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October 15th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

Kind Lifer Heather recently wrote in this nice note & was open to sharing it with you all.

Hi Alicia,
Not sure if you’ll remember me but I was one of the winners in your Kind Mama book giveaway back in April. I had struggled with infertility for years and now…I’m PREGNANT! I’m about 8 weeks and between winning (and then reading) your book and just feeling happier and more relaxed in general I really felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. And I think that something was “you’re about to be a mama!”
I really liked the focus on diet and just being well. I think I was so stressed out before and eating a lot dairy and it just wasn’t happening. I started to do yoga, meditate, and cut out dairy and I was pregnant within a couple of months. I think I was just too tightly wound before. I also really liked the Buddhist idea you included about a baby looking for a loving relationship to join.
“…the Buddhists believe the way women get pregnant is when a soul has passed on and then looks for a loving relationship it wants to be a part of. These spirits can see how connected the woman and her partner are, how warm and intimate and gooey their relationship is. These babies-to-be don’t want to cozy up with someone who’s too busy or stressed or anxious. They want warmth and peace and gentleness.”
It was just such a sweet thought and I sort of got attached to it and used it as a guiding principle of my own marriage.
Anyway, thank you for creating such a thoughtful resource, it reads as though I’m getting advice from a dear friend.
Thanks again, and all the best!

Thank you so much for sharing your story!! I’m am so happy for you and grateful for your journey. 
Have you read The Kind Mama yet? How has your experience been getting pregnant & raising your little one? 

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