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Giveaway: Fair Trade Mother’s Day Gifts

Congrats Brenda Lee! You & your mom are the winners of the giveaway.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, so many amazing stories & mamas! It was a tough one.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you kind mamas! In honor of the upcoming day, Fair Trade USA is giving away some amazing Fair & Organic items to 2 lucky ladies! I’m excited to support Fair Trade items because when you buy an item marked with it’s label, you know that the farmers or workers who produced it are paid fair wages, earn healthcare benefits, receive education, earn development funds to improve their communities, and practice sustainably. The Fair Trade Certification covers a wide range of items- from coffee to wine and flowers to moisturizer. By purchasing items with this label, you are truly making a difference with your dollar!

Well in addition to all of that goodness, Fair Trade also does a lot to empower and support women.  Under Fair Trade standards, women are given equal representation on worker’s committees, maternity leave, childcare assistance and even microloans to start their own businesses. So when you give Fair Trade gifts for Mother’s Day, you’re doing more than making your own mom smile.  Visit to learn how it all works and sign a virtual card for Fair Trade moms.

Check out this short video that gives a brief snap shot as to why Fair Trade certified flowers are so much more valuable than conventional:

Today’s giveaway features a collection of so many wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas!

  • Under the Canopy Kimono Robe: This simple, super-soft organic bathrobe is perfect for lounging around the house while sipping your Fair Trade coffee or tea.
  • Coyuchi Air Weight™ Towel Set: These organic towels are chic and cozy!
  • Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw: This Cable Knit Throw is soft, eco (organic + non-toxic dyes!) and elegantly beautiful. As a bonus you can use the code COZYMOM to get 25% off at Boll & Branch before Mother’s Day (5/10).
  • Just Love Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe:  I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but our friends at Fair Trade USA say Yirgacheffe is considered the cream of the crop of East African coffees. It comes from a cooperative of small farmers who use the Fair Trade premium to invest in schools, health clinics and clean water.
  • Intensely Moisturizing Nourish Organic Shea Butter: This rich organic shea butter will deeply hydrate and soothe the driest of skin!
  • One Dozen Whole Trade Roses: Did you know that just about all of the roses sold in the United States are imported from South America?  Well these gorgeous Whole Trade roses ensure that the women who work on flower farms in Ecuador are paid fairly, work in safe conditions, and are given a voice in the workplace.  And for every dozen sold, they earn a premium to invest in improving their communities and their lives.

To enter to win, leave a comment telling us about a mom who deserves to be pampered this year.  You and your nominated mom will both win the prize!

I will announce the winner on Friday, May 8th

With Love,







  • Heather Hart

    My mom deserves to win this! She has always been there for my brother and I through everything; emotionally, mentally, and monetarily. She works so hard to keep my step dad healthy and happy, and she provides a wonderful home for him. She had recently been making the switch to a fully compassionate lifestyle that will keep her, my step dad, and the world’s animal safe and healthy. I am very proud of her!! She is the most amazing mother and I don’t know what I would do without her!

    • Cassidy Ciazza Morelli

      My mom! :) <3 she helps heal the hearts and minds of those will mental illness. She deserves a little pampering! <3

  • Jessica Veltri

    My mom deserves to win this for so many reasons! She raised five kids and always put us before herself. Now that we’re all grown up and leaving the house she finally has some time for herself, yet she continues to support us by planning wedding after wedding, baby showers and more! She never hesitates to jump on a plane to come visit her military kids who are far across the country when we need her. Help me make her day this year!! Also she’s been super supportive of my new plant based diet endeavor with no judgement!!

  • Brandi Young

    My mom deserves to win because she never takes care of herself and I think it is time she learns how to and how important being pampered is to happiness and clarity! Happy heart, happy life.

  • Sandra Fritsche

    My mom deserves this great prize for a whole bunch of reasons. She’s a wonderful mom, always there to support me (and now my family). She’s a lot of fun – she’s gone to a theme park with us. She’s just a great lady and I’d love to spoil her!

  • Joy Person

    My sister in law Sarah Brown because her first almost 2 years as a military wife have not gone great for her. Her husband deployed 2 months after they married and she was pregnant with their first child while he was gone. Now her little boy is going to be without a father in just a weeks time because he is being stationed in Korea without them and it’s just before the little guys first birthday. When they were moving to a new place her husband broke his ankle and she had to do everything herself. She is a strong, determined woman and she so deserves to be pampered!

  • Jessica W.

    I would love to win these amazing gifts for my beautiful mother. Her kindness and positivity shine through in everything she does. She’s the most creative, motivated and hard working person I know.

  • latanya t

    My mother in law. She takes care our son while my husband and I work. Sometimes she will even keep him overnight. When we are sick, she will cook a comfort meal and bring it over. She is an amazing women and I am thankful for that.

  • Lisa Marie Berry

    My mom deserves to be pampered this year. She has spent the last year trying to help my 74 year old aunt, her sister. My aunt is no longer driving, by choice. So my mom drives her to the supermarket, the hair salon, her numerous doctors appointments, etc every single week. She is with her just about every day. Which is nice company for my mom, because she lost my dad who was 54 years old, to a 10 year battle with colon cancer in 2009 and both my sister and I live in other states. She has also been trying to help my aunt and herself get healthier. My aunt has a problem creating platelets. Her doctors have tried various things for almost a year now and nothing they have done has worked. My aunt for 72 years of her life prided herself in never eating a vegetable other than a white potato. So now my mother makes her a vegetable and fruit smoothie every single morning to try to help increase her platelets. Now that my aunt is in the hospital due to a suddenly problem, my mom still drives an hour there and an hour back each day to go and see her. She is very determined and always thinking of others before herself. On top of the smoothies, a few years ago my mom finally has adopted a plant based lifestyle. Something her vegan daughters have been trying to get her to do for 2 decades. She works heavily with her local church. That church has about 10 members on a good day and 99% of them are elderly. They run huge rummage and bake sales every month to try to stay afloat. Huge. I really dont know how they do it, because they never have the same item twice. They pick up the donations, load them onto my father’s old truck, clean them, set them up, haul everything up and down stairs. Its like their own little community center to chat and spend time with each other, and the church has been in most of their families for a 100 years. On top of all this, she owns properties that she has to maintain for her tenants. My dad’s business, that she should let go of, because its a lot of work for someone who isnt handy or doesnt have the maintenance skills to handle plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc repairs. She learns as she goes and tries to find reputable help when she cant figure something out. She always thinks of everyone else before herself. She desperately needs to be pampered. I wish for her to have a simpler life and find great happiness. :)

  • Monica Lee

    Even after 30 years my mom still makes sure she spends my birthday with me. Even after I moved across the country.

  • Diane McCutchen

    My mom deserves to be pampered. She raised five children and the last one just headed off to college this year. She never once put herself first, and never once did I ever see her pamper herself or even buy anything for herself. She could use a little pampering this Mother’s Day.

  • Jessica Peil

    My mom is great! She is single at 49 through no fault of her own. She is strong and has gotten through a lot in life on her own. She inspires me. She is always there for me to cry to or laugh with. She is my best friend. And a wonderful grandma to my daughter! I love my momma!!

