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Donuts Galore

When Bear requested donuts for his 4th birthday celebration, I began a quest for the best vegan donuts in LA! After some research, I carried out a taste test between the donuts from Erin McKenna’s Bakery BabyCakes, Donut Friend, and Fonuts. The contestants included:

-BabyCakes’s Cinnamon Sugar, Vanilla Sprinkle, Maple, Salted Caramel, and Coffee Crunch


– Donut Friend’s Traditional Glazed (regular + their cute donut holes!) Cherry 3, Custard Front Drive, Drive Like Jelly, Rites of Sprinkles, S’morissey, Strawberry Lab, and White Chocolate Stripes

Donut Friend


– then Fonut’s Chocolate Coconut and Vanilla Latte.


Hands down, Donut Friend kills it. Their plain glaze will bring you back to childhood. Extra bonus, they have donut holes!! If you are a sprinkles fan, you will be psyched on their sprinkles donut. They also have more gourmet-type or “signature compilation” donuts which are basically like full on desserts – from eclair style to strawberry short cake and a mini pb&j pie. And good news, all their donuts are vegan except 2! If I had to pick one of them, I would go with the Traditional Glazed. It was sure fun tasting all of them but just have to go with traditional. It’s the real deal!!

Donut Friend

My second go to would be BabyCake’s Coffee Crunch. Especially if you like coffee, this one is super yum! And gluten free! Tied with Coffee Crunch would be Fonut’s Vanilla Latte. It’s a delicious blend of vanilla and coffee flavoring. Also gluten free!


For third place ranking, Donut’s Friend’s Custard Front Drive (basically like a chocolate eclair), Strawberry Lab, and Drive Like Jelly are all equal in my book. These were all insanely fun and messy, plus so decadently tasty!

Donut Friend


Have you been to any of these places? Which are your favorites? Who makes the best vegan donuts in your hood?









  • Jaxlore

    Sweet Theory in Jacksonville Florida is the bomb. We always get our donut fix from them and they have a vegan sausage biscuit to boot!

  • Kaleigh

    Ronald’s Donuts is the BEST in Las Vegas!!

  • Sarah

    I went to Babycakes in NYC and loved it! Such a quaint little shop. I took a 25min cab ride from my hotel to go just for gluten free donuts and other lovely confections!

  • Amanda Spalt

    Babycakes is good, but oh my god Dunwell Donuts in williamsburg (brooklyn, new york) is insane!

  • Christine (Run Plant Based)

    Dr. Bob’s Donuts and Doyos in Roseville, CA for healthier vegan donuts steamed with plant based protein.

  • Brad

    Voodoo Donuts in Portland are worth the lineups. Cartems Donuterie in Vancouver, Canada also have a decent range of vegan donuts (including an Apple Pie Stuffie that is to die for).

    • TheKindLife

      Great tips! Thanks Brad!