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Giveaway: Miakoda Dress & Mala Bracelet

Congrats Reagan! You are the winner of this week’s giveaway.

Thank you all so much for the great comments on adventure.


This week Miakoda is giving away a sweatshirt tank dress and mala bracelet! Miakoda is an eco friendly and cruelty-free fashion company based in New York. They wrote me a letter recently and I wanted to share this excerpt about their great journey with you all!

My sister and I live and love the kind lifestyle that Alicia leads. We eat, wear, and purchase with kindness in mind, always, to our bodies and spirits, to all creatures, and to the earth. 

As a fashion designer, I started to make my way into the professional industry after I graduated from Parsons in NYC. At the same time, I was starting to lead a vegan lifestyle and noticed how many of the assignments I had while working as a freelance designer for many popular clothing companies went against my ethics and what was in my heart. It was required that I worked with wool and leather. I also noticed that when I was shopping there were fewer vegan options of quality that also respected social and ecological justice.

I knew that if I wanted to have accessible mainstream vegan options I would have to create one. I am hoping that my kind contribution to fashion will start to change the minds and styles of consumers to make all aspects of life a little gentler. My sister is a yoga teacher, and kindness of consumption is important to her, so she jumped on board to help me start my company.


This sweatshirt dress is comfy and eco made of organically dyed charcoal organic hemp, organic cotton fabric, and peace silk knit panels. I have it and like it a lot! The wrist mala bracelet is handmade in the USA out of sandalwood beads.


To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below about an adventure you hope to take soon!

I will announce the winner on Friday 2/6/15




  • Michelle K.

    What a beautiful dress and bracelet!! We are going to Disney in just over a month with our 3 boys and my in-laws. We will get a night out as a date where my in-laws will stay with the kids. We’re so excited! This dress and mala would look beautiful and be perfect for the weather! I’m a Yoga teacher and would so honor this outfit, it’s origin, the thoughtfulness that went into bringing them into fruition– and would be telling everyone about how it came to be a part of my wardrobe which as a stay at home mom usually consists of yoga pants and a tank and tee. Thank you, Alicia and Thank you Miakoda!

    • Dharma Lisa

      For a single mom with 3 kids, the most adventure i typically get is a trip to Whole Foods! Lol. Seriously, I would love to visit Europe and go in search of/unearth local vegan cuisine! Since the French and Italians are not particularly known for their vegan choices, that could really be an culinary adventure !

  • Abby Croft

    I really want to take a trip somewhere to work with endangered sea turtles. They’ve been a fascination of mine since I was little!

  • Tracy-Anne King

    An adventure I would like to take is a one to the mountains with my best friend. I would want to hike, meditate and see the stars!

  • Heather

    My next adventure will be a trip to England with my twin and my 78-year old great aunt!

  • Katie M

    An adventure that I would like to take soon is the New Year Yoga Retreat that Julias sister, Laura has every January in Mexico. I think it is a fabulous way to start off the new year with beautiful days that start off with yoga and then end with restoration. Being able to take the time to focus on yourself in such a peaceful place is something i really look forward to doing.

  • Lori

    My family and I hope to visit Iceland. We also would like to see the Faroe Islands. These 2 places are on our “bucket list”. We will see…

  • ActiveVegetarian

    I plan to travel back to India soon… :)

  • A Lamb

    I am taking a cross country biking and camping trip with my hubs and two kids down the appalachian trail this summer. We are crazy and vegan and we love it. We will be foraging along the way thanks to Steve Brill “The Wild Vegan”.

  • Bridget Swanson

    My next adventure is taking my 4 1/2 year old son, Cole snowboarding for the first time. I am very exited to see how this adventure will end! The look on a child’s face when experiencing new adventures is priceless!

  • Danielle Aran

    An adventure I am excited to take hopefully very soon is to FINALLY meet my dear dear friend, Julia, the owner & designer of Miakoda. We connected a few years ago through the lovely world wide web and have been the best of friends ever since. She is a true inspiration to me on a personal, spiritual, and intellectual level. I’m so thankful to have crossed paths with her. Thank you so very much, Alicia!!!

  • Lisa

    Adventure: on April 18 & 19 I will be challenging myself to pedal my way (180 miles) from Houston to Austin, TX to raise awareness for MS. I only began cycling 7 months ago but absolutely love the time on my bike. It’s a time of reflection, peace & challenge.

  • Emily

    This Fall, we are celebrating my aunt’s 60th birthday with a trip to Italy, where our family originated. We are traveling from all parts of the world to meet in the Abruzzo and spend this precious time together – it is rare that we are all in the same place!

