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Kind Classics: Cheese Pt. 2!

It’s been some time since I last shared info on yum kind cheeses… and man have I tasted some awesome ones recently. As a result, I felt the need to fill you in on my preferred cheeses as of late. Please tell me your favorites in the comments below! I am always looking to discover delicious creamy oozy cheesy goodness..

Miyoko’s Creamery Products are all great. You really can’t go wrong! But if I hand to go with a top three, they’d be the Classic Double Cream Chive, Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic, and Aged English Smoked Farmhouse. The Double Cream Garlic Herb also hits the spot on sandwiches!


Vromage’s Brie Truffle is amazing. Recently, I tasted the gouda with caramelized onions and the manchego with olive oil and rosemary. They are unbelievable!! This place makes the best cheese. It’s incredible! If you are in LA, you hands down must run here to eat. The sandwich Youssef makes is so good!


Treeline Cheese is also super tasty. Their Scallion French-Style Soft Cheese is great.


Have you guys had any of these kinds before? What cheese do you love that I don’t know about??


  • KAR603

    Thank you for sharing that! I live in New Hampshire and we are very limited to these kinds of products. I will check out the websites and probably order via web. Looks delicious especially the flavored one with the chives. Can’t wait to try:)

  • Amanda Jane Larkin

    Vtopian’s Carmelized onion camembert is amazing. :-)

    • Brad

      I’ll second the recommendation of Vtopia’s cheeses, especially their Chive and Dill flavour.

  • CopyCatChic

    I’m a fan of the original Chao cheese slices too :)

  • Michelle Hill

    You have GOT to try Cheezehound, which is based in NY state!! The best vegan cheese I’ve ever had (especially their Qasbah variety), which is saying quite a lot since I’ve had the pleasure of tasting many! And Alicia, next time you’re in NYC you’ve gotta hit up the new all-vegan cheese shop in Brooklyn, called Riverdel. So many cheeses, including Cheezehound, Miyoko’s, VTopia (agree with the post below about their caramelized onion Camembert), Punk Rawk Labs (the original is divine), Dr. Cow, Treeline, and SO much more…and Riverdel even makes their own cheese! It’s an incredible shop.

  • C. Blake

    I’ve had the Treeline black pepper and the plain before. I like the black pepper the best. The both taste bland when you first put them in your mouth but then the flavor kicks in and it’s very good. I have not had the others before but the Treeline black pepper is sexy!

  • danamelaina

    Agree whole-heartedly on Vromage…the cheeze is absolutely incredible and Yossef is such a cool guy! His place was on my list when I visited L.A. Can’t wait for him to come to NYC!

  • Joanne Morehouse-Power

    Miyoko’s are the best I’ve tried so far! Love the truffle, so yummy.

  • Philippe Orlando

    I hate to bring bad news but Miyoko’s Creamery Products are not even close to be healthy. Most of their cheese are made with coconut oil and huge amount of salt. Coconut oil is 60% saturated fat, not good, and salt, well, we know what it does. Sure they taste good, but I think people should look for other alternatives. Sorry!

    • Philippe Orlando

      Sorry, coconut oil is 80% saturated fat.

  • Shelly Brown

    Kite Hill!!

  • Christine

    I have tried every flavor of Miyokos. I first tried them when I went to a vegan festival when I was in a transitional stage of becoming a vegetarian. They tasted way better than any other dairy cheese I had tasted before. The texture is awesome too.

  • nikitajosephine

    I just found Treeline cheeses and think they are great, even better to know that they are made in my hometown!!!