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From My Closet Giveaway: Beachy!

Kim V., you are the winner of this week’s giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered. These memories are all so wonderful.


I got this vintage top ages ago. It’s so comfy and simple, I wore it a lot! I loved it so much, it’s kinda hard to part with! But it’s time. I usually wore it with cotton shorts. It’s great to throw on top of a swimsuit and head to the beach, just like I did below! 


This Eco Skin bathing suit was given to me a little while back. It is made out of recycled nylon! It looks like it will be a great suit for athletic swimming as well.


To get this cute flory top and eco swim suit, please leave me a comment below telling me about your favorite beach memory. 

I will announce the winner on Friday 9/11.

With love,



Beach Shot Photo Credit: Flynet Pictures


  • Laura

    My favorite beach moment was last year when I took my grandson, then 1 1/2, to Oceanside beach. He is from Ohio and it was the first time he had seen the ocean. There was nothing cuter than seeing his face when he saw all the water! I would love to have this outfit! Since moving to SoCal last year I have been wanting to buy a new bathing suit and I haven’t been able to buy a nice one yet. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win this outfit. So beautiful!

  • Deidre

    The Redneck Riviera – Panama City Beach, FLA!!!! Yes I am a southern girl (but vegan!!). My friends and I always had so many fun times on the beach. Just free spirited people having fun!!!!! (I always hated fishing and killing the ocean animals – even before I was a veg!!) Also, a fond memory of Ft. Walton Beach, FLA too (a dude)!!! It is a cool, laid back place and Tybee Island, GA also…. sorry – my memories are on overload now – Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach, FLA (with my best high school friend)!!!! Flirting with men!!!! in the 80’s!!! Family memories of South Carolina beaches!!!!! Cancun, Mexico, La Jolla and San Diego, CA (with my ex-husband), Galveston, TX (during a hurricane early 80’s!). Sorry I can’t write very well, but I try!!!! :) I never liked eating/
    killing the ocean animals but I watched my family and friends kill and eat them…. :)

  • Laura Laughlin

    My favorite beach memory was watching the sunrise on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar, Tanzania!

  • Erica

    By far, my favorite beach memory was the night I arrived in Charleston, SC with my cousin and my best friend. We took a walk down one of the beaches until we were in a fairly secluded area and then we went for a midnight skinny dip in the ocean to celebrate our arrival. It was so spontaneous and a great way to celebrate the start of an amazing vacation.

  • Tayah M.

    This is a great thing ! So wonderful and kind!

  • Ana Silva

    You look beautiful in it! Hopefully if I win I can look as good in it as you. But, my favorite beach memory is from when I lived in Puerto Rico. Going to the beach there is like going to the mall here in the US. There was this one specific location and day that I had so much fond memories of, that I always remember. Crystal clear water, beautiful white sands, fish below the surface that you can see with a snorkel, coconut water straight out of the coconut, and of course family. I am ready to go back now!

  • Kirsten Antony

    I have so many wonderful memories of Seabrook Island SC and spending time with my family. Memories of seeing dolphins off the coast are special ones.

  • Heather Backo

    My favorite beach memory started with a walk on Galveston beach in Texas. I noticed a bird that was just sitting there as people walked by. It wasn’t your typical seagull, and seemed too calm, as.if it was in shock. As we got close we saw that it was caught up and completely bound with fishing line! we were able to get the bird to the Rangers office where someone had nail clippers small enough to clip off the lines wrapped so tight the blood was cut off of the legs. Long story short, the bird was flying again by the end of the day. Also turned out to be an American oyster catcher, rare for that area

  • Frenchpetal

    The first time I experienced a beach – it was the Atlantic Ocean – I was 17. My boyfriend and I drove my new car (it was used, but new to me) from our home in Nashville through the Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the fragrant pines of North Carolina to see the breathtaking bright July sky over the most inspiring stretch of white sand bordering the noisiest silence of beauty I had ever seen in my life. I truly had a moment that has lasted ever since. I love the beach, whenever I can get to one! Luv ya, Alicia!

  • Tori Loukas

    Hi, Alicia! Today is my 55th birthday, and this year I will be off all animal products for good. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to me and to the world as well! My favorite beach memories happen every day as I live here on the beach in NC. My favorites are twofold: One: one day as I swam and bobbed in the water, a tiny yellow-fin tuna swam all around me, so close I could touch it. We would become separated in the waves, but it kept finding its way back to circling around me. It was the coolest! Then, Two: I am a recovering alcoholic in AA with 21 years, and I did my 5th Step (where you write a list of those to make amends to from your drinking/using years) with my sponsor on the beach, and the whole time I spoke, dark clouds gathered and a storm out at sea passed by as I rad my list to my friend. When I was done, and cleared of all that baggage, the storm had passed us by. It was total synchronicity, couldn’t be more perfectly timed! Well– that’s it for my fave beach memory, I will always carry them with me. Here’s hoping I win your fun stuff! Love you, Alicia!