  • Michelle Wolff

    I am looking to travel on my own for the very first time to Scotland. I’m all for a new adventure!!

  • Liza Jurado Bertran

    Just booked our first family trip abroad :-) . Nepal here we come!

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco
  • Lauren b

    I’ve been following the kind diet for awhile now and feel the best I’ve ever felt! Your book is always on my coffee table with so many of the pages tabbed. The recipes are great and easy to follow. Love them all!

  • Perri Eden Pozulp

    I will be moving soon and have no idea where – it’s already an adventure! My boyfriend is applying for residency so once we find out where he matches…we will be moving somewhere in the US (hopefully to Duke!) and will be taking the next step in our relationship and moving in together. I have to say, I can’t wait for us to be able to see each other everyday since we have an international relationship 4 months out of the year since dating. The next chapter in my life will be an amazing adventure and I can’t wait to share it with my better half :-)
    My super awesome adventure to the Ecuadorian Amazon had to be put on the back-burner until next year due to the move, but I’m thrilled to make the sacrifice!

  • Shalise Merchelle

    My adventure is not one that takes me to a new location, but one that jump starts a new life for me. I’m getting married in March to a wonderful man who supports who supports my choice of a kind lifestyle. We are making this journey together. Where once we were partaking in the average American lifestyle of meat and potato meals with no thought of how our items came to us, we are now halfway to a kind life. While planning this wedding and a new life, an accident happened. We conceived our first child, jump starting an adventure of another kind.

  • Roni Caseri

    Sometime in the future, I hope I can take a trip out to Brazil and maybe some of the neighboring countries. I plan to fish and search for reptiles for both fun and research opportunities as I am attending college to be an animal research scientist/zoologist.

  • Elizabeth Liptak

    The most exciting adventure in my life is happening now, as I continue on my path to lifelong sobriety. I am at peace with my friends and family, my career is back on track, and my commitment to a solid nutrition and exercise regimen has been renewed after three years of self-destruction and pathology. I thank all those who have been crucial to my continued recovery.

  • Kelly Whetstone

    I’m joining my mother in Africa for a safari this fall!

  • Becca Z

    My husband and I are planning an anniversary getaway to the non-touristy parts of Brazil where we will mountain bike, zipline, hike and stay at an eco lodge…..can’t wait, trying to learn a bit of Portuguese and it is difficult

  • Natalie Ramirez Cain

    I’m writing a story, which is one of the biggest adventures on which I’ve ever embarked.

  • BryanaKittyKat

    Going to a Subaru meet at which an attempt to break the world’s record of the most Subarus lined up in one place

  • Virginia Viveros

    This summer, my bf & I hope to road trip to Texas from NJ to visit family.

  • Emily Thomas

    My husband and I are planning a trip to France and Barcelona, Spain this summer that we have been dreaming of for 10 years now! We are very excited :) We would also like to participate in a volunteer abroad vacation this fall, we just have to decide where we’d like to go next!

  • Kate

    I’m going on honeymoon with the love of my life this May through June to Europe. :)

  • Jamie

    Japan would be lovely! Got to get healthy again so I can travel!

  • Cheyenne Reddix

    My next adventure is a multi-state conquest starting in Massachusetts, moving on to Michigan and finally ending in Kentucky! I’m visiting friends and family I havent seen in way too long! Hopefully I’ll be making new ones along the way also. Bright blessings!

  • Kristi Blackmer

    My big adventure this year will (hopefully!) be a road trip with my SO from NY to Alabama, stopping in NC, SC, GA, FL, and maybe even a little trek over to LA. In Alabama we will attend Hangout Music Festival and have the time of our lives! We will camp in a bunch of different states, see new things, learn new things, try new vegan restaurants wherever we go, and just make the most of it all! :) We plan to make this the best year ever!
    As for the prizes, I would like to gift the dress to a good friend, and keep the bracelet for myself as a reminder that good things are bountiful, if you just put good energy out there! :)

  • Becky Short

    I plan to hike the John Muir Trail with my fiancé. We had to cancel our recent trip because he needed to get heart surgery. The surgery went well and now it feels like we can handle anything.
    A backpacking trip will be truly empowering :)

  • Laurie

    I hope to take my kids on a summer vacation through some of the national parks.

  • Heidi

    My husband and I are planning on traveling through Europe at the end of the month. It will be exhilarating to see the cliffs of Ireland, sleep in a houseboat in the Netherlands, learn to ski on the Swiss Alps, and spend some much needed quality time with my big sister in Germany! While I’ll probably be wearing more than a sweatshirt dress while I’m traveling, it would be perfect for when I return home to sunny south Florida!

