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From My Closet Giveaway: Dress + Necklace

Congrats Debbie! You won this giveaway!

I greatly appreciate all of you who entered. I learned about so many amazing groups out there and feel so grateful for this community!


Today I’m giving away a summery dress and cute necklace! The dress is made by Joe’s Jeans and was purchased second hand. It’s great on a hot day or night with some cute sandals!


This sterling silver Zoe and Piper necklace was given to me last year. Zoe and Piper donates a portion of their proceeds to animal sanctuaries and advocacy groups!!

In order to have these in your closet, please leave me a comment telling me about what advocacy groups you love and why!

I will announce the winner on Friday 8/7/15

With Love,




  • Emily Haney

    ASPCA is my advocacy group of choice. I like that they promote spay and neuter as much as they do animal rescue.

  • Deidre I love that dress!!!! I love the farm sanctuary and the first time I heard about it (ellen show I think..), I immediately adopted a turkey and then the next year too. I posted their pictures in my corporate America (jail cell) umm cubicle (lol) and all the meat eaters/hunters made fun to the max!!! I just laughed. Well thanks for all you do. I love eating vegetables and I plan hard everyday to eat them, shop for them, and take care of my kitties. I just retired after 35 years!!! love ya

  • Rachel

    I LOVE Mercy For Animals!! They are an amazing group that sheds light on factory farming. It’s the reason I went vegan and am trying to help and tell everyone I know about what these poor animals go through.

  • Erica

    I love the Autism Trust because there is no other place advocating for the children afflicted by Autism. Giving their parents hope in their absence.

  • Becca

    I advocate for education locally and abroad. I support One New Education as often as possible. It’s important to support all students and helping the girls through One New Education supports their families and communities too. It makes me feel good knowing I can help open doors and create new opportunities for these young women.

  • Julie

    Farm Sanctuary! They are a wonderful organization that helps rescued farm animals live wonderfully free and happy lives! Farm Sanctuary also does a great job creating inspiring videos. They created a video showing how going vegetarian helps not only the animals but the whole planet!

  • Lisa

    I love Farm Sanctuary. My spouse and I have adopted turkeys around Thanksgiving for 10 years now, and it’s awesome getting to share their mission with our 4-year old. We hope to take her to visit someday soon! She already plans to have her own farm sanctuary when she grows up. :)

  • Kate Marlowe

    The advocacy groups I am active with are for children and pets. I am a child-care advocate as a teacher and play an active role against poverty and child abuse in the area. I also am a die-hard fur-babe lover and rescue dogs, assist local shelters in finding homes for pets and donate to both areas of need in my area.

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I support the Say No To Dog Meat because I think it is absolutely terrible that the poor dogs and cats have to live in hell!! Please pick me. I think you are so great!

  • Jendria

    I love groups that help animals. I love animals! I also really like the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation…it helps everyone – food for people and animals, trees for the earth, etc. Anyone with Love in their heart is a blessing to all.

  • Crystal

    I love the Catskills Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY because Kathy Stevens and her crew work so hard to make their place a true sanctuary for their animals and because they love to educate children and adults alike on veganism and animal kindness,

  • Teresamarlene

    NARN or northwest animals rights network is a great advocate group. They work to end exploitation of animals by raising awareness of animal suffering in food, entertainment , expirimentation and fashion industries. I not only donate what I can but attend as many educational seminars or demonstrations as possible. What a great group to help end animal suffering!

  • Emily F

    SPCA and thoroughbred racehorse retirement and rescue programs are my faves!

  • laroyal06

    I love the A21 Campaign b/c they work to end human trafficking and slavery.

  • Kirsten Antony

    Alicia, I love responding to your giveaway questions. This one prompted me to do a little research. I always give a donation to Petco when I check out which states it goes to a charitable partner for animals. I just looked up what charitable partner(s) it goes to and was shocked to find out that that in Colorado, there are over 200 organizations for animals it may go to! I know of the main shelters in the area but had no idea there are so MANY small rescues. One is a no-kill shelter I adopted my beloved Charlie from. This knowledge makes me feel so wonderful that there are so many people and organizations that care about the welfare of animals.

  • Lindsay F

    I love the farm sanctuary. Makes me happy to be a vegetarian and confirms that I am doing the right thing.

  • Ashley

    When it comes to politics, my votes go towards candidates who are least likely to screw over women, poor people, and animals, and I support groups that do the same thing: Planned Parenthood, One, Heartland Alliance, and the ASPCA. My own personal fabulous four.

