HIM????” as he ripped up her permission form to allow 0358 to be her employer. I took a long walk and thought about what an interesting world we were all going to be living in.

  • Robin Searles

    I have a recurring dream of a beach where the whales are close to shore and I can watch them whenever I want. This dream is the impetus for my recent move to the coastal town of Santa Cruz. Every day is a blessing!

  • Cassie

    Sadly I usually have anxiety dreams. In the most recent ones, I decided to hop a plane to go to Italy, then suddenly realized that I had left my family back home without telling them I was leaving! The rest of the dream I spent trying to return to my kids.

  • Asicit

    I was in a slaughter farm and releasing cows and pigs. Strangely each one was giving me kisses before leaving. :-)

  • Lisa P.

    Lately, I’ve been having dreams about connecting with my brother who I have not talked to much in five years or so. We aren’t talking because of family issues. When I wake up from those types of dreams, I am happy that we got over our differences and made up again.

  • Cassie Vaughn

    My parents and my husband and I are looking for land to buy together so we can live close by. I will periodically have dreams where we find something… one time it was even a castle… and those dreams are nice!

  • LaBouch

    I was in Mexico vacationing, in my dream I was standing at a jellybean cart buying my 6 yr. old daughter some when a bad sand storm starting coming our way, I bent my body over hers to protect her, I then picked her up and started running-there were 3-4 men chasing me now, I ran into a cave when I met two people and told them bad men were chasing me, they told me my husband was there. My heart dropped as I said “I am not married”. I woke with my heart pounding. At the time I was going through a custody battle with my ex.

  • Krystyna Meade

    I had a dream that my husband, my brother, and I were exploring a dark cave with pools of water and tropical fish. The dream was very memorable because the colors were so vivid and the pools of water and fish were neon. Since I have been pregnant, my dreams have been very crazy!

  • Gigi

    I had a dream I went on a field trip with a group of my classmates to this water park, and we were all having a good time, when all of the sudden weird things started happening to the people who were in the water. Classmates kept being pulled under the water and I was sitting by the pool so I automatically ran to my hotel room as did everyone else who wasn’t in the pool and then looked out the balcony as rain started pouring on to the pool and people all around me began to die when the water touched them and I was scared for my life. This girl who was with me started freaking out, so when the water started sipping into our room, I ran out of the room and left her there to be devoured by it, so that it would give me a head start. (I guess I was a bitch in my dream :/) I tried to run down the hotel stairs when I heard someone coming up the stairs slowly. I was scared and when I stopped to look to see who was coming up……I woke up. It was freaking scary and real and when I woke up I thought I almost died but I was alive and well. So yeah…that’s my crazy dream.

  • Katie Grafelman

    I always have this dream that I find a giant room in my house that I didn’t realize was there and get so much extra storage space! It’s a little nerdy but I looooove thinking about extra storage!

  • Sveta

    I dreamed about a bon fire recently. I remember I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was bright against a pitch dark background. I also remember there were people around it and I felt unexplicable bond with them.

  • Kristen Piatt

    I had a dream last night about hugging a chicken. I really want to hug a chicken.

  • Cherie

    I had a dream that I was standing by small mountains and there were two wooden, rectangular boxes filled with liquid sitting before me. One had a vivid green and the other a deep blue. I had to choose which liquid to pour into the other. It would be a life choice. Should I choose blue or green? Suddenly, I knew, it must be blue that I keep. So I started pouring the green into the blue until all was blue. Then I awoke. It was so real and true.
    Not soon after, I met my future husband. He has blue eyes that same exact hue. :)

  • Genevieve

    The best dreams are when I’m with my dad or one of my animals that have passed away.

  • Bonni

    I had a super vivid dream the other night. There were people from my childhood that looked so clear to me (as they would be now, probably because of Facebook). I was anxious about how I would get home. Just then I saw one of my best friends (for 40 years) with keys in her hand, and in a very calming tone, she said “I got you…I will take you home whenever you are ready.” It stood out to me because people I haven’t seen in decades looked and seamed so real and great to see…and also because In real life the friend who offered to take me home in my dream is always my go to girl for helping me navigate through life, so it made great sense she would be there for me to literally get me home.

