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Let’s Meet Up, Portland

Hey Kind Lifers,

I really appreciated all of the great advice you shared for where to eat in Portland. I had such a great visit there during The Kind Mama book tour that I’ll be back in August. I’d love to meet some of you locals in the area!

If you’re interested in meeting up with me, leave a comment below sharing how you live a kind life in Portland and your favorite place to meet up with friends and family. Please send a photo of you and your family if you feel comfortable.*Be sure to connect your Disqus account to your current email address so we can reach out with more details.

We’re looking to meet either sometime between August 22nd-26th (time and place to be decided)

Looking forward to meeting you!




  • Hayley H

    My husband and I live in Portland and recently did a tour of the Green Acres farm sanctuary a little more than an hour outside of Portland. Fantastic place with great people and beautiful animals. They host work parties and fed us a delicious vegan lunch after our tour. Great place to make new friends. Excited you’ll be returning to Portland!

    • Kelly Northway

      Hi Alicia, I recommended a handful of places to eat during you last visit to PDX. I saw you speak at Powells (you were great by the way! I loved all the questions you were able to answer) but unfortunately once I was finally able to meet you, I guess I became a bit star struck and couldn’t think of anything to ask you since I’m not a mom as of yet! All I could tell you was that it was a privilege to meet you.. Of course as soon as I walked away I realized I could have asked you where you had stopped to eat so far, ha! Anyhow, I would love to hang out with you and not have the pressure of a line behind me. I love your book the Kind Life and plan on diving into Kind Mama once we are ready to have kids. My husband and I have been vegan for 2 years now and live a kind life by riding our bikes as much as possible vs our car. I’m also passionate about recycling. We both love to hike and know of some great places in and around Portland that will take your breath away! I am happy you loved Portland and had a feeling you would! You’re the coolest and I would love to meet you again.

  • Tanya

    Not super tech-savvy here so I can’t add much – but stoked that you’re coming back to Portland! We loved The Kind Mama – so much of what you shared, we experienced with our pregnancy and birth. People were shocked that I had such a healthy pregnancy and quick labor without eating meat. It was a great opportunity to share about a different way of eating and living! We love food carts – there’s usually something for everyone! And picnics in parks are free!

  • Emily

    Hi Alicia, I’m really excited you’ll be visiting Portland again! I’ve lived in Portland for only a few months, so I don’t know too many restaurants. But at my local farmers market there’s a stall that makes raw veggie noodles with pesto. It’s delicious, healthy, local, and I like supporting small businesses.

  • Sha

    My boyfriend and I are moving to Portland a couple of days before you arrive for your visit! We would love to meet up with you and some of the local people so we can get the best info on where to eat, best farmer’s markets, best yoga studios, etc. We’re planning on continuing to compost when we get to Portland because we feel that it’s truly kind to the environment.

    If anyone has any tips for us that would help ease our transition into Portland life, I would be grateful! It’s a big move (we currently live in New York in the Hudson Valley) and we’re both a little nervous and beyond excited! Thanks!

  • Amanda

    Hi Alicia – I’d love to be part of the meetup! Portland has some wonderful farmer’s markets and I enjoy going through the one held in the park blocks downtown (Wednesdays and Saturdays). Our favorite vegan restaurant is Portobello – we go there for nearly every special occasion and take family when they visit. Looking forward to meeting you and other Kind Lifers next month :)

    PS – I attached a photo of two important family members: my kitties Toby and Nova.

  • Becki Thorley

    Hi Alicia! I met you in Lake Forest Park, loved chatting with you and my daughter Milly still tells her friends that you hugged her :) So happy you are returning to Portland. We love to cycle around the waterfront, and spend time in the amazing vegan eateries Portland offers. Back to Eden has the most amazing vegan sundaes! It would be amazing to meet up with you!

