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From My Closet Giveaway: Dress + Boots

Congrats Shelly B., you won this week’s giveaway!

Thank you so much to all of you that entered, there were many sweet comments and stories! It’s always so tough to decide…


This week I’m giving away a cute winter Prana dress and booties from Will’s Vegan Shoes.

I wore this Prana dress a lot last year when I was in Chicago. It’s cute with leggings! I really like the color!

The Kind Life

These boots look cute with the dress, but are super versatile. Skinny jeans + these look great!

For these two items to be in your closet, leave me a comment below telling me about something fun you did for yourself or with a friend/family member this winter!

I will announce the winner on Friday 2/5/16.

With love,




  • Felicia Block

    I went skiing for the first time! So much fun. Oh and I love those boots!

  • inkstercat

    I treated myself to two cooking classes as a year-end present. I loved the calsses & I plan to take more.

  • Anna Haggerty

    Would love to win this beautiful outfit. This winter my favourite thing we did was , my sister and niece and nephew came to our house for Christmas, we haven’t spent Christmas with my sister in over 7 years . It was the best Christmas I have ever had because it was filled with live and laughter, and it snowed on Christmas eve( it never snows here) and we all went sledding!!

  • Sarah

    My husband and I recently moved across the country for graduate school. It has been overwhelming at times over the past five months. We weren’t spending enough quality time together. Then we discovered the art museum was within walking distance. We had an amazing day snapping photos of our new city walking over to the museum, followed by hours of heathy stimulation and learning, then we munched on a sentient lunch in the garden. We both find that we can collect ourselves there and it’s a great place to walk around without being out in the cold. Such a simple way to have a fun day.

  • Rachel Delaney

    I cuddled up with my four chihuahuas, two mini-humans and one husband to have a movie night marathon sleepover with lots of popcorn.

  • Candice East

    I would love to win the dress and boots for my lovely, smart 13 y.o. They need a jolt of positivity.
    This winter I took time out to endulge in my favorite pasttime–writing letters….by hand. At 37 y.o., I still like to communicate without advanced technology.
    Thanks for a chance to win something from your closet!

  • Jaimie Lee

    Alicia, I love this!! Over the winter my family and i took our first family vacation! Christmas Eve 2015 my dad has been cancer free for exactly one year! So we drove to Colorado and took a train to Christmas Town. It was magical and amazing and we were so blessed for this experience! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to win such an adorable dress and boots!!!!!!


  • Moya

    Something fun My husband and I went to our local park and drove through looking at all the Christmas light displays, and then went all over town also looking at more It was a really nice night I always love that special time!

  • jtlittlelong

    We actually held a mini speical Olympics for the children in my 6th graders school. We were able to bus them up to a nearby national park where there was some snow and do some ‘made up’ games. Like sledding but on small hills and skiing for those who could. We had other kids volunteer to cheer them on and give awards etc. Several parents set up a hot cocoa stand etc. So much fun and these children loved it!!!! None of them were left to feel as I’d they had a disability if any kind!

  • Teresa

    Love the dress!
    I did some fun things but one stands out as the most memorable. To some it may not sound fun but we had a lot of fun. It was me and a bunch of people from my church. We were able to go and serve in a soup kitchen on Christmas eve. I loved being able to bring smiles to people’s faces who has nothing. As a surprise though we were able to give the children there small quilts and a teddy bear (quilts made by the members of our church. Bears donated). Someone dressed as Santa and was able to hand them out. They got more then food! Such a fun and amazing experience. I recommend doing a soup kitchen if you ever can. Its fun and it opens your eyes up!!!

  • Ariel Garlow

    A friend and I drove out to another city on a whim! We watched everyone in town skate at the city hall and took pictures of a nearby basilica at night :)

  • tara danks

    We are a military family and have been in a warm climate for a bout 9 years. We are now in CO. We took the kids skiing for the very first time! It was so fun, funny and good for the soul. Family bonding at its best. Best part, we all got to go snuggle and get warm afterward…

  • Suaacan

    Hi Alicia, this winter I helped a neighbor by painting her home and fixing it up to make it feel more warm and cozy and comfortable for her. She’s house-bound 90% of the time and wanted to help make her home a place that would make her smile again. Tu.

  • Aaron

    I went to the Broncos/Patriots game for something fun!

