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October 5th, 2017 | By Alicia Silverstone

Thank you kind lifers for writing in and requesting a go-to post dedicated to kind LA eateries. Below is a list of vegan / vegan-friendly restaurants all over LA. I included some favorites of mine combined with some restaurants I haven’t been to yet. Please fill me in on anything delicious that’s new or I don’t know about!

Angelini Osteria – West Hollywood

Angelini has a yum artichoke salad, great eggplant pasta, and farro salad.

Bar Ama – Downtown LA

This restaurant isn’t exclusively vegan but they make a mean cashew poblano queso that you can add soyrizo to! They also have some solid veggie sides.

Bavel – Downtown LA

Amazing food, albeit not exclusively vegan! I absolutely loved the endive & date salad and the oyster mushroom kebab. Next time I’m excited to try the hummus, marinated olives, and roasted cauliflower. I can’t wait to go back!

Cafe Gratitude – Downtown LA, Venice, Larchmont Village, Beverly Hills.

They have insane key lime pie! The whole bowl, butternut squash tacos, and bruschetta are all solid yum choices.

Crossroads Kitchen – West Hollywood

Amazing!! The menu changes by the season but my favorite items are vichyssoise soup, impossible sliders, squash blossoms, watermelon salad, scaloppini parmesan or milanese, impossible cigars, truffle potatoes, and the peach sundae !! The desserts are yummy these days. I recently experienced their “winter brunch” menu and it was insane. These items are extraordinary: bagel with lox, pancakes, khachapuri (amazing!!!!),  benedict, and the savory crepe.

Cruzer Pizza – Hollywood

We had Cruzer Pizza on the set of Book Club (a film I worked on recently) and the crew really loved it!! The entire menu is vegan!

Doomies – Hollywood

If you’re craving In-N-Out, go to Doomies instead!

Double Zero – Venice

This place is sooo outstanding, run here!

Elf Cafe – Silver Lake

This place is a great date spot! Super cute and romantic. Most of their stuff is vegan but for some dishes just ask them to hold the cheese. Recently I got the fattoush salad that had sumac and lentils in it and the fatayer (a pastry filled with spinach and olives). For dessert, I tried a saffron pudding. All the dishes were really good!

Flore Vegan – Silver Lake

I had a delicious slice of chocolate cake here a while back with my friend Marina, it was so pretty and yum!

Gracias Madre – West Hollywood

The chips + guac are yum and the cocktails look good too. The design of the restaurant is pretty and has a nice outdoor space!

Le Comptoir – Koreatown

This place is the greatest!!!! My favorite!! They have a vegetarian tasting menu that’s almost completely vegan! 

Little Pine – Silver Lake

The mushroom bourguignon, fried cauliflower, are super yum! And you absolutely MUST try the banana cream pie. I’m not even a fan of banana creme pie but it was to die for!!

M Cafe de Chaya – multiple locations

I used to love this place, they have lots of options for superhero fare, but it’s not one of my go-to’s anymore. The vegan benedict , kale salad, and sweet potato wasabi were my favorites! For some reason I think the quality of the food is no longer the same, what do you think? On the plus side, it’s pretty, convenient, and their linzer + chocolate chip cookies are good!

Mohawk Bend – Echo Park

Fun vegan food like pizza, veggie burgers, and chili cheese fries!

Nic’s on Beverly – West Hollywood

Bear and I went and were thrilled! If you are looking to treat yourself to a nice dinner, you need to go to Nic’s. Look at this menu!! My favorite dishes right now = spaghetti & meatballs, pepperoni wood-fired pizza, and mushroom risotto. Also, the avocado crispy rice, dagwood burger, and tempura maitake mushrooms are darn good. When it’s in season and available, the peach heirloom tomato salad with almond ricotta is fantastic! Desert wise – the chocolate ice cream with passionfruit is at the top of my list! Nic’s has incredibly delicious cocktails. I absolutely love the “the one that says bad motherfu*ker on it” and “freaky diki for dat tiki.”

Nobu – West Hollywood & Malibu

If you’re feeling fancy, Nobu has tons of veggie sides and sushi rolls. 

O’Cado  – Sherman Oaks

Ocado is delicious! Tried the impossible burger, BLTA, quinoa tabouli, buffalo cauliflower – all soo good.. I recommend all you valley folk run there! The chef said she started a vegan restaurant because she read my book The Kind Diet!

Plant Food + Wine – Venice

Kitchen Mouse – Highland Park

Real Food Daily – West Hollywood, Pasadena

Real Food Daily has yummy treats, solid macro eats, and a great brunch. Crazy yum nachos! We got Bear’s third birthday cake here! They also make great vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. My favorite menu item was the reuben sandwich but it’s no longer on the menu.. If you go ask them what’s up with that?! 

Shima – Venice, now closed 🙁

Shima is amazing, delicious, and fancy pants. It’s not entirely vegan but they have so many vegan dishes. They use rice that has no sugar, which is next to impossible to find at a sushi joint! The desserts are all dairy-free 🙂 I love it here! The burdock root sushi is one of my favorite rolls. 

Shojin – Downtown & Culver City

If you are a fan of sushi you must run to Shojin! They have a nuts vegan sushi menu plus a bunch of other fun dishes. My favorite dish here is their ‘scallops’.

Sol Bee – North Hollywood

Just tell them you’re vegan and they have solid options. Plus, they make fresh corn tortillas from scratch. They are soo good!

Terroni – West Hollywood & Downtown LA

This Italian restaurant has an entirely vegan menu!  Last time I went, I loved the mushroom arugula salad and the eggplant pasta (cavatelli I believe!)

The Butcher’s Daughter – Venice

I have not been here yet, is it good? I’ve been to the NYC location! 

Vegan Glory – Beverly Grove

Vegan Thai! Really solid.

Vegetable – Studio City

The food is so yummy & the vibe is so easy and casual. This place is great! The pressed philly cheesesteak and tomato soup are so good!

Vromage – West Hollywood

Vromage is insane. The Brie Truffle is amazing. Recently, I tasted the gouda with caramelized onions and the manchego with olive oil and rosemary. They are unbelievable!! If you are crazing something cheesy and delicious, get to Vromage! You must get a sandwich and say hello to Youssef for me. He is the best!

Wahoos Tacos  – West LA

If you are on the go and starving, Wahoos has good sautéed tofu that can go in tacos, a burrito, bowl, or salad. The tofu tacos are yum!

Sugar Taco – West Hollywood

The quesadilla and all the tacos were amazing. I heard the burrito is insane, but I haven’t had it yet!

Photo Credit: ocholisiticbeauty 

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