  • belinda crawford

    the adventure I wantr to take soon is that of becoming Vegan and thus becoming truere to my soul and in my role as mom!

  • Farrah Lennon

    My dad/ best friend passed away just after Thanksgiving. He had a huge heart and was the most generous person I have ever known. I am just at the beginning of a new adventure to keep his legacy alive by starting a foundation in his name and daily acts of kindness. I hope to meet and touch many people in this journey. I hope to make him proud and honor his giving spirit.

  • Tiffany

    There is a small family farm located less than an hour from home that I plan to take my son to in June for 2 weeks. The farm was started by friends-of-a-friend and I’m just getting to know them. I admire their commitment to begin a working organic farm with 2 small children and their dedication to their vision. They’re passionate and proactive.
    I call it an adventure because this urban girl still has a lot to learn about farming… :)

  • Joanne McKinley

    I hope to attend a women’s gathering this summer, that has been described as goddess camp. A chance to do the work with my sisters.

  • Diana

    I am looking forward to a trip to Machu Picchu with my best friend whom is 62 years young (I’m turning 31 this year:)). We are planning a trip together to hike to the top in 2018 when she retires!

  • shannon

    taking my mom to Poland:)

  • Alexis

    I have two young children. Our adventure travel will include a lot of camping this summer. We hope to instill a love of nature and all its inhabitants to our girls.

  • Laura

    I hope to visit the Redwood Forest and drive up the PCH. We are planning on doing that in a couple of months. I am super excited because that is something I’ve always wanted to do and I love that the trees are such an amazing part of nature!

  • Marlies

    Going to Tahoe in March with 7 of my Swiss friends, it will be laughing for 3 days straight! So much fun!

  • Tanya

    Sweet giveaway!! We are in the early stages of planning a move to Mexico – a BIG adventure of living and parenting in a new culture!

  • Sally Gearhart

    Oh boy, i hope one day to see Australia :) My very best friend & i always talked about one day going there together & just enjoying everything possible & each other! One day 😉

  • OhHey

    I’m a new vegan (it’s been about a month and I feel great!). My next adventure is actually in the works right now. I’m moving across the country from the Midwest to Portland, OR, starting a new career with a company I love, and throwing myself into this new Kind Lifestyle. Thank you, Alicia, for giving me the tools and courage to embark on this life journey!

  • Jasmine Curtise

    I really wanna take the kids outside on a journey going on a hike etc. Get dirty. When I was younger my Aunt exposed me to that life and I want my kids to be the same way. Show them the beauty of nature.

  • Summer Kirchner

    I would love to travel to Israel and feel connected to the land and my roots. Other than that I hope to someday take a trip to a farm animal sanctuary to connect to the animals!

  • Becca

    It’s been many years since I’ve been somewhere tropical, and lately I’ve been craving a quiet relaxing week with some beautiful blue ocean waves and warm sand under my toes…

  • Kristen Marie Pritchett

    I plan on going to Africa really soon to help build houses. I also plan on helping build habitats for the endangered wildlife while I am there. I want an adventure where I can travel to another country, but also where I can make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate than I.

  • Rachel Marie Delphine Phelps B

    Hello ♡ my next adventure, I hope, will be kind mama-hood! My husband and I have both been macro vegans For about 7 years and we are really looking forward to raising a lovely plant based kiddo :-) the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Megan

    I hope to take my husband and our 5 month old baby daughter to visit my aunt in Kentucky!! We plan on driving there as a family and couldn’t be more excited!

  • Lizzy G

    For the last 4 years, my boyfriend and I have been planning and saving (we work at a restaurant, he cooks, I waitress) for a 6-month cross-country roadtrip to see as many National Parks as we can! We have a small tow-behind trailer which we will park in free campsites for the night. We are set to leave in April! This is way outside my comfort zone but I’m so excited to go on this adventure with the one I love (:

  • Danielle

    My husband and I hope to visit Portugal this summer!

  • Shannon

    I really want to do at least several days worth of hiking on the northern part of the Appalachian Trail this year, including Mahoosuc Notch!

  • Kate ‘Red’ Hallman

    i look forward to an end to the cold weather, so i can open the windows and enjoy being outside again

  • BC

    The biggest adventure I just started was going back to school! Thanks to the loving support and inspiration of my sweetheart, I have finally done it and just started my journey towards a degree in Nutrition Science. I can not wait to see where this path takes me and how I’ll be able to help people with the knowledge I gain and my current knowledge of the vast benefits of plant based diets!

  • Dariann

    This April my husband and I will be celebrating 5 years married “glamping” at an eco resort in Big Sur called Treebones. I can’t wait to chill out and enjoy magnificent views of the ocean from the balcony of our yurt!

