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From My Closet Giveaway: Super Cute Dress & Bracelet

Congrats Amanda and Holly, you are this week’s winners!

Thank you for participating and keep your transportation carbon footprint low!



I love this dress!! This A Della Dress was given to me to wear in The Kind Mama but it didn’t end up working in the sets. This dress was hand cut and swen locally here in Los Angeles. It’s  fun and sexy and flattering. It will look cute in the fall with black tights and a cardigan, and perfect as is in the summertime. It will fit a size S & M.

From My Closet

This cuff is simple and chic. The company, Minabea, upcycles materials to create the majority of their designs. This cuff happens to be upcycled from a crashed Mercedes-Benz E-350! The hammered stainless steel asymmetrical stripe is from the wheel cover of a Mercedez-Benz G-550. Each piece is made locally in Los Angeles where Christi Schimpke, the founder, share’s her studio space with her husbands auto body repair shop!

I have two of these dresses! One is small and one in medium. Thank you so much to the designer who gifted them to me!!  I will be choosing two recipients for the dress!! To enter, please leave me a comment telling me about your method of transportation and how you try to reduce its impact on the planet.

I will announce the winners on Friday November 7th.

With Love,




  • Amandah Montgomery

    I use my bike to get everywhere! I don’t think there’s a kinder means of transport!

  • Alayne Langford

    We walk more now to local stores and markets and I intend on getting a new bicycle instead of taking the car. There are so many toxic fumes entering our bodies from vehicles that one day hubs and I will invest in a hybrid! Thank you for your contest! :)

  • Beth

    My family has found carpooling a great way to reduce our footprint on the earth. We live in the South where public transportation is sparse. Being a single mom of a college student and a 4th grader, we have been able to work out car pooling schedules that actually allow us to spend more one on one time with each other.

  • ElisabethMorgan-Rees

    Hi Alicia! Thank you so much for holding this giveaway. I cycle virtually everywhere on my beautiful white Pashley. I absolutely love the freedom that it gives me, and there is nothing that I enjoy more than cycling along with my little Pomeranian pup, Goji, in my wicker basket. I think he loves to travel this way too, with the wind in his fur! I love the fact that I am helping, albeit in a small way, to save the planet, give myself exercise and fresh air, and also reduce the traffic congestion on the roads. Plus, cycling makes me so happy! I attach a photo of me and Goji with our wheels! All the best to you, Christopher and little Bear, and thanks again for holding this competition. Xx

  • ap

    I struggle to make my means of transportation better for the environment. I have to drive, because I live in a rural area with no public transport. But I’m choosy about if trips are really necessary, I’ll line up errands to make things more efficient, and I don’t speed (it wastes fuel).

  • Monica

    To reduce my impact, I generally run commute to and from work (~8 miles round-trip), or take a bus on my off-days. It gets a bit chilly during Boston winters and takes some planning, but is generally quite enjoyable.

  • Marianne

    I drive a prius (since 2004)! When the weather is good, i walk to work (10-15 mins).

  • Carrie Anderson

    We are a one car family. My husband either walks or takes the bus to work. When we do have to go somewhere we try to make our trips as efficient as possible to make sure we don’t have to make too many trips in the car. My husband also keeps a log of when we get gas, how much and what the mileage is so he can see if there’s any change and see if there is a problem with the oil/fuel line. We also carpool with family if possible.

  • Anya Milano

    Hi Alicia :) My method of transportation is a red and black mountain bike :) I also take the train now and then- I live in Berlin, Germany and these types of transportation are quite a nice option since they have so many bike lanes and the trains come every 5 min in the inner city! I love it and I get a lot more sun by being out in the open air- which is a valuable commodity here ;)- The fantastic public transportation systems here played a huge roll in my wanting to move here from California :)

  • Amanda Williams

    My method of transportation is my 2013 Hyundai Elantra. It was bought for me, but I plan on researching and finding a more eco-friendly option before my next vehicle purchase. We have a new Farmer’s Market store. I went there, and instead of driving to the Post Office after, we walked. I try to make small but helpful decisions like this often. We got to enjoy some time outside on the beautiful Autumn day in Tennessee.

  • Claire

    What an awesome give away.

  • Becklynn Abbott

    I walk almost everywhere. Good for me and for the planet!

