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Sweetening the Pill – A Documentary

Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, filmmakers behind The Business of Being Born, are at it again! This  time, with a game changing documentary on birth control. “Sweetening the Pill” investigates the current landscape of hormonal contraception and questions why more natural and non-hormonal options are not being developed or widely recognized as effective alternatives.

They just launched a Kickstarter to fund the film. Please help ignite this cultural conversation by chipping in or sharing it with your friends!


Have you heard of this new documentary? Did you see The Business of Being Born? What did you think?


  • Crystal E

    Wow thank you for sharing this I’d be very interested in seeing this documentary.

    • Maddy

      I was on b c pills for 17 years and finally decided that my libido was gone and my mood was always depressed or angry no matter the time of month. I have been off the pill for 13months now i am 41 years old and my libido is back full force and emotionally i have never been better. I use contraceptive foam and encourage all women to stop and consider another form of birth control it changed my life…

  • Kate Marlowe

    I look forward to seeing this, Western Medicine is such a miserable cycle to get trapped in.

  • Diane Callahan

    Done. I just gave to their Kickstarter campaign because this is near and dear to me, and should be information for all women everywhere! Thank you again for all the genuine information and love you share. ✨Diane C.

  • bre

    I want to SCREAM MY HEART OUT I am so grateful that this issue has finally been addressed documentary style. Documentaries really help people to understand things much easier than simple face to face discussions. The Business of Being Born changed my entire family’s outlook on birth and has been a blessing unlike any other to me on a most personal and beautiful level. I have purchased the DVD and mailed it to many of my expecting friends and they in turn have responded to me and reached out to others.

    Time and time again, SO MANY OF US have all stated how miserable we are with our “options” as far as “responsible birth control” goes. I know Lake and Epstein will provide viewers with a fair, clear, honest and unbiased view of women’s health.

  • [email protected]

    Hi Alicia,
    Wow, this documentary sounds like it could be a real eye opener. I would love to see it get made; thanks for spreading the word!

  • Michelle K.

    wow, good for them for making this. i didn’t see this coming! i own the business of being born and more business of being born and cannot recommend them more highly! they are amazing videos to watch. when i was pregnant, even my friends who watched them with me were inspired!

  • Brandi Young

    Thank you so much for sharing and bringing awareness. I myself stopped taking birth control in my early 20s (about 10 years ago) after only using it for a short time (3 years). It made me so sick and caused so much strife and I went to the doctor all of the time- they ran blood tests, stool samples, sent my to mental health and finally when they said other testing was needed because they couldn’t determine what was wrong, I gave up on them. I started thinking about changes I had made and when symptoms occurred and I realized it was all due to the birth control- pills, Nuva ring, Depo provera. Ugh. I stopped it and my negative symptoms went away. None of my doctors ever said my ills could be side effects and the only mention to me about side effects was possible weight gain. So alarming! I want to also add I have been in a monogamous relationship for 8 years. No children and responsible planning.

    • rbkrvl

      Thank you for sharing. What methods do you use now?

  • JK

    I had the pill since i was 16 till i wanted to get pregnant at 23. All my little (headache) symptoms dissapeared and i never felt beter. Then after two childeren at 27 I dediced i wanted an Mirena. It was horrible. Headache, stomach pain, sick etc. I told my doctor after 6 weeks i wanted it to be removed and since then i never felt beter. He tought it could be something differint but i was sure it was the birth control. My doctor never told me about the side effects. I should have done more research because you only get one body en you have to know what you put in it.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Sierra Kluson

    I have been on the pill for almost 10 years. Every gynecologist I’ve had doesn’t even discuss any alternatives. Certain brands gave me migraines so they would just switch the brand name or offer prescription migraine medicine. I am very interested in watching this documentary! It is a topic that needs to be discussed

  • rbkrvl

    Does anyone have use natural methods that work? Recently took out the IUD and have a bad history with pills and would love to not go back on anything hormonal. Thanks so much!

    • Frances

      I used the billings method for two years to avoid pregnancy, until we decided to have another baby. It worked really well, you get weekly or monthly sessions with a midwife and I like that I was getting to understand my body. Basically you keep a daily record of your mucus pattern, from which you can see the beginning and end of ovulation. Be warned tho you need to do it daily and take it seriously otherwise it won’t work. Its a scientific method so following the steps is vital. It’s worth checking out to see if there’s a billings centre in your area.

      • rbkrvl

        thank you, I’ll look into this!

  • Aimdre

    I absolutely loved The Business of Being Born. I watched it before I gave birth my daughter and felt it was life-changing.

    I was put on the pill at age 13 and was on it pretty much my whole life until I started trying to conceive at age 34. 3 months to the day after I stopped taking it, my hair started falling our in handfuls and terrible cystic acne broke out all over my shoulders and face. No doctors would help me or even acknowledge that this may have been caused by the pill. I vowed to never take it again. I did pretty good, until my daughter was 6 months old and I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease (an autoimmune thyroid disorder). I lost tons of weight, couldn’t sleep, my heart was racing, what little hair I had left fell out and so did my eyelashes and eyebrows. Guess what my Endocrinologist prescribed? BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! I was so upset, but after being on the pill again for a year and a half, my thyroid labs have stabilized and my antibodies levels have lowered. But there is a cost….crazy mood swings, no sex drive, weight gain, migraines, the list goes on. I wish there were bio-identical hormones or other alternatives for autoimmune sufferers that were covered by insurance.

    I am thrilled that Ricki and her team are bringing this issue to the forefront. Maybe some of my issues were caused by being on synthetic hormones my entire adolescence and adult life?

  • Amanda Spalt

    i was wondering if anyone had suggestions for bad pms and insane cramps. i’ve had them my whole life, something my mother said she had, and her mother as well. i feel like they are getting worse. i used to black out, but that hasn’t happened in a while, thank god. i went to the doctor to help with this, & she just prescribed birth control. i didn’t want to take birth control, but i’m kind of desperate now. i tired it for less than a week and stopped because i couldn’t take the side effects. any advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!