  • kate m

    it would be so fun if my mom won this prize. I am a very much grown yet she still always gets me little thoughtful gifts and sends me cute little emails with clip art she finds on the internet. Im also really proud of her because she also has finally started listening to me and has adopted a healthy eating style over the years and really has fun doing so- sharing her creative ideas for recipes with me and her successes and failures. Happy mothers day to all the mothers! PS- I didn’t know that about the flowers…very interesting

  • Kelly E

    My mom absolutely deserves to be pampered! She has gone out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of and she will tell you like it is. She has also been my sounding board for everything in my life. She loves my kids more then anything and makes a point to be with them even if for only a day (she doesn’t even live in the same state as us). I feel like she needs to be able to take a moment for herself and to sit back relax and enjoy that moment. She’s the best and I love her so much!

  • Lisa Zahn

    I nominate my friend Dominica. She had her second son naturally several weeks ago as an unplanned home birth when he came faster than expected and they couldn’t make it to the birthing center on time. She is a strong and beautiful vegan mother of two beautiful boys and I know this gift would be fully appreciated. <3

  • Kelly E

    My mom absolutely deserves to be pampered! She has gone out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of and she will tell you like it is. She has also been my sounding board for everything in my life. She loves my kids more then anything and makes a point to be with them even if for only a day (she doesn’t even live in the same state as us). I feel like she needs to be able to take a moment for herself and to sit back relax and enjoy that moment. She’s the best and I love her so much!

  • Heidi

    My mom, Linda, is beyond special. She has raised five wonderful children of her own and cared for hundreds of children that needed someone to love on them. My mother has been an example of kindness and generosity with her mission work in countries all around the world, including Jamaica, Aruba, Guatemala, and Nicaraqua. I am so proud to be her baby girl and I believe she deserves all the happiness and pampering this world can offer!

  • Leigh Colby

    My mom is always helping us out and doing lots of things for my family and myself. I’d love to be able to give her some fun things for Mother’s Day!

  • Stephanie Hall



    These seven words have guided me for seven years now.

    This advice to live by was given to me by my momma when I became a mom!

    In the hospital with my newborn twin daughters, I had so many questions. My mind was racing between feedings, diaper changes, and sleep deprivation. Many times she would simplify the situation by saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Years later I apply this simple saying to many aspects of my life. Especially when I am just not sure what to do. It seem that majority of the time over thinking is the culprit for any situation.

  • Jesse Kemp

    this is my mothers last mothers day she has stage4 kidney failuremrsa, and more illnesses she never gets out of her gowns, robes, and always covered up. its funny this fair trade. we lived in lima peru in the 70s. you had to have cooks, gardeners, nannys, housekeepers, etc. we were told they only wre to receive 30 a month. mom upset the people we asscosiated with because theyre maids etc. found out we paid ours 100..00 a month. paid their medical, gave them clothes etc. shes been that way all her life with others. shes done so much for others and now everyone has deserted her.

  • Jesse Kemp

    noe of your pages open

  • Priscilla Pittington

    Everyone who meets my mom falls in love with her. She is one of the most compassionate, patient and positive person you will ever meet. When I was 2 and my sister was 1 she suddenly became a single mother and was up for the challenge. From then on she didn’t date and just focused her energy on us. Even when she was working 3 jobs at once she always woke up extra early to make gourmet meals for us to heat up for lunch and dinner through out the day. and when she came home from a 16 hour shift she was always excited to see us and never once did I hear her complain. I wish I had appreciated it more back then as I do now. She doesn’t like asking for help, but she lives to care for others. She’s been a caretaker for the elderly, people with disabilities and newborns. We currently all share 1 small room together but she still makes room to decorate the walls with flowers so I think she’d love the roses. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve her but I will spend the rest of my life trying, because thats what she deserves.

  • Sarah Parker

    I would love for my mom to win this! She has been so wonderful the past few weeks by helping me out with my newborn baby! She gave up much of her time to help me cook, grocery shop, do laundry, and care for the baby. I am so thankful that she would serve me in this way!

  • Anne Z Meyer

    My mom certainly deserves to be pampered after learning that my dad, her husband, has metastic melanoma just months ago. She never flinched, only went straight to work caring for him and ensuring he had only the best care. She is a Super Woman!

  • Erin Ellis

    My mom is the single greatest person on the planet. I love her to pieces. She is strong, funny, and best of all loving. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Kendra Lewis Mcbride

    I nominate my mom because she’s a kind hearted individual and she’s a creative soul.

  • Laura

    My mom is awesome and totally deserves to be pampered! She was a working mom and worked incredibly hard to provide for our family.

  • mandolin summer

    My mom gives everything of herself to be a great mother to our whole family. She really is the glue that binds us together.

  • kelly

    My mom deserves to win this. We talk on the phone every day, and she sends a card for every occasion. She enjoys having my family over to visit, and she is great with my kids. She will sit and let me daughter play “school” with her for hours.


  • 1chynna

    My mom works so hard Daily to take care of our family and never takes time to herself. She is so loving energetic full of life. She is always concerned about everyone else. I love for her to be lucky and be pampered by you guys. Thank you

  • Jessica Cassidy Goodwin

    My mom is such un unselfish, giving, compassionate person who give wholeheartedly without ever expecting anything in return. She loves unconditionally and always has the right answer. Being a new mom I look up to her and listen to all of her knowledge. My kids and husband love her just as much. I almost lost her in a serious motorcycle accident 7 years ago and I’ll never forget that as the worst day of my life. I don’t know what I would do with out her here on earth. I love her too much and can never give her enough to thank her for who she is and what she does for me and the whole family. She deserves the world.

  • Oanh H.

    I nominate my mom because we still learn something new from her everyday. I admire her work ethics and warm personality.

  • Lauren Maher

    My mom is amazing. She is loving, hard-working, and a true fighter.

  • Lori Whitefield

    My mom deserves to win because she has spent her year trying to get my father to adopt healthier ways after a cancer and Parkinson’s diagnosis. She does not ever give up…She got him to eat more organics, to switch from diet pepsi to vitamin water….She has figured out ways to help him walk…putting down poles for him to step over so his walking continues..She is the strongest woman I know and she teaches me more every day how to be stronger. I am often called Supermom by friends..I have stepdaughter, a child with autism and allergies and an infant…but I would never be half the mom i am without her example and love. She deserves this more than anyone I know.

  • Kristi Agee

    My mom supports me and is both my friend and confidant. She’s selfless, and could use some of this awesomeness! :-)

  • Shari @ Savvy Every Day

    I love this post! It feels like I’m never looking in the right places for fair trade items, and there just isn’t enough around. I’d love for my mom to win this giveaway because she’s a dedicated daughter, sister, mom, aunt, grandma-auntie (she’s like a mom to my cousins and grandma to their kids), and grandma who is always looking after everyone in her life, but rarely gets a moment for herself. She could use some pampering and appreciation. Thank you for sharing this beautiful giveaway!

  • Amanda Williams

    My stepmother is 1 of my heroes. She did not give birth to me, but she welcomed me when my biological mother neglected me. I’ll never be able to show my “mom” how much I appreciate her selfless act of nurturing someone else’s child.

  • Laura

    Alicia, I know a Mom that so deserves to be pampered. We both have children with epilepsy but her baby girl is so sick right now. She caught a cold from her Mom and it caused her to get so sick. Her right lung collapsed and she has been needing oxygen for days. She is in the hospital in Denver but thankfully she is starting to feel a little better today. Her Mom was alone with her for the first 2 days, which were the worst, because her Dad was in Atlanta. They have had to live apart for a year because they needed to get their daughter Haleigh the medicine she needed to save her life. They are going to be together again in Atlanta as soon as their daughter is well enough to go home. This Mom has been through so much this year and this week. She deserves to be pampered more than anyone I have ever known. Please give this sweet and loving Mom a well needed break! Thank you so much! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  • Moya

    I would love to win these This is an amazing gift!