  • Cherie

    The next adventure I want to take is with food, actually. We have six kids at home right now, so adventuring to foreign lands is on the back burner for now! But I’ve been fascinated with how true, natural eating makes the body feel so much better. When I eat well, I live well…and so does my family. So, my next adventure is cooking more compassionate and kind meals for my large family, even if it has to be after a long day at work. I’ve never shied from an adventure before, and I’m sure this one will be filled with plenty of thrills and exclamations of glee. :o)

  • april proveaux

    The biggest adventure I am taking soon is becoming a mom! My baby is due in May. My husband and I love traveling all over the world, but I think this adventure might top all of those trips.

  • Tiffany Norris

    I hope to take my girls out for fun activities more–a day-to-day kind of adventure!

  • Kirsty.lou

    Hi Kind Life,

    As a recent vegan convertee ( vegetarian for years though), I am always keen to show kindness to others; both animals and humans. I am beginning volunteering at a homeless shelter in the soup kitchen to educate and help those less fortunate and am always hoping to go to a animal sanctuary and see how animals are meant to live- not just seeing them in supermarkets.

    Love from England.

  • Melissa F

    My boyfriend and I are leaving for Mexico this weekend. We can’t wait to leave the snow and cold of the east coast behind for sunshine and warmth!

  • Pam

    I am planning to go to California to visit the Santa Monica area. It has been a few years and I remember how great the vegan restaurants are, the yoga classes, and one of the beautiful hotels at the beach. I just want to enjoy and relax!! That dress would be lovely to include in my wardrobe.

  • Tracy Varju

    My friend and I are planning on going to Asia- Indonesia in particular, in November. I’m really excited to see the beauty that is Borneo and to visit monkey sanctuaries!

  • annifive

    Every day is an adventure! Just open your eyes and see. :)

  • Sarah

    I hope to travel to South Carolina very soon with my boyfriend, his son and our son!

  • Erica Drummond

    This year feels like it’s going to be one big adventure! New Year’s resolution to do yoga everyday, which already feels like an adventure as I notice my body changing and becoming so strong! Starting a new dream job next week, getting married in August to the most beautiful man, and taking my new hubby to France in the fall – we’ve been planning and saving for so long, it’s all so exciting and most definitely an adventure! <3

  • Jennifer Cox

    planning and saving for my mom, sister, and myself to travel to England and Paris. Mom and I have never been out of the country.

  • Sam Andersen

    My family is very small and very close, but we live all over the world— from California, to Boston (where I am) to Tanzania, to Singapore. I’ve been saving up and making plans to quit my job and travel around the world to see all of them before starting a new chapter in another city. Anxious and excited to start my journey!!!!

  • Marianne

    We plan to have a beach vacation with the kids soon in jamaica. Awesome giveaway! My sister is a yoga instructor too and fellow vegan :)

  • Margaret Tobin

    I am looking forward to visiting Kentucky to welcome a new grandchild.

  • Liz Ferguson

    I am counting down the days till my trip to Jamaica in March. We stay in a beautiful house just a couple of yards away from the ocean. I love to get up early, walk down the beach collecting sea shells and watching the fishermen going out in their small canoes to catch lobster and fish. It’s peaceful, beautiful and replenishes my soul.

  • Natasha

    My next adventure will be when the military moves my family of 7 again. Packing and moving is always crazy and we sometimes don’t know where we are headed until last minute, but the whole family definitely gets to experience a lot.

  • Jamie Genoa

    I’m looking for the greatest adventure of all…love…I know he’s out there somewhere and I know the journey I am on will help me find him one day, till then I just am enjoying life, enjoying being with friends and family, doing things I love, but I hope to find him soon and to go on this journey together, because that will be the greatest of adventures!

  • Andrea Balascak

    Paragliding in La Teste de Bush

  • Ember and Steve

    I’d like to take ANY adventure at all. My spouse and I have never traveled in our 6 years of marriage. We have either been in the military where your vacation time is very limited and controlled or I’ve been in school where I still am studying human rights. Thinking on a small scale, just like our budget, the dream adventure would be a visit to The Gentle Barn. I’d love to walk up to the animals as a loving vegan and them know my energy is nothing but loving and calming.

  • Carolina

    My adventure is close to home – I’m studying to be a Tai Chi instructor and it has been an adventure!

  • Andrea Balascak

    I would love to paraglide
    In Arcachon this summer
    Dune de Pilar

  • Kristen

    It’s so nice to see more and more people and businesses making decisions toward kinder living. It all starts with one!

  • Samantha L.

    I want to adventure someplace warm, too much snow at home. Aruba would be lovely.