  • Mande Brown

    I dreamed I got engaged to my boyfriend and I was showing my ring to all my friends

  • Jessica

    The last dream I remember was having a long conversation with my estranged friend. It wasn’t exactly happy, but it was cathartic and I woke up feeling much better.

  • Karlee Davey

    Awhile ago now, I don’t remember the before of the dream but I dreamt there was a bee in my ear. I woke up trying to grab the bee out of my ear before I was actually awake. The body and mind connection is so amazing and strong. Everything I was feeling was so real! What a beautiful gift we have.. I love finding new sources for more conscious clothing, so thank you! The yala story was beautiful, I hoped to take my babies all around the world greenly by sail boat. Their site was inspiring. (: the nightie and necklace are beautiful and would make a cute outfit, I’m a size small so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. (;

  • Karlee Davey

    Awhile ago now, I don’t remember the before of the dream but I dreamt there was a bee in my ear. I woke up trying to grab the bee out of my ear before I was actually awake. The body and mind connection is so amazing and strong. Everything I was feeling was so real! What a beautiful gift we have.. I love finding new sources for more conscious clothing, so thank you! The yala story was beautiful, I hoped to take my babies all around the world greenly by sail boat. Their site was inspiring. (: the nightie and necklace are beautiful and would make a cute outfit, I’m a size small so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. (;

  • Jordan

    A few months ago, I had a dream that my good friend was pregnant and with a baby boy. I hadn’t seen her in a few years so I reached out to say hey and tell her about my funny dream. She said that’s insane because she just found out she was pregnant and they hadn’t told anyone yet. Last week I saw her, and she said they just found out its a boy :)

  • Susan Lockridge Bran

    I dreamed Zombies were chasing me and I had to hide in my old high school. I think I’ve been watching too much of The Walking Dead.

  • Shelly Brown

    I have been having flying dreams lately. Last night, I flew with an old friend to Malaysia. We stayed in this really cool bed and breakfast and never even used the front door even though we were on the 3rd floor up. We just flew from the street up and in through our window! Malaysia looked super cool in my dreams. I often have far away dreams of places that I’ve never even been! Sometimes they are repeats of a similar place. My favorite dreams in my history of dreaming are always the ones where I fly like a superhero!! So real feeling!!

  • clalexander

    I just had a dream about a date with Snoop Dogg! He was a LOT of fun and was at least 8 ft tall. Put me in a good mood the rest of the day : ))

  • Andrea

    Lately I have had a reoccurring dream about mice. These mice are in my house and I don’t want to hurt them, but I need to get them out of my house. It stuck with me because it was just a bizarre dream and it kept happening. I finally looked it up and it means that I am holding on to and worry about minor problems and issues…….working on that right now. :) definitely worry too much about the small stuff lately.

  • Jess

    My dream was GMOs were labeled. It sticks out because this may soon be a reality if our California Senant votes yes on SB1381. Finally, people could see what they were buying! If you are in California call your senator and ask them to vote YES on SB 1381. 😉

  • Shannon

    I recently dreamt that I was having a blast in the middle of storm at sea. I was on a boat full of people and we decided to surf the storm waves in lawn chairs. We sat in our chairs and a life guard threw us overboard. I was so excited when it was my turn. I love dreaming about storms. Every storm dream I’ve ever had has been exciting and suspenseful, and never scary. I always wake up feeling happy and energized.

  • Amanda Hoffman

    i had a nightmare last night i couldnt turn on the light i was panicking
    [email protected]

  • Natalie yeoman

    ive been waiting to go to the american idol tour this year i bought my meet and greet tickets when they first came out my favorite was sam woolf so the other night i had a dream that i finally got to meet him and he hung for like an hour after the concert it was a pretty awesome dream hahaha
    [email protected]

  • Momo Kono

    I was on a subway with Oprah Winfrey when my labor started. I was still standing up when the baby’s head was coming out. Oprah quickly lay on the floor to “catch” my baby and she did. She put my baby on my chest and left.
    Just a few seconds after my baby girl was born, she started talking about Australia (where my husband is from) and Kyushu(Japan) and surprised everyone around.
    Then I jumped on my Harley to go to my parents house to tell the news, but I didn’t know how to drive so I kept bumping into things and broke the tire. I pushed the Harley and walked.
    When I arrived at my parents house, they fed me yummy vegan food. My mum showed me sprouted rice and dad was talking nonsense.