  • Natalie Key Öberg

    Hi Alicia! I do not own a car and get around on my bike and on my feet or use public transport. I’ve been biking to and from my University, in total 31 mile (50 km) every day for three years. It’s been really, really tough in the beginning, but slowly I got used to it and even biked to the Uni when I didn’t have classes, just because I was longing to bike (also almost missed my final exams because that morning there was a storm-strength wind blowing right into my face for 15 miles, but I made it…almost on time ;). I’ve been also running to and from my work some 6 miles (10 km) every day, or just walked. When the weather been super bad I took train. I am a HUGE believer in finding ways of transportation that are both beneficial for oneself and for the environment. I’ve been saving money both on transportation and gym and been getting fitter and fitter, while keeping my carbon footprint minimal :)

  • Laura

    Hi Alicia! I drive a Honda Insight a hybrid and I love it! I enjoy doing anything I can to help the environment and I try to educate others to do the same whenever I can. I also love to walk with my son whenever it’s possible. I love this dress so much! Thank you for all you do!

  • Ciera Alvarez

    Hello :) My forms of transportation are walking, busing, barting and carpooling. I go to college and do not use a personal vehicle. But I will be flying in January and in order to balance that impact I stay true to my moral and conscience decision and do not/will not eat animal products. I know that this alone makes a HUGE difference in my foot print. I am also traveling with like minded people of which I chose and am so grateful for and so cooperatively we are not going to eat animals. This alone helps my heart lift! <3

  • Candie Williams

    Hey Alicia!!! I have an element, it’s pretty gas efficent we have to have a car that can easily transport musical equipment for my husband’s shows. So it’s the most efficent for our life styles currently. On a daily basis I only live 4 mins from work and my husband works right next door!!! Super convient!! We always try to carpool with friends and family anytime possible. Our goal is to be a light for those around us, to be a positive influence , to inspire others and to live a kind life with awareness. Thank you for your continuing inspiration and activism!!! I have been a fan since Clueless and have watched you grow as well as myself. Thank you for the laughs in entertainment and inspiration in real life!!!

  • JustAnotherHuman

    My husband and I share a 2-dr Toyota Yaris Hatchback in northern Colorado… mostly for rainy, freezing or bad weather days. Those are the days we also run errands that require the car, like visits to the veterinarian. The rest of the time I try ride my bicycle or walk (my favorite ways to get around!) and he rides his motorcycle to work. We never live in one place for too long so for our next move we want to live in a city where we won’t need a vehicle at all… except perhaps a bicycle!

  • Tara Ryazansky

    I travel by foot & stroller wheels! I wish I were a strong enough biker rider to feel confident biking with baby :)

  • Kristen

    Living in the suburbs makes it hard to get by without a car, but I drive a Prius to reduce the impact to the environment. My office is close, so when the weather is nice and I don’t have large files to transport, I ride my bike to work. I can also walk to the town square where there are shops, restaurants and, from May to October, a farmers’ market. When I need to get to civilization, I walk to the commuter train.

  • Mandolin Ziadie

    I drive a Kia but try to walk as much as possible for nearby errands and group other errands together to reduce drive time. Also drive the speed limit and keep my car in good condition.

  • EmJae Murphy

    My new venture is cycling. Everywhere everyday. Ita almost as peaceful as running. I do t do it because i am overly concerned about my image i do it for the peace of mind. So relaxing. And the best part is seeing all the nature and humans along the way.
    I thank you for such a beautiful way to share with you. Very inspiring

  • Spring Ron

    I drive a kia but I live near work so I try to ride my bike and walk as much as possible. I live near a big farmers market so we do a lot of our grocery shopping there.

  • Elle Gallatin

    Hi Alicia, My husband and I share a car. My husband carpools to work. My next door neighbor is very eco-conscious as well, so we plan grocery shopping trips together, carpooling to the local organic farm or the store down the road. We live in a small town, so I really love just walking or biking everywhere. Now with winter approaching my neighbor and I are going to take up snow shoeing. Our car doesn’t get overused with our lovely carpooling pals. The dress and the bracelet are so cute. Thank you for shining your light and inspiring others to live a kind life.

  • shelley blades

    Hi! I live in NYC so I take the train most days. But if I can I walk or ride my bike I do. I love walking so much that sometimes (if I have the time) I walk all the way from the Upper West Side to Chelsea because walking is fun and and can turn into an exciting adventure in the city!

  • Hailey Ann

    My husband and I mostly share one car, and in the warmer months, it mostly collects dust. In the cooler months, we make a list of all the places we need to go for the week, and plan strategically to reduce driving all over the place. We live in a relatively small town, so mass transit isn’t really an option. But we love to travel, so we take advantage of public transport when visiting other cities. We are looking into purchasing an Elio. Check it out if you haven’t seen one. As always, thank you for another fun giveaway. :)

  • Debi Cole

    I love love love to walk!! It is a great way to get some exercise for myself and my pup! I love the quiet and being out in nature..even the same route has new miracles everyday! Because I live in the great
    state of Cali..I do own an old car. I do try to only use it when I have to and combine my errands. I do have a used bike that our neighbors gave I am really trying to make biking more my next goal!