  • Kate Higgins

    My husband and I are taking our little on a cruise. I’m terrified of the ocean, but I think it’s important to teach my son to face his fears head on =) He adores the ocean and all of nature, and I want to, too!

  • Kirsten Antony

    I love this cute dress and beautiful mala beads!! My upcoming adventure next month is swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando! I am so excited to be near all the beautiful sea life and those magnificent dolphins!!

  • Beth Rapp

    wow, that dress is beautiful!
    When the weather gets warmer in a few months, a large group of vegan mothers in the area are getting together with kiddos to spend the day at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary. It’s an animal sanctuary in Winchester, VA and the owners are vegan as well. We’re having a big potluck, exploring the land and meeting all their animal “children.”

  • Na Ja

    I would like to travel to texas to meet ” fully raw kristina” who inspired me to eat fully raw. I would love to visit rawfullyorganic Organisation.

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    I hope to go on an adventure with my newborn son — I want his first trip to be amazing!

  • Kristy

    I hope to go to the Red Woods with my boyfriend and go on a camping adventure there!

  • Kim Ratcliff

    I hope my next adventure will be to visit a friend who is following her heart in her profession, just as these young ladies did. She is moving to France next month to immerse herself in the wine business. I’m planning to visit while she is there. :)

  • Jenny E

    My husband and I are beginning the vegan journey together! After 16 years of marriage and many backyard barbeques, we are committing to a new way of life together. We have enjoyed exploring all that Austin has to offer and have even gotten to know each other. Let this adventure be a lifelong journey!

  • Andrea Balascak

    I would like to try paragliding
    In Arcachon Dune de Pilar

  • BethanyK

    I have been to Alaska before, but I missed going to see the Aurora Borealis! That is on my travel bucket list for sure!

  • Lyla San Jose-Nero

    I spent a lot of my childhood (and beyond) in Oregon hiking, berry-picking and just enjoying all the beauty it offers. I haven’t been in years and would love to take my 4 year-old son there and share those things with him.

  • HauteAngel

    I am obsessed with the LifeofCaesar podcast and want to go to Rome and see a lot of the places discussed

  • Tina

    I hope to go to Fresno soon to visit my best friend. It’s a close drive to Yosemite which I haven’t been to since I was a kid. Time to re-explore the beauties California. :)

  • mjmoore

    My ultimate adventure would be exploring the Mediterranean, but seeing as I just had a baby, metaphorical adventure is more in my line right now- I mean, parenting counts, right? :)

  • Natalie McMonagle

    Yellowstone with our toddler!! A dream trip!!

  • Jacque Fryson DeVilla

    Good morning. My plan is to take a trip to Yuma, Az to meet my 5 week old great granddaughter for the first time as well as my two great granddogs!. How exciting is that?!?

  • Elyse Huss

    My husband and I just recently found out that we’re expecting our first child! I think becoming parents will be our biggest adventure ever!

  • LeanneSouthall

    Thank you for sharing about another vegan company, Alicia!

  • Raine Dawson

    I have so many places I want to see, the Moai on Easter Island, the Galapagos, the northern lights, the rain forest and it’s canopy, trek Nepal. ..I have wanderlust bad. My 1st place I want to go and have since I was younger is Machu Picchu, someday soon! :)

  • Isabelle Charron

    Me and my fiancé will be making one of the biggest journeys of our lives. Buying are first home together. Scared but excited because I will be goind on this journey with the person that helped me move on from a very dark past. He helped me be the person that I am today and each day is a blessing to wake up next to him. So with a lot of positive thinking we are ready to make the jump!

  • Maríateresa Magaña

    My boys have kept me busy since they were just a “luscious look in my husband’s eyes”. My biggest adventure is to succeed as a mom; without leaving out my other roles: daughter, sister, wife, friend, member of the community. My boys are teens now and sometimes just the survival instinct keeps me going. Life is my biggest adventure.

  • Cindy Batchelor

    I hope to travel to the UK soon! Ive been dying to see london!

  • Carrie D.

    My family will be going to Disney World in October. We’ve gone before, but this time we’re bringing a friend of my daughter’s. It should be an adventure having two fourteen-year-old girls in the Magic Kingdom!

  • Moya

    I know I will never get to, but I love the movie Eat Pray Love, and I would love to get to make that trip and to see all those places, and to have that kind of peace But like I said I won’t, but in my dreams Thank you <3

  • Julie Anthony

    My sister and I are saving to go on a trip to Tulum, Mexico in April. We are so excited! Our husbands are staying home with our kids so we can have some sister bonding time. Looking forward to doing yoga on the beach and playing in the ocean!

