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December 12th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

With woolfur or faux fur, and down being pretty standard materials for winter clothing, it can be a challenge to find kind clothes for the cooler months. Since we’re heading into winter, I wanted to check in with you all and see what you’re wearing to stay warm. My shopping go-to starts with checking out second-hand stores like Wasteland, Buffalo Exchange, or Ebay. If I can’t find what I’m looking for second-hand, I’ll buy new from eco-friendly brands.
If you’re in need of some new items for your wardrobe and can’t find them second-hand, here are some fun eco and cruelty free picks!
Vaute Couture
This Felicity Fleece Cocoon Pullover looks so cozy! It’s made from hemp & recycled polyester by Vaute Couture. Vaute also makes some AWESOME winter jackets. Check them out if you’re looking for a winter coat.
This Organic Cotton Flannel Onepiece Dress from Muji would look super cute with some leggings and boots.
This Miakoda Sweatshirt is funky and eco, made from organic cotton & hemp. It’s doesn’t look great on me but on my girlfriend whose a twig ha
MiakodaI like Miakoda’s dress version too, especially with tights and boots. It looks cute on and is so comfy!
EcoSkinEcoSkin’s Pyke Tunic is flirty and warm looking. Made from organic cotton!
PranaThis Terese Sweater from Prana is composed of all organic cotton and fair trade.
Threads 4 ThoughtOrganic Cotton black leggings are a winter staple! Threads 4 Thought makes these.
EcolissaThis Indigenous Pocket Scarf is made by Ecolissa from 100% organic cotton. It’s also fair trade and comes in several colors.
Wills Vegan ShoesThis cute ankle boot is made by Wills Vegan Shoes using an Italian faux suede microfiber.
KamikThese classic rain boots are made by Kamik from 100% recyclable rubber.
Zkano organic cotton knee high socks pair great with boots or just for warm layering. 
Echo Design
These Echo Design gloves are made of a cotton spandex blend, designed to trap air to keep your hands warm. Good for cold, snowy, or rainy weather!
This acrylic crochet beanie is made by DiceKnits. They are made by hand and you can customize the color.
If you’re in the market for some stylish vegan clutches to match your winter looks, check out this post by Kristina.
What about you? What are some other eco-friendly companies that you’re checking out for winter?
Top Photo Credit: Joshua Katcher

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