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From My Closet Giveaway: Cozy!

Congrats Lisa, you are the winner of this giveaway :)

Thank you everyone for entering!!!

This week I’m giving away some cozy finds. This Patagonia pullover is made from organic cotton and is Fair Trade certified. It’s great to thrown on when heading to yoga, going for a walk, or any at home comfy time!

Faux Mocs makes this fun graphic tee. Bear wore one for at least a year! We love this shirt. Monrow makes the sweatpants, they will fit a size medium. These are all so cozy!

The Kind Life

In order to enter this giveaway, leave a comment below telling me how you find comfort.

I will announce the winner on Friday 1/20.

With Love,




  • Michelle K.

    Omg, i just had a baby 1/5 & these would be amazing.

    We have 4 boys & with the busyness of the new baby, my most relaxing moment, when I’m able, is putting my 3 year old to sleep. Talking about whatever is on his sweet little mind, lying next to him.

  • Stephanie Bramel

    Being cuddled up with my baby girls!

  • Amanda

    I find comfort when I’m lounging in my yoga pants and t-shirt, surrounded by my dogs and cats, while working on current projects. <3 Amanda

  • A Lamb

    Tea and a tub.

  • Samantha

    Comfort for me is at home cuddled up in bed with my husband and some tea.

  • Kristine Miller

    To me, comfort is being cozy on my couch, snuggling with my kids, cats, and dog, especially if its snowy or rainy outside. I appreciate out loud all that we have to be grateful for: a roof over our heads, clothes to wear, food to eat, each other to love. I want to make sure the kids are aware of how fortunate we are and never take it for granted. Comfort is also a yummy home cooked vegan meal, like Indian spiced potatoes or vegan chili. The warm food is appreciated not just by my belly, but by my soul, knowing that “no animals were harmed in the making of this meal!”

  • Akshita Jain

    Instead of tied up in unconformable clothing to be fashionable, I’d prefer comfort any day. I can stay in PJs 24/7. Comfort is of supreme importance to me.

  • Jody

    Hi, Alicia! I find comfort in my babies – my rescued pup and my rescued feral kitty. They’re so good to me and give me love and comfort when I’m down.

  • Hannah Kaye

    The biggest comfort I have is from my faith, reading & praying to God. I also find comfort in spending time with my husband without phones and media being an ever present distraction. Being able to take care of my family brings me peace and comfort.

  • Lauren Leitner

    I work hard and play VERY little, so I find great comfort in coming home to my little dog elated by my presence chomping on her squeaky toy, changing into comfy Pj’s and finding my breath and gratitude for the day. Then compiling some delicious planted- based meal that warms my soul!

  • Ciera Alvarez

    Depending on what I am trying to find comfort from, my usually go to is a bath. I like to turn the lights off, light a candle and maybe burn some palo santo, add some epsom salt and maybe a little infused coconut oil that was homemade by a friend, I also keep a small vessel with shells and crystals that i will sometimes place on my body and soak. After soaking for a while I like to do some stretches or listen to music and sing in the bath. On occasion I also put in some wild plants I pick on walks in my neighborhood. xoxox

  • Maria

    I found comfort cooking some vegan recipes while listen good music, surrounded by friends and family. Also, enjoying it with them!

  • Debby

    What a nice giveaway!
    I find comfort in walking/hiking trails in the woods. And in sewing and making quilts for others.
    Have a great week!

  • Nicole

    I find comfort in many things but on the top of my list would definitely be being with my 7 year old daughter and 21/2 yr old son, reading books or out on a walk :)

  • Teresa

    I find comfort in petting my two pet rats. It saddens me to see how many people irresponsibly breed them as pets and when they cant ‘sell’ them they justet them go in the wild. Pet animals cant function in the wild. We are so focused on saving large or endagered animals that we forget about the smaller ones like animals in rain forrests etc. Or the ones people breed to sell off, or just kill for sport (remember lucky rabbits feet). So having my girls is great comfort to me! They are a part of my family!

  • Amy John Franklin

    I find comfort in many things through out the day… the warm of my cup of tea, the “yoga” style slacks I wear to the office, the sunlight shinning on my face, cool breezes at night with my favorite blanket. Nothing tops being cozy! :)

  • BJake Gerl

    I find comfort when I am sleeping next to my children (and my husband when he can fit!)