  • Ayla Pier

    Lately my family and I have been very into biking. We try to bike at least every third day. I also enjoy walking to places that are close to where I live, such as the grocery store or the library. Right now I am driving a Honda Fit, which we chose because of its small size and efficiency. However, my dream is to have a fully electric car!

  • Emily

    Walking is my primary mode of transport, and I’m fortunate to live in a city where most things are within walking distance. My dog loves coming for walks with me, and I find when I walk lots I feel a lot happier and more grounded in general.

  • LashBeALady

    I walk pretty much every where! I love walking. It’s great excersize, it gives me time to think and plan my day on my way to work and it’s helps me to process everything at the end of my day. Rain or shine…I’m walking! If I don’t have time or we’re headed further away we bus it or carpool. I really don’t care for driving but if we have to drive we combine trips and get the most efficant use of our time in the car…we save money and use less gas than most.

  • Mackenzie Holliday

    I drive a Prius (only like the most popular car in the world, lol), but I traded in my favorite suv earlier this year for it so I could save on gas and use less fossil fuels, since I knew I would be taking my daughter to and from school soon. My husband loved my hybrid so much, he traded in his big truck for a hybrid too! Love that we’re using way less in the fossil fuel department and saving money in gas. =)

  • Anne Catherine Orea Tennant

    I don’t have a car anymore so I don’t drive but I still have my license. I walk everywhere pretty much, even though it gets tiring. I ask for rides for groceries and stuff when they go out anyway: separate from me. And if I have to go out further to like towards Boston for instance I take the train and the t and walk to destinations. I went to Seattle a while ago though and I was so impressed with their transportation system, it was so clean there. They had electric busses everywhere! so clean and so cheap too. So much less polluted than Boston. When I cam back from that vacation (well actually it was really travel for research for schooling; Bastyr and WA University. Bastyr was weird though it used to be in downtown Seattle and it got moved to an outside district and it felt dirty. and not right but that’s only my own recollection and notice of it so I don’t really want to say anything else about that) to Boston I was like ew it’s sooo dirty here and always wanted to do something about it like write to the state to improve it’s transportation system everywhere in MA like Seattle but I never got to it; due to other extracurricular activities I was pursuing, and school, and work yea, and then other things kind of flipped over my life in the middle of it so I never did get to do anything about that. I only just told people about my ideas about that. I don’t understand if they have patents for cars without gas that run on nothing and water, why don’t they corporate it? I never understand these things. Anyway, those sort of things were kind of a big deal and pursuit at that time in my life for me, like 6 years ago before my life flipped over… anyway. I have a cardigan just like one of yours that you have pictured right here. It’s one of my favorites/vanilla zip up sweater. I’m a size small but I guess if I got a medium I could figure out how to hem it to my size I’ve never actually done that before, only cinched things with safety pins, except for one attempt with a skirt and it came out but that dress looks like it would be easy to cut up and put back together. I can’t use sewing machines they scare me. Less pollution with that anyway too. Why can’t people be more active about these things? Like patents that already exist etc. ?? It’s so frustrating. Like I can’t do everything. But maybe I’m not allowed to either. I wouldn’t really know for sure. I’m kind of an alone child outside of everybody else and whatever anybody else is ever doing ever. whatever. Anyway you haven’t aged a day at all, you look exactly the same :).

  • Rachel Forbes

    My family recently moved into a more walkable part of town in order to cut down on driving. We have a Kia, but try not to drive if possible. My son and I can take his little bike to the store, the coffee shop, the playground, and the whole family can walk to local restaurants and farmers markets. So happy we moved!

  • Clara

    I have a Chevy Volt. It’s a great car and with its 30 mile battery, I’m able to go on short trips without using any gas and the times I drive a long ways, it acts like a hybrid with regenerative breaking. My overall MPG is 48 and the car itself is also very sleek looking. :)

  • Kerrie Adams

    I drive a small SUV, to save on gas we moved from the country to downtown, which is half way between both our jobs. I save 3 tanks of gas now every pay period and the same for my husband! We can walk most everywhere we go now, weather to shop at one of the local shops, or a nice dinner with our kids, or even to the Farmers Market every Thursday and Sunday! My oldest son 12 years old, works in trade at the bike shop 3 blocks down for the parts to make his bike. Our new community is wonderful, and we feel blessed to live here.

