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November 26th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

A few months ago acclaimed chef Chad Sarno guest blogged about his plant-based journey and passion for teaching cooking. If you didn’t get a chance to enroll in the last course, another one is starting on February 5, 2015. If you sign up before December 5th, you will get $300 marked off the course total!
Course Details:
This course will arm you with the tools you need to take animal-free, plant-based foods to the next level as a professional cook, healthcare professional, or serious home cook. Join Chad in building a plant-based army of educators to spread this message to the world- for our health, for real food and for our planet.
Activities include chef guided, visual learning activities, live weekly QA sessions, various quizzes and hundreds of video lessons. With over 100+ hours of online learning, this course covers all foundational skills and technique related to the world of plant-based cooking including: special diets, no oil and low sodium cooking techniques, gluten free techniques, fresh pasta making, raw foods, comfort vegan, all foundational cooking techniques and so much more.  Here is a quick breakdown of the massive amount of content this course offers:

  • 20 units | Over 85 lessons | Over 300 tasks
  • 200+ instructional techniques and videos
  • 175+ video and text plant-based recipes
  • Personalized instructor guidance throughout the course
  • Cooking practice assignments and engaging activities
  • Self-assessments and instructor-assessed exams
  • Equivalent to over 120 hours of coursework and practice time

Sign up now and receive $300 off the course total AND take your cooking skills to the next level in the New Year!

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