  • HippieInHeels

    I’d like to go to Botswana! Have been in Asia almost 2 years and I’m ready for a new adventure!

  • Rachel

    The sweatshirt dress is beautiful!
    I love taking any trip that lets me experience the local culture. I’m always inspired by how much love and joy comes out of people who have so much less than I do. Just imagine what good I can do with all that I have!

  • Theresa Ann

    This year I turn 40. And am terrified. I remember my parents turning 40 and thinking how old. I decided this is my year to begin a life of clean eating and sensible choices. All the while, trying to encourage my 10 yr old and 8 yr old (and husband) to enjoy this trip with me! Good luck, right?! You’ve inspired me to “clean” up my act and make this year memorable besides just entering my 40’s.

  • Erica Zurawski

    I am currently saving up for a trip to Morocco to explore the culture before the tourists start pouring in. It should be a blast planning day to day on a minimal budget, wandering the streets getting lost to just explore.

  • Jessica Reynolds

    I plan to start a new chapter in my life this summer by embarking on a yoga teacher training! This has been my dream for a number of years. 2015 is my year to make it happen! Thank you Alicia for your dedication to the kind lifestyle. We need more like you :)

  • Vina Tchokreff Lewis

    My adventure is now! I recently moved to southern Ca, I am reaching out to women, sharing my healthy life, love and product line and It is helping me grow my business :)

  • Reagan

    Firstly- whoa. I love your stuff and especially the love and compassion that goes into it!
    Since having our 2 year old boy “adventure” has taken on a new meaning- every day is an adventure! Sometimes exhausting, but always amazing. My husband and I really want to take him on a beach camping trip with our dog. I think he’s finally old enough – and it’s super important to us that we get out of LA and get him in touch with nature as much as possible.

    • Reagan

      Me? I won!! Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever won anything! Soooo excited :)))))

  • Ellen

    I would love to win this giveaway. My adventure is not an actual destination but a journey I’ve been working on. I just started my own blog, Living Clean and Dirty where I help educate people about being eco-friendly, cruelty-free and removing toxins from their lifestyle in a very frank, foul mouthed, funny way.

  • theveganchickpea

    although i have no imminent travel plans coming up, i often dream of a vacation in europe to relax and take in the beauty.

  • angie f

    I am so glad I discovered your blog and website. You are so inspiring to me. Thank you for all you do!

  • tinareynolds

    I am planning a trip down the west coast this summer

  • Sally Bennett

    I love stories of living according to ethics. I’ve traveled a lot and may do more one day, but my current adventure is to transform and blend my career into one where I’ll be working where I live and loving what I do. My income comes from my work as a broadcast captioner, which I do every day from my home. We’ve started building a botanical garden on our acreage and are in the beginning stage of building a large greenhouse in which will be tropical plants, rare and endangered, some more common, all grown in a veganic-cruelty-free way. Within that greenhouse we want to have a coffeehouse and used bookstore. Small in scale, but a refuge nonetheless. A place where others can go during the winter to walk among the trees or sit and read, meditate, do yoga…the possibilities are many. All of the coffee and any food we may one day offer would be vegan, of course. And I’ll be able to continue my captioning from within that wonderful environment.

  • OrganicWine-O

    I’m buying a house which is the biggest most expensive adventure I’ll ever take…I think <3

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    Need to go visit a tiny house community for ideas on starting my own vegan one.

  • Lisa

    I just got my yoga teaching certification. I really want to fund a way to spread some love and happiness in that way in my community. I’m working on figuring out how exactly to do that. I’d love to work with kids and young adults that need to learn some self love.

  • etirv

    Hope to visit NYC for a special graduation!

  • Lisa Cressey

    soon i am going to europe to see my family! i haven’t seen them in 5 years (the last time i went there to visit them). i’m so excited!!

  • StacyAnn

    This isn’t exactly a trip adventure, but I am taking an adventure spiritually (by Bible study and prayer), and physically (healthy eating and exercise at a gym). I also strive to be the best wife and mother I can be which can definitely be an adventure and journey.

  • Liovani Nazario

    On March, my daughter, my partner, and I will be going to see a rescue for exotic animals and we are thrilled and exited to be out of town and getting some relaxation time! My daughter loves animals and she is counting the days till we leave.

  • E M

    Hello, going to Bodega Bay in July for my husband’s birthday.

  • Debi puga

    The adventure will be taking my granddaughters to disneyland, I can’t wait to see their faces…by the way I have never gone on vacation, I was a single mom, can’t wait , I’m so excited!!!!!!

  • Justin Castillo

    Drving to the L.A. area with my mother…and going down memory lane.