  • Stephanie

    In my family, we bike everywhere within 10 miles of our home. Not only is it good for the environment (the pollution in Phx. is outrageous!), it is good for our bodies. I feel much more awake the first few hours at work and the kids are more focused in class after a little cardio. Everyone enjoys riding the bikes so much that the kids are now happy to help me run errands like grocery shopping, picking up the CSA basket, even picking up the dry cleaning from the eco-cleaners. We have discovered so many fun places in our city that we never noticed when we went speeding by in the car that it is often now an adventure that includes stops at tiny locally owned shops and restaurants; it feels like we are more aware of and involved in our community this way. We are spending more time together. Plus, you know, the girls I have an excuse to wear bloomers under our dresses.
    Trips more than 10 miles we try to take public transit (in our town, that consists of trains and buses). We are considering buying a hybrid instead of using our traditional car for longer trips, but still doing research on the subject.

  • Lauren Maher

    I recently moved out on my own and was fortunate to find an apartment close to work and our local farmers market. I’ve been walking a lot and have made it a point to only use my car when it is absolutely necessary. I’ve even chosen two days a week when my car has to stay in the garage. Whatever I do on those two days I have to walk, carpool, or take public transportation.

  • Rebecca Hall

    I am SO lucky that I am able to walk to work, so I consider walking my main method of transportation. If I can’t walk there, I carpool (with my husband, who has to drive to work) or use public transit. It’s great that even on days when I can’t get to the gym or yoga, I can get some exercise in. It has also made me so much more aware of what my body can do (10 years ago I NEVER would have thought I could survive in a 1-car family and walk 1.5+ miles to and from work every day!).

  • Cassandra Mcavey

    I walk everywhere,if I need to go grocery shopping or further distances we take the car.

  • Lindsay F

    I live in Brooklyn so I try to walk as much as possible. If I can’t get there by foot, I usually take the subway.

  • Natalie McMonagle

    My feet and a red wagon for the little misses. : )
    We can walk to the park and our co-op!

  • Tabetha Puspurs

    I have recently decided to stay home with my toddler, so I went from driving 7 days a week to only 2-3 days, much shorter distances.

  • DDuggan

    I bus and walk everywhere. I purposely chose my apartment because it is in walking distance to the hotspots of my city, coffee shops, grocery stores,…everything I need. My location is also central for public transit, so I can get where I need to go with minimal transfers and I don’t have to worry about the stresses of the road. This is huge when living in Manitoba, Canada. I take advantage of local bike routes that take me down a scenic route to our beautiful Assiniboine Park or the River Walk to our historic Forks Market, in the summer time. Where possible, there’s always the shuttle bus that takes transit riders like myself to our iconic Grand Beach. There’s so many ways to live with out a car and still take full advantage of the sites around us, you just have to dig a little. :)

  • BC

    I generally get to work via the New Orleans street car. I absolutely love it, it’s a nice peaceful ride, I read during my commute, and then I walk about a mile to work. It starts me off wide awake for work and ready to start the day! Sometimes there’s a lot of walking involved in my commuting, but I enjoy it and I live in such a gorgeous city that it’s nice to walk around as a part of it. My boyfriend gifted me a gorgeous bike for my birthday last year and I absolutely love using it to get around. When I ride my bicycle home from work I take advantage of the fact that Audobon Park is between my work and my home and ride through there. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the perfect way to finish up a day. I love living somewhere where both of these are viable options, they’re so relaxing and really help to ease any stress of the day!

  • Haley Theiss Carey

    My family does own a car as we live in a suburban area and have small children. However we do try to walk as often as possible and choose to stay home and enjoy our time together rather than going out.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    My hubby and I cycle everywhere – and we even give ourselves bicycle tours as vacations during the summer months. However, my line of work has me delivering many donations to refugees during the days – and I do need an automobile for that. If I don’t need to drive – I don’t; that is my rule of thumb.

  • Box Fab

    I work from home. It is pretty much up and down the stairs and around the garden for me. My husband’s office is two blocks away from the house, so he walks. Our daughter gets picked up by the school bus (nothing we can do about that :)

  • Christine

    I just ordered a Hybrid Fusion to do my part torward eliminating my dependance on fuel. I have a long commute to work every day so this will help make a difference.

  • Tracy Wirtanen

    I drive my kids when it is a far distance. However, I walk whenever possible. We walk to the grocer. We walk to activities that are within a mile. It makes me happy to be outside.

  • Lisa

    We are a one car family. So many people told us we’d never be able to pull it off now with our daughter coming into our lives, but it works for us. My hubby bikes whenever he can, which he enjoys much more than driving. I prefer to walk whenever possible. We are huge advocates of public transportation in a city where this concept is a bit unpopular. With the construction of a streetcar downtown though, I think people are getting excited about the idea, which is so exciting. There are far too many cars on the road here!

