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July 2nd, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

Most people, when they hear I’ve written a book about having babies, tell me how excited they are to finally have a resource that’s grown out of a more natural way of doing things. They’re relieved that there is, in fact, something different out there for them and are happy to feel supported in what they know in their hearts, guts, and minds to be a better way.

As for my knowledge about making, growing, birthing, and raising babies, it turns out that when you dig deep into a network of moms, midwives, doctors, experts, gurus, scientists, and peers, you can learn quite a bit. But first and foremost, I learned from experience. And what my experience taught me—along with all the wisdom I gathered from my tribe of friends and teachers—was that birth and mamahood can be even more beautiful and blissful than we’ve been led to believe. Instead of spending years of struggling to get pregnant or relying on invasive (and expensive) fertility treatments, we can (more often than not) get pregnant by simply letting our bodies do what they were made to do. Rather than spending our 9 months of pregnancy gassy, swollen, irritable, and exhausted, we can feel radiant, strong, and sexy. And when it comes to giving birth, we can do it in a way that gives both us and our babies a healthier start to our new life together.

So what’s the big secret? The key that opens the door to this seemingly too-good-to-be-true fantasy land? Well, of course, you’ll have to read my book, The Kind Mama, for all the goods. But I will let you in on one shockingly simple, amazingly powerful truth: The better we nourish our bodies, the better they work. The better they work, the happier and healthier we feel. And the happier and healthier we feel, the happier and healthier our babies will be. Not only because their little bodies are working the biological magic they’re supposed to, but also because we mamas have the energy to be engaged and present. When we feel vibrant and empowered and trust the intuition that we’re all gifted by Mother Nature herself, we make the kind of choices—about the way our families eat, sleep, live, and even poop—that support our precious bond and create the sweetest, most confident children (not to mention a cleaner planet). That’s what being a kind mama is all about! And believe me, it’s so much simpler (and more fun) than getting bogged down in the trendy parenting mandates that are all about rigid guidelines and, worst of all, tons and tons of stuff.

So lets get to work making that baby!

I would love to hear about your experience (if you’ve finished the book). How has The Kind Mama touched or helped you?

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