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May 11th, 2016 | By Alicia Silverstone

While my parents were in town a little while back, I kept Bear out of school one day so we could all spend some time together. Our day started off with going to the park…


Then we went to lunch at this place called Elderberries Cafe. If you are in LA and have never been to this place, RUN there! it’s just so cute in there. It has a cozy and quiet atmosphere, with artistic interior and good food! There was also live music.


Bear soaking in the tunes

The funniest part about going there was right when Bear walked in; he walked straight up to their counter (by himself) and took a seat. He continued to place his order with the waitress, ordering a smoothie and bagel with cashew cheese and tomato! It was quite the sight. My parents and I just sat at our table watching him.

On top of the great atmosphere, the food was really good. The pancakes were solid, their “Avocado Panini” (cheese, avo, and tomato) was delicious, and  “Emerson’s Frittata” – basically a quinoa frittata, was great! Bear’s bagel was also really tasty.

After Elderberries, we went to Larchmont and had some sweets at Erin McKenna’s Bakery (Babycakes). My dad and Bear ordered the soft service. Bear also got a cinnamon muffin, “to-go.” I had a thin mint cookie and it tasted like real deal Girl Scout thin mints!! It was insane. I also had some bites of a lemon pound cake and cinnamon coffee cake. Both were really really nice! I hadn’t been to this location before (only their NYC location), so I was pleasantly reminded of how good it is!

TKLMom & the yum cakes!


Our adventure that day was so sweet!

Have you been on any family adventures recently that brought you joy?

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