  • Stacy W

    When possible, I try to ride my bike or walk and sometimes take the light rail and public transportation. My goal is to have a hybrid/electric car for my next vehicle.

  • Beth Rapp

    We live in a walkable community, so I put my 14 month old son in a hiking pack and strap him on my back to go to the store, playground, farmers market, pool, sand pit… or to hike the trails. Most of his first words had to do with produce or nature: bird (“BU”), tree (“E”), apple (“AP”), water (“WA”), pepper (“PEP”). He calls all greens like kale, spinach, collards, etc, “JU” for juice because we blend them up into OJ or coconut water…so that’s kind of a mommy fail :-/ We’re working on those actual words now… 😉

  • Katryn Campbell

    I walk everywhere with my baby, I live in a small town in Nothern Ontario. Its much easier to push the stroller than lug the carrier and the car. Its getting colder up here but I just bundle my little girl up well and we are off. The best part is the exercise but also going shopping down town and buying local to support all the farmers and small businesses.

  • kara rane

    Hi Alicia- so kind to give! Mostly I work on our homestead in the Sierra foothills… Our organic 26 + orchard requires hand care love. I also create art for my ‘Lucky 2 b U’ business in my home studio. So I barely drive a car … Yeah! When I do need to – it is local. We love a simple life.

  • Jackie Turner

    I have a pretty far commute every day to work, so I drive a Prius. I get about 53 miles per gallon and I can run it off the battery for a while! When I am home we can walk everywhere- grocery, restaurants, park.

  • Heather

    Both my husband and I are able to walk to work so we only use a vehicle if we absolutely have to!

  • Holly Rodgers

    I am fortunate enough that I can walk to work and/or bike. It’s a great way to take in the world around me and prepare for my day as an elementary school teacher. Being in tune with your environment allows you to be connected to yourself physically and mentally, and primes you to give back to others. If I am kinder to the planet by reducing my impact, then the energy I’ve saved can be used to energize the adorable students I encounter every day.

  • Kate Leinster

    I ambulate!!! I am from the UK where it is considered the norm to do so. I have recently moved to America though and have gotten some funny looks with my mode of transport but I love it, especially in the Fall as I can appreciate nature better this way!

  • Laura McElhinney-Wilkinson

    I walk as much as I can within distance where I live in Santa Barbara and take the transit. I reduce the footprint immensely by doing this and not only get the exercise my heart and soul always needs, but get to enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds me. All in all it is a win, win!!

  • Sarah

    I love to walk everywhere when I can. On nice days, I bike my kiddos to school and back. While I’m going to university, on nice days I bike and on yucky days I take public transportation. Our university has a nice public transport system for the students. Although it still has an impact on our environment, it is much less than if thousands of students drove to school themselves. Some of the buses even run solely on ethanol.

  • Lisa Cressey

    i have many types of transportation! to work i drive my car when it’s cold/snowy. but i try to ride my motorcycle as much as possible! less gas and less exhaust! i also cycle and walk when i’m not driving to work!

  • Jessica Caneal

    I live only 4.5 miles from work so I bike back and forth for most of the year, until it gets too cold. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • Lisa

    I live in Miami and unfortunately we’re not like most big cities when it comes to the ease of using public transportation…I wish there were some way to expand our metro system and improve the city buses. In the meantime, I have chosen to carpool which reduces traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions!

    I sometimes struggle with the level of my environmental impact and what’s actually feasible in day-to-day living. I realize now that we can’t always make huge changes in our routines, sometimes it’s a matter of being consistent with the little things that will end up making a difference in the long run.

  • Brianna Ehrenberg

    I currently drive a Neon but I’m hopefully moving to Portland Oregon soon. So lots of walking and biking to come!

  • Leanne Et Mark

    I have a 2004 Subaru. I’m a homemaker so I don’t drive everyday and I try to buy everything close to home.

  • Sara P Allen

    I drive my Subaru Outback to help get through the tough winter in Salt Lake City, but air pollution is a big issue here, especially in the winter, so I attempt to telecommute as much as possible and walk the errands that I can. I know that my fur baby appreciates the exercise, as do I! Air Quality is a conversation which needs to have a much larger voice in Utah. I know that it impacted how I will vote today and really hope that eventually we can start making a difference here!