  • Jaclyn Jirout

    Me and my mom deserve it! Especially my mother. She’s an super hero and a kick a** mother! She helped me become the awesome mother I am today! We would love this opportunity. Thanks for the chance.

  • Rebecca B

    My sister has 5 children and would love this gift… and so would I!

  • Laura B

    My Mother is very deserving! She always takes care of everyone else and puts herself last. She recently started putting her health as a priority in her life and I am so proud of her that she is getting healthy! ! So it would be nice to have a little pampering for her! Thanks for the opportunity for these giveaways. You rock!

  • C. Blake

    Thanks for sharing this Alicia! I have lot’s of mom’s in my life that would like this. My birth mother is no longer with us but I have sisters and friends. I hope this gift goes to a very deserving mom. I like to buy fair trade when I can find it. I usually see the label on tea and coffee. Anyway, a little lyric for Bear’s Birthday….
    Happy birthday to Bear
    His mom and pa too
    Happy birthday to Bear Blu
    Happy birthday to you
    hehe hoho haha
    Love, Blake

  • Denise Butkus

    Oh my goodness, I believe my mother deserves this because she is constantly giving towards others. Not only does she care for my daughter, her husband and myself, but she is always running around for her 102 year old mother and never takes time for herself. I have tried to offer a simple pedicure on numerous occasions, and she won’t do it! This would be the perfect opportunity to extend a moment of wellness and happiness to a woman who is always sacrificing her time and never takes a minute to honor herself.

  • AKM

    I love buying Fair Trade! Thanks for tipping us off to some cool new items. My mom deserves to win! She helped me through grad school the last four years and helped me with an overwhelming move last month. She’d really like the coffee, robe, and shea butter! Thanks, Alicia!

  • april proveaux

    I nominate my sister Kristi Montague. She just went through a (surprise) rough pregnancy while caring for a toddler and working full time on a book and video project that spreads so much joy into the world! My niece is now 7 weeks old, and so sweet & beautiful!! I am currently 39 weeks pregnant with my first baby so this will be my first Mother’s Day! My sister and I love supporting fair trade businesses, and these products sound wonderful! Happy Mother’s Day Alicia!!!

  • Lisa-Marie

    My mom deserves some pampering with the fair trade gifts. She is 83 years old and has spent all her life caring for her family. After my brothers and I were on our own she watched both my daughters for me everyday from 8 weeks old through elementary school so that I could work to support them. My dad passed suddenly 4 years ago and my mom moved in to live with me. I am finally able to return her kindness by caring for her (although much of the time it seems she is still caring for me!) She is a blessing.

  • Debi Cole

    My beautiful daughters Michelle! She will give birth to her 5th! Child at the end of this month!! She homeschools her other 4. They are the most loved ..sweet ..kind! Kids you have ever met! She parents with such love, grace and kindness ! Now with number 5 new babe she is gonna be an even more buzy mama!! She could definitely use some pampering!!!!

  • BC

    My mom deserves pampering for life! She was a military wife, moved around raising 2 young children, often by herself. We had moved to 8 different states by the time I was 8. My dad loves us, but she very much did a lot on her own due to his career. They separated when my brother and I were in our early teens, and she dealt with some pretty difficult teen years mostly alone again (sorry, Mom!) She has been a constant inspiration. She faces a lot of difficulties, she now lives on the other side of the country as her siblings and mother as this is where my dad’s job last moved us and she wants to stay by my brother and I, plus selling the house and moving is really hard. She has medical problems ranging from psoriasis, to a degenerative bone disorder, to a titanium hip, to a recently broken elbow, and she perseveres and doesn’t let anything stop her. She can’t work due to her injuries, but the state doesn’t recognize her as disabled, so things can get pretty tough, but she makes it work. She’s just recently started dating after over 10 years of being single, and I know she’s scared, but she’s doing it and I’m SO proud of her for it. For everything she’s been through, my mother deserves to be pampered and spoiled. She has finally reached a place where she realizes how amazing she is and can finally accept that other people see that too.

  • Kathy Gray

    My mom deserves to win. She’s always doing for others before doing for herself. Would be nice to pamper her this mother’s day!

  • The Holistic Herbivore

    My mamma deserves this! She is one of the most caring & funniest people I know. She never pampers herself. We live very far from each other so we don’t get see each other much. I would love to be able to send some extra love her way! Not to mention May 8th is my Birthday & I absolutely adore everything in this package. I would love to indulge in a little pampering myself!

  • Mary

    My Mom totally deserves to win because she sacrifices so much for me (still)! Also, she lost her son, my brother 5 years ago and I love to treat her and show her how much she is loved when I can!

  • Raine Dawson

    I cannot say enough about how much my mom deserves to be pampered, she’s my best friend and my rock. She’s helped me raise my children after my fiance died suddenly and for a while my kids list me too, she was there for all of the middle of the night panic attacks, she pulled me up when I was at my lowest. She also works so hard at a high stress job, I worry about her health, she never does much for herself, she’s always thinking of others. Plus, she has a wicked sense of humor and can always make me laugh, sometimes laughter truly can be the best medicine. This is an amazing chance, thank you so much and Happy Mothers Day to you and all of the other moms out there.

  • Michelle K.

    These are such amazing items with equally amazing backstories of production. My best friend’s mom, Marilyn, who is a wonderful, supportive, beautiful, kind, super hard-working woman had a huge role in raising me. While she is not my birth mother, she has so generously given so much of herself to me. Growing up, she was a single mom to 3 children, and still had enough heart, love and time to offer to me. I’ll never forget as a kid walking into her home, not having had dinner, and she took spaghetti right off of her plate and gave it to me so that I would feel part of her family and their meal. She didn’t have a lot to share, but shared pretty much everything she had. She also exposed me to worlds like volunteering and helping others who had even less than I did. She taught me not to be afraid of people who were different. My son and I visited Marilyn yesterday and gave her a pot filled with 2 seeds and soil which will hopefully bloom and grow. I would give any 1 of these gifts to Marilyn. She always finds a way to give to others and I would love to be able to do something extra special for her!

  • Jess

    My daughter’s teacher, Mrs. Devich, deserves this lovely gift. She teaches 36 amazing but rowdy fifth graders. She is fair, kind but firm with laying down the law. She has a hubby and three lovely children. I just can’t imagine how she juggles school kids, school kids parents, and her own fabulous family while grocery shopping, attending games, kissing ochies and all the mom things we do. She is amazing!

  • Laura

    I have a hippie vegan mom who gives everything she has to others. I would love to give back! Especially with this gorgeous gift – it’s something she could really appreciate.

  • Rachel

    My mom so deserves to win because she’s always putting us kids first. In the last several years she’s taken my sister and her two children in to get her away from an abusive husband. She tirelessly has cared for them and loved on them, helping them get back on their feet. It would be so incredible for her to win such an amazing gift! Thank you for the opportunity Alicia!

