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Date with Bear & Sabrina

A while back I went on a sweet fun adventure with Bear and our friend Sabrina (for her birthday we decided to give her an adventure!) If you live in the LA area and have kids, go check out the Kidspace Children’s Museum! It’s really a great park for them to run free and explore. Bear, Sabrina, and I had a blast.The Kind Life

The Kind Life

After spending time at the museum, we made our way to Donut Friend! Bear and Sabrina were psyched… When ordering, I asked which ones were vegan, and they said all except 1 (and at times 2). How awesome is that?! We ended up going with chocolate/vanilla with sprinkles, chocolate stuffed with strawberries, “Jets to Basil” which is filled with vegan cream cheese and strawberry jam, and of course my favorite, the plain glazed!

The Kind Life

Then we went next door to Scoops. They have a couple vegan flavors and we got chocolate and coconut with oreos. They were super good! Indulgent? Yes!! But how can you pass up a vegan ice cream joint next door? This was a big day out!

The Kind Life

Have you been on a fun adventure recently? Where did you go? Have you checked out Kidspace Museum or Scoops??


  • C. Blake

    So nice to see you had a good time. I have not checked out Kidspace Museum or Scoops. Thanks for sharing. Love you all and hope the gas spill has not inconvenienced you terribly.

  • Michelle K.

    aw, this is so sweet. we’re on the east coast, and recently visited by chloe with our 3 boys! so fun being out in that part of the city. after, we stumbled upon molly’s cupcakes on bleeker street! so fun, they have swings as seats. we had a blast. they had 4 different vegan cupcake options for us!