  • Meredith McClatchy

    I sold my car two years ago this month when I started working from home. I live in a small town where everything is within walking or biking distance. I ride my bike whenever possible. We shop at local farmers markets and vendors that use local products as well as visit local veggie stands when in season. When going out of town, I started car sharing with friends and family members. We go to the store or to places outside of town together, cutting down on trips. It takes a little planning but it helps cut down on emissions and gas use and we get to do more things together. Yah!

  • Ivana Basilotta

    For everyone who loves walking, take a look
    at this vegan kickstarter campaign, like it share it and pledge to get some
    great rewards.

  • judith richardson

    Hello Alicia, Walking is my favorite way,but carpooling,city buses,thank you for this chance!!

  • Eilish Kelly

    I cycle almost everywhere. Or walk if it is close by. I really enjoy feeling the fresh air. It makes me feel so different than just riding along in my car singing music. Listening to the outdoors with fresh air is so much more peaceful. Life is too beautiful to destroy it!

  • Jeanne

    I moved within five driving minutes of work instead of 20, and downsized to a Aveo.

  • Deirdre Brosnihan

    Tucson, AZ is not the easiest city to get around without a car (oh southwestern sprawl) but it does have a pretty amazing network of bike paths that go all over town, collectively referred to as the Loop. I can take these paths from my home in midtown to downtown, farmers markets, parks…etc. I’ve been working on using the Loop more as the weather has cooled off. Using the Loop means I drive my car less, get more exercise and reduce my impact on the planet.

  • Dariann

    I share a car with my husband, and we’ve decided that when our lease is up in 2 months we’re not getting another car! We will rely on our own 2 feet, or a bike, or ride-sharing if need be. I’m excited to see how this will impact our lifestyle and health, and I know it will make a dent–however small–in our nonrenewable resource use.

  • Rachael Russo-Kovatch

    I live in El Paso Texas and everything is nice and close. Well for the most part. I love to walk but I also ride my bike everywhere. To the gym, to the store. On occasion I’ll drive but if I don’t have to I won’t

  • Johanna Robinson

    My husband and I carpool. It saves gas and we get a chance to talk and spend a little time together.

  • Rachael Russo-Kovatch

    I live in el paso Texas. And just about everywhere I go is nice and close. So I either walk or ride my bike. I ride to the gym or to the store quite a bit. I just came back to the vegan lifestyle and everything is coming together so nicely. My big thing for the environment is that I’m obsessed with recycling and now composting. Now that I’ve embraced this wonderful lifestyle I’m all about cooking and growing my own produce

  • Melissa

    I live in Calgary, Canada! In the summer I bike to work and in the winter I drive to the closest transit station and take the train to work :) I am vegan, so I compost all of my fruits and veggies. I am also growing my own garden this upcoming summer, I’m so excited!

  • siera

    My husband and I work three blocks away from each other in Downtown Indianapolis! We drop the kids off at school and daycare in the morning, then carpool downtown together. After work, we get to spend some time together to unwind, or vent about our days before we get the kids. It saves on gas, and catching up time after we get home!

  • Caitlin

    I live in New York City so it’s easy to take public transportation everywhere. I commute to work on the subway and am able to walk nearly everywhere else I go, especially during the warmer months. When I fly, I make sure to be bring my own food and a water bottle to refill.

  • Amy Horsman

    I live in the country, so a car is a must for our family of 5; however, we recently purchased a 1989 toyota land cruiser from craigslist that we are converting to a new diesel engine, so that we can maximize gas efficiency and hopefully have this car for the next 20+ years.

  • Teresa Woods

    I live in VERY rural southwest Virginia. Quite a distance to the stores, or well to anything for that matter. To avoid buying new… I drive and have driven a 1971Chevy truck that was my fathers, for the last 20 years. It’s orange, heinous, and has no a/c… But I wouldn’t trade it for 100 new trucks. So many cars in junk yards that could easily be driven and could slow down the mass production of “disposable” vehicles.

  • Phyllis Ida Concordia

    I walk… I had the chance to have a car but passed that chance along to a sibling. The only inconvenience is when I want to travel with my dog… not having a car saves me money… but what I truly feel good about is knowing that I am living a “Kind Life” in walking. Some day I will have a car… and I hope I can afford to buy something green, when the time comes! Meanwhile, I have plenty of time to research. I don’t think I have to expand on the benefits of walking! :-)

  • Brittany Browning

    I bought a used Prius last year that I love. On my way to school, I drive to a neighborhood near my university where my uncle lives to park and then I walk or jog the rest of the way. It’s a great way to get some easy excercise in while also making my green drive a little greener. Bonus eco points because I’m avoiding the daily parking passes at my school which are made out of paper!