  • Linda De Pasquale

    My friend’s mother, Roseanne, deserves the world. She lost both her daughters from a disease called Thalassemia Major. This is how I met her, I have Thalassemia Major also. She was the best mother anyone who could ever ask for to her daughters. I lost contact with Roseanne for many years (Lisa died in 1980, and Denise died in 1986). We met at a funeral for another friend with Thal Major in 2004. I was never happier to see anyone in my life-just to see her,brought back my child and young adulthood. Since then, she’s seen me through a battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, and we have become so close (my mom died when I was 21, in 1983), and I would love for her to have something very special for Mother’s Day. Once you are a mother, you never cease being a mother, she carries her children in her heart xo

  • Emily Meath

    This is so awesome! I would love to be able to give this gift to my mom – she’s the most generous and loving person I’ve ever known, and I grow closer to her every day!!! Happy mother’s day to all – xoxoxo

  • Echap

    I’m a mom who has things pretty easy. I don’t feel like I need to be pampered.

    But when I saw this post I immediately thought of a friend of mine (we’ll call her T) who has been going through a difficult time. For about 17 years she has been the primary care-taker of her sister’s child; she’s as much a mom as anyone I know.

    T has been planning a trip to Scotland for over a year and is supposed to leave in a little over a week. T’s mother recently had a fall in the bath tub and T had to call 911 to help get her mother out. T’s mom has been in the hospital and it turns out she had a really bad infection that traveled to her spine. She was in surgery for the better part of yesterday. She’ll be in the hospital on antibiotics for at least a month and will then need to be moved to a rehab facility. T’s adopted daughter is about to graduate high school and recently got into a fender bender, so add “one car down” to their latest troubles. She missed her senior picture today because of the issues going on with her grandmother. T is missing work trying to keep things together and is trying to find someone to take her place at the very last minute for the Scotland trip. (I would do it but the money is a lot to come up with in such a short amount of time.) I first met T on a study abroad trip very soon after her father died. She almost didn’t go on that trip, and I know that the latest life obstacles have probably been bringing all of that up again for her. Those are the highlights of the troubles that have hit this family, one of the most close-knit, deserving-of-a-break families I know.

    If I were to win this give-away, I’d opt out of receiving one of the prizes in favor of awarding one prize to T and one to her mother.

  • Kirsten Antony

    My mother-in-law needs to be pampered! She takes care of so many people and always puts others first. I would love for her to win this gift!

  • Kelly Wood Harrison

    My twin sister (the good
    twin) is one of the most deserving people to me. Her divine unselfishness,
    heart of gold, hardworking, compassionate sister, mother, friend, neighbor that
    gives her all wholeheartedly without ever expecting anything from anyone, She
    is one of the most patient, forth loving people I know. Her love is
    unconditional and always there when she is needed. Being twins (two peas in a
    pod) and her being a mama of four boys her time is always occupied, her house
    is always a crazy circus that is always eventful. The love, respect and
    compassion she has raised her children with shows ten times they all have what
    they learned which is to be appreciative, caring, respectful and strong young
    men. They look up to her and listen to all of her knowledge. I am so blessed to
    have her n my life and don’t know what I would do without her. I love her too much
    and can never give her enough to thank her for who she is and what she does for
    me and with me being (the bad twin lol) that is what I always say. So I
    nominate my sister, one of most deserving people. This would be simply
    amazing to her if she won. Thank you

  • Rhonda

    I was blessed with a wonderful step-mom who has been in my life for over 40 years. She was always there for me and made my favorite foods from scratch when I came for my bi-weekly visits. She is a pillar in our family as everyone depends on her wisdom and strength. I so appreciate her for taking care of my father the last few years of his life as the strong man became so week and fragile from Parkinson disease. My mom took care of him to the day he left us 2 years ago this month. I know it is hard for her to be alone as she wants to stay in her home in their retirement community that they have lived in for 15 years. I think my mom would appreciate a special gift of fair trade coffee and pampering gifts.
    My best to all of you kind moma’s.

  • Denise Niles

    My sweet Mom who puts everyone first is deserving of this lovely package. Not only did she take care of our family, she was foster mom to several babies, and continues to mentor a new mom’s group to this day!

  • ashley k

    My mom just moved across the country to help me with child care after spending the past 3 years taking care of my grandmother who was dying of cancer. She is the best grandmother to my little guy & has been the best mom in the world to me. Even though she was a single mom from the time I was two, scraping by each month, whose entire family was in another country, she always found ways to make me feel like I was the luckiest kid in the world. And I am, because I’ve always had her unconditional support & love. She helped me through school anxiety as a child, went veg with me when I decided to stop eating animals at age 12, and worked 3 jobs to put me through college. Her advice to me as an adult has always come from empathy and openness. This is a woman who would (and does) give anything for those she loves without complaint. She has so readily been there to help her daughter & her mother that she forgets to prioritize her own needs. I wish I had the means to pamper my mom now in the way she deserves, I am going to try to take a page from her book and get creative this mothers day. I better get busy!

  • Cathleen

    My sister really deserves a prize this year for figuring out how to make her two toddler girls love each other like sisters. It’s been a challenge but she’s been a trooper.

  • Amanda Spalt

    my mom deserves it because she puts other people’s needs before herself. she is kind, caring, intelligent, and extremely funny. i know i would be lost without her. she works too hard and doesn’t get paid enough. well we both do. :)

  • AnnaZed

    My Mother-in-Law, Patty; what a dear she is (nothing at ALL like the bad mother-in-laws of stage and screen). She works (still! she will finally retire in July), she takes care of her husband who though only 70 has been recently injured and is on a long recovery time-line and she takes care of my husband’s oafish brothers who (in their 40s) live with Mom and Dad. Oh, and she has 5 rescue dogs! And she’s my pal.
    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Carissa Schlies

    My mom has been striving to lose weight for the last year or so and has done an awesome job of it! She has lost about 30-40 lbs. She looks and feels so much better and she just wants to keep going. I am so proud of her. And it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. She did so well that my dad even joined her. She is literally reshaping the health of her family! My dad was considering a bypass surgery, but now that he has been on this new eating plan, he has already lost about 40 lbs and he has a new hope that he won’t need surgery!!!
    As for myself, this is going to be my very first mother’s day. I am 14 weeks pregnant! My hubby and I are so excited!

  • Jess McGee

    My Mama has had a series of health issues (including spinal surgery) over the years that have kept her in an endless cycle of debt. Unable to work, unable to get ahead. But that doesn’t stop her from helping anyone in need who crosses her path. She lives a life of compassion and I am proud to call her my best friend. She is an amazing human being and deserves to be pampered on Mother’s Day, and everyday. While I do everything within my means to help, she lives on the other side of the country. I would love to be able to send her this beautiful gift package to remind her just how special she is to me and everyone she encounters. Thanks, Alicia – you’re so thoughtful!! <3

  • Sheila Chaffins

    My mother deserves to be pampered this year for moms day because she had a stroke 2 years ago and had to quit working and all of her outside daily activists. She used to be a seamstress and used to knit all of our slippers and crocheted our blankets. Now all she can do is sit and play games on our computer. She has lost her smile and this would sure cheer her up. Thank you for this giveaway.


  • Lindsay F

    My mother in law. She is truly an amazing person and does so much for her family. She flew to NY to watch our daughter so my husband and I can get away for the weekend. Plus, she is writing her 3rd book!

  • McJana

    I’m texting from my mother’s hospital room. She is leaving AMA as she’s a terrible patient who doesn’t like to be fussed over and it causes her a lot of stress. She’s getting crotchety and taciturn in her old age, but funny too (think Shirley MacLaines character in Steel Magnolias). Anyhow, she doesn’t think she’ll be around much longer nor does she want to be. She does give to charity and she loves her family and friends.

