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Isidore Electronic Recycling

Recently an old juicer I had broke so I started to do some research on disposing of electric appliances. In my search for recycling efforts, it got me thinking about where all these intricate items really go once they’re no longer useful. In 2010,  200,000 tons of electronics ended up in landfills. Holy moly!!!

A few municipality centers came up but they were hard to make- being open 1 x a week only for a few hours. I then came across the Los Angeles based company, Isidore Electronics Recycling. Isidore recycles all sorts of electronics from printer cartridges to TVs  and old kitchen appliances- and is open 24/7. What’s unique about this company is that in addition to their recycling, they provide green jobs via an on the job training and employment program for formerly incarcerated Angelenos who face barriers to employment.

Check out this video for more info


How do you recycle your electronics? Does your community make it easy and accessible for you to do this? Are there any great companies or organizations in your town doing similar work to keep electronic waste out of its landfills?


Photo Credit: Scientific American


  • Kaleigh

    In Las Vegas, NV you can take electronics to be recycled to the Blind Center of Nevada. They’re open 5 days a week 7am-5:30pm, but will accommodate after hours too. They accept commercial and residential electronics for recycling & will pick up items. I love that 100% of any profits go back to their programs at the center.

  • alistaircrane

    It’s very easy to recycle electronics here. All the fire departments accept electronic items for recycling 24/7. The local malls frequently have electronic recycling drives, plus the local Target has cell phone recycling. For certain items, like microwaves, fridges, etc. (do they count as “electronics”?), I must contact the city and schedule an appointment for them to pick up the items. Plus, more companies, especially ink cartridge companies, provide a postage-paid envelope to send back a used item for recycling. Municipalities need to make it easy for people to recycle, otherwise people will get fed up and toss ’em.

  • Semi

    Don’t forget to erase all identifying info from any electronics you donate anywhere. Deleting things doesn’t do it. Find out how to really reformat that Hard Drive, remove the info from your phone etc. permanently. Before you donate. Otherwise, donating instead of pitching it is good.

  • Hz202

    This exact topic has been on my mind for some time now. I hate to throw things away, but I also have problems finding a place that will take them. I really wish there were more drop off areas to make it easier for people. People would recycle this things more if they knew where to do it and it was easily accessible.

  • Thomas Wright

    I agree with alistair point. Recycling e waste is a generic term applied to business and consumer electronic
    products which are on the verge of retirement.