  • Janet Beckman

    My little family consists of me and my son who is now 14. We like to volunteer with our local vegan outreach-Northwest Veg, deliver meals for Meals on Wheels, go to work parties at Out to Pasture Sanctuary, and other volunteer activities in our spare time. The picture attached is our recent volunteering for Race for the Animals. I love knowing my son will live a kind life and we can do these things together. It’d be great to meet you. :)

  • Molly Dahl-Jochim

    Hi Alicia! My sister and I went to your book signing in Portland for The Kind Diet and hearing you speak inspired me to become a vegetarian that very day! Since reading your book, my sister, my husband and I have all adopted a much kinder (and healthier) diet and feel great knowing we’re doing something good for animals, the environment and ourselves! I also got to go to your book signing for The Kind Mama and couldn’t wait to read it knowing the impact your first book had on me – and of course I loved it! It was such a breath of fresh air and it actually has me looking forward to having kids someday! My husband and I love going to the farmer’s markets around Portland to get fruits and veggies (especially cherries in the summer – amaaaazing). We also enjoy going to parks around town to play soccer, toss a frisbee, or if were feeling adventurous, go for a hike! Portland is a very beautiful city with so much to see and so many vegan foods to eat – it’s fantastic to hear you’re coming back to explore!

  • Emett Stasiuk

    Small but amazing restaurant: Blossoming Lotus, near the Lloyd Center Mall. 1713 NE 15th Ave Portland, OR 97212. Knock your socks off yummy, they deserve money/praise/love!

  • Tara

    Hi Alicia,

    My boyfriend and I became vegan only 4 months ago, vegetarian a year before that, and have never felt better. We have had so much fun cooking our own vegan meals together at home. I joined a CSA and discovered that I absolutely LOVE kale. I don’t go out to eat as often as I used to but Proper Eats in North Portland is wonderful. I like running, riding my bicycle and hiking. I saw you at Powell’s on both of your book tours and would love to meet with you and other Vegans in the area. Here’s a picture of us from The Kind Life book tour!

  • Nelly Diaz

    Hi Alicia!

    My husband and I have been kind lifers for a few years now and have recently been blessed with a precious baby girl. I honestly cannot wait to share our kind philosophy with our little one, including the scrumptious food we’ve grown to adore! Speaking of food, one of our favorite spots in town is Blossoming Lotus…so there you have it, we would love to hang out with you when you’re in town!

  • Ali Berman

    Hi Alicia!

    My husband and I moved to Portland in March and absolutely love it. I’m an author like you (I have two books coming out this fall – One with Seven Stories Press and another with Hazelden Publishing.) I also work at a fabulous nonprofit that teaches kids about human rights, animal protection and environmental ethics. And, I’m the senior editor for

    My husband and I ditched NY to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle here. We downsized from a 2100 square feet house to a 698 square foot studio. We traded our car for bikes, and, of course, I’m vegan and my husband is a mostly vegan vegetarian. We really do our best to live our values and tread softly on this delicate planet. Through educating others, volunteering, and being kind during our daily lives, I think we do a pretty good job. There is always room for improvement. I love that this city is constantly making my strive for better.

    My rescue kitties are not in the photo, but they are just fantastic.

    Hope to see you in PDX!


  • Courtney

    I’m so grateful to live in Portland because it’s beautiful and very kind life-friendly. I’ve been vegan for 3 years now, and I love to play sports, hike and go on runs. Some of my favorite places to eat in town – Blossoming Lotus, Departure, Sweet Hereafter, Prasad and Harlow. I’ve always been a big animal lover. Here are my dogs -Bauer the beagle and Briggs the pit bull.

  • Alicia Liang

    Hi Alicia – I’d also love to join the meetup! I live in SE Portland, and a favorite place that’s not too far is Canteen, on SE 28th & SE Stark. They have awesome bowl meals, salads, juices/smoothies, and beer and kombucha on tap. A place even closer to home that I like to go to is Harlow (the sister restaurant to Prasad, which I believe you had mentioned you went to). I ALWAYS have a great meal at Harlow; sadly my husband does not share my enthusiasm as his meals always seem hit or miss! :) I have a 2 year old, so both places fulfill the mama criteria of being okay for little people to run around (if necessary!). I’ve included a picture of my little vegetarian sweetie!