  • Dina Banks

    as a stay at home busy mom of 2 i rarely have “me ” time so i use any opportunity to stay by myself in quite and enjoy some tea, a short but enjoyable read and even do skin care ritual – any of these feel comforting. Also what i would consider luxuries at this time is finding time to do full meditation session and getting a massage from hubby

  • Melanie

    I find comfort walking through the woods with my dog, Hope. The peacefulness that surrounds me in the quiet stillness gives me a sense of calm and comfort and centers me for the rest of the day.

  • Kristy

    After a busy day and feeling accomplished, I find comfort in putting on my most comfortable pajamas and cozying up with my husband on the couch watching Netflix. And admittedly to top it off, once in a while munching on some vegan nachos!!

  • Kelly N Brian Biggs

    I find comfort in being with my children and my husband at our cozy home, spending time together as a family. Whether it’s a homemade popcorn movie night in or a delicious home cooked meal that fills love in our home!
    Thank you for letting us share Alicia! God Bless Always & I love sharing all your info you share with us! You’re Extremely Inspiring & We Adore You! Cruelty Free Life is the way for sure!!!!! We look up to you & enjoy everything you share! Always Learning!
    Thanks Again!!
    Kelly Biggs & Family

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I find comfort when my family and my cats have enough to eat.

  • Allison McCollister Royal

    I love a nice long restorative yoga class. A good book and cup of chamomile tea by a fire never hurts either.

  • Amanda Williams

    Winter, yoga, hot tea, vegetable broth or miso soup, epsom salt baths, candles, music, hoodies, sweatpants, tshirts, co-sleeping & reading to my daughter.

  • BC

    I find comfort a few different ways. I love to make a good soup. A go to favorite is chickpea noodle soup. Lately I’ve been really loving glam chowder. A cup of hot tea, cuddling up under my favorite blanket (beautifully made by my Nanny <3), and reading a book with my pup by my side is a wonderful way to get calm and cozy! A nice class of candlelit yin yoga followed by a bath with soothing salts and a good nights rest is always magical too, of course!

  • Allison McCollister Royal

    A nice long restorative yoga class is always nice. A cup of chamomile tea and a good book by a fire never hurts either.

  • Emily Thomas

    As a new mama I find comfort while breastfeeding my son – it makes me so joyful to know I am providing for him and building our relationship. I try to snuggle down with him and rest a little myself!

  • Allison McCollister Royal

    A long restorative yoga class or a warm cup of chamomile tea with a good book by a fire.

  • Alicia Webster

    I find comfort by reevaluating when I may be overreacting to things, which is something that I have a tendency to do. When I start to get stressed or heated or angry or worried, I pause, sit down, dial back the drama, and think about whether all the outrage is truly necessary. More often than not, it’s not, and I am able to regroup and carry on with my day in a more positive, and “comforted” way. Then I am also more of a “comfort” to others as well.

  • Ellen

    I LOVE my Sudara Punjammies pants. They make comfy awesome pants that give safe, sustainable jobs for women who were sex trafficking and slavery victims.

  • Skye

    I find comfort when I reminisce my childhood, look through old photos, and watch Disney movies/musicals that I grew up with. I have a box full of sentimental things that I’ve held onto over the years. Something about that just reminds me that wherever I go in life, and through all the constant changes, I still have things I can hold onto that remain the same.

  • Kai A. Pineda

    Comfort is snuggling under the blanket with my Maltipoo McLovin on my right and my loving husband on my left. I work to create a peaceful atmosphere in my home and bring a sense of peace wherever I go. I have learned comfort it more than making sure you have everything you need, but enjoying what is already around you.

  • Erin Meise

    I love these items! Super cute and cozy!! I find comfort in knowing I do my best to make cruelty free choices in my diet and life. I also find comfort with my family and in the security that they bring. Comfort is also found in a nice almond milk latte!

  • Bethanee C.

    Being able to take time each day to read a book. I sit down with a honest to goodness paperback book, turn on soft music and snuggle with my rescue mutt and enjoy a bit of time together. It brings me comfort and helps me realign after a hectic day.

  • Heather Sluss Alicia,
    I find the most comfort in my own skin. It took me years to reach this point, but I am finally happy and comfortable in my own skin. But beyond that, I find comfort cuddling with my husband under our down comforter on chilly mornings, or removing my shoes and being barefoot after hours spent at work. I find comfort in my beautiful surroundings living on Molokai, Hawaii and I find comfort in my friends and family.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your giveaway.