  • Felicia M

    My favorite beach memory was swimming in the gorgeous ocean in Las Catalinas Costa Rica, the waves were so perfect and walking on the soft black sandy beaches with my husband. :)

  • Linda

    When my now grown kids would hunt for sand dollars! I still have them, 20+ years!

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I used to practically live at the beach. I was afraid of sharks after seeing Jaws so I would never go into the water.

  • Lindsay F

    I loved taking my daughter to the beach for the first time. She was so excited to play in the sand and run from the waves.

  • Sally Dorovich

    Taking my dog to the beach for the first time.

  • Jennie

    My favorite beach memory is so precious to me because my dad, who now has dementia, took us on vacation that year. We ended up at Myrtle Beach, but we wanted to be somewhere less touristy, so we took a boat to an outer bank island called Ocracoke & it was amazing. But then a guy offered to take us in his boat to a smaller island off Ocracoke called Cape Lookout. It was totally wild (1970’s) with large shells lying everywhere & crabs walking around sideways; everything but people! We never saw another soul. My sister & I ran ragged all over the place & had the best time. I also remember the mosquitos were awful! That’s life, you take the good with the bad , but concentrate on the good.

  • Moya

    When we were living in CA. I loved to go to the beach at night and walk But just before we moved we went and I found the most beautiful (whole) sand dollar, and I still have it It reminds me of how much I loved the beaches (real beaches) of CA. I may never get to go back again, but I will always have this to remind me!

  • Cindy Hasko

    Hi! :) I have always loved anything and everything nautical and beachy since I was little. It automatically brings a happy calm to my heart. I have a lot of great beach memories, but I would have to say, my favorite one is a few years ago, I was in a stressful time in my life and I went to my favorite beach alone. I put my headphones on with really pretty and calming music as I sat there on my towel in the sand. I closed my eyes, lifted my face to the sun shining on me, said a prayer and I felt this peace inside. I knew everything was going to be okay,… and it was. Even before that, everything about the beach, the sand, the seashells, the water, the dolphins, the ocean and the ocean breeze have always been so precious to me. I love that shirt. It looks so comfy, breezy and pretty. I live in a tropical state and I can wear it to the beach and/or when I go camping with my family near the water. Thanks for the chance, Cindy :)

  • Patty O

    Living in Michigan, I loved spending time as a kid at the lakes searching for sea glass (can it truly be called sea glass if it’s from a lake?) and Petoskey stones. Now as a Mom, I love it even more doing the same with my kids.

  • Kim Vavavoom

    Hi Alicia!
    Happy Labor Day and I’d like to start by saying THANK YOU for all your inspiration in your blog :). I’m eating clean and wearing clean thanks to your consistent reminders, and I feel amazing!
    My favorite beach memory is my infant daughter’s first time enjoying the ocean. We live in LA and have taken her to the beach several times to picnic and play in the sand, but she was afraid of the waves and would cry when she touched the water.
    Last month that changed the day I got in the surf with my husband’s boogie board. I laughed and woohoo’d as I rode the waves right up to her and daddy on the shore.
    She SMILED big and clapped her little hands watching mama having fun over and over in the waves.
    Then daddy walked into the ocean with her and she was all laughter and splashing and glee! Hooray!
    We three splashed and danced and sang in the water together, then had delicious hummus sandwiches and organic fruit salad and watched the sun set like a golden melting orange.
    My heart and senses were full of love and health and joy, and I’ll always remember this one summer afternoon on the beach with my man and babe…it was heaven.

  • Vball2002

    My favorite beach moment has to be when I got engaged! My hubby took me to dinner at the same place we had our first date; a restaurant right on the channel. We went for a walk down the pier to watch the sunset. When we got to the end of the pier where the lighthouse is, he pretended to drop the blanket he was carrying and when I turned around he was down on one knee. Of course I said yes and everyone cheered! That was almost 10 years ago now and we still enjoy walking the boardwalk and pier together.