  • Laura

    I love Friends of Animals because they try to protect household pets but also wildlife animals. I also love The Vegan Society and The Epilepsy Foundation! I love all of them because they help animals and people to be healthier and safe!

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I am a member of VegNV, a local non-profit group that promotes veganism by participating in animal rights protests, holds monthly pot lucks, distributes literature at events like Earth Day and local farmers markets.

  • Lisette Ramos

    Go Cause they benefit different charities with deal of week.

  • Lisa

    I love the Easter Seals because it’s a grassroots, community driven organization that helps those with disabilities get job training, child care, and all sorts of support.

  • Michelle Hill

    What a beautiful dress and sweet necklace! I have a couple of favorite advocacy groups: Mercy for Animals, because the type of advocacy they encourage is based on educating the public on Why Vegan versus just using shock value. I like that they don’t take an accusatory approach to non-vegans, and that their messages are never overshadowed by controversy (such as PETA’s non-feminist approach with some of their ads). I also love Animals Asia because I feel like not many people are privy to the plight of the Moon Bears (even though you’ve blogged about it here on The Kind Life!).

  • Geri Harris

    I’m a big fan of our local St. Francis Wolf sanctuary which houses abandoned and mistreated wolves and wolf dogs. They also include a large education component to help eradicate the mistreatment of these beautiful animals.

  • christine marti

    I just recently learned of a family of goat farmers that have turned their farm to an animal sanctuary and will soon be selling Vegan cheeses instead of goat cheese! I will be supporting them whole heartedly. You can find them at: The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats

  • Nettie Schwager

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root” – Henry David Thoreau, Walden
    My favorite orgs are the ones who strike at the root of animal abuse and get the most bang for the buck. This includes Vegan Outreach, Mercy for Animals, the Humane League and HSUS.

  • Jessica

    Although I am a Californian, I love Sasha Farm in Michigan, best known as The Garden of Vegan. They have rescues some with permanent scars after enduring some of the cruelties within the confines of agriculture business. Now they are free to roam as they please, slowly learning that they no longer have to fear humans since we are not all the same. The public is welcomed to volunteer their time on the land preserving the farm for it’s inhabitants. I love how this sanctuary advocates for the animals.

  • hillary hubacker

    A little off your topic, but I teach middle school Deaf students so my advocacy group of choice is ADWAS- Abused Deaf Women Advocacy Services. They are an amazing group doing awesome work, just like most advocacy groups!

  • Linda O

    I really love PAWS Animal Shelter in TX where I adopted my Maine Coon kitty 5 years ago, it’s no kill and they care what happens even years after you’ve become a pet parent.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    PETA is my favorite!! Every year since it began in 2009, I’ve been part of the PETA Pack. Although I don’t go to the officially race, I sign up for local 5K races throughout the year, choose one as my PETA Pack, raise money through sponsors, and power walk remotely in Illinois. 100% of the money raised goes to the PETA Foundation to rescue precious animals. I was honored to be chosen as a Featured Athlete in 2014!!

  • TotallyRawMomma

    I absolutely love Farm Sanctuary for helping to save as many creatures as possible, both big and small from becoming someone’s dinner

  • Aneliya

    Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for their advocacy, both for their role in human health, and for animal rights (not be used in medical experiments, which is unnecessary). Their focus on education is also fantastic, especially educating the medical community, which lacks nutrition knowledge.

  • Shelly

    I follow waterkeeper these volunteers fight the big industrial organisations that pollute our waterways. The pollution kills fish, other fauna and flora and harms those of us who use the water for drinking and recreation.

  • Alison Smith

    Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard in Bloomington, IN is an amazing advocate for providing sustainable, healthy, organic for ALL. They manage a food pantry and four community gardens, including gardening classes, and do so with thoughtfulness and respect for all patrons. They use a patron-choice system to both empower patrons to make their own food selections and reduce any waste. Best of all, no patron has to justify their need to access these healthy, wholesome, organic foods!

  • Moya

    I love my animals and all I am with PETA, and try to help as much as I can with animals

  • Wendy Williams

    PAWS Chicago was close to our first home and close to our hearts. We made a donation in our sons name right after he was born.

  • Jennifer Ann Hayden

    I am part of a local group to help prevent child abuse and neglect called ICAN.

  • Dina Banks

    PETA makes such a huge and significant work ! Also my spiritual teacher Shamar Rinpoche in 2009 founded The Infinite Compassion Foundation to promote the human treatment of animals It’s also considered a very virtuous Buddhist practice to buy animals and release them in their natural habitat.

