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Simple & Powerful Truth Behind The Kind Mama

Most people, when they hear I’ve written a book about having babies, tell me how excited they are to finally have a resource that’s grown out of a more natural way of doing things. They’re relieved that there is, in fact, something different out there for them and are happy to feel supported in what they know in their hearts, guts, and minds to be a better way.

As for my knowledge about making, growing, birthing, and raising babies, it turns out that when you dig deep into a network of moms, midwives, doctors, experts, gurus, scientists, and peers, you can learn quite a bit. But first and foremost, I learned from experience. And what my experience taught me—along with all the wisdom I gathered from my tribe of friends and teachers—was that birth and mamahood can be even more beautiful and blissful than we’ve been led to believe. Instead of spending years of struggling to get pregnant or relying on invasive (and expensive) fertility treatments, we can (more often than not) get pregnant by simply letting our bodies do what they were made to do. Rather than spending our 9 months of pregnancy gassy, swollen, irritable, and exhausted, we can feel radiant, strong, and sexy. And when it comes to giving birth, we can do it in a way that gives both us and our babies a healthier start to our new life together.

So what’s the big secret? The key that opens the door to this seemingly too-good-to-be-true fantasy land? Well, of course, you’ll have to read my book, The Kind Mama, for all the goods. But I will let you in on one shockingly simple, amazingly powerful truth: The better we nourish our bodies, the better they work. The better they work, the happier and healthier we feel. And the happier and healthier we feel, the happier and healthier our babies will be. Not only because their little bodies are working the biological magic they’re supposed to, but also because we mamas have the energy to be engaged and present. When we feel vibrant and empowered and trust the intuition that we’re all gifted by Mother Nature herself, we make the kind of choices—about the way our families eat, sleep, live, and even poop—that support our precious bond and create the sweetest, most confident children (not to mention a cleaner planet). That’s what being a kind mama is all about! And believe me, it’s so much simpler (and more fun) than getting bogged down in the trendy parenting mandates that are all about rigid guidelines and, worst of all, tons and tons of stuff.

So lets get to work making that baby!

I would love to hear about your experience (if you’ve finished the book). How has The Kind Mama touched or helped you?


  • Megan

    I love living a Vegan life and have just ordered your book The Kind Mama! I cannot wait until it comes so i can learn how to have a wonderful rest of my pregnancy. Thank you for writing this book. Being a first time Vegan mama I am grateful for your book. I already have The Kind LIfe and absolutely love it!!! Thank you!!!

  • Al Cut

    I think blue bear should have a brother

    • Alicia Silverstone

      yes one day!
      though he wants a sister
      i told him i can’t promise

  • Lauren Douglas

    Read your book, found the courage to trust my body to make a second baby. 5 weeks 1 day pregnant today. :)
    This beautiful, NATURAL, Vegan resource is a blessing. Thank you.
    (With our first child, I was a Vegetarian; I was much less healthy than I am today. I weigh about the same as I did when I got pregnant with our first child; but instead of getting heavier and more sick, I have lost almost 100 pounds and am gaining health.)
    So happy!

    • Alicia Silverstone

      woo hoo!!!!!

  • Heather

    Hi Alicia, not sure if you’ll remember me but I was one of the winners in your Kind Mama back in April. I had struggled with infertility for years and now…I’m PREGNANT! I’m about 8 weeks and between winning (and then reading) your book and just feeling happier and more relaxed in general I really felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. And I think that something was “you’re about to be a mama!” Anyway, thank you for creating such a thoughtful resource, it reads as though I’m getting advice from a dear friend. Thanks again, and all the best!

  • Tara Garcia

    I have been a big fan of yours for years, but the comment about fertility treatments really alienates those of us who had no choice but to seek out “invasive” procedures in order to accomplish our dreams of starting a family. My husband and I struggled for years through multiple pregnancy losses before a second round of IVF blessed us with our daughter. I was following a strict vegetarian and partially vegan diet at the time. I resent the implication that “just going vegan” would have solved my problem. It isn’t that simple and it really minimizes the struggles that infertile couples face. I understand the underlying message–that food is powerful and is healing–but the delivery of that message could use a little work. And some sensitivity. Some people do need invasive treatments. And it doesn’t make them failures because they do.

