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My Interview with Natural Child World Magazine

I wanted to share this interview from Natural Child World Magazine that I did recently with you all. Enjoy!


“Alicia Silverstone, Mother, Actress, and Author of The Kind Mama and The Kind Diet

by Ariane Moore

Becoming a mom can be tough. Some women experience very difficult and miserable pregnancies, births,and motherhood, but actress and author, Alicia Silverstone is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a beautiful and healthy pregnancy, birth and child just by being a little, well…kinder to yourself. In her new book, The Kind Mama, Silverstone guides you from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy outlining how to truly nurture and nourish yourself every step of the way so that you can be the healthiest, happiest and strongest mama that you can possibly be. She shares amazing advice, helpful tips, delicious recipesand her own personal experiences all in one book, so that women can arm themselves with all of the tools and information they need to truly enjoy every moment of this beautiful experience called motherhood.

NCW: Tell me about your new book The Kind Mama.

AS: Mainly I wanted to create a resource for women that had all of the valuable information, so that they could make the best choices for themselves. I wanted to empower them, and these same choices would help them get pregnant with ease and have an ailment free pregnancy, free of all of the stuff that we have come to assume is unavoidable like swollen ankles, diabetes,and all of that business. And for them to know their birth options and to have the healthiest, happy, little love nugget they can! And I wanted all of that information to be in one place.

NCW: You shared a lot about your own pregnancyin the book, was it difficult sharing that information and being that open?

AS: You know, I think yes and no. No, because I really, really wanted to show women what was possible for them, and so much of my experience was healthy, vibrant, and blissful…My experience was so good, andI knew that it was because of these choices that I was making so I really wanted to share that with everyone.But you know because it’s me, sometimes I get shy and I’m like, ‘why am I even saying this!’

NCW: I love the recipes in The Kind Mama. Which recipe is your favorite?

AS: Well that is tricky! I mean they are all my favorites, and they are all things that I have been using for so long…during pregnancy and after, they have been really, really helpful for me. But I guess it is fun to talk about the ones that might meet those needs of women when we are kind of being a little crazy and want to have something wild, like that sort of meaty, salty, fried, hearty thing. You can have the Fat Fried Udon Noodles with sesame oil, garlic and ginger…They’re good! Really you can’t stop eating them, it’s really impossible!And then of course if you are wanting something sweet the Chocolate-Dunked Coconut Delights…are pretty to die for, and the chocolate pudding doesn’t hurt either! But those are all the things for when you are just being a little bit more wild and playful, not for every day – the fun stuff!

NCW: How would you describe your pregnancy? What was the worst part and what was the best part?

AS: The hardest part was being nauseous for so long.That was not at all fun! I wasn’t nauseous all the way to the end, but I hated food all the way to the end. So that when I was in labor, standing there, with my midwife, in full pushing mode I said to her, ‘Do you think I’ll like food ever again?’ I was wondering if there was a switch, like the moment the baby plopped out I would be able to eat again and love food…ha ha…That was my big concern in that moment! It had been so long that I hated food, which was just so weird for me because food is such a huge part of my life. I had nausea for a long time but everything else was blissful…Everybody says to you at the end of your pregnancy, “Can’t you not wait to get this thing out of you?” And I was like, ‘no not at all’. I didn’t feel that way, I felt very happy being pregnant and really truly loved it, and when I see pregnant women I long to have that experience again because it was so magical. And that is whatI want for everyone to have and that is why I set up this book, because I know that it’s possible to feel that way.

NCW: How would you say your life has changed since becoming a mama?

AS: Well, I have never been more tired in my life! That’s why I always go back to The Kind Mama, becauseI know that there are challenging moments, and you are pushed every moment to be the most present you can be.

NCW: What would you advise for being a Kind Daddy?

AS: Oh, well there are tons of tips in this book for daddies!We have whole sections for Kind Gentlemen, and these sections are for daddies/partners only. There’s so much for them to do, and there’s stuff for them to do at every stage. There as vital in this whole thing as mommy is, the only difference is that they don’t carry thebaby in terms of the nine months, and they don’t have the boobies, ha ha, but they do everything else and they can, and they absolutely should for themselves because they’ll miss out so much if they don’t.

Thank you Ariane & Natural Child World Magazine!


  • Brandon

    Hi Alicia! My name’s Brandon. I’m a cross country athlete for highschool and I’ll be 17 in October. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions for vegan protein powder that would be good for me. Protein within 45 minutes after a workout is very crucial for a healthy recovery, and so protein powder is very ideal since it is so convenient. I have been using whey before I turned vegan, but now, I just don’t know what to do! There are many vegan protein powders on the market, but I’m curious as to what would you suggest? Is hemp any good? And should I stay away from soy? Thanks so much!

    • Alicia Silverstone

      HI YES
      i like the amazing grass company’s amazing meal
      and raw meal by garden of life
      and the one from brendan braiser
      and there is one more my brain is forgetting

      oh well that should be a good start to explore

  • Méd Mùller

    Great interview Alicia, I like it

  • Holly Lathbury-Wilson

    Thank you for this. I have a 20 month old daughter so didn’t have your book for my pregnancy (it was a vegan pregnancy as I have been for some years now) but I really value the advice in it. Even though I don’t have a newborn and i’m not going through a pregnancy at the moment I still find your book reassuring as it is tough being a mother at times and I still feel as though it is nice to have someone who has your back regarding the lifestyle choices I make. I recently told my partner that I would like a homebirth for our next child and he looked at me like I had taken leave of my senses. I hope that your book will make him see that there is a more natural way than the hugely interventive birth I had in hospital. Keep up the good work as I need you around! Love xx

  • NoelieTREX

    Great interview- now that I’m expecting I’m dying to get my hands on “The Kind Mama”! Hoping to get a copy from my husband for Christmas as a present for both of us and baby. I’m so glad you mentioned not liking food! I was very nauseated with morning sickness from about week 5- week 10, but even now at 12 weeks with the nausea mostly gone, I don’t enjoy food the way I used to. It’s been the biggest struggle because I know baby needs me to keep up my energy and nutrient intake, but I never feel like eating and nothing sounds good anymore. I’ve been doing lots of fruit and veggie smoothies, but I can’t wait to check out your recipes and hopefully be tempted into cooking more often. I’ve thought to myself so many times “Will I ever love food again?!” Glad to know I’m not the only one.