  • Sarah Durr

    My mother has had a rough year. Since last Mother’s Day she will have endured life-changing situations which will make this Mother’s Day become a reminder of what she once had. Last June she lost her job of 30 years and unfortunately couldn’t keep her home due to financial constraint. She had to be out of her house the day before Halloween, everything was packed and put into storage. My mother 65 and homeless to bounce around from one family member to another until she could get back on her feet was heartbreaking. Unfortunately she took a terrible fall that same night; fracturing her arm and leg. She was laid up at her sisters to heal for a couple weeks until I was to pick her up to come stay with my husband and I for a compassionate Thanksgiving. She started developing breathing issues when she came to stay. It was the day before Thanksgiving and I had to rush her to the ER. My mom was in the hospital due to a pulmonary embolism and she ended up being admitted. She was in the hospital for five days and ended up back in the ER two days later, but was discharged that same day. Long story short she’s much better than before, on blood thinners and pain management. The clot was caused by the fracture in her leg from falling the night of Oct 30 at her sisters. She has been currently staying at my brothers due to doctor appointments in her hometown and also having to see specialist and physical therapists because her arm fractures froze during the healing process; causing her bones to lock in her hand and shoulder. There’s been lots of dark days for my mom this past year, she deserves this pampered gift! Not only has she lost her job, dignity, pride, privacy and mobility but she has lost everything she ever worked for and at this age of her life it’s not easy to bounce back. I’m manifesting that it can only get better from here.
    Thank you for this opportunity to honor my Naunchins..

  • Andrea Rossmann

    My co-worker Laurie deserves this. She’s a substitute teacher (one of the toughest jobs there is!) and a part time library clerk. She’s had a rough few months personally and could use a pick me up. She’s a loving, caring mother who puts everyone else’s needs ahead of her own. She’s been a great cheerleader to me and is the first to jump in and help me out if I need it. No questions asked. You couldn’t ask for a truer friend. Her children will never know how lucky they are to have her. Thanks for considering.

  • Emily Sterneck

    My mom deserves to win this pampering Mother’s Day gift because she has set the best example for my sister and me on how to strive for success and live a happy and healthy life. She dedicates her life to her children and family and not only acts as our loving mother but we joke that she acts as our secretary and personal assistant as well. She is always there for us when we need it and is the true example of how hard work can pay off. She recently changed her lifestyle to set a better example for my sister and I by going organic and losing over 50 lbs. She bettered her life for herself and so that she could be there for myself and my sister for as long as possible. I don’t know who could be a better role model and who would deserve this more than her!

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    My mom would say that she’s not doing anything special, but I know the truth! She’s always there and I’d love to see her extra pampered this year. Love you mom!

  • Marlies Lee

    My mom lead me to the path of healing with nature. Homeopathy and now essential oils are in my medicine cabinet for me and my family. I’m so blessed to be here! Blessings one drop at a time!

  • Sharon Harvey-Landon

    My sister definitely deserves these fair trade gifts. She is an amazing mom, wife,sister and daughter. She puts everyone first and often gives up her plans to accommodate everyone else. She is always ready to lend a hand and open her home to everyone. She is also an amazing teacher (currently subbing until a full time position is available). She was with our mother when she died and has always been there for everyone in the family. Everyone loves her!

  • Cindy Batchelor

    My mom of course! She is fabulous!

  • Tanya

    How do I choose one? I’ll have to go with my friend and mama-inspiration, Hilary. She is a mom of two boys and single-parents many months out of the year, as her husband works out of the country. She runs a school and serves on numerous education boards. She, like all moms, do full-time everything! When I am tempted to break down over something, I think of her. If Hilary can do it, I tell myself, then I sure as hell can!!

  • Julia B

    My best friend Hope is the best mom I know! After going through a series of fertility treatments, finally getting pregnant, and then loosing one of her twins, she has always stayed strong for her son and has loved him unconditionally. She is planning on going through IVF again soon, but just found out her job is moving and she may be laid off this October, so IVF may have to be put on hold. She could definitely use some pampering! I’m due with my first baby this August (huge thanks to The Kind Momma Book for being such a great resource), and I hope I can be at least half the Momma she is!!!!

  • Stacy Bauer

    My Mom deserves to be pampered this year and every year because she is so Amazing! She had 5 kids, worked as a seamstress at home to make extra money for our birthdays and Christmas etc…! She is so loving, supportive and always there for us through the good and the bad times! She would do anything for her family and friends! She has the early stages of Alzheimer’s now, and moving down here to Florida in June and I am going to take of her just the way she did us! I am so blessed to have her as my Mom! ❤️ She gave me away on my wedding day since Dad was already in heaven. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms at Nourish Organic and Fair Trade!

  • Anna Pry

    I’m hoping to win this for my mother-in-law. She’s put everything into giving to her family. I’m so blessed to have her in my life, and so are my children. They adore her!
    [email protected]

  • Chelsea W

    My mom deserves this because she looks me unconditionally and has always encouraged and supported me no matter what.

  • theresano

    My Mother is 76 and still going strong always looking for people to help could be her own family or complete strangers.

  • hillary hubacker

    My mom is recently retired and the change of budget means a lot of the little self care luxuries have to go! I would love to provide her with a great mother’s day package!

  • Anela828

    My mother is going through some personal issues and would love to win anything from this company! So would I lol =)

  • Raeleen Gutierrez

    My mother was a single mom most of my life. She raised myself and my 3 other siblings pretty much alone. I know we weren’t the best kids, but she always gave us her best. Now she works everyday trying to reunite families who are struggling through abuse, addiction, homelessness and other horrible things and never takes the time to care for herself. She deserves this and I only wish I could give her more.

  • Wendy

    My mother deserves to be pampered this year. She was just diagnosed with Congestive heart disease and did not know that she even had it for 4 months and had to be hospitalized. She had to quit working due to extreme fatique and being out of breath. She sends money to help a local pet charity give food to people to keep their pets with them even though she does not have money to buy her medication and daily living. Thanks Wendy

  • Dina Banks

    My mom deserves to be pampered! She is visiting us here , coming from abroad just for 2 weeks to help me with 2 little kids, and she leaves the next day after Mother’s Day and it’s not even celebrated in her country!! I think all mothers should be celebrated but as my mom is my personal heroine, I would like to dedicate this day to her. Thank u for such a thoughtful and luxurious arrangement of this gift! <3

  • Shannon

    My mom deserves to be pampered! Not only is she a wonderful Pre-K teacher she also has been caring for her mother who requires a lot of attention. She’s a wonderful grandmother to my kids and is always there when I need her.

  • Sami Collins

    I would have to say my mom. She would absolutely love the Fair Trade Mother’s Day surprise. She raised six children without help or child support. There were times we struggled, but she never let on there was a problem. She got us through the years we were “just existing” (her words) and somehow we all turned out fine. I think supporting fair trade products is a wonderful way to support women worldwide and give them the chance and opportunity they otherwise would not have. Happy (coming up) Mother’s Day to everyone too!

  • Mama Tummy

    I believe my mom is the most deserving one I know. She has been through a lot in her life. Two years ago, she gave up almost everything she knew and moved from the only city she has ever lived in to start a new life in another state to be closer to us. Her motivation for such a bold move was the news of me becoming a mother. It has not been a smooth transition for her. She has been in and out of finding a decent job, she’s been learning how to get around in a new town without a car, struggling to keep a roof over her head and food to eat. She also recently decided to start school after only having a high school diploma for almost 3 decades. Even with all this difficulty she is still so happy she made the move. She has never been this independent before. I am incredibly proud of her. I wish I could do so much for her, but we are struggling ourselves.

