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Beauty Starts From Within

Congrats Allison Melody, Rhonda, Shira L, Tina, & Andrea! You won this week’s giveaway :)

This was a super super hard decision. Thank you everyone for entering and sharing your journey, truly. So powerful and so inspiring.


There’s a ton of collagen products on the market, but what exactly is collagen and what does it do? Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is often described as the glue that holds everything together. It’s mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and the dermis of the skin where it acts as a structural scaffold.

Collagen, along with elastin and keratin are the three key “beauty” proteins in the body. It’s key structural protein works with elastin to provide the skin with strength, smoothness and elasticity, while keratin is what protects the outer layer of the skin and makes up 95 percent of our hair. When we are young, we have an abundance of these three proteins, which is why children and teenagers have beautiful shiny hair and smooth skin. As we age, our body’s production of collagen and other structural proteins starts to slow down, our skin starts to lose its elasticity, and we start to notice sagging skin and wrinkles.

If you’ve ever watched TV or walked down a pharmacy aisle, I’m sure you’ve observed the countless anti-aging creams that highlight collagen, claiming to plump up skin and suggest turning back the clock. Seems appealing right? But what most people don’t realize is that collagen is a fairly large molecule that can’t be absorbed whole through the skin, so most of these creams simply stay on the skin and do not build collagen within the body.

In addition to lotions, dietary supplements for collagen building have become popular but just like collagen skin creams; whole collagen supplements cannot be absorbed. Bottom line: You can’t eat collagen to build collagen.

However, eating a diet rich in clean plant protein and filled with vitamins (especially A, C, E, and the B’s), minerals (Zinc and Sillicon), and other co-nutrients can help build it! I have seen this evidence first hand. I credit a vegan diet 100 percent for improving my health and wellness, finding my skin and hair to be more radiant than ever.  While I get nutrition directly from the whole foods I eat, the prospect of having a handy vitamin safety net filled with nourishing and youthful goodness excites me! And I wanted to provide you something clean that actually works, so you don’t waste your money and get tricked.

I’m beyond thrilled to now provide this for you :) I co-founded mykind Organics with the awesome company Garden of Life and we’re happy to announce a Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan Certified, Gluten Free Certified Plant Collagen Builder made from over 30 real, nutritious organic, family-farmed whole food foods—with specifically chosen ingredients to help support the body’s own collagen production.

Here are some of the superstar ingredients:

– Silica from 100% Certified Organic and All Natural Bamboo Extract; bamboo shoots are excellent sources of protein, supplying a variety of minerals, including silica.

– Organic Amla Berry; amla serves up a healthy helping of whole food vitamin C, a vital co-nutrient for collagen production in the skin. Plus, it protects cells and skin from nasty free radicals, helping to prevent signs of natural aging.

– Pomegranate; pomegranate is an antioxidant/ polyphenol (polyphenol is a term for the several thousand plant-based molecules with potent antioxidant properties) superstar! Antioxidants provide numerous health benefits, while polyphenols are beneficial for proper enzyme and cell receptor function. Among other things, high polyphenolic pomegranate supports skin health and protection from UV damage.

Organic Rooibos and Organic Green Tea; rooibos is a herb with 50 times more antioxidants than green tea, is known to fight free radicals and is rich in vitamin C, tannins and minerals—all of which can support healthy, glowing skin, healthy teeth and bones. The Green Tea is decaffeinated through a water extract so there’s so stimulating caffeine effect (and no chemicals), just antioxidants.

– Biotin; is actually vitamin B7, it’s sometimes referred to as vitamin H – for hair – and is commonly found in supplements for hair, skin, and nails. This biotin comes from flowering plants in the pea family, called Sesbania, a clean, pure biotin source.

– Organic Turmeric; turmeric’s active ingredient is curcumin—a powerful antioxidant supporting healthy aging by inhibiting the breakdown of cells, including skin cells.

Want to try this vegan collagen builder out? Enter to get it! I will be giving it away to 5 kind lifers. To enter, follow me on Instagram and make a post tying in your interest in plant-based eating using the hashtag #thekindlife. If you do not use Instagram, no worries! Leave me a comment below telling me about your plant-based journey and your interest in this product.

I will announce the winner on Friday, January 6th.

With love,





  • mary r

    Recently purchased your book & looking forward to improving my life … baby steps : )

  • Roxanna Ayllon

    Greetings from Patagonia Alicia,
    I am vegetarian since 1992 and vegan since 2012. My 2 boys (8 and 10) are following the same steps. So, the hydrolysed collagen they sell in supplements (natural health stores) isnt orally absorbed either? Thanks for this product, i will recommend it to the people i know. PS: I dont have an Instagram account.