  • Dina Banks

    Everything about beach are my favourite memories! It is so relaxing and refreshing to get away there from busy and intense city life. I used to live by Brighton beach in nyc, it’s a famous Russian area with lots of stores selling freshly cooked Traditional Russian foods. Even when I moved , I used to go there and get some of those foods and come eat them on the beach. Eating food that I was used to since my childhood and being by the ocean was so comforting, it always made me happy, it is still my favourite getaway , as I’m not a ” let’s go to out to a concert, amusement park, crowdy events ” kind of person, I’m a lonely observer who enjoys a simple conversation with random people I meet in the neibourhood.

  • Teresa

    The first time I ever went to a beach it happened to be a rocky one in Oregon. My daughter was two at the time and it has also been her first time at the beach so she was enjoying the water and showing me all the shells and smooth rocks. She loved picking up driftwood and throwing it back into the water only to have the waves bring the same piece back to her I, having neve been to a beach before picked up what I thought was a lovely red colored shell and showed it to my now ex husband. It turned out to be a crab shell! I’ll never forget how fast I dropped that! My kids will always tease me when we go to the beach looking for shells about my first ‘shell’

  • Melissa F

    I always loved my times on Cape Cod with my grandparents. We’d swim at the beach and have picnics. Those times are some of my most treasured childhood memories.

  • steph oliver

    The beach is so important to me and my girlfriends. We met in Provence, France in 2005 when we were studying abroad there, and we have been close friends ever since. Although we have lived all over the world and had families and various jobs, we have made sure to get together once a year for the last ten years. We have loads of beach memories: swimming alongside dolphins in Charleston, SC, clam digging in Cape Cod, and shivering on the Oregon Coast. Last summer we went to Delaware and spent a lively weekend in a mediocre hotel room with champagne sitting on ice in the bathroom sink! Here’s to ten more years!

  • A Lamb

    We barbecued some corn and mushrooms on the beach with the kids and dogs in tow and went swimming. Later that evening we saw seals swimming in the water as well!

  • Tammy

    I grew up in the heart of suburban Long Island (closer the the densely populated blue collar part of the island and further from the lush, beachy east end). I remember my Dad had off for once and we all packed up the stationwagon to drive “out east” . Once the family finally got there (after my dad threatening to “turn this car around” a few dozen times 😉 ), my mom started setting up and my dad took all of us down to the dock. We walked to the end and to our suprise there were about 45 seals laying and sunning on rocks (turned out it was their migratory part of the year) . I still think of it everytime I go to the beach!

  • theresano

    My favorite beach memory is going to Hunting Beach in Beaufort SC. The weather was great, the beach was beautiful. We had a great time.

  • Brandi Young

    You are so generous! My favorite beach memory is from this summer when my family visited la Jolla California. I took my four year old niece out to the water and would hold and lift her as the waves came in so she felt like she was body surfing. Every time the water hit her she’d yell “this is so fun!” I loved creating that joy!

  • C. Blake

    I just want to share my recent beach experience with you Alicia. I’m not trying to win the clothing because I’m a guy and I wouldn’t wear them and I have five older sisters but I think they are shorter than you are and my niece is taller. I mean I would wear them but only because I love you so much and wish that I was as lucky as Christopher to have you… (do you know the man in the moon told me he has a crush on you? I said, “you’re stuck up!” and he goes, “no, she wouldn’t like me because everybody says I’m made out of green cheese but at least I’m really tall”…huh! ;o}) but you two are obviously more of a match and I wish you the best and encourage your relationship. Please give them to someone else of your choice.

    My Nature is an all vegan, raw, organic and locally sourced restaurant and store in Ocean City Maryland. I was excited to be there and loved it. I learned to make mint water from them and it is great for your digestive system! They have hand made products like soaps and air fresheners. I wish you could see this little place so if you ever get to Ocean City MD next spring/summer (today was their last day), stop in.

  • Tina Knezevic

    My favorite beach getaway was when my husband and I celebrated our Honeymoon in Disney at the Beach Club Villa! Fantastic memories that I will cherish forever!

  • Sierra Kluson

    Super cute beach outfit! Growing up in Florida the beach has always been a big part of my life. The last few years I lived at home we had “Thanksgiving at the beach”. Picnic, frisbee, and weather permitting swimming. It was simple compared to many peoples elaborate Thanksgivings but we’ve always been a little untraditional 😉

  • Michelle Howe

    My boyfriend and I went camping not long ago and ended up right next to the water. It was great! Such an unexpected surprise to get set up and wake up to the sound and smells of the water. Truly beautiful.

  • Sydney Cohen

    Love both items! My favorite memory is just being at the beach during the summer with my family and our family friends. My brother and his friends would dig an enormous hole while my sister and her friends would tan and my friends and I would boogie board! Summers at the beach always meant mom would pack the not-so-healthy foods like Berry Berry Kix and wafer cookies! We always ate a lot!