  • Kristina Fukuda

    I commute to work by bus everyday. I work at SMC, so the Big Blue Bus part of my ride is free. The Culver City bus I also ride costs $1 per ride. I get to read on the bus, so my commute time is now my time to relax rather than getting stressed out by traffic and crazy LA drivers.

  • danielle

    My main method of transportation is my wonderful two feet. Other than that, public transportation or my car which takes me half the way then my feet does what it does best. :)

  • Moya

    I try to walk when I can, take trips (or multi task on errands), so as to not have to drive more then I should.

  • Kirsten Antony

    I run a mobile business and have driven a Prius the past five years. It really is a great car. Better for the environment than a gas guzzler and better price at the pump for me. Spending money on gas can be so exhausting!

  • Aneliya

    I, like Clara, have a Volt, which goes 40 miles on battery and usually I don’t drive more than that before I plug it in to charge. My husband, whose car we take more often, drives a Tesla. We also have solar panels. Additionally, I try to carpool whenever possible. It’s pretty much impossible not to drive or just ride a bike where we live, although I used to walk or bike everyday and everywhere growing up in Europe.

  • Chuck

    I walk when I can since that is a great exercise. If walking takes me too long then I will ride my bike. To go further away, I can wait for my friend to go somewhere and ride my bike over to his house and just go with him. Before moving to Arizona 3 years ago I lived in Philadelphia. There I took a bus to go to far away places. I try to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible. I dislike pollution.
    I am a big fan of solar energy and wind energy. Elon Musk is already rich and not interested in making more money. He is interested in using sustainable energy. That is why the patents on Tesla are open to anyone to use. If a car company came out with an electric car that was much more efficient than the Tesla car and much cheaper, he would love it. That is how he rolls. His new giga factory will be powered by solar and wind power. He may end up creating enough electricity to power the whole state of Nevada. The Tesla charging stations are powered by solar energy.

  • Michelle K.

    I love these givaways! They are so much fun. I live within a couple of miles of town, and walk as much as I can with my little one in the Ergobaby carrier :)

  • Michele Fogarty

    When I can’t use my feet to reach my destination, I drive my 100% electric Fiat 500e. In fact, both my teenage daughter and I drive these awesome cars. We save over $600/month in gas, never waste precious time in gas station lines, and no oil changes or other hazardous maintenance costs! My daughter loves sharing her experience driving her electric car with her peers, especially when they are out of gas money and need a lift, ha ha! Step by step, she and I have been working towards reducing our impact on Mother Earth. Going plant-based/vegan was the first step and the journey continues!

  • Ashleigh Whitworth

    Last year my husband and I bought a house 32 miles outside of Seattle. The best part about living in the country is the fresh air, proximity to nature, and the ability to finally see some stars at night. After we moved, we realized that our commute was much more difficult, and the metro system no longer supported our new route to work. So we began to carpool. We had 2 SUV’s, a Land Rover and an old Explorer, we were lucky if we got 25 MPG on the highway. We soon realized $80 every two days in gas added up quickly and we needed a more economical mode of transportation. We sold the Explorer to a college student, and negotiated our way into a 2 year old Prius. Our gas bill was cut down to less than $30 a week and we’re averaging about 50 MPGS! Another perk of moving out of our condo and into our house is the fact we have added composting to our typical recycling and garbage routine. We opted for the smallest 20 gallon garbage can, and with the addition of composting and adding the food scraps to the yard waste bin, we’re lucky if we get one bag of trash in there a week.

  • Danielle Anderson

    My husband and I carpool together everyday! We live in suburb area right now while we are both in school, so before he goes to school he will drop me off at work. And days when I have school he’ll come with me. I love that we get to carpool everyday, it means I get to spend more time with my husband Matt, and we are doing our part in conserving fossil fuels. We hope to get a much more Eco-friendly car down the road when we can afford it–as well as still getting to ride to work/school together everyday!

  • jtlittlelong

    I walk wherever i go if its close. This is also excellent for excercise and helps my state of mind. I have. Encouraged a few others to walk to work or church by being an example. If its raining and i have to i usw a bus which is hybrids in my arra. By using hybrids we cut down own gas and by public.transportation its less cars on the road less polution..if i have to use the one car we do own to get to a far destination we always try to car pool with others going there and make sure we do all we need in that area so we make one trip say once a month instead of.the few trips we may need to do a few times monthly. We ensure the car is up to date and not lertting out anything it shouldnt when we use it..ik a big fan of if you need a bike get one second hand. Walking ia best when you can.

  • Alisha

    Well, funny thing is I walk to work and ride my bike a ton! (: I don’t have a drivers license and i’m 19, never been a fan of cars, my boyfriend has a car and if I need to really get somewhere that’s farther away we just use that (: I wish everyone could walk to their destination if it was closer and take the trax which does help out the enviornment.