  • Karen Bollaert

    Sean Casey Animal Rescue is an amazing privately owned and operated animal shelter in Brooklyn that has helped some of the most devastatingly abused animals to get critical veterinary treatment and to be rehabilitated and find their forever homes. I have taken my high school students there to volunteer and walk dogs. Sean Casey is a true hero and his group works tirelessly to advocate for the lives of animals (especially pit bulls). He is a beloved neighborhood institution!

  • Tina Knezevic

    I absolutely love Mercy For Animals which is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies.

  • Carolyn Mae Ladas

    I adore the PCTA, Pacific Crest Trails Association because it is a group in my home state of Wasington that advocates for protection and maintenance of the hiking and biking trails of the forest.

  • Nicole Kopec

    I love Farm Sanctuary and PETA! I have always done everything I can to help animals. The other night I saw two kittens sitting in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere. I now have two new additions to the family! :) Also, I am renting a house right now on a cattle farm and they are allowed to roam freely most of the time, but a lot of times when they are forced into their tight quarters awaiting the slaughter truck to come take them away or in the winter when they can’t roam because of the snow, they are up to their thighs in crap! I have been harassing the farmers to at least clean these areas up so they don’t have to live in these terrible conditions before their horrendous end comes. :( Thank you for choosing compassion, Alicia!

  • Ashli Krasznavolgyi

    My favorite advocacy program right now is FARE. One of my son’s suffers from such scaey life threatening food allergies and we have no idea but are getting so close to a cure. He’s so scared to do every day things like open doors or touch things other people have touched for fear they have eaten his allergens and then touched them.

    The following is taken directly from FARE’s website. FARE advocacy is the leading voice to improve the environment for individuals with food allergies, including all those at risk for life-threatening anaphylaxis. FARE is active in issues involving school policies, food labeling, restaurant regulations, emergency services and transportation.

    FARE works with policymakers at all levels of government on initiatives and laws focused on making the world safer for the food allergy community. And it gives the food allergy community the opportunity to contribute to making that change happen. Advocates are the life-blood of FARE’s advocacy program, delivering a message of awareness, access and safety to governmental leaders.

  • Vern E & Rach E

    I love to support my local animal shelters Pet Project and IVAR. They are no kill animal shelters that help animals find there forever homes. We adopted our dog and cat from them.
    There are so many important charities like The Humane Society, ASPCA, NRDC, EWG, Autism Speaks, etc. Animals, people, and the environment need our help.

  • Nikki N Mardy-Baker

    I live in Bakersfield and close by is a place called Marley’s Mutts and dog rescue. The founder does amazing work in rescuing and helping dogs who have been left by their owners and who have been abused.

  • Sarah

    chicken run rescue in Minneapolis!! helping urban chickens and rescuing them from abusive relationships!

  • Steph

    Farm Sanctuary, NY for all the amazing work they do. An overnight visit there completely changed my life, four years ago this summer.

  • Jenna Cameron

    I donate to the World Wildlife Foundation when I can because I love animals and feel that it is very important to protect endangered species. I got hooked when I was in high school when they were promoting saving the polar bears (my favorite animal) and have tried to be involved ever since.

  • Laurie

    I love Environmental Working Group. They work tirelessly to protect us from dangerous chemicals and to keep the politicians informed and in check.

  • Anne Perry

    SB277 Referendum- Parental Rights and Informed Consent have been removed.
    March Against Monsanto- We deserve to know what we are feeding our family.

  • Hailey Ann

    Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL does a lot to educate the public on why it’s not okay to own exotic animals such as lions and tigers, and they do a lot to see that these large cats aren’t exploited for entertainment or advertising purposes. They also foster and find homes for house cats, and take care of many mistreated large cats. Wonderful organization, especially for cat lovers!

  • DOnna, This is their words 1:”Whole Child Development of Children Ages 0-3 ” and “Education & Skill-Training for Youth to Pursue their Dreams” I love their products and believe what they stand for. They are even lobbying in Washington to have chemicals taken out of products that are considered cancer causing, such as the DEA, TEA, HEA, in our body cleaning products and shampoos.

  • LeanneSouthall

    Firstly, absolutely adorable necklace and dress! And I love that they donate to sanctuaries. As it happens, we are supporters of the Farm Sanctuary and our familly have visited NY and Cali shelters. The work they do is groundbreaking in that, not only do they attempt to alleviate current cases of cruelty and neglect, but by doing so, they have created a public place for the public to visit and become educated, gently. Most importantly to me, however, given all the great work so many advocacy groups are doing, is that Farm Sanctuary deals with legislative change, taking on the big guns. Prevention is key, and I whole-heartedly support their passionate work. And love animal-supporting businesses too! Thanks! [email protected]

  • Cindy Aiton

    My favorite is Wynn Wood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Tennessee. It is a small organization that relies on volunteers and donations. I found them this summer when I was looking for a rescue group for a baby bird.