  • Sally Dorovich

    Def the first time I brought my dogs to the beach!

  • Beth Keepers Phariss

    It would have to be this past June taking my daughter to her first beach trip to Gulf Shores, Al. Watching her touch the sand and feel ocean water for the first time was the most beautiful experience and I am so lucky I had that opportunity.

  • Scotlyn O’Daniel

    Not sure about a favorite memory, but definitely a memorial one. This actually happened more than once too. My mom would take us (siblings) to the beach and she’d park close to the water. She would wander off at some point looking for sea shells to take home. Well, it never failed…we always got stuck in the sand when the tide came in and mom would finally make her way back to the car after it was too late to drive away. But we were on a beach and mom never failed to find a group of guys to come over and lift the car up out of the sand and walk it to the drive-able part. Of course we about died of embarrassment and I still wonder to this day if she ‘accidentally’ did that on purpose just to flirt with the guys!

  • Rust

    Campfires on the beach in South Louisiana.

  • Shelly Brown

    I love to go to Baldwin Beach on Maui. Dog friendly and cat friendly too! My favorite memory on the beach was the first time we took our dog Maile to the beach. She is a big heart and a protector. Every time someone jumped into the ocean and swam under a wave she thought they might be drowning. So she got to work diving in after people and trying to “save” them!!

  • Tracy

    My favorite beach memory was how our Dad would take us to Kailua Beach on Oahu on the weekends when we were little. Once we were settled, he’d carve a twisty pattern of “lanes” out of the sand going from the top of the hill, all the way to the bottom where the ocean began. Next he’d have us make small balls out of hard packed wet sand, then roll them down like little bowling balls. We’d laugh so much at this wonderment that he’d built. There is nothing like growing up in Hawaii. So grateful and so lucky!

  • Chuck

    My favorite beach memory happened almost daily during the summer. My mother divorced my father at 3 years old. My grandfather decided to be like a father to my younger brother and I. We lived a block away from him in a rent-free duplex apartment that he owned. My grandmother was part of it until she died when I was 6. At the end of school we would move into a fancy hotel on the boardwalk of the Atlantic City beach until school started again including my mother. She was a legal secretary and always got off the summer.
    My grandfather and us would be up at 6AM since we were excited about the beach. We would usually be the first ones on the beach although there were lots of seagulls having their breakfast from broken clamshells. We would play on the beach and in the water until breakfast. Then we would eat breakfast with our mother when she woke up. Then we 4 would go back to the beach until lunchtime. We always ate meals at a nice restaurants.
    After lunch we would spend the afternoon at the hotel pool that overlooks the beach. Then we spent the evening eating, walking around the boardwalk and going on amusements. It was very nice and I felt like a prince, although not a real one like Charles, Prince of Wales. Then one time (this can be the best beach memory) I found in the wet sand thousands of little clams that were about quarter of an inch wide and were all different colors. I put the wet sand in a bucket with the many clams and carried it around. I felt like I have discovered a live treasure. They did not like being on top of the sand, so they quickly buried themselves with a little foot.

  • Dina Banks

    I was trying to post comment before but can’t see it favourite beach memory is coming down to Brighton beach in Brooklyn, getting some freshly cooked Russian foods in a local store and consuming them on a boardwalk while watching people around. I was born in Russia and eating foods I used to eat before moving here 10 years ago, somehow brings sweet memories from my childhood and being on the beach adds this careless “time still” kind of feeling. This used to be my favourite personal kind of get away while living in busy and intense nyc.

  • Chelsea pittenger

    My favorite beach memory is from when we were stationed in Cuba. The water is crystal clear and we snorkeled out to a cave. It was so much fun to go in an explore. Not to mention all the booty we came back with! All the sea glass we could carry!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    Oh my word, I have so many fond memories of the beach, it’s difficult to choose just one! However, one of my absolute favorites was recently, during the 7th month of my KIND pregnancy, when my sister in law offered to take some pictures of my hubby, my son, and me and my bump! It was a beautiful evening here in NC and we had the beach all to ourselves! We laughed, we played, and we were simply reminded of the wonderful gift we have: our family.

    You see, we are a military family. We uproot our lives every 3-4 years, wherever my husband is called to serve. It is extremely difficult for us to leave loved ones and dear friends behind, but it is most difficult for our little ones. Spending time together, wherever we are – the city, the country, or the beach – is something we cherish.

    I will be forever thankful for this day and these photos, as they serve as a constant reminder of the love and support we share with each other.