  • Jenny irvine

    Hi! I drive a dodge neon and when possible, my daughter and I try to walk most places. She loves it and I’ve grown to love it. Now that my daughter learned how to ride her tricycle, it’s her favorite form of transportation :) I rarely have to get gas because we don’t use our car very much and always make sure to have it maintained to try keep it running good and make it last longer.

  • amanda

    Hi there! I like to ride my little green bike with the sunflower strapped on the front (her name is Ramona 😉 to my work which is just a couple of miles away from my home. My city has recently put in bike trails all over downtown so this bike path is literally right outside my front door. I want to inspire others to reduce their dependence on their cars and to also encourage people to get in shape by walking/riding bikes to work!

  • Krystyna Meade

    Unfortunately, I live too far away from stores to walk with my newborn. I currently use my car for transportation. Being a stay at home mom, I only use my car once a week to go out for shopping and errands. I plan my route to use the least amount of fuel possible. Once my baby is a little older, I plan on walking the 6 miles (round trip) to do light grocery shopping and errands. When I go back to school in fall, I will take the trolley to campus!

  • Candace Draper

    I just sold my new Rav 4 this year to cut back costs – we ended up purchasing a used Mitsubishi but we also moved to a more metro area… I haven’t used my car in weeks – my daughter and I bike ride to the store or I will pull her the wagon :) we love being outside and really a car doesn’t give us that!

  • amber

    I rollerblade! It’s a childhood passion of mine that has stayed with me through to my teenage years.It’s eco friendly,a great form of exercise and just so much fun to do! I ride my bike to school,however,as it’s about 1hour away.I’ve been vegan for 4 months,and I already feel like it’s the best decision I have ever made.My latest project is growing my own fruits and vegetables,however it’s proving to be difficult with the weather we’re receiving. I’m slowly turning the rest of my family vegan,as they eat all the meals I make.I’m loving your book,thank you so much for changing my life for the better and just opening my eyes!

    • TheKindLife

      Hey Amber,
      What’s your email address so we can send you more info. Congrats!

  • Kelly-Anne

    Although I work too far away to bike to work and carpool instead, I do live a couple miles away from a shopping center. I like to wrangle up any available neighbors and bike to the grocery store about three times a week – I like to plan and buy what I need for each night that I cook dinner. There’s less food waste that way! If I only need to drop off a rented movie or buy some stamps, I take my puppy along for the ride in my bike basket. It’s just the simple happiness of absorbing the world as a whole that makes a difference in life, while being kind to the earth and my body!
    SIMPLE changes make BIG differences!

  • Ely B

    Until recently I drove a 2-door Chevy Cavalier- excellent gas mileage! It was a little tight for my family of 5 but we made it work. I had it for 15 years and a couple of months ago it died. Now I have a ford explorer. It’s not the most eco friendly vehicle but we do a lot of carpooling and my kids and I bike to school and work whenever time and the weather permit. We are looking into an electric bike… how cool would that be! Thanks!

  • Lindsey

    I purchased a Honda Fit as it fit within my price range for gas efficiency. I make a list to do my shopping, etc so that I only have to drive to town one day instead of making several trips throughout the week.

  • Box Fab

    I work from home. My husbands office is two block away. Our child take the school bus.

  • Kristina

    I live in a house with three roommates dedicated to lowering the impact caused by our automobile culture. We ride our bicycles to work and around town, and carpool when biking is not feasible. I also enjoy simply walking. There’s something calming and invigorating about the slower speed.

  • Pippi Hepburn

    Hi Alicia, I live in Jersey City, NJ and work in NYC. I take the train to NYC 2 days a week to work. The rest of the week and all weekend, I bike to my studio to work and out to brunch with my husband on weekends. We are NJ weirdos with no car (everyone has a car, even the people who take the trains to NYC to work). When I go visit faraway friends we take the Amtrak or a plane to go overseas. Not making any point, it is just easier. Be well.

  • Nicole

    Our 2006 Toyota Prius is our family’s primary car. We average 45 to 48 mpg and fill the tank every 3+wks. It’s even taken us 2300 miles to/from Breckenridge, CO! And since Chicago has some of the highest fuel prices, it’s nice on our wallet, too.

  • Raine Dawson

    I haven’t had a vehicle in years, I walk and mountain bike most places. If I have to go a longer distance or the weather is terrible then I’ll ride the bus, we have great natural gas busses. My mom and I plan our shopping trips together as much as we can also so we save there ( and a great added bonus- I get to spend time with her)