  • dyannne

    I visited Portland only once and had a most fantastic time. I love that city. We visited all the rose gardens and I remember the food being fantastic there. We went to a place called the Elephant, I think, on a hilly street which housed many different styles of food under one roof. We really liked that place.

  • Nettie Schwager

    Hi Alicia,

    I would very much love to be part of the meetup. My life’s purpose is alleviating the suffering of others. And to this end, I advocate for animals. They suffer so much – hidden from view. I am a volunteer leafleter for Vegan Outreach.

    I am a big fan of yours because you use your celebrity to help others and do good. I love that your books and website are called “kind” because kindness is the most important thing in the world to me.

    I live in Corvallis, south of Portland , but I love to come to Portland to eat in vegan resturants. I love Prasad, Veggie Grill, and Native foods.

    Thank you for everything you do. You are awesome..

    Here is a profile of me:

  • Emily

    Hi! When is your tour coming to the UK? Lots of Kind Lifers over here too x

  • DB

    My daughter lives in Portland. On a visit there last year we discovered an awesome little diner in Eugene Or called the Cornbread Cafe. Awesome little “greasy spoon” All the comfort food you could want. Google them and look at the menu. Good eatin! Oh and did I mention it is 100% vegan? Only place I know of, except my own kitchen to get vegan biscuits and country gravy.

  • Fabian Dorgan

    I would be honored to be a part of your Portland meet up! My daughter and I are my family & as far friends go, we are both disabled and aren’t healthy enough to have close friendships now. We live a kind life starting with how we treat the planet. My daughter’s birthday is on Earth Day, and we have always felt a deep connection with (conserving) the environment. We enjoy growing produce and plants, spending time outdoors and reusing everything we can, as many times as we can! We monitor our intake, focusing on seafood & nuts as our proteins. We have GI disorders that we manage by following a specific food plan. We eliminate gluten, red meat, dairy, eggs and a few others. On the occasions we eat one of those items we certainly get motivated to follow the plan! I personally focus on fostering kindness for everyone I work with, I’m a correctional counselor at a men’s prison. It can be a very rewarding job. I find I learn more from the inmates than I ever anticipated! Sharing knowledge, guidance and kindness, with everyone I contact is my goal. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly meet you, we are ecstatic!

  • Nicole

    Alicia, I’d love to be a part of the Portland meet-up. Thanks for keeping me in the loop and being such an inspiration to so many of us Portlanders living a kinder, healthier and happier life. As native Oregonians, we tend to spend time with family and friends on fun patios, eating organic fixin’s and trying to master the (sometimes messy) art of juicing. And since I’m a journalist ( this all makes for hilarious documentation.

    Enjoy this pic of my husband and our fur baby, Bella. In the past year, my little family has taken many steps to be healthier through our minds, tummies and household products. Loving the content here and would love to hang with you all in August. Cheers to “the kind life.”

  • Dandelion Kirschner

    Alicia! <3 I would be honored to hang out with you when you come to Portland, your book, after all, is the reason I went vegan! That was 6 years ago now, oh how time flies! There is a beautiful raw/vegan restaurant on 15th Broadway called Blossoming Lotus. Half the menu is raw, and all of it is vegan. Most of their desserts are cane sugar free, with the exception of the cake icing. They have such delicious dishes and it is all made in house. I am not a mama (yet) but it would be a dream to finally meet you. You have been my role model ever since I discovered the wide vegan world. My email is [email protected]

    Much love <3

  • Naomi Wilson

    Hi, Alicia! I was fortunate enough to have met you at Powell’s Books in Beaverton, Oregon for your Q&A + signing of The Kind Mama. We also met at the bakery I work at: Back to Eden Bakery! So happy I was working that day! :) Your book, The Kind Life, is what truly inspired me to make the leap from vegetarianism to veganism and I have never looked back. As a result, my Mom has recently gone vegan and has never felt better. You have also inspired me to buy second-hand, reuse as much as possible and to remember to tread as lightly on this Earth as I possibly can.
    I live a kind life here in Portland by eating fully vegan, frequenting vegan businesses I love, supporting local farmers markets and co-op’s, swapping clothes with friends/coworkers, buying second-hand, and also being fortunate enough to work at an all vegan bakery. I would love to start to garden and compost in this coming year. I also have reusable cups that I bring with me to work & try to always bring my own containers/bags when grocery shopping!
    I would absolutely love to do a meet-up and talk with other Kind-Lifers! Thank you for inspiring so many people. Finding veganism was like finding a whole other within me and a passion I didn’t even know I had! <3
    Pictured below is my husband and myself…he's vegetarian with vegan tendencies :)