    Stephanie Phelps
    [email protected]

  • BethanyK

    My favorite beach memory would have to be my 5th grade trip to Virginia. Virginia Beach was beyond beautiful! We got to see dolphins swimming in the water each day we woke up. Pretty epic!

  • Kristi Agee

    My daughter and I spent some time in California with friends this past spring and ran into the cold waves and then walked up and down the beach. It was a lazy, beautiful day.

  • jtlittlelong

    My beach experience was my honeymoon. We didn’t have much money so were doing it cheaply from tax return. It was in LA (can’t remember what beach). Hubby and I has been marred a year so late honeymoon! I has never see the ocean and it was awesome! We walked on the boardwalk and almost got hit by a biker because we didn’t know how it worked. The beach was pretty empty because it was early April. I wasn’t a good swimmer and got sucked into the waves more often then not but loved it. I loved how endless the water was and how the sand was on my feet. I’ll never forget it and can’t wait to go back ( I live in WA where the beaches are rocky etc).

  • Amy McGinnis

    Any beach memory will work for me, because there is always the smell of the ocean, the feel of the sand, the roar of the waves crashing to shore, the most perfect sunrises and sunsets, dolphins, seashells and my family.

  • Katie @ Produce on Parade

    I live in Alaska, so my husband and I try to fly to Hawaii every couple years as it’s a nonstop 5 hour flight. My favorite beach memory was two years ago on Oahu. We rented a little condo right on a secluded beach. We would get up each morning and head down to the shore with our Hawaiian coconut flavored coffee and Silk coffee creamer before anyone else was up. Little birds would dance in the waves as they gently lapped on the sand and we’d just sit there with our toes in the sand, sipping our coffee, snuggling, and watch the sun come up. I always take a video with my phone so I can listen to the waves later and relive the moment.

  • Nicole n

    I grew up on the Cape and was at the beach with my family from the time I can remember. I feel most comfortable at the beach.

  • Michelle K.

    Oh my goodness, I love the bathing suit and top! The beach is the most magical place to be, near the ocean, in the ocean, the smell of the water, the feel of the sand, surrounded by gorgeous shells! My favorite beach memory is a recent one! We took our 3 boys to visit their grandparents in Naples. Our boys are ages 2, 9 and 10. Our 9 year old, who we thought would be timid with the waves, had the time of his life!! He was diving into them, 1 after the other, allowing himself to be knocked over and carried by the fun and excitement of the moment! The smile on his face and his energy was priceless! His sweet lips were blue by the time he got out with his big goggles still over his eyes! It was hilarious and priceless and wonderful, and makes me smile to write about it! If we could all just let the waves take us in life and enjoy the ride, right?! An older couple stopped me on our way off the beach and said what a beautiful family I had and what a joy it was to watch my 3 boys.

  • bbqutie

    My favorite beach memory is learning to SUP board on my friends private beach in Boca Raton, FL! It was wavy, and I fell off a lot, but I kept going! Now I love to paddleboard. After we were done, a Jamaican man who worked there climbed up a nearby coconut tree, picked a fresh young coconut for me, and hacked the top off with a machetti so I could drink the coconut water. It was a magical day of fun !!

  • ellen schull

    I actually never went to a real beach until I was in my 30’s and it was to Lake Tahoe and it was beautiful, warm and my kids loved it. Needless to say it was magical and special since it was the first time we had went.

  • Mama Tummy

    I’m from Texas and we drove down to the Gulf coast a lot when I was growing up. I have so many memories from Rockport, Big Shell, Mustang, and South Padre. Probably my favorite beach memory though was visiting Coronado Island to see my brother get married. This picture is me and my brother at the coast when we were little.

  • Charmaine Porter

    My favourite memory of the beach was August 28, 2010 when I married the love of my life. Neither of us wanted to get hung up on “wedding planning” so our idea was to allow the beach to become our celebration. Our officiator was a slam poet from Seattle and the only people in attendance our immediate family. Summer in Seattle is a tricky thing but on this particular evening, the sky blessed us with the most AMAZING sunset I have ever witnessed..exploding in purples and pinks and oranges..devouring the blue sky in giant bursts of illumination.
    My husband moved here from England to marry me and his mom, dad and brother were all there to witness our union…as well as my mom, her wife and my two kids. The only activities we engaged in after the actual ceremony were rushing the beach, playing in the water and dancing in the sand. The magic of those moments will stay with me forever…knowing such complete happiness and love in such poignant and simple moments made me truly realize what love and life are really about.
    Gratitude in all directions.