  • Heather

    This winter my sweetie and I went to San Francisco and got to experience the festiveness of the city during the holiday season! We had a great time exploring the shops and finding a super cool tea spot that we both really enjoyed. It was also nice to get out to the beach and see the ocean even though it was super cold! It was one of the best ways to spend our 10 year anniversary!

  • Teri Brown

    My husband and I took our son to see Wicked on Broadway. Our January tradition is to take him to a Broadway show every year, after the holiday crowds have simmered down. We all had the best time!

  • tracypow

    I love those boots! I have been seeking out vegan footwear now that I have decided to fully change my life!

  • Carly

    I work with children, and it snowed in Vermont. Together we made a snow-cave and ate our plant-based lunch inside. It was so sweet. The kiddos thought it was pure magic. It is what is simple that is the most profound, and those memories last a lifetime.

  • Suz

    I sent a family member a great citrus box

  • Stacy M.

    When I am out scooping the snow, I like to also help out my elderly neighbor and clear off his sidewalk for him.

  • Rachel

    This winter I took my daughter to a spa (she’s 11) for a little mother daughter time. I got a massage and she got a facial and manicure. It made her feel so grown up and we were able to spend the whole afternoon together, going out for lunch afterwards!

  • Heather Jones

    Super cute Alicia! I have to say, I’m an IIN student as well and I loved listening to your lecture in the one module :) The FUN thing that my family and I have done this winter is start a Vegan Community (Centre County) on! Our first meeting in 2/12/16 and we’re so excited!!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  • Jeanette

    This winter, I gifted my parents a week of the Purple Carrot. They are not vegan, but they were excited to have some fun trying it out :)

  • Stephanie

    Something fun I did with my boyfriend this winter was bake tons of vegan goodies! Black bean brownies, flourless muffins, and so on! Our most delicious winter yet! :)

  • laroyal06

    I went to Asheville to see the Biltmore all decorated for Christmas!

  • Robin Annette VanArsdale Kerst

    Something fun that I do with my husband every few weeks, is to visit and volunteer at a local Farm Animal Sanctuary in Salem, Indiana. It is called Uplands PEAK Sanctuary and only opened it’s doors in October of 2013. I had always wanted to go to Farm Sanctuary in California, but could never afford it, so when Uplands PEAK opened, I couldn’t have been more excited. They have pigs, goats, 1 calf and 1 rooster so far. We help them in any way we can and enjoy every minute of it.

  • disqus_FeCpdoK5ge

    It was more a collaboration between me and Mother Nature, but when the recent blizzard hit in Pennsylvania I spent the day insanely happy (I happen to love snow!) baking bread, making a seitan crockpot pot roast, and dancing around in my living room while I watched the white tempest outside.

  • Christina

    I decided to beat the cold this winter by doing hot yoga, and it’s so much fun. When it’s 10 degrees outside, nothing beats entering the hot, steamy yoga room, where I can close my eyes and pretend I’m doing yoga on the beach in California!

  • Sarah

    Living in Minnesota with a 2 year old over the winter, I try to make every day more fun than the last. I believe that children learn through play so every day we are off to indoor play gyms, the zoo, children museums, and play dates! There’s nothing better than watching your child grow up :) (And a close second is a beautiful Prana dress with super cute boots!!)

  • Carrie

    This winter I became vegan with my husband! It’s been super fun and such a positive life transition. We’re loving exploring new recipes and cruelty-free options in other areas (clothes, accessories, etc.). Thanks for the intro to Will’s shoes here!

  • Katie Altman

    I live in South Carolina, so the winters aren’t very wintery/cold here usually, but we had an especially warm Christmas this year. My oldest sister came to visit the week after Christmas, with her husband and kids, and it was in the 70’s. Our whole immediate family, plus a few cousins, (13 total, including 5 kids ranging from 4-16) did a little 3 mile beach hike in our local state park. We walked up to a long jetty that sticks out into the ocean. I was identifying birds and shells for the younger ones along the way, and when we got to the jetty we saw a Green Sea Turtle!! It was such a fun way to spend the day with the people I love, in my favorite place!

  • Julie Wood

    My husband and I celebrated New Years by riding our bikes together, it was gorgeous out and such a great way to ring in the new year! I love Will’s shows :)

  • Laura

    I officiated my friends’ wedding!!!