  • Kate Helfer

    I have been following your blog and slowly transitioning to a plant based diet! I feel healither and happier, my skin is clearer, I have more energy, I am no longer harming animals and the environment…the benefits are endless!!! I would like to try your collagen supplement to make sure I am getting the best nutrients!!

  • Stephanie Williams Martin

    This is the year that I am transitioning from a vegetarian to vegan lifestyle, and I am thrilled to be starting the journey to better health!

  • Allison Jaynes

    This sounds wonderful! I’ll have to try it out. The last time I went to a natural grocer looking for biotin and collagen, I was horrified by the sources of these proteins (hint: animals) and left without getting anything. I do want my skin and hair to be better looking, but I will never choose beauty over the lives of our animal friends.

  • Ellen

    This year I am living by the motto, “The Year of Me”. As a busy mom of two daughters I’m going to do my best to put my “oxygen mask on first” and your new product is one that will help ME!!!!

  • Jen

    Excited to try this! I’m committed to getting more plant based nutrients into my diet and have been interested in collagen starting to add it into my green smoothies. But I love your approach and would love to have something that builds it more naturally with ingredients and nutrients Im trying to get more of anyway!

  • ashley k

    Looking forward to trying this out! Turmeric, green tea, and pomegranate are part of my diet already, but I will admit to not having ever heard of Amla Berry in my 20 years of veganism. After having a baby I have struggled to find the time for self-care I used to have and my skin has suffered for it. This year I’m trying to commit to getting back in the routine of at least washing my face regularly again… 😉

  • Heather

    I manage a cheesecake company and restaurant, so my temptations are incredibly strong to stray from my vegan goals, but I’m doing well! This blog helps a lot with recipe ideas too!

  • Happy Vegan

    Your books and posts are so inspiring! I am an ethical vegan who recently had a lot of trouble fighting pain from multiple dental procedures – I very reluctantly accepted prescriptions with no improvement and in fact felt worse due to side effects. I went back to the basics, re-read your book as a refresher, and re-booted my diet with a focus on whole foods with anti-inflammatory and medicinal qualities, along with mykind Organics supplements. I am now pain free, have lost the weight I put on during my treatment, and feel better than ever! I would love to apply the reminder of nutrient-based treatment by using the collagen builder!

  • Jackie

    Thank you for this post!! All of my facial moisturizers contain “collagen and elastin” yet they have made my skin feel like crap. I’m super interested in your vitamin! Also any moisturizer recommendations are welcome- my skin needs all the help!

  • Samantha

    I purchased your book many years ago. I read bits of it but never made a change. My whole life I’ve never cared much for meat and dairy gave me issues. Recently something in me clicked. I woke up one morning and was done with all animal by products. My heart felt light and I’ve even converted to cruelty free. It feels wonderful and as if this is how I was meant to be all along.

    I’ll be 41 in March and naturally I’m getting a bit worried about my skin. Especially my neck which started looking a bit odd a few years ago. I’d love to give the product a try. Rooibos is my fave tea and I know all about amla from using organic henna for over 10 years now. It sounds like a great product.


  • Lori

    I recently started the plant based way of eating. I have been following you for a while now and enjoy all of your posts. I have really learned alot. I would love to try this out as I am getting older. Thank you.

  • Tina

    Hi. I read your book and loved it. Just over four months ago, my 12-year-young son and I started our whole-food, plant-based way of life. It started as a reduction of meat products before this time and then we just stopped altogether. The first month was pretty difficult but my son kept me away from the bad stuff. We have both seen clips from some of the horribly real suffering that animals endure. We don’t ever want to contribute to that again. My son and I miss eggs immensely but the willpower is still pretty strong to stay away. Traveling was not easy two months ago, but we did it! We found a Whole Foods market where we could get some lunch with a lot of veggies and rice and quinoa. Even O’Charleys had amazing stuff without the meat. My mind is clearer now too and I feel calmer. Thank you for all you do. And would I love to be a winner of this Collagen builder? Absolutely. As a woman in her 40s, it would be nice. If I don’t win, I will try to find it. Thank you for all that you share!

  • Heidi Windmiller

    My husband and I have adopted a Kind Life and we are raising our 2 and 3 year old children that way as well. Our dog has also become a vegan thanks to your great information about dogs. We feel great and have been able to keep away the colds in chilly Minnesota. Thank you for being a great inspiration.

  • Annette

    I am a vegan and strive to eat healthy daily. I am always looking out for natural products that are good for the skin and body. Would love to try this out.

