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NYC Dining Update!

I’ve been spending more time in NYC recently so I wanted to update my go-to restaurant lists (both from 2009 and 2013) to include some new ones!

Avant Garden

This place has beautiful sexy chic vibes! The wait staff is kind and helpful and the food is the best of the best. I really enjoy two of their toasts, the smoked eggplant puree and the tomato jam with almond ricotta. Both are so so good! Their mushroom dish with king oysters and leeks is off the chain and the beet avocado black sesame plate is absolutely delicious!! For dessert, the rice pudding is lovely. No sugar, just pure yumminess! Even more, the wine is great. I can’t wait to go back!


By CHLOE has a more quick-casual dining atmosphere, so when you’re looking for something fast and low key, this is a good spot. This place really knows how to make a great burger. The guac burger is delicious! It’s a black bean-quinoa-sweet potato patty with corn salsa, guac, chipotle aioli, and tortilla strips. The market veggie brussels sprout with almond parm dish is also super tasty. Next time, I would love to try the portobellos burger and taste the desserts, they were staring at me at the counter and look really good!

Dirt Candy

This restaurant recently changed locations and it’s bigger. I had a lovely vegan tomato tart and broccoli hot dog. Both were very good! I also look forward to coming back here.

Have you been to these places? What other veg places do you like to go to when your in NYC? Any super new or up and coming places I need to try?



Photo Credit: by CHLOE, Avant Garden, Dirt Candy 


  • the06

    Dimes in Chinatown, The Butchers Daughter in Nolita, Hangawi in Koreatown!

  • Amanda Spalt

    i haven’t been to these, been meaning to go to dirt candy. have to try them soon. i love Franchia. Next to Candle 79, it’s my fav restaurant. i don’t go out to eat much tho. wish i could more often.

  • Michelle K.

    oh oh oh! love this post. i haven’t heard of the 3 mentioned, but am excited to try as we’re in the city weekly. MUST try, candle cafe! they have 3 locals. candle 79 is our favorite – so so fabulous. there’s not 1 thing on the menu we have not loved!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite overall in the city is definitely Peacefood Cafe in the UWS. It’s casual, simple, cozy, and comfort food. Can’t go wrong!
    I also agree with the person that recommended Franchia! Another great Asian vegan option is this new place in Astoria called Jujube Tree.
    Also, the Blossom chain, the Candles, Angelica Kitchen, and Pure Food & Wine are all fantastic!
    I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of the Cinnamon Snails (amazing vegan food truck)brick & mortar!

  • Sara Hohn

    I’ve loved visiting all three of these places recently! Other more casual places are Little Choc Apothecary in Williamsburg and Superiority Burger in the East Village. Also planning to check out Black Flamingo soon which has vegan options.

    • TheKindLife

      Thanks Sara! Great tips.