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Kind Easter Ideas

With Easter coming up this weekend, I thought I’d share some awesome ideas you kind lifers shared last year. Thank so much for all these stellar thoughts!


I make pumpkin”eggs”using the pumpkin bread recipe from The Kind Diet and vegan yolo “eggs” using the recipe from Oh She Glows. We let the kids do an Easter “egg” hunt with those (you can put the goodies in plastic eggs to contain them!) and we made easter baskets out of plastic bowls we had with tape and paper for the handle.

In each basket we put a handmade note, happy easter, happy spring with some love and for each a packet of seeds to sprout! Then we potted the seeds after breakfast.

It was great. Always so hard to stay away from spending. I was so proud how we made it a healthy, vegan egg hunt and how we made everything from scratch at home and how we celebrated the season along with the day.


I’m making vegan quiche Lorraine, vegan cherry pie and hiding a boombox for my honey Bunny instead of a basket at all. Since I’m on Maui and we go to the beach often, it will be nice to have some tunes. No bunnies, chicks, chickens harmed in the making of this Easter plan!!


I will probably attempt some vegan chocolate coated, “creme” filled eggs, and then I have most of the ingredients from this recipe left over, so I just may have to make another one of these delicious cakes :) I’m just excited to be able to spend the day with my boyfriend’s family as well as my mother!


There are so many great ways to celebrate spring & Easter. From sponsoring rescued ducklings, chicks, and bunnies to dip-dying vegan marshmallows. For an extensive list on kind ideas and activities, follow this link.

What are your plans for Easter? Are you making a fun vegan treats? What do you like to do to celebrate the season?


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  • Shelly Fraval

    Our LA Vegan Moms Spring Easter Celebration is going to include lots of fun and Eco friendly crafts, activities, and treats.
    We will be:
    coloring ceramic eggs (EggNots) with homemade fruit and veggie dye,

    decorating wooden eggs with hemp cord and twine,

    coloring a spring mural with veggie crayons,

    building our own spring nests with twigs and leaves,

    getting the kids moving with parachute time and homemade bubbles,

    hunting for carrot shaped crate-paper wrapped YumEarth lollies, freeze-dried fruit, cocomels, and hemp heart filled Eco eggs, and apples wrapped as paper bunnies,

    and giving out Waldorf-inspired rainbow ribbon hand kites and felt rainbows as party favors.

    We will also be serving raw zucchini lasagna roll ups with macadamia ricotta and pistachio basil pesto, raw coconut cacao pudding, carrot cake cookies, homemade kale chips, and a beautiful raw rainbow cake inspired by FullyRaw Kristina!

  • Shelly Fraval

    Here are the carrot shaped crate paper wrapped YumEarth organic vegan lollipops we will be hiding for the “hunt.”

    • TheKindLife

      Such good ideas. Thanks so much Shelly!

  • Shelly Fraval

    Here are the Waldorf-inspired rainbow ribbon hand kites we will be giving out as party favors. A couple of moms from the group came over last week to help me make them!

  • Shelly Fraval

    The kids will have the opportunity to build their own spring birds nests out of twigs, leaves, and flowers. I made the “nesting bowl” out of a brown paper shopping bag. This will be a great opportunity to teach the little ones where eggs really belong – in a nest, not on our plate.

  • Shelly Fraval

    Organic apples dressed as cotton tailed bunnies will be waiting for the little ones to find them on the Easter Egg Hunt. The paper bunnies are made out of colorful paper lunch sacks and twine.

  • Shelly Fraval

    Felt rainbows as party favors!

  • Shelly Fraval

    Here’s a fun little tip if you’re planning a vegan Easter party:
    Reach out to your favorite vegan brands and let them know you’re throwing a party! Give them an approximate head count and request coupons to include in your eggs for the egg hunt. This is a great little treat for the adults too.

    This year, Gardein and Hail Merry were happy to accommodate my request for our local Vegan Moms party.

  • Shelly Brown

    Oh how cute!! That was my Maui Easter plan last year and GUESS what, I’m making the same thing this year!! I wondered why it sounded so familiar. Vegan quiche is my Easter go to because it tastes so good and no one can really seem to tell the difference. This year, to mix it up a little, we are doing the “underwater Easter “egg” Hunt for treasures”. The “eggs” are actually hidden underwater and you have to dive for them. They have things inside like gift cards and jewelry!! An adult Easter hunt!!!

  • Shelly Fraval

    The perfect cake for Spring! Rainbow cake (inspired by Fully RawKristina) with a date-mulberry-cinnamon crust and colorful layers made of blended strawberry-coconut, papaya-coconut, mango-banana, spirulina-banana, and blueberry-dragonfruit! Topped with fresh sliced strawberries and zesty citrus sprinkles.

    Here’s a pic of the cake I made yesterday for an Easter Party at Have A Heart Ranch/Animal Sanctuary (which doubled as my son’s third birthday party). Everyone, kids and adults alike, really loved it!

    • TheKindLife

      Wow that cake looks insane!