  • Victoria Girard

    So excited about your new product, Collagen Builder. I already use the women’s over 40 supplement and look forward to adding this one as well. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and have recently been leaning more towards the vegan lifestyle after reading The Kind Diet along with Farm Sanctuary. I became a vegetarian because I just couldn’t eat animals and knew they were living in terrible conditions. But, now I also realize that even the animals producing eggs and dairy are, in most cases, not treated well.
    I really love that your supplements are not only vegan but are also plant based and filled with so many incredible ingredients!
    Hoping to win a bottle of your new Collagen Builder :) Sounds amazing!

  • Maggie

    I started my vegan journey by reading The Kind Life! I have been vegan for many years and love how I feel every day. However, I’m not as young as I was when I first read The Kind Life :) and would love to try an organic, vegan vitamin to help me visually show off the awesome benefits of a plant-based diet!

  • Kristine Miller

    I have been vegetarian for 19 years now, though when I started out I wasn’t exactly healthy. I lived on grilled cheeses, french fries, and cheese pizza for years until I started adding veggies to my plate (I only stopped eating meat for moral, not health purposes lol). Four years ago I made the transition to vegan, again for the animals, not health purposes, which I would tell the health food store workers when searching for vegan alternatives. I was judged harshly, I’m sure! lol About two years ago, I started making much more of an effort to choose healthy recipes full of veggies, grains, fruit, etc. Your book was one of my biggest inspirations. I made THAT change for ME, and my children, who are hopefully learning by the better example I’m trying to set. I am now on the board of a vegan group that plans events to spread the vegan awareness to our community, and you, Alicia, are one of my greatest inspirations! I follow your blog, and appreciate the guidance when it comes to healthy, kind alternatives in products. I would love to give these vitamins a try, and spread the word of their benefits to both my vegan and non-vegan peeps. Thank you! :)

  • shira levy

    Hi Alicia, I’m a huge fan, and have been with you on this site from the beginning, when The Kind Diet first book came out. I have read The Kind Mama as well and have recommended both to my family & friends…I learned a lot, even with being vegetarian for over 35 years and vegan for over 20! There’s always something new to learn and I’m just starting to learn about collagen and would LOVE to try your new product. I am 55 and feel and look good, but we can all use some improvement…thank you for all you do, you are a real inspiration to us all!

  • Alicia Webster

    I am a vegan, and have been for a long, long time, but my husband and three children are not. I am, however, proud of the fact that because I make so many delicious plant-based meals (many from The Kind Diet), that their opportunity to eat animals is limited to whatever they can grab when I am not home. I believe that they are usually more interested in supplementing their Mom-supplied diet with junk food, not meat, and most of their preferred junk foods are vegan anyway. Which is all a long-winded way of saying that The Webster family of five is a work in progress, but we are getting there :) Please enter me in this wonderful giveaway–Thanks.

  • Suzie P

    Is your collagen product available for purchase as well? Thanks!

  • Rhonda

    Sounds like a great product! Looking at the ingredients, tumeric, amla berry, green tea and rooibos, pomegranate, silica all natural and rarely do we eat these beauts on a regular basis. I would like to try to product as I am in my mid 50’s and take good care of myself through diet and lifestyle, but I note that I do not consume most of these collagen builders in my diet.

    I have to thank you Alicia for your work in bringing so much awareness to this wonderful diet and lifestyle. I was a flexi-vegetarian for many years and had not met any other vegetarians until I joined my local Vegetarian Society 6 years ago and has since changed to vegan group. A friend lent me your book and she is not vegan but has always been interested in plant foods and I devoured your book in a weekend, went out and bought my own and lent it to my young widowed neighbor with a 3 year old and we went vegan. I became very involved in our local vegan group and do a lot of outreach in our community with handing out leaflets at our university, set up booths at events, have monthly luncheons and potlucks, started a local radio program 6 years ago, we bring films to the library and I am working on a larger venue for Eating You Alive. I have purchased several copies of your book and give them to friends interested in learning more about this diet and lifestyle. There is so much we can all do by stepping up our example and starting a local group or get involved in one and reach out to others. This is a great way of life, I love it and am very passionate about sharing it with others.

    Thank you Alicia for the work that you do in sharing this diet and lifestyle. You are making a big difference in the world and we are too when we adopt a vegan lifestyle and share it with others.

  • Kristy

    I have been vegan for about 4 years now. I definitely can feel the importance in eating right which means lots of fruits and veggies and beans/nuts/seeds etc. I have a sweet tooth and love to indulge in vegan “junk food” but overindulging always leaves me feeling bad. Along with a balanced diet I love the idea of having such an amazing supplement as insurance to keep me looking and feeling my best. I would love to try the new mykind Organics Collagen Booster!

  • michelle

    Looking forward to transferring over to using only plant based skincare and makeup for 2017!

