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July 20th, 2015 | By Alicia Silverstone

Congrats Melanie F., Amanda W., and Roanne B.W. – you are the winner of this giveaway!

Thank you to all who participated!!


Bonnetfriend is a Peta-Approved vegan company that makes organic cotton children’s sun hats! They even have an adjustable stitch in the back that can be let out as your child grows. These adorable hats are individually handmade in a Los Angeles studio by founder Leanne and her Bonnetfriend team.


The story behind how Leanne started Bonnetfriend is so wonderful! Check it out:

“Family life is busy, right? Ours too! Regardless of the season, or the hustle bustle of a particular day, we notice something comes over our young daughter when we spend time outside – nothing short of wondrous, calming. It is outside that she seems…well, free. Each day, we ask ourselves, ‘can we do this outside?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, out of doors we go.

My own love of nature surely blossomed from hours of unstructured exploring (aka play) in a forest at the bottom of my backyard, as a little girl. For hours, I would sit on the mossy dirt telling stories to the deer, rabbits and squirrels that I just KNEW were gathered around me, listening just behind the trees and bushes. Now, I am witnessing the healing aspects of nature at work with my own daughter.So, began my quest for a practical yet aesthetically pleasing sunhat for hours of outdoor play. I was drawn to the bonnet, a throwback to simpler times – imagining something beautiful and organic. I have fond memories of sewing my first bonnet for my Hollie Hobbie in my grandmother’s sewing room when I was eight years old. Listening to the sewing machine hum was relaxing and the possibilities exciting. So, I decided to make my daughter a bonnet with her by my side (and lap, feet…). Soon I was being approached by parents at parks and parking lots, asking me where to get such a bonnet. Organic cotton just felt good, and so Bonnetfriend was born.”



This week Bonnetfriend is giving away 3 bonnets of you/your little one’s choice! They will fit a newborn up – toddlers of 5 & up. To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment below telling me about a time when your child’s time in nature grew an appreciation for animals, bugs, and/or nature itself!

With love,



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