  • Christina Moore

    My next adventure is an epic hike in the Rockies, complete with a (mostly raw) picnic lunch. Staying close to home, but I need a day of nature, peace, and sunshine in the mountains!

  • Nicholle Bankston

    My husband of 8 months and I haven’t gone on a true honeymoon yet…we plan to visit Panama and Costa Rica this spring around our anniversary to soak up the local culture and beautiful landscapes!

  • Ciera Alvarez

    My next adventure is finishing up my Environmental Science degree and figure out where my place in the world truly is. I am beyond excited because I have signed up for a midwifery assistant workshop at the Farm in Tennessee, which i think is going to help point me in my right direction. Your first book having rebooted my heart before college, helps me make kinder decisions with eat meal I intake. I am not where I want to be just yet with nutrition and all of the factors that food and “materials” carry but I know it is a process that I am actively working on. Whether or not you read this I hope that my positive vibes reach you because you were the first person to motivate me to make better decisions and look at them from all angles. I am beyond grateful for that. much love xoxoxox ciera alvarez

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I drove down to the Gulf last summer and that was the furthest I had ever driven by myself so I was hoping to drive to the southwest perhaps Arizona this summer.

  • McKenzie Hartl

    I’m hoping to go to Australia next winter on a 6 month long missions trip :)

  • Allix Stewart

    Back to Sweden! I worked through WWOOFing last summer and was able to volunteer my time on an organic, vegan farm right by the ocean. It was the trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to go back!

  • Jess D

    I am going on a date with my husband in two days. We haven’t been on a date or had a night out in over two years. We have four wonderful children, they keep us busy constantly! My “adventure” consists of going out to dinner and a visit to the art museum. Might not seem like much to some but I can’t wait! Maybe someday we’ll get back to Hawaii where we spent our honeymoon.

  • Shelly Brown

    I hope to go on a weekend camping trip in Hana, HI on Maui soon. I have all the gear, just need to find the time.

  • Jennifer Essad

    my husband just received a job offer out of state, so this is an adventure we’re both anxious to start – North Carolina here we come

  • Rachel

    My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, travelled across the globe together, travelled across the southern half of the country together and yet he has never met my grandfather and we have never been to NYC together. We look forward to hopefully going to Connecticut in November so he can finally meet my grandfather and we can all take the train to NYC together.

  • Frenchpetal

    I want to take my daughter to an animal rescue sanctuary. We are animal advocates and want to see how they do it….but really, we want to cuddle the animals. 😉 Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway!

  • Linda O

    I want to return to the Peruvian Andes with my son when he is old enough. My husband and I did a lot of spiritual work there that culminated in this gift that is our baby and it would be awesome to share the beauty and magic of the land with him.

  • Rplaporte

    This may sound a little corny, but I am getting married to the love of my life this summer, and the trip we’re embarking on together is the most exciting prospect I’ve ever had in my life. We’ve talking about traveling to Europe, China, Japan and South America- so I’m looking forward to those, too! But first, the trip down the aisle.

  • Lisa

    I hope to take a road trip from Pennsylvania all the way to the Grand Canyon. I have always wanted to drive west and explore all of the little towns, thrift shops, cafes, and anything else that is unique to the landscape. No highways on this adventure, scenic route all the way.

  • Victoria Van Vlear

    The next adventure I know I will be taking is marriage! Our wedding is June 5th, and we’ll be heading to Prague and Sweden on our honeymoon :)

  • Nichole H.

    I would just like a weekend away with my husband without the kids – that would be an adventure – been looking at Idlewylde – one can always hope

  • Jenna Upton

    An adventure I am taking currently is my way back to living a kind life! I lost my way back in college, and now at 28, and I am transitioning back, and so happy to be doing so! Now that I’ve grown up a bit and my husband and I are ready to start our own family I feel like this is the right thing to do, and how I’d want to raise my children as well! I’m pretty excited about it! Thanks, Alicia for the motivation to rekindle it again! I devoured the kinda mama in a day! :)

  • Aniqa

    I love Miakoda! I am international so I can’t enter, but I really hope they will come to Europe as well, as shipping is quite pricey.

  • Lace

    Rome!!! :)

  • Amanda Williams

    My husband was assaulted during an indoor soccer game. He had to have reconstructive surgery. I would love to take him to Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC for Valentine’s Day to be together and relax.

  • Lizzie

    I’m hoping to take my 2 year old granddaughter to the ocean soon, as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. it will be fun to see her experience it for the first time.

