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Dear Governor Brown Screenings

California Kind Lifers – tomorrow, Thursday March 3rd, activists from all over the state are joining together to watch this film produced by Mark Ruffalo, Dear Governor Brown. This short film exposes the public-health threats of oil extraction in our state. Through interviews with an array of concerned Californians (from scientists to farmers to everyday citizens), it highlights the very real dangers that extreme oil drilling has on our communities.

With 300 new wells being approved every month, we can’t afford to wait any longer. This oil madness must be stopped. To find a screening in your community, or host your own, click here!


  • Drew Phillips

    Our government here in the Uk has given the greenlight to frack anywhere and everywhere including National Trust areas. We protest, they have police officers dressed as civilians starting problems to make it look like its not a peaceful protest so they can arrest people and ban future protests. Most people in this country care more about whats happening with the latest celeb, than what will happen to their water if fracking was near to them.

  • Alex @ DelishKnowledge

    I’m such a fan of Mark Ruffalo! I heard him speak about this documentary last week and it sounds like a must watch. Thanks for always being on the forefront of such important issues! I can’t wait to see this- and spread the word :)