  • Rachel

    I LOVE the book. I do not have any children yet, but hope to soon : ) I have PCOS but keep many symptoms at bay simply from following a vegan diet (5.5 years!) Currently eating my daily breakfast of miso soup!

  • vannah

    The very back section with the recipes was my favourite part!! I love having a place to start when making “kind” meals for kiddos. That chapter is super inspiring – I look at it whenever I’m going through a creative drought.

    • Alicia Silverstone

      nori with almond butter and rice- bear is really loving
      me too!
      hee hee

  • Chelsea Lindi

    Alicia, I am 29, pregnant with my first baby, and totally in love with you for writing your books and sharing this with us. I was raised on homeopathy and the natural way, and have always had a little hippie in my heart up here in Northern California, but never have I been exposed to the priceless information in your books… I work for a non-profit organization serving kids with disabilities, including autism, and to be honest was scared when I found out I was expecting. But, I feel empowered with this knowledge now, mixed with that I already had, and thank u for that.
    I cannot believe people are so hard on you for this truth- it makes me sad for people, and their babies, that they cannot understand this stuff. Its simple to me, really, all we need to do is look around and listen to our guts- things aren’t right. People get defensive when they feel like perhaps their way is not the best way, or even worse, a dangerous way, and this is often the reaction they give. Its sad but one day they’ll see.
    Thank u again, God Bless, and Happy 4th!

    • Alicia Silverstone

      u are amazing
      thank u!!!

  • Austen Tod

    Hi Alicia, I am a perinatal and women’s yoga teacher and one of my colleagues recommended your book to me….I ordered it, thinking it was more about pregnancy birth and babies, not realising it to also be about veganism. I was with you from the first few pages, particularly as I have endometriosis and was looking for something to be damage limitation for the problem. Since picking up your book, I am eating only vegetarian food… I have bought your book The Kind Life and currently I’m a ‘Flirt’ ..I may at some point become vegan but vegetarian is my first step. I already feel like I have more energy, lighter and healthier. I’m still dipping in and out of The Kind Mama. And whether my change in diet will improve my endometriosis is still to be seen but I do have faith 😉

    • Alicia Silverstone

      nothing makes me happier than this
      thank u for sharing
      makes me so giddy

  • Jacqui Rosa

    I wish you reused the book while I was still pregnant. I had such trouble nursing and after being told by the lactation constants in the hospital to stop because it was stressing me out so much…I continued with hating myself and thinking of what a failure I was for not being able to nurse right, not being able to tough it out through bloody nipples and giving up.

    When I read your book months later, the simple sentence…nurse like it’s your destiny…brought me to tears. The resources you listed for lactation constants and midwives would have been useful to me. I looked for one to come to my home but couldn’t find any. I still wish I could go back in time and redo it all, I still am saddened.

    Also, the resources listed for milk donations! If I had known about those when I was pregnant our soon after, I would have met wonderful people who could lead me to lc or mw…or at least…not had to go on formula and feel terrible. But..if I knew I could go straight to donations, I wouldn’t have hated myself so much.

    I do wish there was more on being a mama…there’s alot on getting pregnant and being pregnant…I wish there was more info on the later part.

    • Alicia Silverstone

      im so sorry this wasn’t there for u when u were going thru your journey
      i am so happy u are moved by it
      im sending you so much love
      and you are such an amazing mama for caring so much
      lucky baby u have
      and let go of what happened now
      u did the best u could and your heart is so so huge your baby is protected by u
      i hope the food info and all the other info for baby thru 6 months helps u
      sending my deep respect and love

  • Albina

    Hi Alicia, I and my husband are vegetarians, so this book is very important and useful. My name is Albina, I’m from Russia. I want to read and translate your book, we like and understand your position. I wish your family happiness .