  • Gemma Louise

    Hey Alicia I bought your book years ago and have since been following you’re journey. I remember when you made a post about how excited you were to finally have an outdoor washing line to use. I couldn’t help but connect with how down to earth you are.

    I’ve been a vegetarian off and on (mostly one) for years and I’m making the transition to vegan. The part that gets me is eating out with friends. Really is a whole life change and not just what you eat.

    I have been doing research on facial products to use so this article came at just the right time. I was looking at the collagen supplements just yesterday at Sprouts and wasn’t sure how they worked. I’ll still look into it more myself as I am always looking for more information but I think your product could be a great place to start.

    Thanks for providing this information.

    Side note: both my mom and sister are now pescatarian which means so much to me. They are doing great.

  • Jen

    I’ve been wanting to try collagen since reading about it last year. I know I personally feel better eating a plant based diet but I also feel that certain supplements, especially food based ones, can enhance your energy.

  • amf

    Been plant based almost all my life – almost vegan for 15 but cannot really call myself that as in winter I add a bit of responsibly sourced goat milk to diet if feeling depleted. I’m curious if these are capsules? If yes, do they lose their quality if added to a smoothie? Best to you in 2017!

  • Rachel

    Would so love to try this new product of yours! I already use the multi vitamin as well as B-12 and Vitamin C Spray. I’ve been vegan for 2 years now and will never look back!! Thank you for everything you do, you are such an inspiration!!

  • Courtney Cates

    Love your vitamin line! I take the B12 spray every day!

  • Corissa Hill

    Hi Alicia! I just started my journey as 2017 began. I’m feeling kind of strange and pretty sleepy. Not sure why. I just found your site today. It would be awesome to win these supplements. I am looking forward to learning all I possibly can. <3

  • Kacey Hall

    This is my first foray into what vegan life would mean and it’s even more special that I am learning it from someone I’ve adored since Cryin’! I love animals and yet have a hard time finding other sources of protein that make me feel full and not shakey (low blood sugar). This site inspires me!

  • Grace Kim

    Hey Alicia! I’m not a vegan, but I have been a vegetarian for couple of months before few years ago. I wish I stayed. I have been thinking about the vegan lifestyle of course. Cause i can other vegans, just like yourself, how healthy, vibrant, and happy you guys look. It is hard, but I have been thinking about going vegan. But it is hard since I leave with family and I’m korean. And in korean dishes there are mostly animal products in them. But i still try my best to avoid them as best as I can. I try to go in that route slowly too since my mind isn’t used to not eating meat still. It is a struggling journey. But i def do want to put more plant based food into my diet of course because of my look and my health. Mainly my health cause I’ve noticed not just cause of my getting older, but also cause my eating habits. I noticed my hair, skin, and nails aren’t the way they used to look. They’re not strong, shiny, and healthy looking anymore, especially my nails. I used to have long healthy, really strong nails. Now they are chip and are weak. And I def. really miss my nails being strong and healthy. That is why I would love to get this product mainly for my nails. So that they can grow back to the way they used to be and also for my skin and hair too. I also understand I need to change my eating l style too. But I think this product will be very helpful and a start to my nail, skin, and hair recovery. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  • Kelly

    I have been “veganish” for many years however as part of my new years resolution I am not 100% plant based. I am very interested in this product because a few years ago I began losing hair and had huge bald spots on my head. I of course bought all the collagen pills I came across. Eventually the hair grew back, but now I really focus on eating better.

  • Magdalena Szylak

    These sound great! I went to the site and there are few prenatal options available…which one I choose? I am in my 2nd trimester, vegan for a year, my girl will be 100% plant powered :) .

  • Marielle

    Thank you for posting this! I recently ordered this product for my mom, as she had noticed thinning hair. She’s 74 and my inspiration– she decided at 73 to go plant-based and is happier, healthier, more energetic & more radiant then I’ve seen her in years!
    I’m vegan and through my work in the medical field I’ve been able to spread information locally about the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. Most of what I talk to patients about are the health benefits, but for me, the environmental benefits and living a kinder lifestyle are also key components to following a vegan lifestyle. Recently we’ve been offering plant-based cooking demonstrations and I’m so excited for our next clas in which I’ve incorporated pomegranate & turmeric into everyday recipes to encourage people to use these superfoods. I’m grateful for your line of vitamins as now when people ask me what brand to use for vitamins & supplements, I can recommend your line in good faith. I started a facebook page called The Plant Based NP (@theplantbasednp) and one of my first posts was your article on vegan beauty products!
    Have you ever thought of producing a plant-based omega blend for children? I would love to see a safe one out there!