  • Jennifer Hankins

    My Dad had major surgery in November, so when he came out of the hospital, I felt a great sense of relief. He was really ready to jump back into life, and so he and I started our own folk radio podcast! It’s a passion that we’ve always shared in common and we’ve just recorded our third episode. My Dad has always been such a hugely positive figure in my life and I am really thrilled to be able to create something with him that brings us both such joy. So, our winter has been about exchanging songs and youtubes with each other and learning about the artists who make the music we love. As a folk musician, myself, I have learned about so many other artists and I feel really happy about the changes we are all trying to make through song for a better planet. Thanks for a very positive blog, Alicia!

  • Julie Anthony

    So cute!!! One super fun thing I did this winter was stand up paddle boarding in Austin on town lake. :)

  • Laura

    I officiated my friends’ wedding!!!!

  • Sigrun Campbell

    Hi Alicia, my mother lives in Brazil and I don’t get to see her that
    often…. so the best thing I did this winter was hang out with her! We
    did lots of cool stuff and just stayed up late at night chatting away
    and enjoying each other’s company!!

  • Kate Marlowe

    Had an amazing time this year at the school where I teach, we had “elf on the shelf” activities for our students and even had our very own “live” one dressed and ready for the kiddos to say hi! Perfect with so many students in a low socioeconomic area, they don’t have these positive experiences otherwise.

  • Lindsay F

    We just had a huge snow storm so my toddler and I played in the snow. She loved it

  • Lucie Beeby

    Had a Star Wars marathon (over the course of 3 weeks) with my 6 year old son. WE popped popcorn and snuggled up on the couch. Had to get him up to speed for The Force Awakens!

  • Sarah

    Sledding with my kids and building snowmen are our go to for fun during the winters here in Iowa. My dog, Teddy, loves to roll around and bark at the snow..which is hilarious!

  • Jess

    I took my eldest daughter on a 15 mile bike ride to an organic farm.

  • Kirsten Antony

    Love this look! I live in Colorado and we had a beautiful and warm day the other week. My husband and I went on a bike ride on a scenic trail. It was icy and muddy in spots, but it was great to get out and enjoy something we usually do on the flip side of the year!

  • Debi Begallia

    I love to get up early with the kids and go hiking up badger mountain. It’s so beautiful in Washington state and the plus is I homeschool so it’s exercise, relaxation and education all in one!

  • BC

    I had a lovely winter this year! I got to help my brother plan and then be there for his proposal to his now fiancee, it was wonderful and so sweet.
    One of my favorite things to do is bake vegan goodies for people, this Christmas I was able to share that with my nephew. I baked a vegan gingerbread house from scratch, made a giant batch of icing, and together we built and decorated it. It was so much fun, I love creating memories like that with him!

  • Noor Daghistani

    My husband and I tried out a new gormet vegan restaurant. We were so excited to try it out because we don’t have very many vegan places in our area, especially restaurants with a nice ambiance. The food was delicious! If you are ever in Miami Beach, I highly recommend you stopping by Full Bloom for great food and a nice view of the city!

  • Leslie Snare

    My favorite fun thing this winter was definitely taking my two kiddos (9 and 6) ice skating. Tons of fun and only a few bruises :)

  • Kayla

    I made extra soup to gift to people as meals when they were in need….bonus the soup was oil free and packed with kale!

  • coree

    A bunch of wonderful girlfriends, myself included, gathered at a spa in sunny Miami to surround one of our sisters with warm support and love in the midst of a big life transition. We did yoga, ate beautiful tropical food, steamed and soaked in the spa, and talked ourselves silly with joy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Molly Gram

    In August, the love of my life proposed to me! So this winter we have been very busy planning our wedding! I even found a little bakery in Denver (about 2 hours from us) that makes vegan wedding cakes. I am feeling so very blessed.

  • Kristina Fukuda

    Every winter my grandma makes anko mochi (mochi with sweet red bean paste inside) for her friends. This year I got to help :-)

  • theresano

    We’ve taken lots of lot walks as a family.

  • Tina Knezevic

    I started swimming and doing Zumba to keep fit and warm during the cold winter months and will continue to do so during the year!