  • Mackenzie Love

    I think that finding comfort is something you search for in yourself. Whether it be physical comfort, emotional comfort-any kind of comfort-I feel you have to find that within yourself. Whether you find comfort in doing something you love such as reading with a cup of tea clutched in your hand, or maybe you find it by being with friends and family. Maybe doing something that gets your adrenaline pumping. Whatever you find within yourself that gives you that sensation of comfort and closure, is dependent on what’s within. You can find comfort, if anything, you just have it within you to see it and feel it.

  • KD Sales

    I find comfort in comfy warm cozy cloths and having family around the cozy warm feeling of love from family

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I find comfort just being quiet sometimes in my home. I can either be just reading or even dusting, but it is quiet.

  • 1alwaysnyc1

    I find comfort with a cup of tea (milk and sugar!), a roaring fire and catching up on dvr’d shows with my husband and daughter. Thanks for a perfect winter giveaway!

  • Sierra Kluson

    Cooking for me offers a lot of comfort. I love getting creative with different veggies, spices, etc and I love knowing that I am putting the freshest, healthiest ingredients available in my body. We only get one body and it’s so comforting knowing all the goodness you are putting in :)

  • Michelle Taylor

    By wearing long, flowing robes! I love anything soft and feminine!

  • April Grasso

    I find my comfort in spending time with our rescue dog Rocco. Whether I’m reading and he’s cuddled up to me (his favorite pastime) or we’re outside hiking. He’s a constant source of love and comfort.

  • Lisa Cressey

    i find comfort on my motorcycle, when i’m eating a delicious vegan meal, and when i’m cuddling with my hubs and pup!

  • Lindsay F

    I find comfort after a really good yoga class or snuggling up with my kids while reading a book

  • Ken

    I find comfort in natural products, like a cotton t-shirts.

  • disqus_6GKlr663WD

    I find comfort in completely immersing myself into the beauty of the moment. I normally already have things organized and available so just one more step to find comfort isn’t very difficult. Regarding clothing, I mix different fabrics and colors with accessories for the right fit!

  • Sara L

    Comfort for me is a good book in a nice hot Epsom salt bath!

  • michelle

    My favorite thing too do especially on rainy days is to sit in front of the fireplace with my family and watch a movie enjoying a cup of hot tea and some vegan cookies.

  • Grace Kim

    I find comfort by watching tv or laying on my bed just daydreaming. There are occasional times when I’ll draw or paint.

  • Kathy Farmand Goodman

    This past year was a rough one that took away a lot of my comfort. My husband and I were expecting our first baby in September but he was stillborn after 6 months of pregnancy. The mornings were especially hard because I’d wake up and reach for my belly only to realize it wasn’t a dream. My sister helped me get through the hardest times by encouraging me to create a morning ritual. She said to sleep with the blinds open to wake up to natural light, play music to open my heart, light candles and make a pot of tea to start the day off on a positive note. As simple as this was, it poured comfort back into each day and is my favorite part of the mornings now. :)

  • Madeline

    I find all kinds of comfort in my candles and buddha on my windowsill. :)

  • jtlittlelong

    I find comfort in being kind to others. We never pass by someone who is stopped by the side of street. We try to help parents who need a babysitter. Even if it’s as simple as smiling at someone or saying excuse me at the grocery store, I alwsys do it. It gives me comfort knowing that I tried to go the extra but to make their day a bit better. Sometimes people say it made their day.

  • Shelly Brown

    I totally find comfort in being in sweats a worn tee shirt and add a hoodie if it’s cold. I like to cuddle up in my bed with my rescue kitten Tiki Torch and open the windows so I can hear the island sounds like rain and roosters. I love to cuddle up with my man and my kidden and watch tv and keep crashing and waking up all twisted with my loves.

  • Deanna Jaxine Stinson

    I find comfort with dreaming. If I spend enough time sleeping and creating an ideal space for healing beforehand, I find that I have deep and meaningful visions. It leads to me experiencing a divine connection to the spiritual realms.

  • Jennifer

    I seem to find comfort in most things that are predictable or routine. I think those times I’m uncomfortable create the appreciation of comfort. Anything that makes my soul feel security is comfort.

  • Miranda

    I find comfort in a relaxing cup of hot chamomile lavender tea and a good book.

  • Monica Gonzalez Martinez

    I find comfort any time I make my life simpler and easier

  • Sarah Hayes

    i find comfort in my home snuggled up with my little one. we love to read and color or just talk.

