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May 22nd, 2017 | By Alicia Silverstone

Hey Kind Lifers,

I’m headed to France in June, specifically Paris and Cannes. I’m thrilled to check out the French veg scene as well as adventure around both cities! And I would love to meet some of you local Kind Lifers.

If you’re interested in meeting up with me and some fellow Kind Lifers, leave a comment below sharing how you live a kind life in Paris or Cannes and your favorite place to meet up and hang out. Also! Feel free to include any of your favorite must try restaurants or must dos/must sees in those areas!! *Be sure to connect your Disqus account to your current email address so we can reach out with more details.

We’re looking to meet sometime mid June (time and place to be decided).

Can’t wait to connect with you all!

With love,



Photo Credit: Postcard Memory

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