  • Aeolian Heart

    My Mom needs to believe in magic again. Winning this package would restore her faith and allow her to feel the warm embrace of the universe again. It would be a gift that kept on giving through a Mother like her, for she always gives more than she receives in kindness and goodness.

  • Daina Leimanis

    My sister who is staying at home to raise three beautiful children deserves to be reminded how special she is and that the job she is doing is the most important in the world! I would love for her to win the prize!

  • BrendaLeeS

    My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (after a life as a non-smoker) about 9 months ago. She had been following a mostly vegan diet for about a year prior to being diagnosed. After her diagnosis, she embarked bravely on a macrobiotic lifestyle and also with conventional medical treatment with a targeted drug against the mutation that her cancer cells had. An early mother’s day present for my mom this year was discovering that her cancer has become resistant to the drug and metastasized again. Despite this, she feels well, continues to work, and generally is the rock and foundation for our family even over great distances. While no material goods can truly counter the disappointment and dread of a spreading cancer, I’d love to be able to pamper her this year to distract her from this terrible disease.

    • TheKindLife

      Congrats Brenda! You are the winner of this giveaway. Please check your email for more info : )

  • olivia

    I am so thankful for my mother for many reasons. As my brothers and I get older, we luckily have the chance to see each other almost every day. They are my best friends, truly. They represent everything I would want in a friend and sibling, with so many admirable qualities. I’m in awe. And then I look to my mom and realize she has created 3 beautiful children and raised them mostly on her own. We owe everything to her and I would love to celebrate her goodness with this sweet Eco mama gift!

  • ella

    The mother of one of my close friend’s deserves a treat. I’ve referred to her for years as my “second mother” because she has always been there for me since I was a teenager. She takes care of her eldest daughter AND her elderly mother who has suffered from multiple strokes and health issues, all on her own, while holding down a full-time job and having the sole income in her household! She is a Wonder Woman, and even though things can be very stressful around her at times she is and has always been so full of love. She never gets a chance to look after herself because she is always putting everyone else first. I would love for her to get pampered this Mother’s Day!

  • owsla

    Of course my mom! She is still my biggest supporter and I can talk to her about anything. =)

  • Missie

    What can we say about mother’s? My mom tried so hard to work and be there for me and my siblings. She wasn’t perfect but I love her laugh, her sillyness, her endless cooking and tender care. She is a retired nurse and I feel I take after her nurturing qualities. For all the years of love she gave and continues to give, I am grateful. I think it has shaped the mom that I have become. Mom – such a beautiful word.

  • ravenj

    My good friend, Karen deserves this. She’s the only friend I have that also parents more eco-friendly and natural. She has a two month old baby boy and often takes care of him by herself because her husband is in the military. She’s a fantastic mother and a dear friend and this would be amazing !!!

    (I was just talking to my husband about Fair Trade products. Awesome post and perfect timing! Lol thank you!)

  • Rebecca Xavier

    My mom is selfless. She is always taking care of others first. I think that she deserves this.

  • Dana

    My mom deserves to be pampered this year and every year. She is kind, generous, incredibly caring and always has so much love to give. My father has had severe health problems for many years and my mom is supportive and has pushed for him to receive the best care available. She never waivers from her intentions. She was in car accident several months ago in which her clavicle was broken along with other injuries. She never lost her smile and even though it was a setback, she is coming back stronger than ever. She always has as much time as I need to listen and gently offer advise. She is my fan and I have always known that I am loved and my children know how much they are loved. I am so blessed that my mom is also my best friend.

  • Kimmie

    My best friend, Sarah, deserves to be treated to this great gift this year! She is a 3rd grade teacher who is very dedicated to the children that she works with. She is also a stellar mother to a son who is 6 years old with Autism. Life is challenging since her husband works 12 hours days and often stays overnight at jobs, but she keeps persevering! Sarah has been a great friend to me for almost 20 years and I would love to see her win!!

  • Jodi B. Zimmerman Schoof

    My mom…hands down….at 37 years old I still call every day…she is always there for me and is the best grandma ever! My sons and I were just in a horrible car wreck and walked away with staples and stitches…my poor mom was out of the country when this happened and had to deal with it long distance..can’t wait to hug her!!

  • manda

    My mom deserves to be pampered. She is always a comfort and support for all of her family. Love her to pieces.

  • Sandra Bohn

    i know everyones mom is the greatest, where would any of us be if it wasn’t for mom. moms are special ! they comfort us when we are sad, they wipe our tears when we cry, they are our biggest supporters in everything we do. they’re there for us when we need advice and they’re there for us when we need a hug. where would any of us be without our moms. we love you and cherish all you do for us each and every day of our lives. happy mothers YEAR !

  • Lauren

    I’d give the gifts to my Mom! We’re incredibly lucky to have a close bond. Its my first year of college and of course, that comes with new challenges. I don’t see her as much as I’d like. I actually won’t even be in town for mothers day due to Finals. I was feeling so sad by that and she just looked at me and said “Spending any day with you is Mother’s Day”. She’s so selfless, caring and supportive. I would love to give her such a luxurious and eco-friendly gift!

  • Sharon

    My mother is more than just a mom.. She is a special needs grandmother.. My son is a non-verbal boy and he is so attached to his grandma.. The love she gives his boy and their relationship is something so pure that could not be matched.. No words are needed to see the love between the two of them, which is priceless..

    She is a mother that has lost a daughter.. Which is somthing no mother should ever endure.. She lost her job shortly thereafter and had to have surgery..

    By keeping her faith and her smile she made it through the difficult times to shine through.. A true fighter and warrior but always smiling through it all..

  • HS kraftmaking

    My mom deserves to be pampered. She is the most generous person and always dedicates her time in helping needed people.

  • April A.

    My mother deserves a special treat just as any other, with her countless acts of selflessness and unbeatable kind heart but I know of a mother who lost her son last year and would give anything to have him back. She is a kind and wonderful person in which my heart breaks at the thought of losing my child at a young age due to addiction, in which she endlessly tried to end. I feel she is most deserving of a kind gift and a reminder of the wonderful person and mother she was, is and continues to be.

  • Beth

    My mother is going through many hardships and despite it all continues to still be there as my mom. She is still my best friend providing love, support, laughter, advice after 29 years of raising a daughter who is almost the complete opposite of her. But rather than brag about how proud she makes me for being strong and giving to others, I have actually been more concerned with what’s happening deep inside with her heart and mind. It saddens and worries me my mother is hiding lonliness, depression, anxiety, fear, shame, and anger. How could one not be facing a personal mental health battle everyday when one of your daughters is a serious drug addict, your father is homophobic and your a gay woman, your partner lives with bipolar disorder, your raising your 6 year old nephew after already raising three grown children, your brother died unexpextantly last year, your sister was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, your youngest daughter is the first one pregnant with a new boyfriend, you struggle everyday with weight issues. There is probably more but just writing these out has made me tired and sad. So for mother’s day, I truly wish more than anything for my mom to enjoy a needed break, even if just temporary and let herself work on healing herself this time around. My wish for my mom on mother’s day is the same wish I have everyday, is to make sure despite all the smiles on top, there is strength and smiles on the inside too. It’s important to me to not only have a mother who takes care of me, but one who takes great care of herself as well.

