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A Plastic Ocean

Have you seen the documentary, A Plastic Ocean, yet? It’s available on most digital platforms, to rent or purchase. I haven’t seen it yet but from the trailer alone I am reminded of the huge need to reduce plastic consumption! According to the EPA, the plastic recycling rate in 2013 was 34.3 percent. This varies from city to city depending on local recycling systems, but as a whole, it’s low! It’s so easy to think putting things in a blue bin means everything will be accounted for, recycled somewhere nearby, then reused to create a new item… But the reality is, a whole lot less than you think is actually recycled. The odds of it making it’s way to a landfill or the ocean are higher. It’s a really complex issue, but what it comes down to is recycling alone is not enough (see tips listed below for reducing plastic!).  If we keep producing plastic at the business as usual rate – plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish pound for pound in 2050.  Shout out to my animal loving activists, you need to see this documentary and tell your friends! Plastic is killing our marine life.

Ellen Macarthur Foundation

For more information on this plastic craziness, you should definitely watch the trailer/movie below and read this article.

Reduce the amount of plastic you consume daily!

  • Bring utensils with you when you’re on the go –  place a metal fork in your bag when your headed out or look into getting some of the funky utensil sets made of bamboo.  There’s a ton of options out there! Let me know which one you have and love!
  • Go strawless. If you’re a straw lover, purchase one made of glass. Simply Straws makes great ones in several pretty colors.
  • Bring a reusable bottle with you! I have been using this one by KOR, it comes with a filtration system. What kind of bottle do you use?
  • Keep a resuable grocery bag in your car or by your front door! Bring your own produce bags to the farmers market or grocery store. These ones are made of organic cotton.
  • Bring your own containers when getting take-out food.
  • Shop in bulk to reduce packaging waste.
  • Make your own beauty products. Do any of you make your own shampoo or conditioner? How is that working for you?


Photo Credit: NOAA





  • Rhonda Dunlap

    Thank you Alicia for bringing the plastic issue to the awareness of your peeps. It is a huge issue and it is hard to believe that recycling the stuff is not mandatory as it is in some places of the world, such as Japan and Canada. We need to step up our part as this stuff has a longgg life on this planet and it is not healthy for us to be using.
    I use a Swell stainless steel bottle and it keeps my water or tea cold. I take it everywhere I go. Be the example by bringing your own coffee mug, water bottle and canvas bags to reuse.
    There is another GREAT new film out I hope you will share with everyone. I set up a screening at our university and it was well attended and people were saying ” why did we not know this?” Please check out the trailer and share it:

  • Dave Meadows

    The KOR bottle I love my bottle I use is peria

  • Hello Wellness

    I use one of our glass gem stone water bottles and absolutely love it. It saves so much plastic compared to buying bottled water and saves me money as the gem stones purify tap water to the quality of spring water

  • Mama Grriimm

    We are soap free here. Our skin is so much happier for it!