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Kind Lifer Christina’s Story

Christina wrote in sharing her story about moving to China and finding The Kind Diet. Thank you Christina for writing! I am so happy for you. Thank you!

Dear Alicia,

I am a female who is 29 years old from Florida U.S.A. I went to teach in China in 2014. I was suffering from being obese, bad skin, stretch marks, bad nails, hair loss, and so much more! I was so healthy as a child and even teenager when I got to college I was a total of 360 pounds in less than a year! I was in so much shock and would juggle with my weight for a long time!

Then when I got home I started to work out and I found out about someone being a vegan. At this point I was already around 27 years old and flirted with eating healthy and exercise. I was around 28 when I learned about being your best self when I found Alica Silverstone book The Kind Diet and started to flirt with her food at home.

Now at 29 living in China almost 30 I feel better, healthy, and look even younger now then what I did in the past many people tell me. I was 360 down to 300 and now 200 pounds. My goal is to reach 140 pounds by sticking to being a vegan.

Alicia gave me the strength, truth, and encouragement through her book to have a healthy lifestyle and not to feel guility if you slip up once or twice because lets face it I am in China and sometimes there is just cheese and meat all around me…. Mostly I slip on the cheese though! Now the benefits in living here are all the healthy vegetables, tofu, soups, and cooking I have done the past 6 months thanks to The Kind Diet! I use the word experiment because my amazing and supporting boyfriend soon to be hubby fully supports me in eating clean and healthy! The truth is at the end of the day do we want to be kind to our bodies the planet and animals? If so the journey to finding the best you is in this book, so thank you Alicia for finding the american girl teacher in China through your book to be the healthiest me!

– Christina

Thank you Christina!!


Do you have a similar story to Christina’s? How do you continue to live a kind life when¬†traveling?


  • Crystal E

    Thanks for sharing amazing story:)

  • Moya

    Thank you Christina for your story this can let other see that if you really want something you can, no matter where you are, and Alicia thank you for sharing this with us and of course your book for helping it happen! Can’t wait to read other stories

  • Sami Collins

    Christina, that is amazing to lose so much, and the great thing is you are doing it the healthy right way. Congrats! Keep it up. How lucky for you to be experiencing living abroad in China too.

  • jcbjt

    This is very inspirational as right now I weigh almost 200lbs and am on 3 medications. I feel very unhealthy and am just starting the vegan diet. I can say cheese is my biggest issue. I grew up near diaries where meat was very accessible but so were fresh fruits and veggies. I want to be healthy. I also want to do good for the world. So thank you for this and all these stories.

    • Dawn Bolton

      Vegan Cheese :Nutritional Yeast / powdered mustard and they do have vegan cheese that you will love with time. Then it will get that you don’t want cheese at all because you will remember everytime you at cheese you felt bloated and constipated. You will also notice that you go potty with ease and everyday and there will be times that you will go twice a day . :) Welcome aboard !