  • MamaBritt

    My mother-in-law deserves to win these lovely gifts. She is a retired teacher who taught for over 30 years. She is so giving and so generous and she has done so much for our family. She works hard everyday as a caretaker to my father-in-law who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. She deserves some pampering and relaxation this Mother’s Day!

  • Terry Mumma

    My mom deserves to be pampered this year, every year and every day. She always worked so hard to make the best life for us… she made the most of everything, supported me, survived my teen years and more seriously, survived breast cancer. She continues to be mom and friend to me and my partner. There’s no mom in this world I’d rather have… she was my perfect match.

  • Christina Moore

    My mom is a true Earth Angel who helps people constantly. It seems that, at times, people are put in her path who have no one else to turn to. My mother is strong, generous, compassionate and has empathy for everyone. She’s a survivor, and she helps everyone around her survive. I have so much love and gratitude for the woman who raised me and gave me so much, yet does very little to pamper herself. She really does deserve a special gift from the Universe. <3

  • Jodi Steele

    My mother has been supportive of me, with tough love sometimes… through all my years. Even when I did not hear it or resented it. She’s been a rock. The best kind. She retired this year and has been working hard to build her retirement life. She deserves some pampering.

  • Kristen

    My mom deserves to have a bit of a break. She raised five kids, homeschooled us, and raised most of our food. Now that we’re grown up she’s started working at the farmers market!

  • nicole farr

    Everyone has so many wonderful mums! My mother is amazing. The most upbeat adorable person. She has had 6 kids and still raising 3 young ones on her own. And an amazing teacher. Her specialty is working with mentally handicapped children. 2 years ago she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Unfortunately she is unable to get breast implants since her body rejected them. I have to keep telling her that her hair will grow longer and that she looks so cute with her pixie length hair. Now she looks like an asian doll. She is my source of light when ever I’m feeling lonely abroad. Due to this illness, she’s having to work less hours now at the school which is really hurting her financially. I see my family only a few times a year since I am studying medicine abroad (much cheaper this way) Since her diagnosis she’s taken up the habit of eating all organic. YAY! This makes me so happy since breast cancer is on the rise and is triggered by many pollutants we intake in our ever expanding industrial environment. This has much to do with epigenetics, a field I am very interested in. Even though she laughs off the pain, I often see this hopelessness in her eyes. I feel helpless. Why do big corporations like Monsanto have to hijack our health for the purpose of wealth. I want to see her happy, really happy. My grandfather died last year and I think she is doesn’t want my sisters to end up alone. This worries me as well. I think she deserves this not for the pain she has suffered but for being my rock when my dad left. For reading me Shakespeare when I was little and letting me watch Princess bride over and over:) For pushing me to not giving up in school. I didn’t grow up in the best area but she showed me it’s not where you come from but where you are going, what you do. That success is not in getting money but being in the process of acquiring your goals whatever they may be!

  • Katie Grafelman

    My mom definitely deserves to be pampered! She’s always been there for me and my brothers, but now that we all have our own kids she’s been an AMAZING grandmother, helping us wherever she can and being so supportive and loving to our children!

  • Debi Carney

    Hi Alicia! Love your enthusiasm with the Mother’s Day giveaways. I am not writing about my Mom, although I do love her, but I am writing about my daughter. My daughter’s name is Jenna and she is a new Mom this Mother’s Day. Her son Landon will be 9 months old this month. They live about 4 hours away from me. I recently had a discussion with her explaining that although I love my Grandson to death, I wanted her to realize why I was not over bearing with her decisions on being a Mom to him. I realized when he was born that my job as a mom was to let her be one too. When I had my children (she is my baby) I received so many unsolicited comments about how I should do things, what I was doing wrong, etc. I was overwhelmed with being a new and young mom, that I didn’t enjoy my own decisions! I didn’t want to burden her with those same feelings – so I let her do whatever she needs to with the space to make her decisions, whether or not I feel they are right or wrong. She actually doesn’t need my advice, she is an awesome mom! He is the cutest little blue eyed snuggler you would ever want to hug!!! (Besides Bear I’m sure!) Anyway, Jenna is moving another 30 minutes away from us (due to her husbands job) so she will be even a bit further away. I truly love her, her baby, and her husband. I think its important for Mom’s to realize that, although you are a mom, you are not your daughter’s childs’ mom- its a right of passage to trust your children and let them be free to explore what a wondrous thing Motherhood actually is- Happy Mother’s Day! – Debi

  • jtlittlelong

    Over the past year my mother was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. At the time she was going to school to obtain her nursing degree and watching her grandson so my younger sister could go to work and school. She underwent chemo and had to stay in the hospital postponing her education.while we were growing up she worked extra hard at a dead end job for us. After her cancer treatment she went back and obtained her degree even though she’d been through a lot and still has headaches and such from the cancer. She is now a cancer survivor and is working in her field of study. She is an amazing woman to look up to.

  • Teresa

    My best friend in the whole world deserves this. She is my second mom and spends her time doing selfless acts. She put on a Christmas party for military who didn’t have a place to go and even made stockings for all the kids with everything out of her own pocket. She did the same organizing a thanksgiving one year for military. They now carry that tradition over every year. No one knows she started it they just attend it. She buys kids in need school supplies each year or just makes them a root beer float for their birthdays. She will often throw them a cupcake party where they can decorate their own cupcakes out of nowhere. She brought a family in need presents and food one year for Christmas. Her acts of kindness are endless. She has so many adopted grand kids. And children.

  • Hadar Aviram

    My mom deserves to be pampered! She has been working a demanding full-time job and, on top of that, caregiving for my grandma, after two years in which she did intense caregiving for my grandpa until he died. And nonetheless, she remembers everyone’s birthdays and hosts parties for them, keeps track of everyone’s schedule, and makes sure everyone is healthy and doing well. She is the epitome of selflessness and deserves some fun from others.

  • Jenna Cameron

    My mom deserves to get
    pampered because she puts everyone else ahead of herself 100% of the time. She
    goes out of her way to make everyone happy and never asks for anything in
    return. She is strong, smart and selfless— I hope to be just like her when I
    have kids.

  • Tina Knezevic

    My loving and beautiful mother could really use some pampering for Mother’s Day. My mom was in the hospital last Sep for 3 weeks due to complications from her back then went to rehab for 4 weeks. Not having my mom home for 7 weeks was hard but I visited her almost every single day to lift her spirits. She had cataract surgery in Jan and Retina surgery last month. Her eyesight is getting much better and I can see that she is more confident and happier which makes me happy. I will do anything for mom to make her happy. I am the person I am today because of her love, kindness and support. She raised me all by herself since I was 2 yrs old and deserves the very best in life. Thank you mom for being my best friend! Love you always!

  • laroyal06

    My mother-in-law, Sandra Stitzer, deserves pampering because she’s always taking care of everyone else and I’d love for her to feel special for Mother’s day this year!

  • Yuna Zirkoh

    I think my mom deserves to be pampered! She raised 7 children and is always giving! She is one of the most kind and caring person i know!

  • etirv

    My mom is the most selfless person I know. She single-handedly raised all her children and is now taking care of my sister who is fighting cancer. I love her, she deserves the best Mother’s Day!


  • Melissa

    My mother deserves this because she had to put up with my brother and I while dealing with a degenerative eye disease, which has resulted in her needing a corneal transplant. She’s also had problems with her back, foot, gallbladder, and she had sleep apnea. While I was in high school, she lost about 120 lbs in ten months. I’m so proud of her. She has gone through so much in her life. She was born to immigrants in Canada and moved to the US as a child. When she was an early teen, her father passed away and her family fell into deep poverty. She had a very hard life as a teenager having to grow up so quickly. I love her with all my heart.