  • Terrymoomy

    this year my kids had a blast for Christmas. My younger son decided the animals were hungry so we went about decorating an edible tree!!! I had never thought of this before…just decorate a tree in your back yard! of course a pine tree works best but you can do a bush or whatever is handy. You can take about anything that won’t harm any birds or animals ( also think about local pets that might try to eat the goodies) tie them to an organic type string and hang them from a tree. We hung things like organic dried fruit pieces ( homemade so it didn’t have any nasty anything on it) put seeds inside pinecones and hung them up, used orange and cut them in half took out the insides and put seeds in them. We also hung up cranberry garlands. It was so much fun!!! We loved to see what critters might be out eating the food. There were plenty!! even a few cats decided they were hungry:) this might be a fun tradition to do every year

  • D.Roc

    I’m a crazy-healthy, fit vegan grandmother. I love taking my two grandsons to an indoor amusement park right outside of Chicago, where winters can be extreme. The kids have a blast going down big bumpy slides and riding on the roller coaster. We’re staying warm and creating awesome memories. I love to see their happy, laughing faces!

  • pitbullmommy75 .

    There is nothing better than snuggling up with my hubby and three rescue pitbulls while we catch up with our shows and movies on Netflix. Family time at its best!

  • Jendria

    My best friend surprised me by taking me to see Star Wars on Christmas day!

  • Ann Martinez

    The best time I’ve had this winter is still going on! I live in Colorado & it’s snowing alot here! My cat Sylvester is an older cat & my mom & I were noticing that he kept lying near the heater. So we decided it was time to buy him a sweater. We didn’t know if he was going to have any of it, but he wears it! We love watching him walking around with his little red button down sweater & he lets me put little beanies on him too. It just brings me so much joy cause not only is he keeping warm but he looks so adorable he keeps a smile on my face always.

  • Natalie Ramirez Cain

    I went to Muir Woods for the first time! Being in the presence of the ancient trees and breathing in the pure air was exhilarating.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    I lead a small group of women regularly in power walks locally. We call ourselves SOUL 2 SOLE. Since it was raining on the last day of January in Oak Lawn, Illinois (near Chicago), I had 3 of my closest girlfriends over to watch the movie “Old Fashioned”. One woman brought me mini yellow daffodils planted in a pot, one woman brought Skinny Popcorn, and one woman brought a berry salad with blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. I also served snacks, all vegetarian. We really bonded, and it was a blast!!

  • Gretchen Austgen

    Well since you wore this in Chicago my hometown … I will tell you a Christmas memory from Chicago …my friend Sangeeta was visiting and we both headed down to the ChristKrindlmarket….a authentic German little village Market set up down town in Daley Plaza….We had warm mulled German wine in cute little boot shaped mugs…and shopped all the little stalls for German ornaments and cuckoo clocks…then headed over to to see the Christmas Windows at Marshall Fields( now Macy’s) another Christmas tradition and then ended up at huge Christmas tree in Millennium Park…It was a perfect Christmas night visiting all the great Chicago Holiday traditions! I just started classes at IIN and saw your watched you r talk on the Kind diet…and decided to check out your blog!

  • Terry Mumma

    I hung out with my main squeeze, my two dogs, and cooked lots of good soups like Moroccan Chickpea Stew and Kale & Cannellini Soup.

  • Jamie

    My boys and I have been taking advantage of the warm weather and going for hikes whenever possible! We also made homemade bird feeders and enjoyed watching all the birds coming to eat!

  • Dina Banks

    I was thinking a lot about how to find job after staying home for the last 4 years ever since giving birth to my daughter. Just last week I decided to become a consultant of ava anderson non toxic company and this way I hope to continue being SAHM of 2 toddlers AND start earning income. I also made my New Years resolution to get a driving license so that it will be easier once around with 2 kids. I also work on applying for my citizenship at night after they are in be. So we have a fun year ahead, lots of accomplishment to be done!

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    I went camping with a good friend. Ahhh, nature.

  • Carissa123

    Today was my mom’s birthday so we went out to eat at a steakhouse which was surprisingly very easy to veganize the menu! Then came back to my house for vegan cake that the omnivores really liked! Favorite winter memory so far!

  • melissa bell

    Sometimes it’s difficult to find time for myself at night because I’m managing my 3 kids’ activities and homework. This winter though I made it a priority to attend a monthly book club. It was good for my heart and my mind!! I was inspired to read a book I wouldn’t have chosen and got to enjoy a glass of wine while catching up with friends.