    That was a crazy dream but I had so much fun in there!

    I am 4 months pregnant now and I often dream about my baby. But this one is my favoite becaus the labor wasn’t as painful as I would imagine when I’m awake :) And it was a lot of fun after the baby was born, It gave me positive feelings toward giving birth!
    I’m not sure why Oprah was there with me on Tokyo subway, but she sure did a great job! lol

  • Dawn Knapp

    I dreamt that I was in a park with my daughter and she was running around. The wind was blowing slowly and the trees were so green. Laughter was everywhere and puddles from a rainstorm the previous day. I felt so happy and alive in the dream and my daughter was glowing too.

  • Jessica Potter

    I occasionally have dreams about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. My husband and I are currently trying to conceive, so these dreams always stick with me, leaving me in a wonderful mood when I wake up.

  • TotallyRawMomma

    The other night I dreamt that it was my wedding day and as I was walking down the aisle with my dad’s arm linked with mine, I looked up and seen everyone dear to me that I have lost over the years to cancer, other illnesses, old ages, etc standing up as groomsmen and bridesmaids, including my best friend whose funeral was on her 28th birthday, my favorite uncle ruben who was more like another dad to me when i was little, and my grandma and grandpa whom I still miss to this day and my ten year old cousin boston, who passed away on my daughter’s birthday a few years ago. I wish this was a made up story, but unfortunately its all true. I wish that people would wake up and adopt the vegan diet or at least pay attention to what they are putting into their bodies and breathing in from their environments. Cancer along with many other illnesses and diseases are attacking everyone including more than half of my family! I would love to win this because besides looking super comfy, to me it would stand for recognition and honor of those we’ve all lost or are still fighting just to survive a little bit longer in life.

  • katharine cookman

    I had a dream that we moved back to the Colorado Mountains where I was raised and got to show my kids everything they are missing out on, we bought some property and lived more happy then we are now My husband hunted all the time and fished he was very happy and the kids swam in the rivers and hiked in the trails we were all very happy for a change it was a wonderful dream!!!!!

  • Mary

    I recently had a dream about a snowball fight even though it’s really hot outside :)

  • Karlee Davey

    Awhile ago now, I don’t remember the before of the dream but I dreamt there was a bee in my ear. I woke up trying to grab the bee out of my ear before I was actually awake. The body and mind connection is so amazing and strong. Everything I was feeling was so real! What a beautiful gift we have.. I love finding new sources for more conscious clothing, so thank you! The yala story was beautiful, I hoped to take my babies all around the world greenly by sail boat. Their site was inspiring. (: the nightie and necklace are beautiful and would make a cute outfit, I’m a size small so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. (;

  • Karlee Davey

    Awhile ago now, I don’t remember the before of the dream but I dreamt there was a bee in my ear. I woke up trying to grab the bee out of my ear before I was actually awake. The body and mind connection is so amazing and strong. Everything I was feeling was so real! What a beautiful gift we have.. I love finding new sources for more conscious clothing, so thank you! The yala story was beautiful, I hoped to take my babies all around the world greenly by sail boat. Their site was inspiring. (: the nightie and necklace are beautiful and would make a cute outfit, I’m a size small so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. (;

  • Martha Lawson

    I sleep so soundly that I rarely remember my dreams. But, I had a dream the other night that my dad and I went to sonic.

  • Tracy Heyer

    My best dream I had was being at our cabin at the beach with all our family together like it use to be!!! Before it got destroyed by a hurricane!!

  • Elizabeth Brechler

    The other night I had a dream about nursing a newborn. It
    was a simple dream, I was just sitting in a chair with my arms cradling the
    little one, a boy. I already have two children and don’t have any plans to have
    any more, but I wasn’t able to nurse mine for long and it’s a regret I carry
    with me. I woke from the dream fulfilled and content, it was the best dream I’ve
    had in a while.

  • Nikki Jantzi

    I dreamt that I was pipe surfing, more like just floating in that perfectly sweet spot where a wave completely surrounds you. The best part: all around me were dolphins swimming with me! Perfection !

  • Jessica B. Evans

    I love dreaming about my close relatives (who have passed away) still being here. I also love dreaming about my dream house. My main dream is my son could talk.

  • Lisa

    My favorite dream recently was set in my backyard and there were tons of animals, almost like a zoo. Not many tigers and lions in PA, so it was a strange one, but also really cool.