    • Alicia Silverstone

      thank u!
      so happy u are here

  • Albina

    Sorry, my e-mail: [email protected]. On a photo my baby which will also be a vegetarian. And whist is what we eat:))))

    • Alicia Silverstone


  • Katie

    Hi Alicia, I’m writing from the UK and am a big fan of The Kind Diet. What I’d like to know is whether The Kind Mama is available to buy from anywhere apart from Amazon in the UK? Not sure if you are aware, but there is a campaign against Amazon due to tax avoidance. Would be great if there are other places to get the book!
    Thank you!

    • Penny

      Hi Katie, I got mine from

      • Katie

        Hi Penny, thanks for your reply, it’s great to have some advice – although I have just found out that The Book Depository has actually been taken over by Amazon!!

  • EmpoweredWomensChannel

    Hi Alicia, we just found your blog and book and it’s all so inspiring! We started a global Empowered Women’s Channel, as a place to for people to be inspired, share love, courage and seek out their inner divine feminine power and beauty. Ultimately we want to make the world a better place too! We know you must be busy, but if you wanted to share some of your wisdom with our audience, that would be awesome! Pixie dust and moonbeams! Kate & Bo xx

  • Alicia Silverstone

    oh thank u so much from bottom of my heart
    thrills me
    thank u thank u

  • Stephanie

    Hi there, such a fan of your book! Quick question. My 6th month old is just starting solids. I introduced grain porridge for a few days, and tomorrow I will incorporate a veg with the grain. From this point on, do you suggest grains and veg together? Or to continue with vegetables only? Any help/suggestions would be great! Thanks :)

  • Grala Lim

    Dear Alicia, I can’t tell you enough how much your books have meant to me. My journey towards a more plant based diet started just last year, after reading The China Study. I had come across your book at the library, on a lark, and decided to take up your challenge of going on a kind diet.

    It changed my life.

    I went on a strict kind diet for about 5 months. It wasn’t about the effortless way of losing weight (though that was a bonus) but I enjoyed not being a slave to my cravings. It opened my eyes to what addictive substances meat, dairy and sugar are (these were the hardest to shake and even today I struggle to not eat them).

    The most fun part was discovering new ingredients I’d never thought to eat before and being more confident about preparing them. Now I am so adept with such a wide variety of foods that I’m not intimidated if I have a dinner guest with allergies/celiac disease, since many vegan recipes are allergy friendly.

    The worst part was the ridicule/bullying from my peers but let’s not dwell on that!

    After the 5 months, I didn’t even plan it but I became pregnant. I’m convinced that the relatively easy, vomit-free pregnancy that I experienced was due to my vegan diet prior.

    Unfortunately, your Kind Mama book hadn’t come out yet and I was not confident enough to continue the diet while pregnant. I just hadn’t done enough research on the subject. So I went back to getting my protein and iron from meat for the sake of my baby.

    I’ve since used the Kind Mama as my bible. It is an encouraging friend to turn to when everybody else is pressuring me to feed my baby sweet fruit and vegetables to start with, while I persevere in feeding him whole grains and leafy greens instead. It’s not easy and sometimes doubt clouds my brain, especially when people say my baby’s not finishing his meals because I’m not making them ‘tasty’ enough.

    When that happens, I turn to page 280 of the Kind Mama and read it over and over again.

    Thanks again, Alicia, and do keep writing more books so I can devour them!

  • Melody Clara Ireland

    I recently read this and it was incredible- such a wealth of wonderful information, your authenticity really shines through. I’ve been a vegan flirt on and off since I read the kind diet and reading this has given me the motivation to be vegan 100 %. Thank you! Love, Melody

  • Erica Hart

    Im in love with this book. Im two months along with my second little one… and if i could go back 11 years and have my son all over again, I would. I realize how little i was involved and just went with what the doctors told me. Eg. The option of an episiotomy (which i had no idea what it even was) never came up in appointments..until they were sewing me up and i asked what they were doing down there! And they totally put me on the Pictocin drip almost as soon as i got to the hospital (I didnt know any better to say no thanks).
    This time around I’ll be much more intuned and knowing now I have options and control makes me feel very empowered.