  • Shelly Brown

    I flew from HI to AZ and found freezing weather in my home state!! Me and my mom took a road trip on New Year’s Day in memorian of my dad’s (would have been) 80th birthday. We drove from Scottsdale to LA and went to every vegan restaurant we could stuff down because I miss the best vegan restaurants in the world so much. We stayed at the Westin in Pasadena and visited all my besties!! Aloha

  • Melissa F

    My boyfriend and I went on a much needed Mexican vacation. We spent hours relaxing on the beach. It was nice getting away from the northeast winter.

  • Karen

    Great winter memory so far this winter, I got snowed in for several days It turned out to be such a relaxing time spent just snuggling with my dog and cats and totally chillaxin’…I spent time cooking and tried three new veggie recipes that all turned out to be keepers! Loved spending time just “being”!

  • Donna

    I had my 69 year old cousin down from Ohio, I’m 54, & we acted like when we were younger. We stayed up all night drinking wine & beer & laughing & gossiping just like we used to. We laughed so hard , we were in tears. What fun.

  • Destini Skye

    This year my family went through Christmas Tree Lane – 93 years ago a young child got sick and died in a home on that street and ever since, it has been a Fresno tradition to light up the street with Christmas lights and decorations in memory of him. More than 100,000 people visit each year and it was a holiday tradition in the Washington Post. My family has gone for the past 10 years :)

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I have not done anything fun yet, but winter is far from over her in Wisconsin. I hope for some fun Mardi Gras nights or Valentines Day outings. If those do not work there is always St Patrick’s Day.

  • Amanda Williams

    My parents believe/believed the old wives’ tale that cold weather makes you ill (instead of viruses or bacteria). Well, this winter we’ve been braving it & going outside anyway (even when we have a cold). My daughter’s name is Winter, after-all.

  • Marissa Carter

    I attended an all ladies comic book club and brought a raw vegan persimmon pie. It was a fun night and everyone loved the pie! :o)

  • Chuck

    I sunbathed this winter. Many days it was warm enough living near Phoenix, Arizona that is part of the Sonoran desert. People will go to the French Riviera beach resorts to do this. It gives you free vitamin D and nitric oxide. Even though this vitamin is free, PubMed says there is a vitamin D deficiency pandemic that is killing millions of Americans. JAMA says that 77% of Americans are deficient. That means that only 23% get enough. Doctor of Public Health, Cedric Garland, says that if people got enough vitamin D it would virtually eradicate breast cancer!

  • Amy Mitchell

    I started my raw vegan diet adventure and convinced my family to cut out cows milk!!! Also we found a handful, or two, of baby mice in my shoebox and decided to try and nurse them to health. It was an epic fail and sadly they all passed away, but the whole fam did their best and I think they learned some compassion and patience. I hope they remember that when their kids beg them to save the baby mice!!!

    • Jennifer Rayl

      @Amy Mitchell
      It’s really hard work raising mice, but possible. I’ve done so with abandoned rats. :) There’s a few sites that go into complete detail of what to do (might want to look them up in case you come across more mice in the future). In summary, you have to feed them a kitten milk replacer every 2 hours when they’re pinkies, every 4 hours when they get older. They’ve got to stay warm or they won’t eat and/or digest properly. They’ve also got to be stimulated to go to the bathroom (they can’t go on their own yet) by wetting a cotton ball with warm water and rubbing it on their “parts” in quick motions to simulate the way the mother mouse/rat would lick her babies. The best times to do this is right before and after feeding; that’s usually when they realize they need to go. Also after feeding them, you need to do a little body massage on them to help their circulation and digestion. Make sure you clean them after feeding, even if it’s just a small amount of dried milk by their mouth. When their fur starts coming in and their eyes open, they’ll be getting curious about solid foods. Try rodent pellets soaked with water and mashed a little, but still continue giving them their milk too. As they get older, gradually lessen the amount of milk until you stop completely, while also increasing more dry pellets. Hope this helps. :) Sorry about the ones you tried to help, but the important thing is you tried and also got to teach your family about them. :)

      PS. When you found them, are you sure the mother had abandoned them? It’s possible she was still nearby looking for food and water for herself and/or looking for more bedding material for her nest. She would’ve come back if so, even if you disturbed the shoebox, but chances are she would move the babies to another location if she sensed something was off.