  • Heather Hernandez

    I’ve had a reoccurring dream since childhood about my mom. She passed a few months ago so now it feels like more of a connection to her than a dream.

  • Holly C.

    I dream a lot, but recently I had a dream that my sister and I were helping my mom plant her flower garden. My mom loved her flower garden. Both are passed now and this dream brought such comfort to me.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Any dream with my grandma in it and I can hear her voice again!

  • RoseNelson

    I moved from the states to Japan last August without speaking a single word of Japanese and finally HAD MY FIRST DREAM IN JAPANESE a few weeks ago! Waking up and realizing it felt like such a beautiful breakthrough moment in understanding this language. Maybe your beautiful shirt and necklace would give me good luck to keep having dreams in Japanese? 😉 Thanks Alicia!

  • Jess

    I dream of the mountain air and wild flowers at my Grandparents summer home…

  • Morgan Odale

    Once I had a dream that my grandma was a ninja and she fought off these crazy amounts of zombies. Haha my family in the dream was just as shocked as I was and now in my real life I keep a questionable eye on my grams.

  • Sheryl S Thibeault

    The best dream I’ve had was right after my dad had died suddenly of a heart attack. In my dream my dad was alive and I told him that I loved him and he said I know. He then said he loved me and told me “you know I’m dead” , it helped me so much because all I could think about is how I hadn’t had a chance to say I love you. I now always tell the people I care about “I love you” as much as possible because you never know…

  • VegHead

    My dreams have been really wild since becoming pregnant. My favorite recent one was that my baby was born and came out talking and laughing and was telling me about all the good times it had in my belly. I remember thinking in the dream “wow, I didn’t think baby would be so expressive right away.” Loved it. I woke up happy and patting my growing tummy.

  • Heather

    I dreamed of travelling, and that is my passion! [email protected]

  • ashley

    My husband and I live in the desert so the closest lake/water is three hours away…I grew up in Michigan and my husband grew up in Maine..we miss the water! We have moved to the desert being based here- and we are glad for the experience…but last night I had such a simple, yet great dream- I dreamed my husband and I were on the beach laying in the sun. That was all but I woke up so happy :)

  • Anne Krauss

    I recently had a dream that I was having twins. I have a 15 month old KIND baby boy now and my husband and I have been trying to have another baby. I told my sister about this dream and she said that my Mom had the same dream about me having twins!! It stuck with me because twins run on both sides of my family and my Mom has had a dream about all of her grandchildren before they were born and she was right every time!! I just took a pregnancy test and its positive!! Now, I don’t know if I’ll have the twins who I had a dream about, but I would be grateful to even have one more baby to add to our KIND family and lifestyle that we lead. We have the happiest 15 month old on earth and I can’t wait to add a brother or a sister, or both, to our healthy, happy family! My appointment is in June so we’ll see!!

  • Mandy

    I had a dream that I lived in a beautiful place with mountains and everyone was more “natural” friendly. Organic food was affordable and everyone had gardens. Homeschooling and montessori schools were common. It sticks with me because it’s my “heaven.” I hope some day I can find a place like this.. and move!

  • Darcey Priss

    My favorite dreams are any ones where I feel present and painless. I’m in chronic pain, and have been for decades, so those moments are precious. I was a dancer and gymnast before I fell ill, so dreams of those things are especially wonderful.

  • jdgrannie2

    I dreamed I was at the beach with my family enjoying the day.

  • Ashley Aaron

    I dreamt I had just given birth to a son, he came early and unexpectedly. It stood out because we just started talking about having kids… :)

  • angela

    Awhile ago I had a dream that I was pregnant with a little girl, which was exciting for me because my husband I and are considering trying for a second baby! We already have a 16 month old boy and a little girl would be a wonderful addition! Guess I was dreaming for someone else though, because after that dream three of my girlfriends announced that they were expecting little girls! Maybe I am a surrogate dreamer? Hehe.

  • Abbie

    I don’t have very many good dreams, so I’m stuck with daydreaming. One of my favorites is paying off my student loan debt!

  • Melody Emerson

    I dreamed I could fly. I was frightened because I was alone and I thought I was being followed and then I took off and floated. The harder I concentrated the higher I would fly. Felt like I could escape any problems through the power of my mind.