  • Pam

    My favorite beach memory would have to be with my daughter when she was little. She is 9 now and just started 4th grade. Oh my! Time goes so fast. I remember holding her up so her toes would drag in the waves and she would scream and laugh and say “again…again”. I have always loved standing in the waves as they break, but enjoying that moment with my daughter was even more magical. This is my favorite picture of all time from our first trip to Virginia Beach.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    My favorite beach memory was in May when my husband and I went to Jamaica for my birthday. The resort that we stayed at made the best vegetarian sushi, which we shared with a rum rummer under a big umbrella as we gazed at the water.

  • Katie F.

    Ahh there are so many beach stories to choose from but my favorite by far are the ones involving our son!!:) Nothing beats seeing your little one playing with sand for the first time, and watching them trying to walk through it. We recently got the experience to go to Jamaica for the first time this year and our family absolutely loved it, at the time our son was 1 and he got to shake his little baby butt to all the awesome music of the local bands it was amazing. I will cherish any beach memory involving our baby just to see the happy look on his little face <3

  • Katie F.

    Ahh there are so many beach stories to choose from but my favorite by far are the ones involving our son!!:) Nothing beats seeing your little one playing with sand for the first time, and watching them trying to walk through it. We recently got the experience to go to Jamaica for the first time this year and our family absolutely loved it, at the time our son was 1 and he got to shake his little baby butt to all the awesome music of the local bands it was amazing. I will cherish any beach memory involving our baby just to see the happy look on his little face <3

  • Jenna Cameron

    My favorite beach memory would definitely be camping on the beach in San Diego last summer. We woke up to beautiful weather and surfed and played in the water all day. It was so much fun. <3

  • Isabella Gallatin

    As a toddler my son loved going to the beach with me. He would get so excited as he watched the seagulls or played in the sand. On a very memorable occasion I took my son to the beach so we could watch the sun set. We sat down to enjoy the view when he held on to me, hoisted himself up and took his first steps! It was such a perfect moment.

  • Amanda Williams

    My fav. beach memory was last yr., seeing my daughter at the beach for the 1st time. The beach makes me feel in tune with with the planet, and the experience was amplified with her there.

  • Sydney Sheppard

    Went to visit my grandfather one summer in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada where he took me to a beach known for shark sightings. As you can guess, it’s not a busy beach! I loved sharks though, so I was disappointed we couldn’t see one from the shore. The next summer I met up with an old friend who invited me to her cottage, which happened to be in a Nova Scotia as well, but I had never visited her there before. As we pulled up to the cottage my mom and I looked at each other in horror – it was situated along the same beach! I jumped out of the car and my friend said ‘ Want to go for a swim?!’ !

  • Vangie

    Anytime I am at the beach it takes my cares and troubles away. The sand, sun and salt is my cure for everything!

  • Mandy O

    By far my favorite beach memory is when my husband and I returned to the place of our first date, a quiet beach in Georgia, and were married with our toes in the sand!

  • Jessica Goodman

    It was raining, and warm… We had all four of us together. No phones, no worries.. Just swimming and sandcastles. You are wet either way, right?

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    As a kid in Chicago jumping off the Oak Street Beach walkway into Lake Michigan for hours.

  • Alissa Mullen

    My story is very personal turned into the most special memorable day at the beach i could have. On May 19, 2015 after loosing my grandmother who is the most near and dear person to my heart i felt nothing but despair and loneliness. I went to the beach not knowing where else to go. The moment i stepped on the sand and felt the ocean breeze i felt her presence and energy. She was with me and was communicating with me that she was okay and I was going to be too. I stayed there until past dark reminiscing and enjoying my fond memories of her, it was the most relieving and centering day of my life.

  • Danielle Helena

    As a kid we grew up swimming and snorkeling at the beaches in Hawaii. We always went there as a family vacation at Christmas time rather than giving and receiving gifts, I feel so incredibly lucky to have had that experience!

  • christy lundstrom

    When I was a kid we used walk at Pismo Beach looking for driftwood. My grandparents made wind chimes out of shells and the driftwood was the top piece. The shells they bought but the driftwood we collected on the shores. It was always foggy in the morning when we went and cool. Those are really fond memories with my grandmother and I miss the beach terribly now.

  • Claire

    Picnicing at the beach with my mom and dad as a child.