      • Amy Mitchell

        Thanks for all the good advice!!! I sure could of used that a few weeks ago. I tried the kitten milk replacer but I could only get a few to actually try it. I saw online to use a paintbrush and have them suck on it. It worked for a few a couple of times but for the most part they had no interest. I did try to leave them in my closet for a few days hoping mom would come back. I even left food for her. When I figured she wasn’t coming back I just put them in a small cage with bedding and washcloths to keep them warm. We tried every few hours to feed them and some seemed like they were getting the hang of it but they all ended up dying a few days apart. I think they must of been just born. They were tiny and never opened their eyes before they died. I felt horrible but we tried. Even house mice deserve a chance!!! Thanks again for all your advice. I really appreciate it.

  • Jenee

    One of the most fun things we did as a family – and it was unexpectedly fun, I must say – was go to a big book festival at our local library. It was a free event and we were not expecting much, but it was amazing! Not the average bouncy house and popcorn event by a long shot, they had childresn’s authors reading their own stories, custom colors cotton candy, creativity stations, it was really cool. Our son (who is 6) got to play and do all kinds of learning activities, and the highlight of the day was meeting Pete the Cat (who he calls “Peter” the Cat). It was really cool and we made some good memories.

  • Tess Chalk

    Hello Alicia, I am loving this dress and boots giveaway. I am a wife, mother and grandmother and I enjoy my life. My fun/exciting moment is babysitting my grandsons which is always a hoot. They keep us laughing for sure. Our 3 year-old likes to transform like Transformers and our 5 year-old thinks he’s Spider Man. We now have our third grandson as of a few weeks ago. I would love to win this giveaway for my daughter, we are big fans of yours. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Heather

    I spent a snow day snuggled with my husband. When it snows here in SC, we shut down.

  • Meghan Berdelle

    Definitely building an igloo (snow cave) with my daughter!

  • Nia

    I went ice skating with my best friend of 10 years in Bryant Park, NY. We had so much fun together. It was the best day of my life.

  • Kristen

    My partner and I took a two week trip to create our own memories and traditions. We went to Iceland and visited family in Germany. We went to several contemporary art museums and tried yummy local food.

  • Linda O

    Made my little one hot cocoa with boobie milk amd dandies marshmallows and we cuddled up on the porch as he explored snow for the first time. He also stayed up way too late for the first time. Lesson learned. :)

  • Mama Tummy

    I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something I’ve done this winter. I can’t come up with anything! I’ve been at home with my two little girls doing normal day to day stuff all winter.

  • Helen

    I spent time with my husband, baby girl and my puggy just chilling at home for most of the winter.

  • Danielle

    Enjoyed a snow day! – [email protected]

  • heyjudette

    I had a healthy day! Instead of calling out for a sick day, I decided to take a day for myself when I was feeling well and take some time for myself.

  • Noor Daghistani

    We live in sunny Florida, so over our winter break my husband, my little Chaweenie, and I went kayaking! It was my first time, and we all had a blast! We got to enjoy the weather and we had a tour guide who gave us interesting facts about the surrounding environment.

  • Dawn Monroe

    My middle son decided to dress up as Santa for my grandkids during our family party. He is 6″3 and skinny as a rail. His padding was lumpy and his pants were to short. Needless to say the kids called him out right away.

  • amweeks

    I haven’t done a lot of fun stuff this winter…to me, winter is for hibernating! LOL! But I DID go out shopping before Christmas to my favorite store and bought some nice things for myself!

  • tree

    i taught my 9 year old daughter to sew this winter! It’s been a fun experience and i love that she is enjoying it. We tend to butt heads a lot, and this has helped to bring us closer together. She has started taking all of my fabric scraps and creating clothing for her barbies and dolls. i find the winter to be rather depressing and seeing her design clothing on paper and then create it on the sewing machine has really brightened up my winter. :) love that dress, thank you for the chance!

  • Kristina Leezer

    This winter has been really warm so my family has been spending a lot of time outdoors hiking. It’s been fun exploring the nature areas around our city.

  • lissa crane

    My favorite winter moment from this year is when we had a family night and made our own pizza from scratch! We were in the middle of a huge East Coast snow storm and couldn’t get anyone to deliver pizza, so my hubs, kids, and I decided to make our own! We had so much fun that we plan on doing it once a month for our family night!

  • jodi

    We took an amazing hike through Starved Rock with some friends. Afterwards since it was unusually warm we had a BBQ before driving home. We took some amazing pictures of the waterfall

  • courtney hennagir

    My husband and I both took a sick day and just snuggled at home! It might not sound like a big deal but we were both working so much that we barely saw each other so it was much needed.