  • Michelle Borene

    Hi, I had previously replied to this post naming my favorite veg restaurants (Nearly Normals and Sunnyside Up Cafe) in my area (about 1 1/2 hours SW of Portland), but forgot to sign in with FB so that I could get the future email with the details :) Thanks! Michelle in Philomath!

  • Veronaangel22

    Hi Alicia,

    My name is Christine and I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 7 years now. In the past two years I have been cooking more and more vegan dishes and I love it because I can cook with my vegan friends and try new recipes :) I love living in Portland and going to the farmers market near Portland State with my friends, going to the water front, hanging out in Washington Park, and just enjoying the outdoors…I love being in nature whenever possible! I don’t have any immediate family here so I’m sharing a photo of myself at the Rose Garden (the garden is so lovely! and it is near the Japanese garden as well). I don’t eat out much at all because I’m a student so I’m not the best person to recommend restaurants or vegan bakeries. I went to your book signing for the Kind Mama and I loved hearing you speak! I’d love to meet up with you and other Kind Lifers in Portland! Thank you for doing this! :)

  • Carissa Pereira

    Hi Alicia!
    My name is Carissa, you’re actually married to my aunt Susan’s husband brother. I have been wanting to meet you for some time as I think we have A LOT in common when it comes to food. I live in Portland, OR and missed you when you were here last (I was at the wrong Powell’s!!)
    I hope I am not too late in responding to this; I’d love to meet you and talk/share food while you’re here on your next trip out. I have lots of suggestions if you haven’t already made plans, and IF an itinerary has been set, I’d love to know when we could join in. I am here with my 2 year old son Oliver.
    I fell in love with your book, The Kind Diet. I was so impressed that this woman I watched probably over 50 times in that movie Clueless, had so much passion and intellectual understanding of the concept of FOOD. I’ve been obsessed with food and nutrition since college (over 10 years ago, now). It all started with the Pink Lady Apple for me, as that completely shattered my previous reality which only included two types of the fruit: Red or Green. :)
    Since then I have worked as an apprentice on organic market and CSA farms. I did that for about 5 years before moving to Portland and wanting to bring the “farm” to the city. And this is a good city for it, I tell you. The food scene here is AMAZING, as I’m sure you know. It’s been a rough time trying to figure out how to make a good living with the knowledge and skill set I’ve acquired, but I know I’m on the path and I just need to keep walking forward.
    Anyway, yes, it’d be GREAT to meet you when you are here. I’ve included a photo of me and Ollie, as you requested. Let me know of any details you can share about your upcoming visit and I look forward to seeing you (and the fam??)
    Thank you!
    Carissa Pereira

  • Lily Jones

    Hi! I am an 18-year-old girl living in Portland, I have been vegan for two years and a Portlander all my life. I would absolutely love to meet you. One of my favorite restaurants is Prasad dowtown. Thanks!

  • Jacqueline Belliveau

    Hi Alicia,

    I would love to be part of the meet up if it’s not too late! I read The Kind Life several years ago and it was the push I needed to convert to full veganism, after flirting with vegetarianism for several years. Thank you. :)

    My husband and I love to hike around all of the great trails in the area and experience new and different places to see and eat. Portland is truly a wonderful place. All of the restaurant recommendations are great suggestions, some that have not been mentioned yet are: El Nutri Taco on Alberta (hole in the wall kind of place, but sizable vegan menu and good soyrizo), the A.N.D. Café, Natural Selection.

  • Michelle Borene

    I’m wondering if the meet-up already happened and not sure why I didn’t get the email with the details. Can someone she’s some light?