  • Lainey

    Well, I feel like I’m currently on a grand adventure, the adventure of life! Every day is new and exciting and different. I’ve moved to a new city, fallen in love with a wonderful new man, and enjoy discovering new vegan goodies around town everyday! When the urge strikes me, I take off in my electric car named Maxie and we visit someplace new in our new city and state! Everyday is a new adventure :)

  • courtney

    I would love to take my husband and kids to Greece and Ireland to show my kids their heritage! Money is pretty tight around these parts so here’s to hoping:)

  • Julia Mazzucato

    I’d really like to visit Paris with my best friend! We have been planning the trip for five years, and we might be visiting this summer! It’ll be the best trip of our lives.

  • Lauren Maher

    I’m looking to take a day trip soon. There’s a trail in the mountains hat leads to an abandoned mine. I need to get out and be amongst nature for a little while.

  • Mary McPhee

    Well, for professional adventure, I’d have to say my ongoing training to become a medical assistant. I’m nearly 3/4 the way through and I am happy I decided to make this somewhat midlife career change. As for personal or dream adventures, I’ve always wanted to visit and research my paternal grandfather’s hometown. He grew up in a little fishing village in New Brunswick. I even had Triple A map out a journey for me years ago. I never knew him but I’ve been curious about his (and my) connections to that region. Hopefully, someday.

  • vhemingway

    this little family adventures locally, playing, making fairy houses, and tree climbing in our local forest, climbing rocks and playing on the beach. right now we rely on a single teacher’s income, and i just graduated as an ecologist, so really just enjoying this time with our sweet little ones before they fledge.

  • jillianzed

    I would like to travel home, Grand Rapids, MI, in May for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and renewal of vows. I am also trying to work things out with my ex boyfriend and would love for him to attend! Therefore, I’m gonna need some extra cute clothes that weekend! Thanks for all your inspiration!!!

  • Rachel

    My husband and I are traveling to Australia in May to visit his sister and her family. My sister-in-law is a chemical engineer whose job has taken her all over the world. I have a great relationship with her and our niece and nephew even though they’ve always lived far away. I’m looking forward to spending two whole weeks with them and strengthening those bonds even more!

  • Cassie Olson

    There is not much room for adventure in my area of location. In the summer my sister and I made it official to go skydiving?that’s all I got. Haha:)

  • Christy Figueredo

    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Brazil this year to visit his family and friends (whom he misses greatly). I have been vegan for 3 years and he is currently transitioning from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. We are both passionate about helping others and the planet. This dress and bracelet are so cute and comfy. It would be great to have for our trip!

  • Modjuliet

    I hope to soon be visiting Hawaii with my partner to see the beautiful sights and practice yoga with an old classmate of his, who lives there!

  • Amanda Spalt

    I’ve been dreaming about going to London for years. I hope to go there someday. Need to get a passport first tho.

  • Jenna Cameron

    I would love to take a trip to see the Northern Lights sometime soon. I think they are so beautiful! :)

  • Sabrina Martucci

    I hope that my next adventure will be an educational one. After adopting a vegan diet 1 year ago & learning how to practice Reiki, I became fascinated with natural and holistic healing methods. I would love to earn certifications in plant-based nutrition & aromatherapy so that I can better share my passions with others & help them to live a joyful, cruelty-free life.

  • Melanie Kluever Druery

    Iceland. My heart has been yearning for Iceland since I was a child. I am setting my sights
    that direction, perhaps to lead a yoga retreat :)

  • Taryn Bryner

    I want to backpack around Europe!

  • Heather Stewart

    The adventure I hope to take soon is a complete lifestyle change. I want to take a leap into veganism. I’ve had food based health problems and I think this is where I need to go.

  • Debi Cole

    I’m on an adventure right now! I’m house sitting for my son and h i s wife and babe while they are in Mexico adventuring! But I’m from the Central Coast of California and I’m house sitting in L.A.!! So fun!! All the cool vegan restaurants and juice bars and thrift shops!! And people watching is the best! Only in L.A.!!!

  • Melanie F

    Oh gosh I hope I’m not too late! I ADORE this dress & bracelet)

    I am super lookig forward to havign a night & the beach with just my hubby over Valentines Day!

  • candylou Biederman

    I don’t like to travel much without my three dogs, but I know they are looking forward to going on an adventure once it finally warms up around here (:

  • Natasha Manchester

    Hubby and I are going to finally have our honeymoon in May! After two years, we finally get to go to Greece. Im so excited for the adventure.

  • jennifer

    I have to move again for the 3rd time in two years and its a very last minute move. During my search for a new place to live, I discovered a wonderful ranch in FairPlay CA in the Sierra foothills. its a room for rent for a very reasonable price. It has its own hiking trails, Spanish horses, hot spring, and beautiful land. I plan on going there next month to view the majestic land and hopefully it will be my dream home.