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Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival

The Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival is coming up! This festival will feature live music, delicious fun food, and a wide selection of beer (which includes gluten free options as well!) It takes place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. If you’ll be in the LA area on May 16th, check it out. For more info and tickets, go here!

LA Vegan Beer & Food Festival


  • Rhonda

    Great to see a Vegan Beer and food festival at my ole stomping grounds. This is encouraging and I would love to see more of these events. This article was sent to
    me yesterday from Gentle World called No Innocent Bystanders.
    I am hopeful that more vegan festivals will grow and share the benefits
    of this lifestyle.

  • C. Blake

    WOW! Nice and impressive! wish I could go. I just went to the Baltimore VegFest at UMBC. I am always one foot off the ground when I go to VegFests. I love them!