  • Kasey Clark

    I really love this organization in the Portland area of Oregon. It is called Fences for Fido. They help dogs that have been mistreated and/or chained for a lifetime to have better outdoor dog shelters and loving forever homes. In general, I support a lot of animal advocacy groups, because these caring folks speak up for loving beings that can’t speak for themselves.

  • Martina D’Ascola

    Hi, there are several organisations I support but my favourite is “The Brooke” ( It’s main goal is to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules, but in consequence they also help the animal’s owners as these are taught how to care best for their animals. So the animals are winning as well as the people.

  • Alexandra

    GRFF (Ghetto Rescue FFoundation) in Los Angeles. (founded by police officers) They are selfless and rescue animals from the streets, give them the medical attention that they deserve and find them furever homes. I admire their willingness to risk so much heartbreak to show these animals love. Recently, they rescued 3 puppies from a dumpster in Los Angeles and bottle-fed them. They even took them to work. Only one survived and is thriving. Kind people doing kind deeds.

  • jtlittlelong

    I’m into advocacy groups for battered/ abused women. Having been there done that I support as many as i can. So many families suffer and so many women suffer in silence because they are so afraid of getting out of the situation they are in there is no need for this suffering! No need for the abuse! No need for any d the repercussions! . Advocates against domestic abuse, women’s advocates inc, safe voices are just to name a few but there are so many places in every city.

  • Miriam A

    What a cute dress and necklace, and a really great way to raise awareness about all of these different advocacy groups doing amazing work! Ever since I can remember, I have always loved and supported animal rights and conservation groups like WWF, PETA, and Greenpeace. From their tireless efforts to protect our furry friends who can’t speak for themselves to raising awareness about the sad realities of deforestation and climate change, environmental and animal rights advocates’ work never ends–and neither does their passion! Thanks to my childhood WWF calendars teaching me about different animals and what we can do to protect their habitats, I found my calling and am now working in environmental conservation. On a more personal level, after recently losing my best friend in a car accident, I’ve been able to find comfort and meaning in the supportive community of my local Friends of the Earth branch, and know that I wouldn’t have found the strength I needed without their support. So thank you to all those working so hard to make a difference in the world, you’ve given me much to believe in! :)

  • Angela Lepine

    Hello! I am an avid advocate for the Homeward Animal Shelter located in Fargo, North Dakota. We rescue 51% of all of the dogs and cats from the local pounds. I am on the board and our mission is to find forever homes for these abandoned pets, and to promote and offer low cost spay and neuter clinics, micro chipping opportunities for all pets and to provide education for our community. A shelter pet is the best gift that you can give yourself and/or your family!

  • etirv

    The National Children’s Advocacy Center is a non-profit
    organization that provides training, prevention, and treatment services
    to fight child abuse and neglect — very relevant!

  • Debbie

    I have quite a few that I absolutely LOVE. At the top of my list is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They rescue and rehabilitate elephant and rhino orphans of the ivory trade. The keepers actually live with the orphans and become part of their family unit. I currently foster Mutara and it’s on my bucket list to visit her. The book “An African Love Story” gives the background on the organization and is a beautiful read for animal lovers. Their website states that 1 African elephant is killed every 15 minutes which is a statistic that I cannot live with. I support Alley Cat Allies which promotes TNR programs across the US. I also foster from Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary which rehabilitates and gives homes to unwanted, neglected and abused farm animals. I just moved from Pittsburgh to Michigan so a special THANK YOU to Kind Lifer Jessica who listed Sasha Farm below. After reading your post I googled it and I live 10 minutes from the farm and have a new place to volunteer!! Thank you for passing along great info and organizations!

  • hadaraviram

    I’ve recently become an ardent admirer of the work of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, who act with a laudable combination of passion and professionalism. I’m also a big fan of, a foundation devoted to examining various charities and informing us about ways to make our donations go a long way toward alleviating suffering of people living in extreme poverty.

  • Lauren Silva

    There’s so many great ones! I love the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (elephants are such beautiful creatures), the Matthew Shepard Foundation and Farm Sanctuary.

    Locally in San Antonio there’s some really great advocacy groups. SNIPSA provides free spaying/neutering to residents of certain zip codes where there are large homeless animal populations.