  • Barbara Blanton

    My family and I haven’t done anything too exciting this winter. We celebrated Christmas with our entire family and that was fun.

  • Jennifer Rayl

    It’s still pretty much warm usually this time of year here, so it feels more like springtime. Hubby and I like to take walks around the neighborhood, play board games, cook together trying new and old favorite vegan recipes, and visit with friends and family. Recently we had such nice enough weather that we walked the 3 miles to our garden and got to figuring out what we can try planting and growing when spring comes around. We had a huge backyard when I was a kid (an acre), and my dad had portioned off a nice chunk for gardening-only, and I was his little helper. We grew corn, okra, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, carrots, and strawberries. We had a scattering of fruit trees in the yard as well: 3 apple trees, a pear tree, peach, plum, fig, and a grapevine. I’m looking forward to teaching hubby how to garden this year and keep our family tradition going. 😀 As far as winter activities though, it’s supposedly getting colder here in the next few days and for the rest of winter, so we’ll probably watch movies together and maybe hopefully go to Blowing Rock, NC for skiing (haven’t been there in quite a while and hubby has yet to experience it). I’m excited! 😀

  • Jennifer Mays

    Something fun I did with my kids this winter was seeing Christmas lights and decorations as a family and sipping on hot chocolate.

  • margaret

    I climbed a mountain and then slide down it with my friends on my birthday!

  • Missy Schutz


  • Jessica Lodge

    I went out with my 23 year old son for my birthday. We went out to dinner and then we met up with some of his friends for drinks at a bar. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It’s nice to be at a place where I am friends with my son.

  • natasha

    Well we havent done it yet but in a few days we are headed to California for some fun and sun for my 3 year olds birthday! Cant wait.

  • Tasha Wilkerson

    I got a prenatal massage!!

  • Brandi Dawn

    We went snowboarding several times so far. Always lots of fun! You really can’t live in Colorado and not hit the slopes 😀

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    This winter we, my family and I, went to the nursing home to visit the people there. We enjoy going and spending time with them since they can;t get out as much with the cold weather.

  • Lisa Jagodzinski

    This past weekend my family and myself went to splash lagoon which is an indoor waterpark- kids loved it- i even rode a cpl slides- great way to have fun and beat the cold!

  • LeeAnn Boggs

    My husband, children, and I took a ride after the snowstorm this winter. Is a family tradition to go for a ride on the first snow.

  • Jennifer Bryan Ebner

    Me and my bestfriend, we don’t get to see each other often, spent a day at the goodwill outlet one of our favorite things to do.

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    I recently reconnected with an old friend after a fall out a few years ago. I was very nervous to outreach to her but I’m so happy I did. It’s amazing to have her in my life again. It’s like no time had passed.

  • My Flower

    me and my girls rented paper towns

  • Dawn schreiber

    We just all love be being together. We never have much money because it all goes to groceries and bills. Trying to always buy organic produce and food feeding four on a one person income is rough. I’d love a pretty Valentine’s Day outfit and this would be perfect. Please pick this crazy vegan mom. I just celebrated 11 years vegan January 12th.

  • Rachel V

    My kids and I spent a bunch of time painting.

  • Ashley M.

    I went to see Santa with my boys, took them to an indoor petting zoo & so much more!


  • Rachel Hadley

    The best thing I did this winter was cuddle in bed with my 3 month old son. When he was first born, I could not wait until he was old enough to cuddle. He is just starting to get to the age.

  • Angela saver

    We threw a surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for my parents with family and friends! It was a lot of fun!

    [email protected]

  • Leela

    We toured the state.

  • Tiffany Baker

    This past winter my husband was in a play, The Christmas Carol. Unfortunately we live in a rural area and the playhouse was 2 hours away. He would drive weekly into the city and stay for the week before coming home. Saturday I would meal plan and grocery shop and Sunday would be my day of cooking. I would send him away with his favorite goodies for the week: pestos, roasted pumpkin seeds, and hearty soups. This made life a bit easier for him, knowing that even though he was away from home he was just minutes away from nuking a homemade meal.

  • Rachel

    The most fun thing this winter was taking our family to Aruba!

  • Michelle Wells

    Hello :-)
    I’m in Australia, and the give away items have expired when I get the newsletter.
    Are far flung places excluded?

  • Anne Perry

    We visited the snow & made a snowman.