  • Helen

    I find comfort snuggling up with my pug, hugging my family and even getting in some alone time. It is amazing what a warm blanket, some coffee and a good book can do.

  • Jackie

    I find comfort by cooking at home for my family and myself. There is something magical about creating something that nourishes and warms me that just makes cooking so much fun for me. I also find comfort in my bed!

  • Carissa G

    I find comfort with a big cup of tea and spending time with family after a day at work, reflecting on the things that truly matter.

  • Dena Stewart

    I findcomfort in a nice hot bath, comfy pajamas, and a good book. A nice, quiet evening at home.

  • Catherine Roccaforte

    Just like you, Alicia, I find comfort spending quality time with my husband and son. ❤️

  • Ken Ohl

    I find comfort in jeans and a t shirt

  • David Stuttard

    I find comfort by drinking black coffee curled up in a blanket reading a good book

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    I definitely find comfort in my alone time. It definitely helps me recharge my batteries. I love my alone time.

  • June S.

    I just wearing clothes that are not so tight on you that you can’t move around or breath in.

  • Erica

    I find comfort in completely immersing myself into the beauty of the moment. I normally already have things organized and available so just one more step to find comfort isn’t very difficult. Regarding clothing, I mix different fabrics and colors with accessories for the right fit!

  • DJohnson

    I find comfort in nature and by spending time in my garden.

  • Aaron

    I find comfort in watching Alicia Silverstone movies.

  • Lainey

    This might sound a little strange but I find comfort in the idea that all things are temporary. It seems that the current climate has affected everyone in different ways, probably most of which are unconscious. As we had a challenging time out in the world, it may have been that we were having a rough time internally as well. For me, it makes me think it was my own personal challenge. But in reality, I think we’ve all been challenged. And we’re all in it together because we’re all breathing the same air and exposed to the same climate. I take comfort in our collective oneness. And when I pause and take a moment to think, to write something like this, I know that being my best, most connected, switched on self is the best thing I can do for us all. For the animals, for the humans, for Mama Earth. And it’s not a lot– and it’s not any more important than any other act, it’s not self-aggrandizing, even if I’m worried of that– and parts are scary and sad– but there’s a tiny joy to it, and a comfort too. ~ much love, laine

  • LeAnn Harbert

    Curling up with my dogs and a book.

  • Darlene Cruz

    Find a quiet place, and hiking is the perfect place. Hiking through medium hiking trails relaxes me.

  • lshumack

    I find comfort in hugging my daughter. In a good conversation with a friend. Wrapped up in a blanket on my couch with a book. And even alone doing my thing at the gym!

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    I find comfort when I pray. This provides me more comfort than anything. Thanks!

  • donnak4

    By reading the Bible and prayer. Also by using my essential oils.

  • Rebecca Klein

    I find comfort by making sure I don’t rush time I set aside for myself. Whether it’s a bath, reading a book, yoga, or cuddling w/ my pooch while watching a show. It’s that time of day to feel comfortable and happy w/out judgement doing what makes me, or whoever, happy :)

  • Leela

    I find comfort with my husband.

  • Smittens1

    I find comfort visiting Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. Spending time with the rescued animals is the best medicine! I feel joy when I’m there and all my stress disappears. It truly is heaven on earth!

  • Nurse patpat

    I find comfort in my faith, family and friends.

  • Lizzy G

    I find great comfort within the pages of books. So much wisdom and discovery contained in such a small package.

  • Megan

    I find comfort by curling up in front of the fireplace with my 1.5 year old in my lap reading a book! One of my absolute favorite snuggle times. :)

  • Tina Lam

    I find comfort in sleeping so I can forget about all the bad things in the world and renew myself to get engergy for the day. I also find comfort in spending time with family or friends, especially eating breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/snacks around them. Overall I find comfort in everyday things, it’s how I view it.

  • genevieve

    I find comfort being surrounded by my beloved furry family. All are extremely elderly and I cherish every day I have with them ❤️

  • Nicki Marzahl

    So I just found your site because I was watching a movie called who gets the dog and I looked it up to see who was in the movie. The movie is adorable! When browsing your site I saw a lot of cute ideas just curious if it’s regular that there will be different posts?

  • D.Roc

    How do I find comfort? My comfy couch, cotton jamies, my favorite blankie, and a steaming cup of tea. I close my eyes and inhale the steam. I breath deeply and let go.