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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I enjoy Thanksgiving for several reasons – coming together with the people I love, celebrating the fall harvest, sharing delicious food, and giving thanks. Despite the commercialization and emphasis on turkeys, a kind holiday shines so brightly – and leaves you feeling good post-feast!

A great thing to do to combat this seasonal cruelty, is adopt a turkey! Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey program asks you to sponsor a turkey so they can provide he or she with a loving home throughout the year. Adopting a turkey is a great way to give “turkey day” a new, kind meaning.

If you have any anxiety about hosting non-veg guests or attending a non-veg gathering, here are some tips on how to handle different scenarios you might find yourself in.  If you’re looking for some menu inspiration, check out my Thanksgiving  menu from a few years ago when we hosted a large group as well as these kind holiday options. It’s really nice to hit the farmers market to source your menu ingredients, that way you can incorporate local produce and veggies and truly align with your local harvest! Be sure to make enough yum food to leave you with some seriously good leftovers!

If you plan to bring a nice bottle of wine or beer to the gathering you’re attending, check Barnivore for a comprehensive list of vegan wines and beersAnd, if you’re planning to eat out, look here to reference some excellent restaurants that offer delicious looking menus for the holiday.

I am grateful for YOU – my fellow kind lifers. Thank you for being a part of this community.

How will you be celebrating? What are you thankful for? Any great restaurants with plant-based Thanksgiving menus in your city? 


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  • Ricardo Ma

    If you are looking for good vegan wine try the Deccolio Prosecco at Whole Foods Market, it will be great as an aperitif for the Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Jen T

    I just hosted a vegan potluck for 40 here in S. Florida (which is not known to be a veg hotspot!) and it was a huge success! The energy in the days before was amazing – we scoured recipes and talked food and even the biggest carnivores participated! My question to the Kind Lifers hosting get-togethers is: what are some good ideas for parting gifts that might create a spark in non-vegan guests? I thought about vegan cupcake boxes or truffles, but we had a lot of dessert already! Ideas?

  • suzi

    as every year since i can remember, well…really about 15 now i suppose, i will be hosting the great event!! sisters come from far away with hungry husbands, and all the in town folks will have a seat at the table as well. some years it used to be almost 50 of us would gather and my greatest struggle would be setting up the house in case its cold or rainy, so that everyone has a chair. this year will be more quiet and i will relax a bit more, yet miss some of my dearest ones. My family is vegan (husband, three adult kiddos and me) and the rest of the bunch are just plain old meat and potato folk. It works really well, as they bring their offerings already prepared and i offer mine up to those brave enough to nibble… funny but every year my vegan dishes keep getting better and better!!!

  • Caitlin’s Super Natural

    I found an awesome vegan stuffing online: Everybody loved it! My husband said, “This is the best stuffing I’ve ever had.”