  • Elisabeth Rushton

    Hi Alicia! My absolute favourite beach memory was getting going down onto Pfeiffer Beach after getting married on the top of a cliff in Big Sur on 14 April 2014. I was wearing my billowy wedding dress with my veil and I have to say I truly felt like I was a fairy princess with my prince Charming. It was such a special, happy day, and I was so very happy to have been able to take such amazing photos in such an indescribably beautiful setting.
    Thank you so much for holding this competition, and my love to your gorgeous family.
    All the very best, Elisabeth xx

  • Helena mc Donnell

    Going to the Dominican Republic & seeing white sand for the first

  • Carla

    My favorite beach memory was taking my son to the beach for the first time when he was 17 months old and discovering that he loved everything about it, just as I do! He had the biggest smile and played happily in the sand & water for hours. (My birthday is the 12th & I’d love to win!)

  • Jinine Davis

    Three years ago, my brother came down from Pennsylvania to Texas with wife and 3 kids. It was the first time I met his children in person. We all went to the beach and spent the whole day playing. The two older kids, Ayla (4) and Austin (3), built sand castles with me for a couple of hours. Austin kept running toward the water and running away as each new wave came in. Ayla didn’t want to go near the water, so she and i looked for shells. The baby, Damien, slept for most of the time, but woke up long enough to smash the sand castle, much to his sister’s dismay. Overall it was a wonderful way to get to know them.

  • Rich

    Too much competition, please send me a different shirt. Thank You!

  • Amy Z.

    My favorite beach memory was drawing in the sand with my daughter this past summer! It was a beautiful time during sunset and we had so much fun together.

  • Josef Engle

    Best Beach Day Ever was my Wife and I and our two and aHalf year old walking along the beach in Buckroe Beach VA just enjoying the water and surf and how amazing my wife looked. simple peaceful beautiful. I am blessed with beautiful wife

  • Lisa Cressey

    all beach memories are the best! i love going to the beach-it’s calming and i feel at home. my most recent beach memory was going to sarasota with my husband for our anniversary and swimming in the water with our friends that live there, at a beautiful beach with the most clear water ive ever been in!

  • Justin F Rayl

    Just this Labor Day weekend at a private military MWR resort of a man made lake. It was great being able to relax with my wife while we went swimming for a couple of hours in the evening. Weston Lake is next to Fort Jackson and I took my wife there and had fun getting to know a place she grew up with because like her parents I am an Army veteran. Thanks to your book the kind diet I am beginning to reduce my dependence on pharmaceutical brain pills.

  • Jennifer Rayl

    It’s hard to pick just one story since I have so few, so I’ll just mention them all. :) My first experience with ocean water was when I was 8 when I went on a Bahamas cruise with my parents, my mom’s aunt and uncle, and her cousin. I grew up loving swimming in the pool in our neighborhood, and it was a really neat surprise to find that the swimming pools on the boat were filled with ocean water! 😀 I know technically that’s not the beach, but that’s my first experience with salty sea water. My next ocean experience was when I was in 5th grade in England. We were learning about marine life and took a field trip out to the beach. It was in the dead of winter though, but it was fun gathering sea shells and other objects in the sand to study. My actual first time at the beach and swimming in the water was when I was in 9th grade. I went with my parents and my aunt. It was in April though; my mom wanted to go during a time where it wasn’t packed with too many people. I loooooved swimming both in the beach and in the swimming pool there. People that saw me probably thought I was a mermaid! lol My last beach experience was about 10 years ago when my parents and I visited my sister and her husband. That was definitely an unforgettable trip…something different happened to each one of us. My sister’s husband decided not to go, by the way. His last visit to the beach resulted in a baby shark biting his ankle, so he pretty much avoids the beach now. As far as the rest of us, my dad spent most of his time on the sandy area and got sunburned, my mom got pinched on her leg and later on her foot by something (crab maybe?), my sister kept getting bumped on her back by something in the water, and each time she got bumped, I got stung by a jellyfish (which I’m assuming is what kept bumping her). On top of that, I also got a bad sunburn (I was so excited about swimming that I forgot to put on more sunscreen later. :-p). My hand where I got stung kept getting flare-ups once in awhile for at least a few months where it looked and felt like I was freshly stung even though my hand was looking normal the day before. Go figure…lol Anyway, my favorite and preferred “beach” is at the lake I grew up visiting every year with mostly my mom, but sometimes my dad and/or sister would also accompany us. I love how green the water looks because of the reflection of the trees, and the golden hue from when the sun’s rays hit the sandy floor. Best of all, there’s no worries of sharks, crabs, jellyfish, or salty water to sting your eyes. 😀 I haven’t been to that lake since I was 9, but last week my hubby surprised me and took me there 3 days in a row (the last 3 days that it’s open for the season)! 😀 I so wished I was a kid again so I could play in the sand and build sandcastles. XD lol It was great being in the water there after all these years though. And that concludes my beach stories. :)

    PS. The pics I’ve included are from the lake last week. 😀

  • Tiffany Baker

    My husband took me to Tikikau for our anniversary. It is known for the most sharks in their lagoon. As we sat on the deck of our over water bungalow, we watched Jaws on his Ipad. The sharks come in for feeding at sunset. We began the movie, and as if it was planned when Jaws first came into the movie with the well known Jaws music I looked out and saw the sharks approaching. “Da…..da, da…da, da..da, dadadada.” I saw them everywhere! I could not have planned it better!

