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March 6th, 2015 | By Alicia Silverstone

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is located in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, about 2 and a half hours north of Philadelphia. If you’re ever in the area, go visit! The sanctuary has over 150 animals, an organic farm, and an environmental education center. The sanctuary was founded in 2005  by Indra Lahiri after she had the realization that the animals most in need of rescue were farm animals- which didn’t have an accessible safe haven in her area. Indraloka’s mission is to provide a “heaven on earth” for animals that have nowhere else to turn. Their philosophy is that the earth and all life are sacred and related. The sanctuary’s name is actually the Sanskrit name for Heaven of the Gods. 

In addition to visiting the farm and loving up the animals, check out their organic farms and some of the workshops such as “Animal Intelligence and Communication” and for kids, “My Place in the Ecosystem” or “You Are What You Eat”.

Have you visited Indraloka? What Sanctuary have you been to recently?

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