  • Aida

    One of the meaningful words ever is Mom. It sounds comforting, it sounds peaceful, and it sounds so protective and strong. My friend Miyuki Parris is all of those. She is a Mom to two wonderful boys, who are 10 and 13. But her motherly world is spreading beyond of that. Miyuki became a Mom to so many children all over the World, who are deprived of mother love. Once she found out that my own Mom visits one of the local orphanages
    in Almaty, Kazakhstan, she immediately stepped in, sending school supplies and basic household items to those children, who didn’t have even toothpaste. Next time, when I went there, I brought her an application of colorful house, kids made for her from carton as their gratefulness. Kids know that there is someone special who cares about them and loves them genuinely. And that is not one time thing. She has been constantly helping children in needs, as much as she could since I met her in summer 2001.
    She was temporarily even my Mom here, sharing her house and food with me when I was going to grad school and struggling between jobs. I felt a harmony in all her acts, because everything she did, she did it from her heart. She taught me and her boys to sweetness of giving, caring and sharing. She does not make big money at all, but she is saving towards donation for children. She has been contributing to help to sick children in the hospitals; local vulnerable children from low income families by sending toys, books, clothes and food; children all over the world by whatever donations she can make toward food for them. That devotion and that humble kindness make her one Kind Mama.
    As for me, I am not Mom, yet, I myself have been diagnosed as infertile since 2005. But I don’t give up! Since I bought your “The Kind Mama” book last June, everything is different for the best! By now, I completely have changed my diet; have been 7 months vegan and just loving it. The philosophy of book inspired me, gave me strength and hope, and my instincts say that everything will be even better. I feel healthier, wiser and younger than ever! Thank you Bear’s Mama!

  • Tonya Atkinson

    My sister is a hardworking single mom. She works 12 hours a day and still tries to make sure she is there to take her kids to any school related activities that they are involved in. She lost her husband a few years ago and she tries to make sure that her kids don’t forget who their father was and tries to keep them involved in things to fill the void.

  • Charlene

    My vegan sister and I would love to be pampered for mother’s day..being vegan we don’t get the care that meat eaters get because it seems nobody knows what to give us. It would just be phenomenal to get some vegan goods for mom’s day and share them with her!! Thanks!!

  • Andrea Wollenzin

    I’m nominating my sweet mama! She has been on her own since 15! She always had a vision for the kids she would one day have before she even knew us. She planned to give us a better life than what she had, & trust me she went through a lot of crappy trials… I’m so proud of her for coming out of all of it and never letting life get her down. Single mom of three puts herself through real estate school and busts her butt and provides for us everything we could possibly need and more. The older I get the more I realize the sacrifices and struggles she had to go through to make sure we lived a good life. I just found out I am going to be a mom I am so excited about spending this Mother’s Day with my mom this year!!

  • Rachel

    My mother would love these. She deserves this because she’s always so supportive!

  • Adam Scheck

    As a new mom, my wife Cami amazes me everyday. As the proud mama of a beautiful 4 month old, she is tireless in making sure our baby is happy and as healthy as can be. Her strength and commitment to a healthy lifestyle for our little one are more than I could imagine. And as important as it is to her to keep an organ and healthy household, I’m sure not many would appreciate these organic/free trade products more than she would.

  • ILoveEgypt

    My mom is a great mom! She came from parents who were in an arranged married and they had planned that for her too. She met my dad in college and eloped, and for many years her parents didn’t talk to her. She went on to have four daughters (I’m one) and eventually her parents forgave her. My mom is a great mom who has came over hardship. I love her very much!

  • Kay

    I would like to nominate myself and my mother, this year we grew closer than ever. Growing up as a teen my mother and I went through some challenging times, but as we both matured (especially me) our relationship has only flourished. I am a mother now and I realize what it takes to raise a child, I hope to express my gratitude and love for my mother this year in a special way! This giveaway seems perfect for us because my mother and I have become so much more aware of our place in this beautiful world and how we each can help the world to improve through small ways. The more we learn about ways of life, like fair trade, the more thought we put into our purchases and overall lifestyle.

  • Victoria Silva Howard

    Dear Alicia,
    Occasionally we encounter an individual whose
    moral framework is fiercely evident in the manner in which she lives her life. Central to Crystal Evers’ unique belief system is kindness, compassion and justice.
    With diligence and a humanitarian-centric position, Crystal advocates
    for and personally provides aid to women and children, many of them victims of
    domestic violence, in Los Angeles. A single mother herself, Crystal decided
    years ago she would need to achieve personal and professional self-reliance
    before she could help others do the same. By combining her reverence for
    self-awareness, artistic creativity, and sustainability, she has become a
    highly regarded esthetician and jewelry designer in Malibu. Not surprisingly,
    Crystal’s 16 year old daughter is committed to achieving her own self-reliance
    as a singer and song-writer. Like Crystal, Cat Evers, selflessly advocates for social compassion and sustainable change. I know Crystal would be elated to be receive the Free Trade Mother’s Day gifts, but irrespective of the giveaway, I thank you, Alicia, for the opportunity to share my friend’s story and upon reading it, I hope she knows how valued she truly is! -Victoria Howard

  • Judy

    My mom really deserves to win this beautiful set. She is 93 years young and has raised 5 kids, helped raise 14 grandkids, 23 great-grandkids, and 2 great-great-grandkids. She had 5 way by-pass heart surgery at 85 years old and had issues with her knees now, but never lets any of it get her down. She still lives in her own home and attends church every Sunday. She is a wonder woman, mother and grandmother and so deserves to be pampered more than anyone else I know. Thank you for doing this for which ever mom wins it.

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    My mom would love these items. :-) Health is so important to her. She works full-time for a school district but has also been teaching yoga & doing personal training for as long as I can remember! She’s a hard worker & sometimes forgets to take time for herself. She’s actually working the morning of Mother’s Day. This would be a lovely reminder to slow down a little, relax & be pampered. :-)

  • Ali Johnston

    My mom is the ultimate giver. She just spent over three weeks here in Vermont tending to my every need after having my first child. While she was here, she was arranging for donations for a child in her town in West Virginia to attend a school trip through an organization she founded called Happy Kids. Children she has helped through her work as a child advocate have grown to love and trust her, calling on her in their times of need. During the same time she was here helping me, she also received calls from two different teens in the foster system needing a place to stay. She always finds a way to make it work. She is also writing a children’s book about the life of her friend William, who escaped genocide and child slavery in Sudan.

    She always puts others before herself. Last year, her best friend since childhood unexpectedly died, leaving behind her two beloved dogs. My mom was devastated by the loss. Her friend’s family were going to put the dogs up for adoption, but she knew that was not what her friend would have wanted. So, she was able to get the dogs from Houston to WV, where they now live with her and her other adopted animals.

    She experienced various other losses last year (three beloved pets) and yet she still gives and gives without hesitation. She is truly my hero.

  • ellen schull

    My daughter Carissa she is in the hospital. She had a baby on Wednesday and has high blood pressure and is getting sick from the medication. The baby has low blood sugar and has been put on IV’s. They deserve a good Mother’s Day this year.

  • Chickie Brewer

    I would nominate my friend Kimberly Tedesco Matlack She is a grandmother trying to make ends met and recently her daughter and kids have moved into her house.. She can barely support herself but of course she is there for her daughter no matter what!