  • Anyanwu Emmanuel

    my favorite beach memory was at at Dania beach when I returned from Guatemala and was give a room at Sleep Inn near the beach. I took time to swim and to take the boat Taxi to Fort Lauderdale and saw the Novo Rich and their houses. Wow!!! what a sight!

  • Susan

    So many beach memories from childhood!! Collecting seashells, making sand castles and swimming with my parents was tons of fun but one of my favorite simple beach memories is when the family would gather on our towels at our little section of the beach to have lunch. My Mom would pack lots of fruit, sandwiches and (this is not healthy! I’d never do this now) we had a cooler full of all the different flavors of soda pop like grape, lemon-line, black cherry, cream soda, ect…and it seemed like the most amazing thing to me as a little girl. Swim all day, have lunch together, swim and then fall asleep in the ride home!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite beach memory is with my grandmother who is 94. She loves to walk the beach and pick up shells. She could stay on the beach for hours. She is healthy as a horse at 94 and an inspiration to everyone.

  • Nicola

    I was about 11, beachcombing with my dad in BC Canada. I couldn’t seem to find any treasures like the rest of my family that day. We were on a sandy beach. Lots of kelp washed up and in it some old nets and crab shells. The air tasted salty and the sound of the ocean hitting the rocks is so vivid to this day. Just as I was ready to give up, I climbed over some logs and looked down to see a pale bluish green object. It was a glass ball!!! My dad said they were used on Japanese fishing boats in the nets. It wasn’t even broken or cracked! What a treasure. I still have it and wonder about it’s history, how amazing it traveled so far and endured rough seas to get to me. It was a day I will never forget.

  • Ali Hardiman

    My favorite beach memory was when I was in Panama late at night. It was one of those experiences where I almost needed to pinch myself because it seemed so unreal. The sky was pitch black and the only light you could see was that of the stars and of the occasional lightning that would strike the starlit sky. I was at the beach for no other reason than to witness a kemp’s ridley turtle give birth. It was hard spotting the turtles because there was really no light. Oh, oops, there was the occasional flashlight that was beaming a bright light in the hopes of finding a turtle. Very few people were on the beach that night so we made it a mission to really do our best to cover a lot of area. When we finally spotted a turtle it was midway to its destination. We watched as the turtle slowly crept to its spot and dug a hole to lay its eggs. The older the turtle, the more eggs the turtle would lay, according to two Peace Corps volunteers at the beach. The turtle was young and laid around 70 eggs which would soon be taken to a safe place by the Peace Corps volunteers and returned shortly after to the exact same hold that the mother turtle had dug. Why return the turtles to the exact same spot though? The reason is because the baby turtles will one day, when the timing is right, return to the exact same spot to give birth to baby turtles of its own. Amazing, right? How fascinating. One the mother turtle had finished laying its eggs, it patched up the hole with some sand and inched its way back to the big blue ocean. It was truly one of the most magnificently magical memories I have of being on the beach.

  • jodi

    Love the Color and style! I never get to go to the beach but what a great memory it Would be if I’m wearing your suit when I go! That would be an awesome beach memory for sure!!

  • stacey

    I live on the beach so every moment we create new memories. The best ones are always with my family, especially my niece. Shes three and loves loves loves it so just seeing the excitement and thrill she gets from running fearlessly around the sand jumping the ripples of the waves makes our day :)

  • Kylie wilson

    I’ve always been a beach baby, grew up in southern Victoria, Australia. My life revolved around waking up each morning grabbing my surf board and catching some waves. I remember one morning as I did wandered down to the beach and there was a baby dolphin stuck on one of the sand dunes, the mum frantically panicking just off their shore line. Without even thinking I chucked my board down ran down and assisted this baby to get back in the waves. Soon after joining it mumma and swimming away. I remember sitting down on the sand feeling so happy that I saved that babies life, I’m 33 now and that was 12 years ago and till this day I think about that special moment…..