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Animal Love

LA Kind Lifer’s – Oso Needs a Home

Oso is a sweet 2 year old Husky-Shepard-Pit mix that is looking for a home. She was extensively trained for 6 months in an in house large breed dog training facility and is house trained.


More info:

  • Knows commands: Sit / Stay/ Down-stay/ Heal/ Passive position
  • Very kind and loving
  • Loves to play
  • Loves to talk with you by howl talking. It’s very cute
  • Doesn’t randomly bark all day
  • High energy during day but sleeps well at night
  • Good around all humans
  • Great with large breed dogs
  • Loves to cuddle
  • She likes to sit like a human at the dinner table
  • She has one blue eye and one brown eye
  • Has some food aggression with other dogs if they’ re in her food area
  • Small dog aggression potential but she does get along with small animals so it’s 50/50 depending on the nature of the other dog. It seems to be that she wants to just play with them but she is big and they get scared and nervous.
  • Pulls on leash when walking


If you are interested welcoming this sweet girl into your home and live in the LA area, please leave a comment below and we will get in touch with you with more details!


  • Laurin Seiden

    I may be interested. How many pounds is she? Can she travel well? I have a few other questions. Thank you.

    • TheKindLife

      Hey Laurin! We sent you an email. Thanks :)

  • Laurin Seiden

    Thank you for your email. I’m unable to provide for that much physical activity at the time, as I live in an apartment with little nature around. If nothing else comes around, feel free to lmk if you think it could be an option. Good luck!

  • teresa

    HI. I really wish I could help find her a home. She seems like a great pet but I’m out of state and another issue! Good luck in your search!!!!!

  • TB

    I’m interested in welcoming oso to our family. Why is the dog leaving the current home? I have two small kids (8yrs old and 4yrs old) and I’m curious. Any additional information is greatly appreciated

  • Michele Johnson

    Hi, did you find a home for Oso? We live in northern Idaho. We are dog people and have a Pyrenees mix, two cats and a 7 year old animal-loving daughter.