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CA Drought & Diet

When I hear about the drought, I can’t help but think how absurd it is to leave diet out of the conversation. Corporate agribusiness uses 80 percent of California’s water. It takes 660 gallons of water to produce 1/4 pound of hamburger meat and it takes 1,000 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk. This is why it seems insane to me that Governor Brown’s drought plan focuses on mostly urban water use (think lawns, golf courses, parks) which makes up less than 25 percent of Californian’s overall water use. 25% is a lot of water use, so no doubt this should get addressed. However, addressing animal agriculture (80%) is crucial!

Moby was featured in an article on this issue last year and spoke some serious drought truth!  “A pound of beef can take up to 10,000 gallons of water to create, whereas a pound of broccoli takes 90 gallons of water to create. It just didn’t make any sense to me that California would subsidize and facilitate irresponsible water use.” Check out his article for deeper thoughts on California’s water subsidies and background info on water legislation. 

A kind lifer sent this short video to me. It’s put together by the California Water Conservation Bureau and features the comedian Eddie Pepitone, who is funny and outrageous, and vegan! Who knew?! Share this video with your friends and let’s spread the word that our diet is greatly connected to the drought and water use!

Do you know any other people or groups that are working to confront this issue? What are your thoughts on diet and the drought??

Photo Credit: Cowspiracy


  • gittie

    This is hilarious! I love this guy

  • jtlittlelong

    Hi Alicia. While I have to first mention your numbers are way off ii I also have other issues with this. We do not need to deink milk and eat beef. HOWEVER milk is also produced by cows for their calves! We provide food and water for the cattle for their calves. So as an animal rights activist your are going about saying we don’t need to drink milk and eat beef but we also don’t need to allow the cows to produce milk by denying them the water and food they need to do so? Great animal rights going on here!!!!!

  • Chuck

    The best selling books on health are paleo books because Americans love eating meat. Giving up eating meat would be like giving up salt even if it causes all high blood pressure that everyone gets if they live long enough. Salt is not even a food.

  • Lucie

    This video rules! It’s so refreshing to just be REAL about this and point out the major shortcomings of the government.

  • VishnuPriya

    It is a Major Issue!
    Mass Agriculture Business is in cahoots with massive slaughter houses and politicians. There are so many billboard propaganda on the drought and it’s totally absurd that none are being linked to the MEAT based diet. Not only that but the damage it causes to our water supplies (lack of thereof) and the land/rain forest that is being depleted (what is left of) every minute. As for the Government providing financial assistance & tax reduction to Slaughter houses, a multi billion dollar industry, shows their priorities, lack of responsibility and initiative to make drastic changes in their governing agendas.
    I don’t eat meat, it is one of the best things I could do for me, the planet, and the animals.

  • bereniceweber

    In San Diego, California, we have formed a group called Truth or Drought that links the devastating water shortages to eating animals, we are a small group of three dedicated activists concerned about what we are doing to animals and our planet. Please check our FB page and website

    • TheKindLife

      You guys rock!